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Diana, Princess of Wales House 24 Lorne Park Road Bournemouth Dorset BH1 1JL Tel: 01202 297386 Fax: 01202 290385 24 Hour Helpline: 01202 311166 Internet: Email:

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2006

Registered Charity Number 900089

April 2011

Funding Cuts = Friday Closing and more As a result of funding cuts totalling 27% of our annual income it has become unavoidable that changes must be made. With great reluctance the Board of Trustees have taken the decision to close the centre on Fridays with effect from the end of April. As Friday 22nd is Good Friday and 29th is a Bank Holiday for the Royal Wedding this means the centre will open on a Friday, for the last time in the foreseeable future, on 15th April. Until further notice the centre will be open 1pm to 7pm Monday to Thursday, inclusive.

   

*Tues 5 Apr 11am-12.15

‘Chat n’ Chill’ Women only support group. (free)

*Weds 6 Apr 11am-12.15

‘Talk’2’Men’ Men only support group. (free)

*Thurs 7 Apr 11am-12.30pm

Other changes include the following:  


‘Peer Support’

Further reductions in staff hours The charge to service users for therapies will increase from £5 to £6 with immediate effect. The use of external cleaners is being cancelled Our telephone service is being moved away from BT to a more competitively priced supplier Payment of volunteer expenses will require written approval in advance Any expenditure that is not of clear and immediate benefit to the charity will be delayed.

Every effort is being made to find new sources of income to replace the lost funding and, if successful, to reinstate opening hours to previous levels. If any of our readers have any suggestions to help with fundraising do please get in touch. It is inevitable that some service users will be inconvenienced by these changes and whilst that is deeply regretted the trustees felt they had no alternative but to take clear action as soon as possible.

Friendly ears… (free)

*Thurs 7 Apr 11am

‘LAGLO Clinic’ Discuss issues with LAGLO. (free)

*Thurs 7 Apr 1.15pm

‘Service Users Lunch’ Grub & Gossip… (£2.50)

*Thurs 7 Apr 4.30pm - 5.30pm

‘Harm Minimization Group’ This will now happen the first Thurs of every month. No appt needed. (free)

*Thurs 14 Apr 1.15pm

‘Service Users Lunch’ (£2.50) *Thurs 21 Apr 1.15pm

‘Service Users Lunch’ (£2.50) *Thurs 21 Apr 11am-12.30pm

Richard Manager

‘Peer Support’ (free) *Thurs 21 Apr 11am

Service User Lunches Now EVERY Thursday!

Don’t be a Lemonhead... ...come to Service User Lunches now every Thursday at 1.15pm Price: £2.50pp

‘LAGLO Clinic’


*Thurs 28 Apr 1.15pm

‘Service Users Lunch’ (£2.50)

If Service Users want to organise a special event at Body Positive Dorset, please complete an events application form........... Copies of the form are held on Reception........................ ‘ this in black & white? Tell us your email address to receive a colour E-newsletter!’

Service User Contribution Does it seem like every image you see in magazines these days is flawlessly airbrushed? Every image that makes it into a gossip rag is run through Photoshop editing software so if celebrities ever seem impossibly perfect - it‟s because they are. IMPOSSIBLY perfect. To counter these unattainable beauty fantasies, here are two of the best ever photoshop „fails!‟

Right... Miley Cyrus grows a third hand?! Left.. Model forgets bottom jaw on catwalk! Photos are NOT truth!

Service User Contribution HIV has been a transformative process for me. It’s turned me from a person living in fear into a person who loves himself.

