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Reclaiming Our Sacred Cycle Blueberry Pie Recipe Qigong Expert Francesco Garri Garripoli comes to Michigan July 2013


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Our Founding Vision… “I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and

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July 2013

Changing Chronic Pain Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Diet changes and different food choices can help reduce pain with noticeably quick results. The 6 categories of foods that can increase pain are dairy, grains, gluten, trans fats, sugars, and processed foods. Genetics, stress, and environmental factors can increase sensitivity to these foods. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies also contribute to increased body pain and inflammation. Pain relieving hormones are only created when the body has sufficient amounts of zinc, B6, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients in the correct ratios. Sugar, dairy, trans fats and processed foods cause pain and inflammation in the body in part, as they use up the body stores of these needed nutrients. A high carbohydrate diet, especially one that contains wheat, increases copper storage in the body. Zinc and copper have to be in balance with each other for healthy hormones, proper sugar balance and optimal weight control. Excess copper creates a deficiency of zinc, making it difficult for the body to make natural pain relievers. Gluten based grains can create inflammation, pain syndromes, mineral deficiencies and allergies. The gluten component causes the body to use up its mineral stores during digestion. Gluten coats the intestines, preventing nutrient absorption and causing chronic pain. Poor sleep patterns, greying of hair, and leg cramps are an indication of mineral deficiencies, associated with poor digestion. Body inflammation, brain fog, chronic pain, heart palpitations, digestive and colon issues, and even thyroid symptoms can be related to gluten July 2013

sensitivity. Refined grains and processed foods are also deficient in the necessary vitamins and minerals, creating more deficiencies. Packaged foods do not contain any living component. They are “dead” foods. Living foods contain the natural enzymes and minerals to aid digestion. Your pancreas has to manufacture enzymes to digest “dead” foods. Besides enzymes, the pancreas makes insulin to move sugar from the blood into your cells. Your pancreas can fatigue from being overworked. The failure of the pancreas to make digestive enzymes results in chronic pain, digestive issues and food allergies. Sugar, dairy, and trans fat also create stress for the pancreas. Chronic left sided neck pain, left shoulder, shoulder blade pain, and left sided reflex pain are indicators of a fatigued pancreas. Saliva testing is a non-invasive way to determine dairy, and gluten sensitivity, as well as hormone stress. Fatigue, difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion, lack of motivation and chronic pain are a few of the indications of stressed hormones. Your digestive system may be the culprit, when chronic pain does not decrease after eliminating pain-causing foods. The need for enzymes/nutrients can be tested non-invasively, and the right enzymes/nutrients for your body can be determined to improve digestion and reduce chronic pain. Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, B.S., D.C., N.D. owns TLC Holistic Wellness in Livonia. She has provided holistic and nutritional recommendations using live water, diet & whole food supplements for 28 years as a practicing chiropractor, naturopathwellness consultant. Visit http://www. for more information and free public workshop dates, or call (734) dates, or call (734) 664-0339.

Wellness Center

Vaidyā Beena Vesikar

Ayurvedācharyā and Ayurveda Vachaspati

Ayurvedic wellness consultations, Abhyangā, Swedanā, Shirodhārā, Panchkarma, Rasāyanā, Prānāyāma, Yoga as per Ayurvedic analysis Workshops on healthy living Phone: 248 631 7271 23023 Orchard Lake Rd, Building –G Farmington, MI 48336

Change your health Change your life Trying to Do it All? Living With Pain? THERE IS HELP! Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, D.C., N.D “Chiropractic Wellness Physician”

A doctor who understands, your health issues are real, and can provide true help ! Offering: • Stress & Pain RELIEF • Hormone Balancing • Energy Restoration • Whole Food Nutrition • Detox & Weight Loss • Natural Digestive Help • Gentle Chiropractic

