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Composite Breast Augmentation - What to Expect Composite breast augmentation combines two procedures - breast implant surgery and fat transfer breast augmentation Composite breast augmentation or LipoImplant augmentation involves using both breast implants and a fat transfer procedure for breast augmentation. While the implants improve volume, fat grafting allows the plastic surgeon to improve the shape and contour of the breasts and conceal the implants. This is a suitable option for women who have breast implants or who are considering breast augmentation surgery. LipoImplant augmentation allows women to achieve well contoured breasts with a natural look, feel and size. This method utilizes the candidate’s own fat tissue along with the implants to help women achieve their cosmetic goals. Composite breast augmentation or LipoImplant augmentation is performed to:

Improve existing breast implants

Correct breast deformities

Achieve maximum cleavage and fullness

Address tuberous breasts

Improve overall breast symmetry

Composite Breast Augmentation Procedure The lipoimplant provides the dual benefits of two different surgical procedures in a single procedure along with the body contouring benefits provided by liposuction. It basically combines the core volume projection through implants and fat transfer to give an improved cleavage and natural appearance. At the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon discusses patient goals so as to develop a customized treatment plan. The use of a 3D imaging system helps candidates visualize the possible results of the composite breast augmentation procedure. This allows the surgeon to make alterations in the planned surgical procedure to suit the needs of the patient.

The breast enhancement procedure is done placing implants under the chest muscles. Saline, silicone or gummy bear implants may be used. Depending on the breast size and body anatomy, the surgeon helps the patient choose the suitable type of implant. Excess fat is removed from areas where it is abundant such as the flanks or abdomen via liposuction and it is processed and purified. The plastic surgeon then carefully injects the fat over the muscles and implants to give breasts a more natural look and feel. After Surgery There could be minor swelling, soreness and bruising after the surgery. The patient may be advised to wear a compression garment that provides extra support and positioning for the breast implants. Pain can be relieved by taking the medication prescribed by the surgeon. It is important for patients to strictly follow post-surgical instructions given by surgeon. Strenuous activities soon after the surgery should be avoided. In most cases, patients can return to their normal activities within a week or two after the surgery.

Composite Breast Augmentation - What to Expect