Peer Support............ Every other Thursday 11am -12.30

I let others love me too. My walls are coming down. George Melton Daily meditation for 8th April from ‘The Colour of Light’ by Perry Tilleraas


HIV News Corner...................................................................... 9% prevalence of hepatitis C co-infection among HIV patients in UK Just under 9% of HIV-positive individuals in the UK are co-infected with hepatitis C virus, investigators report in the Journal of Viral Hepatitis. “In comparison with other large cohort studies, the overall HCV [hepatitis C virus] prevalence of 8.9% in the UK…is low,” comment the investigators. They believe that this is because of the low prevalence of HIV among injecting drug users in the UK. However, approximately 20% of HIV-positive patients in the UK have never been tested for hepatitis C, despite guidance that all patients should be screened annually. Encouragingly, there was no evidence that co-infection resulted in a poorer response to antiretroviral therapy. Liver disease caused by hepatitis C is now a major cause of illness and death in HIV-positive patients. However, detailed information on the prevalence of hepatitis C among HIV-positive individuals in the UK is lacking. There is also little information on hepatitis C testing and the impact of co-infection on responses to HIV therapy Therefore investigators from the UK Collaborative HIV Cohort (UK CHIC) undertook an observational study involving 31,765 patients provided with care at ten specialist HIV clinics between 1996 and 2007. Prevalence of co-infection (determined by a positive hepatitis C antibody result), trends in testing, and responses to HIV therapy were monitored. Overall, 64% of patients had been tested for hepatitis C at least once. The proportion of patients screened for the virus increased from 9% in 1996 to 80% in 2007.

“There has been a clear instruction that all HIVpositive patients should be screened since at least 2004,” write the investigators. Nevertheless, “20% of patients under follow-up in 2007 had not apparently ever been tested. The latest BHIVA [British HIV Association] guidelines recommend screening all HIVpositive patients at diagnosis, with annual repeat testing in those who are negative.” Testing rates differed according to HIV risk group, and was highest for gay men (74%), followed by heterosexual men and women (63%). Although injecting drug use is a well-established risk factor for hepatitis C, only 50% of individuals with a history of injecting drug use had been tested for the virus. However, the investigators think that the true prevalence of testing in this group is likely to be higher. They comment: “these patients may be more likely to have been tested previously.” The researchers also suggest that the higher rates of mortality and loss to follow-up among injecting drug users could also mean this group were less likely to be screened for hepatitis C. Overall prevalence of hepatitis C was 9%, and prevalence was 8% among those who were receiving care in 2007. By contrast, prevalence in the general UK population is estimated to be 0.44%. The investigators suggest that the significantly higher prevalence of the infection among patients in the UK CHIC reflects “the shared transmission routes of HCV and HIV.” Prevalence of hepatitis C differed between HIV risk groups. It was highest in injecting drugs users (84%), followed by gay men (7%), and heterosexuals. Source: Aidsmap

This is a chance to get out in the fresh air & sunshine for a gentle walk. Each week will be a different walk - along the beach, through the parks or in the woods. Chat & support each other & get some air in the lungs!


Contact Details...

Holistic Hands Mary is an ITEC Diploma Member of the .... Federation of Holistic Therapists . Mary is available from Monday to Thursday Treatments available include: Sports Remedial Massage Holistic Massage Indian Head Massage Reiki Thai Foot & Leg Massage


01202 297 386


01202 290 385 OR

‘...correct muscle & postural imbalances’ ‘...full body massage using nourishing oils’ ‘...upper back, arms, neck, head & face’ ‘...balance & re-energise’ ‘...a massage from feet to above the knee’

Relaxation Groups

If you fancy Mary’s then let reception know. We will book a session if there is interest...

24hr Helpline:

01202 311 166 Dorset‟s only 24 hr confidential HIV helpline

Centre Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs: 1.00 to 7.00 Fri: 12.00 to 4.00

Service User Contribution ‘A true friend reaches for your hand And touches your heart!’

Andy J Palmer

Can you find all the Eggs that the Easter Bunny has lost in the newsletter? 4


Staff Contribution

Webpage of the Month:

‘Court Musings’

is the... ...UK Foundation for AIDS Research. They are conducting an online survey in order to better understand the research priorities of people living with HIV in the UK. Chairman of UKfAR, Mark Watson, says ‘We have over 200 responses so far but want to ensure that all communities and all parts of the UK are represented. We would therefore be very grateful if you could promote the survey as appropriate. Once complete we would be very happy to share the results with you – you can sign up to our mailing list at and we will keep you updated. Many thanks for your support.’