Call for Free Hormone Test

TLC Holistic Wellness

31580 Schoolcraft Road Livonia, Michigan 48150 Call Today: 734.664.0339 Page 

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Body Mind Spirit Guide |

July 2013

Make Your Life a Living Prayer Life offers us daily opportunities to exercise our Spiritual muscles and by doing so, we can, in the words of Gandhi, “Become the change that we wish to see in the world.” There are many ways to do this, and Power Prayer offers us the tools to bring change—without pain. First, we should realize that we are in control of our lives. We can choose to react to others with anger, negativity and dislike, or we can choose to use our growing Spiritual power and influence to express tolerance and understanding. When understanding dawns, love always follows in its path, like the freshly charged air that follows the evening storm. You may remember how you hated those algebra problems at school or the music teacher who forced you to read the strange hieroglyphics of the musical notes. If you look back with the wisdom of hindsight, you may see that you disliked these things because you didn’t understand them. When you decide to study something so that you understand it, fear is dispelled, and you may even begin to enjoy the challenge that is offered. The same principle applies to your relationship with other people. When you dislike someone, regard this as a challenge to your own Spiritual growth and seek understanding. You should also realize that you do have time to lead a more fulfilled life, no matter how busy you are. On the way to work, whether in your car or on public transportation, you can practice controlled deep breathing to become more alive and vibrant. If an ambulance speeds past you with lights flashing, you can send a mental beam of scintillating white light, filling the ambulance and its occupants with this powerful healing energy. You can walk past a dying tree and, with the power of your mind, fill this beautiful aspect of life with the healing power of love. Remember, everything living responds to love, and we are natural radiators of this wonderful power. You can spend just five or ten minutes in the morning or evening, incorporating breathing exercises, mystic visualization, prayer and healing to bring balance and harmony into your busy, stressful life. Most of us spend at least eight hours of each day at work, and we often hear Spiritually minded people bemoan the fact that they have to work to earn a living. However mundane the work, it offers us opportunities to progress Spiritually. Do your work as perfectly as possible, no matter what kind of work you do. If you infuse your work with love and a spirit of service, then you will be successful, and you will make your career a meaningful one, no matter how humble it may appear to be. The true nature of success is not whether you are a CEO of a company, or a doctor, or a lawyer. It is what you give to the career you have, to others, and to life that counts. This is the July 2013

The Aetherius Society - Michigan Branch


Aetherius Radio Live – with Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze Tune in at Body Mind Spirit Radio FRIDAY, JULY 19 – 7:30-9:00 PM

Cosmic Wisdom Study Class The Yoga Aphorisms of Jesus with Dave Capraro Love Offering | Class followed by coffee, cookies and conversation

Sunday Service SUNDAYS – 11:00 AM – 12 noon All are warmly welcome to attend our Service of prayer, mystic visualization, mantra and Spiritual wisdom.

Monday Service MONDAYS – 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM Enjoy the Spiritual solace of the beautiful mystic Service of The Twelve Blessings.

Spiritual Healing TUESDAYS – 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM By appointment only. Donations welcome. Ask about the global healing mission, OPERATION PRAYER POWER! The Aetherius Society 3119 N. Campbell Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073 Tel: (248) 588-0290 |

Visit us on the web at:


true measure of success, not how ambitious you are in the material world. If you dedicate all your actions to God and then detach from the results, your actions become sacred, your work becomes worship, and your life becomes a living prayer. This is the Spiritual path known in the East as the path of karma yoga, the traditional yogic concept of imbuing every action with the love and light of God. We can all practice karma yoga by acting in a spirit of service, with the thought of God imbuing our acts, whether it is at work, sweeping the sidewalk, planting flowers, or cooking a meal. Karma yoga is also the worship of God through selfless service to one’s fellow human beings. When you serve others, you are working for the welfare of the world in unison with the divine will. Chrissie Blaze Chrissie Blaze is an astrologer, metaphysician and Spiritual teacher. She is the author of nine published books, including “Power Prayer” (co-author Gary Blaze), extracts from which are contained in this article. She is an ordained priest at The Aetherius Society in Royal Oak. She is a regular media guest and radio show host at Body Mind Spirit Radio. She has a popular website at


Become a Certified Hypnotherapist Saturday and Sunday Classes

Begin September 29th in Warren • State Licensed School

Cheryl Beshada

• Help People Reach Their Goals • Supervised Practical Experience Frank Garfield

Why Healing Touch? If you need to… Reduce Pain • Ease Stress Eliminate Toxins Instill Serenity Nourish Body-Mind-Spirit And Much More

