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Safety Promotion 安全促进 Issue:

Employee Concerns Report Tracking 日期 Date: Sep-26-2010



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依据公司程序 Pro 4—M13 员工关注事项报告的要求,我们将定期公布员工关注事项的跟踪及处理结果。对于有效 的员工关注报告,我们将于接收到报告两天内向反馈者予以确认,并录入 MET 系统进行跟踪。对于安全事件、隐患, 员工关注是公司改善员工的环境安全健康的重要信息来源,也是公司得以安全发展的根本,欢迎广大员工积极报告 您所关注的存在您身边的安全事件。 Based on the request of Pro 4-M13 Employee Concern Report, we would be regularly publishes the Form of Employee Concern Report Status Tracking and the results of the disposal. For the available report, we will feedback to the responder within two days after receive the report, and input into the MET system to tracking. For the safety incidents/risk, the Employee Concerns is base information and tools to improving and developing the environment safe and healthy important system and is the base of development of our company. Welcome to report your attention in the side of your daily work. Thank you!

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safety promotion Final  
safety promotion Final  

Issue: Employee Concerns Report Tracking 日期Date: Sep-26-2010 项目: 员工关注事项报告跟踪 Subject: N/A Boeing Shang Hai Aviation Services Co., LTD 上海波音航空改...