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Things to Keep in Mind When Going for Breast Lift Surgery in Manhattan

Here are some important points women should keep in mind when considering breast lift surgery in Manhattan. Breast lift surgery in Manhattan is provided at select plastic surgery facilities by reputable and experienced plastic surgeons. The first consideration when going for this cosmetic procedure is the plastic surgeon and plastic surgery facility. Other things such as cost factor, likely risk factors and recovery time associated with the breast lift surgery have to be taken into consideration. Being an outpatient surgical procedure, breast lift can be conducted in a hospital or outpatient surgical facility. Usually, local anaesthesia and sedatives are made use of during the surgery to numb the specific part of the body area. Know about the Procedure The specific breast lift technique chosen by your plastic surgeon will determine the location of incisions. The incisions for the procedure will be made either in the: •

Darker area surrounding the nipples known as areola

Area from areola to the breast crease extending in downward direction

Horizontal area along the breast crease

The surgery involves removal of extra skin and repositioning the nipple and areola. Also, if necessary, the size of the areola may be reduced. The incisions will be closed by way of skin adhesives, surgical tapes or stitches after bringing the breast skin together. Normally the procedure may take two or three hours for completion. The breast lift surgery procedure is popular due to reasons such as: •

Minimum risks and complications involved

Pain is minimal

Recovery period, downtime and procedure duration are short

Breast Lift Surgery – Points to Note A few important facts should be kept in mind when considering breast lift surgery in Manhattan. •

Being in good physical health and quitting smoking completely are the two main criteria if you are to be considered an ideal candidate for the procedure. Stability of body weight should be ensured.

As anaesthesia is administered at the time of the procedure, issues if any, such as breathing problems, reactions to drugs and heart problems, must be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Always try to maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the surgery.

If you are planning to lose weight, are pregnant or planning to have more children, you must postpone the breast lift procedure.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon in Manhattan for the breast lift surgery procedure can help you achieve the best possible results. Ensure that the surgery would be provided at a reputable plastic surgery facility, having the latest and advanced body contouring equipment. The support staff of the surgeon should be caring and experienced.

Things to Keep in Mind When Going for Breast Lift Surgery in Manhattan