(586) 751-7500 —

For a nominal fee of $30 Walk-ins or appointments welcome Wednesday and Saturday Mornings 9am, 10am and 11am Wednesday Evenings 6pm and 7pm

Mercy Center – D Wing (Blue Awning) 28650 Eleven Mile Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 248-788-5808

• Add a New Modality to Your Existing Practice

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way and the only way, it does not exist.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Body Mind Spirit Guide |

July 2013

An Integrated Approach for Everything Any time you don’t feel good or you believe that you are not living to your full potential, you may want to reflect on the information in the map below. When you put forth a sincere effort, you will find that at least one of the bold face phrases is the right approach for you to act upon. We have power to choose what action we take at each and every moment and this map will help you choose wisely. If you still have a question, you can contact me at An Integrated Approach For Everything

Feel Your Body Listen to Your Body Connected to Self & to Mother Earth Expand, Open, Relax (Wujifa)

Observe Your Mind

Enjoy Your Breath

& Emotions and Smile

Easy, Deep, Filling

This expels Negativity

Experience Oneness

Open Your Heart

Seek Divine Guidance

Soak in Divine Love & Energy

Amma, Other Realized Masters

Accept Divine Love with Gratitude Amma, Other Realized Masters

Perform Actions that:

You Enjoy

Provide Earnings for Needs

Exercise Body & Brain

Help Others

Ramesh Narula

May 19, 2013

Changes for Life......

First you make your habits, and then your habits make you. Break those habits that can break you. Adopt those practices that will become the new habits that will help you achieve the success you desire. Your habits are a form of exercise. The harder you work at something, the harder it is to quit. The easier it is to do, the harder it is to change. Your habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters. You are what you repeatedly do. July 2013

InTouch with Douglas James Cottrell He was inspired by a first-hand experience in 1975 and today is considered to be a reliable source of mystic information. So what happened and what has Dr. Douglas been doing since… Cheri-Anne was 2 years old and living in a crippled children’s hospital and her father, Douglas James Cottrell was driven to help her any way he could. Someone gave him a book about Edgar Cayce (one of the most documented medical intuitives of all time) and despite his personal skepticism, Dr. Douglas got in touch with Ross Peterson, a man considered by some to be a Cayce successor for the profound use of his deep trance meditation abilities. Through Peterson’s work, followed up with the treatment suggested, CheriAnne’s life was spared. In gratitude, Dr. Douglas made it his life’s goal to be able to do the same for others even if it meant that only one other child could be helped. Years of intense study, practice, and determination have resulted in Dr. Douglas being sought out by heads of state, business and education along with entertainers, medical professionals and athletes. His work has been compared to that of Edgar Cayce and he has been vicariously called a mystic, a seer, “The Man with the X-ray Eyes” and “the last of the sleeping prophets” he demonstrates abilities of telepathy, telekinesis, remote-viewing , prediction and prophecy and has verifiable success after success. Dr. Douglas holds a PhD in Therapeutic Counseling is a published author and teacher as well as the most honored guest on inTouch Interviews, Wednesday, July 17th 1-2pm EST and you are invited to call into the program 646-378-0378 to listen or speak with Dr. Douglas. Visit to join in. Page 

Great Lakes Retreat- Olivet MI We invite you, seekers of all faiths, to gather for six days at The Great Lakes Retreat. Individuals with diverse experiences and beliefs come together to create a community of laughter, joy, and healing, where it is safe to explore and share who and what we are. Now is the time for you to gather with other loving people of similar interests in your quest for spiritual development and fellowship. Come, relax, and experience Ancient Wisdom... Sacred Teachings for Today. We are excited to offer you a week full of classes, lectures, workshops, meditations, healing experiences and more. Retreat Theme: Ancient Wisdom...Sacred Teachings for Today. It has been said, that during this time of Great Awakening, the Ancient Wisdom will begin to come forward in a form that we can recognize. Human consciousness has been preparing for this time of transformation, and we are now able to begin to access these Sacred Teachings, which have been kept safely hidden for us, until we were ready. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, drawn circa 1490, is a wonderful example of the Ancient Wisdom available to us. The Vitruvian Man represents the dual nature of man and his goal to “square the circle” by reuniting matter with spirit. The drawing is often used as an implied symbol of the essential sym-

