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Flatter yourself!

NEW addition to our scrunchy collection!

Multi-toned berry tie dye

Feel most confident

Cross over............................ to pretty and functional!

NEW! Red stitching and flattering back pockets

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your perfect match


Fun string detail on waist and leg


A of all body types! Classic zip tank The infamous belt buckle pant

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Flat shoulder and neck seams for maximum comfort

Body Rio favorite scrunchy style waist capri

Spruce things UP! Coordinate with our snap leg capri--a bright tank to spruce up any bottom!

Snaps can be opened up for extra flare Flat wide waistband capri

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Our best sellers!

Rectangular split straps provide maximum comfort Collar style tank can be worn up or folded down as a shirt

Adorable fold over waistband with slimming sport side stripes!

Zip front tank in a charming white dot texture

Raised dot print

Wide waistband in our matching dotted white texture

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Make your colors STAND OUT! Brighten up!

A tight fitting leg with a roll down waist option

Our favorite racer back of the collection!

MOST popular capri!

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A perfect match of

mocha & chocolate A classic racer style tank top or bra top - beauty and comfort!

PERFECT double mini belts

Awake the ANIMAL within!

Jungle print makes it more fun!

Wide waistband

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Side seams are flat eliminating chaffing from intense workouts.

Gorgeous bright colors

Roll down waist if desired and panty liner for full coverage underneath

Stained Glass Mosaic

Coordinate as you please

NEW loose fitting shorts, roll down waist and black piping for contrast

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Ankle detail on this fitted leg pants gives an unexpected look

Cute detail of a functioning zipper

Scribble print NEW soft texture style fabric

Style, comfort and function in one outfit!

Give this one a try!

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Sports bras-

don’t always have to be basic!

Fold over or mix and match!

Black and white cheetah print silver hardware tank

Be bold in this cute cheetah buckle pant for you!

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Smooth & sleek! Snack skin print adds a punch of color

From runway to your fitwear Our favourite wide matching waistband

Back side offers a bit more coverage NEW zip front tank is a cut in to expose the shoulder area and frame the face with a stand up collar

Perfect pants for cool weather sports! Runners rejoice! And other fitness enthusiasts as well

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RONG | BE FIT | SMILE 888.770.4RIO | 214.295.1000 |

Who says black has to be boring! Black tank with rectangular silver hardware and split straps

Side double buckle pants are sleek and sexy

Back by popular demand! Tuck them in your winter boots and get some errands finished after a workout.

Our most popular waistband, the scrunchy, is perfect for every body!

NEW front cross over bra for those who prefer a v-neck in basic black--a perfect basic.

Side seams are flat eliminating chaffing from intense workouts.

Scrunchy waistband

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Classic zip tank in a bright fresh sea color--coordinates with our solid scrunchy pant.

Great sporty style in a stained glass motifs!

Our most popular scrunchy pant in sea

The wide waistband with vertical lines smooths away any tummy issues and softens the high hip area--ultimate control and comfort.

Perfect for your days off from the gym or when you feel like lounging, ease into our four pocket pants. Lighter weight supplex drapes effortlessly and comfortably.

Fold-over waistband into a mini-skirt or not, comfortable fitted sporty pants.

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Cross over style in a sports bra--so popular we converted it to our new comfort tank shown here in a classic white. Also available in red

NEW! Wide leg capri in this sumptuous dark gray with white stitching detail.

The waistband is flat and flattering on the tummy

Combine the capri with our textured white tank, but also a terrific compliment to many of your colored tanks

NEW! A must have! Top it with our much loved scrunchy waistband that sits softly on the waist and hugs your tummy just right known for preventing the high hip bulge

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Adorable hood!

A NEW MUST have! When you need a bit more warmth or for layering under a heavier coat, our hooded supplex jacket finishes off the look! Mesh fabric for dinamic airflow

Look good in your body

in BodyRio!

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BodyRio - Spring Collection 2012  

Body Rio Spring Collection 2012

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