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Fat Grafting for Breast Enhancement Fat transfer breast augmentation is a natural method of breast augmentation since no foreign materials are used for the augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentation chiefly uses liposuction to extract fat from other body parts such as abdomen, hips and thighs to inject into your breasts. Breast enhancement via fat grafting is an ideal procedure for women who have excess fat in other parts of the body. This is a natural method of breast augmentation since no foreign materials are used for the augmentation. Candidates for Breast Augmentation The procedure of fat transfer breast augmentation is for any woman who is considering breast surgery but does not want to use silicone or saline implants. It is important for a woman undergoing this procedure to be in good health and spirits. They must have enough fat in their body that can be transferred to the breasts. Like any other cosmetic surgery, women should have real and practical expectations regarding this procedure too. There are many women who have opted for fat grafting Manhattan NYC when they are not satisfied with other breast enhancement procedures. This procedure is a beneficial option for women who have lost their breasts to breast cancer. Benefits of Breast Enhancement Using Fat Transfer •

Increase breast size/reconstruct breasts using your own fat-- the most natural and popular method.

You benefit from the effects of two procedures at the same time - area having more fat is slimmed and the breasts are enhanced.

No saline or silicone implants are used.

Permanent and satisfactory results.

Soft and natural looking breasts.

Enhances your sense of femininity.

Procedure Involved in Fat Transfer Breast augmentation using the fat transfer method involves two surgical procedures performed on the very same day. Firstly, the fat that is to be used for augmentation purpose is harvested from your tummy, thighs or hips. This is mainly done by extracting the fat through minimally invasive laser liposuction. The harvested fat cells are purified and injected into small areas within the breasts. The entire process of breast augmentation is completed in four to six hours time frame. You can return to your daily activities work within one week. In some cases, one or two fat transfer sessions may be required in order to get the desired results. This is because the fat that was injected may be absorbed by the body and cannot give optimal results in the initial stage. Fat grafting for breast enhancement is best provided by a reliable plastic surgeon at an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility. This is to ensure a safe and effective procedure and excellent aesthetic results.

Fat Grafting for Breast Enhancement