metry of the human body, and of the universe as a whole...the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm, or as above, so below. Let us do our part by making ourselves ready to receive these Sacred Teachings. We can make the conscious choice to forgive and release the past, to let go of old ways of thinking that keep us from living in present moment awareness. It is important to prepare our physical vehicle for the new energies that are entering the earth plane; to clear away the old from our minds, the conscious and the unconscious, so that we can fully embrace these Sacred Teachings for Today. 2013 is a Universal 24//6 (Twenty-four/Six) Year. The number 6 is about responsibility, counseling, teaching, healing others, creating harmony in groups, and joining with each other as we change from individual consciousness to Planetary consciousness and ultimately Universal consciousness. In the Tarot, the 24/6 is symbolized by the Queen of Wands. The Queen holds the live wand of Spiritual power in her right hand, indicating that we already have the spiritual resources we need. The sunflower which always turns to face the Sun is in her left hand, indicating a sunny and optimistic outlook for this time period. The black cat in front of her throne represents the clairvoyant powers, available to us this year, and the triple peaks in the background depict attainment on three planes of consciousness. With such wonderful energy available this year, let us embrace the Divine Ancient Wisdom being revealed to us now. Please

Body Mind Spirit Guide |

July 2013

join us on this journey at The Great Lakes Retreat: Ancient Wisdom...Sacred Teachings for Today. --Cindy Berry-Addis 1. Rituals - Awakening the Hidden Influence of the Divine for Celebrations of the Sacred - Denise Iwaniw, Rockford, MI 2. Sacred Triad - Ancient Symbol for Healing and Connection - Adrianna Lesniak, Lum, MI 3. Sharing Your Psychic Gifts: The Exploration Continues - Laura MacLachlan, Dryden, MI 4. New Insights into the Ageless Wisdom Teachings - David Zimmerman, Rochester Hills, MI 5. Self Development - Camille Albrecht, Whitehall, MI 6. A Window to Your Inner Self - Learning Handwriting Analysis - Cindy Cheaves, Bloomfield Hills, MI 7. Jesus in an Honest Light - Dale Allen Hoffman, Asheville, NC 8. The Mindfulness Meditation System -Dr. Antonio Sieira, Livonia, MI website: Are you visiting New Baltimore this summer? Whether you are shopping by the waterfront or enjoying the local ambiance and culture, you’ll still have time to visit the newest spa! The Wizard of Ahhh’s Massage & Bodywork is your best detour from summer activities. Residents note: if you’ve spent a long day gardening, resident Wizard and state licensed therapist, Cameron Wojie, will tailor your session to fit your needs. Begin with the One Hour Introductory Special for $29.95 and be sure to mention you are a new client! Choose Swedish, Deep Tissue or Reiki massage, all 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions that include complementary aromatherapy. Want to enhance your experience? Choose to add a Hot Stone Therapy treatment or a Sea Salt Foot Scrub. Headaches or sinuses troubling you? Try the Migraine Relief treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Each enhancement is only an additional $20.00. For your good health and well-being, book your Wizard of Ahhh’s Massage & Bodywork session by calling 810-599-1767. You deserve it! Remember, “There’s No Place Like Om!” Visit us at for our Ahhhmazing monthly special offers! Located at 35775 Green Street, New Baltimore, Call 810-599-1767 to schedule your session today! July 2013

24 Things to Always Remember Your presence is a present to the world. You are unique and one of a kind. Your life can be what you want it to be. Take the days just one at a time. Count your blessings, not your troubles. You will make it through whatever comes along. Within you are so many answers. Understand, have courage, be strong. Do not put limits on yourself. So many dreams are waiting to be realized. Decisions are too important to leave to chance. Reach for your peak, your goal and you prize. Nothing wastes more energy than worrying. The longer one carries a problem the heavier it gets. Do not take things too seriously. Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets. Remember that a little love goes a long way. Remember that a lot … goes forever. Remember that friendship is a wise investment. Life’s treasures are people together. Realize that it is never too late. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Have hearth and hope and happiness. Take the time to wish upon a star. AND DO NOT EVER FORGET …. FOR EVEN A DAY HOW VERY SPECIAL YOU ARE!