Public Service Announcement: The coalition has recommended that users of computers reduce the amount of times they hit the „delete‟ key in a bid to reduce energy wastage. The Aprf001 report states that „delete‟ is the most environmentally unfriendly key on the keyboard: ‘pressing the ‘delete’ key uses 4 times as much energy as pressing any other key. Scientists are unsure why deleting text takes more energy than typing it in the first place although early indications point towards a link with dark matter.’ A controversial recommendation has been made by the Greens that the public should revert to using Tipp-Ex to correct errors on the screen.

An Easter fact: In medieval times a festival of egg throwing was held in church, during which the priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choirboys. It was then tossed from one choirboy to the next and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and retained the egg.

...from a book called Disorder in the Canadian Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters. ATTORNEY: WITNESS: ATTORNEY: WITNESS:

What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? He said, 'Where am I, Cathy?' And why did that upset you? My name is Susan!

___________________________________________ .


The youngest son , the 20-yearold... how old is he? He's 20, much like your IQ.



How was your first marriage terminated? ...... By death........... And by whose death was it terminated?.............. Take a guess.

Luc Luc--key Raffle...

Tickets o n in Recep sale tion soon!

This is a n exciting new fundraising idea suggested by Pete D’s partner Matt. We will be selling raffle tickets for £1 or 6 for £5 in local bars & clubs. Each month there will be a draw and the winner announced on our website. The lucky winner can then choose to take their £50.00 prize or gamble by swopping the money for one of thirty keys. If they choose the unique ‘Luc-Key’ which opens the Grand Prize Safe, they win the contents!

So Get Gaming & Good Luck!!

Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable & have no face value. You must retain your ticket and produce it to claim your prize. The winning ticket will be randomly selected at the start of month for the preceding month. Winners will be announced on our website. 40% of ticket sales money will be put in the Grand Prize Safe as prize money and will accumulate over time. Promoter: Richard Erven, 424 New Road, Ferndown, BH22 8EX. For full details please contact us on 01202 297386.


“Dear Delilah...” Body Positive’s Resident Agony Aunt Delilah is ready to lend a friendly ear & to offer her advice. Quirky Questions, Silly Scenarios & Deeper Dilemmas are all welcomed. So if you would like Delilah to answer your question, whether it’s light-hearted or serious, why not drop Delilah a line. “Dear Delilah... With all the talk of the economic downturn and reductions in funding, I would like to know how I can give back to Body Positive Dorset and help with fundraising. The charity has given me a huge amount over the years in emotional support, financial help and just being there when the chips were down. I think it can be easy when you have faced difficult times (like coming to terms with an HIV diagnosis) to forget to give back once you are on your feet. I for one would like to put something back in the pot and offer some time and energy to making sure Body Positive Dorset weathers the global financial storm and is there to support the next generation. J.O. Bournemouth Delilah says... ‘Thank you very much for your offer of help J.O. It is heartening to hear that some Service Users are keen to help us continue our work. It is true that these are very

challenging times and Body Positive Dorset must flex with the tide to make sure we are best placed to provide vital services. There are a number of ways that SERVICE USERS can help us raise money & reduce costs. We welcome your thoughts in this area so please get creative when it comes to fundraising - we look forward to hearing your ideas. Here are some suggestions to get you started: 1. Support fundraising events by volunteering - put your name down for the Teddy Bear Stall or World Aids Day fund-raising. 2. Support fundraising events by attending. Have you bought your World Music Evening tickets yet?! 3. Support fundraising events by telling your friends! 4. Pete Barber’s fundraising focus group. Put your name down to join in with these forthcoming sessions to brainstorm money-making ideas. 5. Think ‘reduce costs.’ Pennies add up to pounds so closing the door to save heating and reducing waste in the kitchen all helps. 6. Support the new Luc-Key Raffle (details on p.5)

„Did you spot the deliberate mistake? us!! No‟s just for fun!!!‟


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