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After Breast Augmentation Surgery: What to Expect This article discusses what to expect after breast augmentation surgery. A reliable plastic surgeon will provide advice which will ensure speedy recovery and a comfortable post-operative phase. Breast augmentation is an aesthetic procedure that can enhance a woman’s breasts, adding more volume and sexual appeal. It is widely sought after by women to correct various aesthetic concerns such as small, underdeveloped breasts, asymmetrical breasts, loss of breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss, and so on. Let us look at the post-operative scenario. The time taken for recovery from breast augmentation surgery differs from person to person. Some women have an easy recovery while for some this phase can be a bit trying. Some women can resume their normal activities quicker than others. After waking up from surgery, one might feel a little groggy, especially if general anesthesia is administered. Vomiting and post-operative nausea are also common conditions. If the surgeon has given you anti-nausea medications during the surgery, there is a good chance of avoiding an upset stomach. However, if these conditions still persist, inform your attending nurse, anesthesiologist or plastic surgeon. The surgeon may wrap your breasts tightly in ace bandage or recommend using a surgical bra. Painkillers may also be prescribed for easing the pain. Cosmetic Breast Surgery – the Post-operative Phase After your breast surgery, you may experience the following: • Pressure or tightness in the chest If the breast implants were placed under the muscle, you are likely to experience tightness or pressure in the chest area. The muscles need time to stretch out over the implants. As the muscles stretch, a feeling of tautness may be experienced.

• Feeling of engorgement Sometimes swelling, painful and heaviness may be felt on the breasts after breast augmentation surgery. After the 1st week, it will usually go away. • Tightness or stiffness after waking up in the morning Extra stiffness is noticed by many upon waking up in the morning. However, this is normal and once you start moving around, it will go away. Persistence of this condition can be seen for some weeks. However, with each passing day, it becomes manageable. • Sore creases This is something that many women experience after breast augmentation surgery. Often, the surgeon lowers the crease in order to center the breast implant behind the areola or the nipple. Due to this, the creases become more sore and tender after the surgery. • Post-op depression Post-op depression is common after any surgery. Depression can be attributed to narcotics, anesthesia, pain and pain medications. These feelings can be exaggerated due to lack of sleep too. A reliable and experienced plastic surgeon will provide excellent advice which will help in speedy recovery and a comfortable post-operative phase. He/she will also provide regular follow-up consultations to ensure that patients are recovering well. Breast augmentation surgery can be very rewarding aesthetically, provided it is performed by a skilled surgeon and all instructions provided by the surgeon are followed.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery : What to Expect  

This article discusses what to expect after breast augmentation surgery. A reliable plastic surgeon will provide advice which will ensure sp...

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