Wakan-Tanka In past centuries when buffalo herds thrived and lands belonged to those who respected it, Black Elk and his Lakota people invoked you, confident of your purpose in the Universe. This Great Plains tribe calls out to you, their mysterious, great Spirit who gives life. Each time they speak your precious name they give voice to what is innately believed: All beings are related in the great hoop of life. All brothers and sisters are under the same sky


Dreaming with Crystals Working with stones in dreamtime can be beneficial for dream recall, to aid in lucid dreaming, astral projection, to gain clarity, receive higher knowledge from our guides and to alleviate nightmares and restless sleep. There are a lot of different ways to work with stones while sleeping. First I’ll list some stones and their properties, then I’ll discuss easy techniques for working with them. Amethyst - aids dream recall, bringing in higher knowledge, insomnia, peaceful sleep and nightmares. Hematite - aids in healing in dreamtime, combined with Amethyst helps to alleviate nightmares. Ametrine - brings in higher knowledge and wisdom from other dimensions, our angels and guides. Agate - alleviates nightmares. Azurite - opens our intuition in dreamtime. Angellite - aids with astral projection. Celestite - calming, aids with angelic guidance. Chrysoprase - aids with nightmares and calming. Clear Quartz Crystal - amplifies dreams, dream recall, receiving guidance, astral projection, specific intention to gain clarity. Danburite - aids with getting a restful sleep, lucid dreaming and angelic communication. Herkimer Diamond - aids with dream recall and astral projection. Works wonders when combined with Moldavite. Jade - helps create happy dreams. Works well when combined with Rose Quartz. Lepidolite - alleviates nightmares, insomnia, interrupted sleep


patterns, anxiety and dream recall. Malachite - alleviates nightmares and aids with dream recall. Moldavite - aids with extra terrestrial contact, bringing in higher dimensional information, lucid dreaming, astral projection and transformation. Rose Quartz - helps make happy dreams. The easiest way to use stones while you’re sleeping is to place them in your pillowcase. Always make sure that all the stones you use are cleansed before and after you sleep. It is also helpful to state your intention to the stones. Two easy Crystal grids you can use are: place three of the dream stones you have chosen in a triangular shape on your headboard so the point of the triangle is pointing towards your head. State your intention or what you want to accomplish in dreamtime. The second is placed under the bed -- this offers protection as well as help in dreamtime. Place four clear quartz crystals under your bed at the four corners with the crystals pointing inward. In the center of these crystals lay three of the dream stones you have chosen in a triangular shape with the triangle pointing up towards your head; also remember to state your intention before going to bed. My favorite method of working with stones for dreamtime is using quartz crystals. For easy dream recall, state your intention to the crystal. Upon waking in the morning place the crystal on your third eye chakra and allow any visions to come to your minds eye. The crystal will hold the

Body Mind Spirit Guide |

July 2013

memories from your dreams and project the images to your minds eye. Using this method, the crystal will need to be cleansed every night to remove previous energies. To use quartz crystals in dreamtime to help access guidance over a specific situation, hold the crystal on your third eye chakra and project the situation into the crystal by visualizing it. Sleep with the crystal in your pillow case. Place the crystal on your third eye chakra upon waking to show you the answers to your situation. This method can also be used to receive angelic guidance while you are dreaming. It also works with astral projection -- place the crystal on your third eye in the morning to see where you have been. With Lucid dreaming, you can program yourself to see the crystal in your dream, so when you see it in dreamtime, you will know at that point you are in control of your dream. I hope these techniques help everyone rest more deeply and peacefully, and that you are able to access the fountain of information available to us in dreamtime. Have fun!


