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Breast Augmentation Surgery - Making the Right Choice Breast augmentation surgery is performed either using fat transfer or by using FDAapproved breast implants. The surgery is to be done with safety and precision. Fuller and shapelier breasts can help provide a woman with a more proportionate body contour, thereby enhancing her physical appeal and boosting her self confidence. Women consider breast augmentation surgery for various reasons such as correcting asymmetrical breasts, increasing the volume of their breasts, and correcting small breasts. Types of Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation surgery can be done either using FDA-approved breast implants or by utilizing the fat transfer method. There are two types of breast implants commonly used, those filled with silicone gel and those filled with saline or sterilized salt water. Since silicone gel implants provide a feel and texture similar to that of natural breasts, it is a more popular option compared to saline implants. An incision is made either in the armpit, or around the lower edge of the areola, or along the underside of the breast where the breast fold meets the body. The implant is then inserted through the incision and positioned correctly. Another method of breast augmentation surgery is that using fat grafting, which is a more advanced option. Fat grafting procedure involves excess fat extraction via minimally invasive liposuction from body areas such as the thighs and abdomen, purifying the extracted fat and injecting the same into the breasts. This helps patients achieve natural-looking breasts, as their own body fat is made use of. As unwanted fat is removed from the donor site, the treatment also contours the donor site. As the surgery is to be done with safety and precision, only an expert and qualified plastic surgeon, having sufficient experience in performing the procedure can offer the desired results from the surgery. Breast Augmentation Surgery and its Benefits One of the major benefits provided by breast enhancement surgery is that it helps achieve sensuous looking breasts and an improved body contour. Enhanced physical beauty leads to increase in the self-esteem and confidence levels in the women. Women can wear the dresses of their choice without being self-conscious about their small and unappealing breasts.

Find the Right Surgeon and Plastic Surgery Center Consider the following tips when looking for the right plastic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery: •

Plastic Surgeon should be qualified and experienced

Ensure that the plastic surgeon is qualified and experienced enough in performing the breast augmentation procedure. A board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best choice because he/she can ensure your safety as well as excellent aesthetic results that will meet your expectations. •

Check out the testimonials of previous patients

A good surgeon will have satisfied patients who can vouch for him/her. Find out what they are saying about the surgeon and the results they have achieved. •

Browse before and after photos of patients that may be available

This will enable you to form an idea about the final results as well as the surgeon’s skills. •

Ensure that the plastic surgery facility is AAAASF-accredited and that the surgeon is

supported by caring clinical staff The right choice of the type of breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon and the plastic surgery facility will ensure that you benefit the most from your aesthetic procedure.

Breast Augmentation Surgery - Making the Right Choice  

Breast augmentation surgery is performed either using fat transfer or by using FDA-approved breast implants. The surgery is to be done with...

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