Unity Churches provide a positive, practical, approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer. We honor universal truths in all religions and respect each person’s spiritual path.

We invite you to join our Spiritual Community... ANN ARBOR - Unity of Ann Arbor| Ann Arbor | 734-434-8545 ANN ARBOR - On Campus Ministry| U of M & Eastern MI University |734-787-3664 BAY CITY - Unity of Bay City 3736 State Street Rd, Bay City | 989-686-0265 BLOOMFIELD HILLS- Bloomfield Center|37557 Woodward Ave. |248 835-5382 CLARE - Unity Church of Clare|215 W. 6th Street |989-823-2362

Jennifer Vanderwal

CLINTON TWP - Unity East Church|23057 N. Nunneley Rd. . |586-783-1546

Jennifer Vanderwal has been a Melody Crystal healing instructor since 2004. She is a Master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoku system of Reiki since 1999. She offers classes in crystal healing and reiki. Her therapies include crystal healing facilitator and spiritual counselor. 248-672-0579 or

DETROIT - Urban Ministerial School| Samaritan Bld. 5555 Ste.1214 |313-922-0999 DETROIT - Detroit Unity Temple|17505 2nd Blvd. |313-345-4848 DETROIT - God Land Unity Church| 22450 Schoolcraft St. |313-794-2800 DETROIT - West Side Unity Church| P.O. Box 04659. |313-895-1520 FARMINGTON HILLS - Unity| 32500 W 13 Mile Rd. | 248-737-9191 FLINT - Unity Church of Flint| 4506 Fenton Road. |810-235-3155

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”

JACKSON - Unity Church of Jackson|3385 Miles Rd. | 517-764-6900 LAKE ORION - Unity Church of Lake Orion|3070 Baldwin Road. |248- 391-9211 LANSING - Unity of Greater Lansing|2001 E. Grand River Ave. | 517-371-3010 LANSING - Spiritual Renaissance Ministries| 230 S Holmes Street. |517-484-2360 LIVONIA - Unity of Livonia| 28660 Five Mile Rd. |734-421-1760 LIVONIA - Unity of Redford| 28660 Five Mile Rd. (Livonia) |313-272-7193 PLYMOUTH - Friends of Unity| 774 N. Sheldon Road. | 734-454-0015

-Thich Nhat Hahn

PONTIAC - Unity of Pontiac| 780 W. Huron | 248 335-2773 ROCHESTER - Unity Church of Rochester| 1038 Harding Rd, |248-656-0120 ROYAL OAK- Unity Church of Royal| 2500 Crooks Rd. |248-288-3550

Carole Lynn Reiki Master | Medium Angel Healing & Guidance • Usui & White Dove Reiki • Chakra/Energy Centers: Clearing & Balancing • Angel Healing & Guided Messages • Life Path Journey: What’s Your Next Step? • Classes!! Contact Carole… 313.929.3543 West Bloomfield, MI 48322 July 2013

SOUTHGATE - Unity Chapel| 14951 Northline Rd. |734-285-7722 TROY - Spiritual Life Center| Edu. Center, 811 W. Square Lk Rd |248-925-6214 WARREN - Renaissance Unity| 11200 E Eleven Mile Rd. |586-353-2300 WESTBRANCH - Unity of the Lakes Church| (call for location) |989-873-4886

Practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant & meaningful living ● Excellent Youth Services ● Space for Rent ● Classes and Workshops ● Weddings ● Christening ● Memorial Services ● Spiritual Baptism

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How to Heal Negativity – An Everyday Gift of Service by Eve Wilson We don’t always know how the way we live our life benefits the world. One of the most common things I hear from my healing clients is that they would like to be of service. Most don’t realize that they are of service in ways so common they would be surprised if they knew. There is one experience so common and so judged that greater understanding is needed about how we can use it positively in our lives. If we can come to terms with this particular experience and use it for good, a powerful healing will be released into the world! You are of service to the world every time you lose your temper or have a negative reaction and then open your heart to forgiveness for the other person

or whatever it was that upset you. The service is even greater when you forgive yourself for getting upset in the first place. The impact of your life is greater for the resolution of the negative energy than if you had never been upset in the first place! As a healer I see this, and I think most people don’t understand that it is so. They judge themselves for losing their temper or for having negative thoughts and feelings, and that judgment diminishes the blessing. The healing of negativity is extremely impactful for good. Every time a person is loving and introspective enough to recognize their own part in a situation and apologize for it, and self-loving enough to forgive themselves, they open a door to bring love and healing into the collective pool of shame and selfhatred that exists in the world. Bringing love into that pool diminishes its power and helps others to love their own self enough to deal more honestly with their anger, judgment and hatred. This healing

spreads like the ripples on a pond, but deeper into the dark places within the collective unconscious. We are all made of the one substance of life and at that level, everything that we do and experience affects everything else. We have anger because it exists within the collective consciousness. Blaming ourselves for having it only mires us in the negativity. Receiving forgiveness for ourselves and others allows healing to flow into the situation which is much more powerful than any negativity can be. So when you find yourself being negative, you can be one person who wakes up within the human collective consciousness and uses that negativity as a healing experience to benefit everyone! Open your heart and honestly admit that you are being that way. Be kind to yourself as you look at it, but honest about what was really happening within you that caused the negative experience. Were you dumping your own

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frustration? Or was it negativity others have dumped on you and now you have dumped onto someone else? Were you projecting your own fear and self-doubt onto others so you won’t have to deal with something you don’t like in your own life? Or was someone careless of your feelings or genuinely wishing you harm? Whatever situation sparked the negativity, open your heart within the experience. When your heart is open, love and forgiveness begin to do their healing work automatically much of the time. I would say that when your heart is open, God is present; however you may use a different word for that loving and healing force if you prefer! Sometimes you don’t know something is bothering you so much until you spew something negative! That helps you recognize there is an issue that may need your attention; another unexpected blessing hidden within a negative experience. It can be difficult to absolutely avoid negative thoughts and feelings. Trying too hard not to be negative can cause you to be energetically disconnected from your lower body and deeper life force. This can leave you stuck in your head, which is a non-productive and disempowered state. Relaxing into your feelings and opening your heart to them gives you a lot more power and aliveness, which you need in order to enjoy your life and be successful in the world. Accepting that you are a part of the messy world of emotions and thoughts, just open your heart and trust in the love and forgiveness that is present to help you work through the negative. In this way, you can make everything in your life a service of love. Love is more than the absence of negativity; it is the active force that moves all life. Let it move you to accept and resolve whatever you feel is unlovable within you. This will help you mature emotionally and mentally. As you do so, you will become a more easygoing person and your trust in life will grow to be great. You will increasingly be July 2013

a potent force of love in the world!

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Even negative experiences will ultimately have a positive outcome. By working deliberately to bring healing through the negative, you speed the positive outcome so that it becomes your predominant experience. Eve Wilson

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What’s Happening to our Food? Who Do We Believe? Help! We’ve all seen the headlines about a food or nutrient found to be terrific for your health, for weight loss, or to prevent heart disease. Inevitably, a year or so later, another study finds that the initial health claims were either exaggerated or just not true. The headlines read, “Vitamin E prevents cancer!” Wait a minute -- no it doesn’t. News flash: “Antioxidants prevent heart disease!” Oops, sorry, actually they don’t. We read that calcium is great for osteoporosis, but later find that it can damage the heart. The ultimate case of nutritional advice being reversed relates to dietary fats. In the late 1950s, heart disease was on the rise, and the American Heart Association blamed saturated fats found in meat and dairy. Hydrogenated fats were claimed to be a healthier alternative, less likely to cause heart disease, and the news was all over the media. Doctors convinced their patients to switch to “healthier” hydrogenated fats in margarine and shortening, and away from the “bad” fats in butter and meats. But after several years of eating these fats, and further studies on their effects, it became obvious that hydrogenated fats (and the trans fats that accompany them) were not the holy cure they were claimed to be. In fact, they were found to be a major cause of heart disease. A 2006 study in the journal “Nutrition in Clinical Practice” estimated that trans fats cause between 30,000 and 100,000 deaths per year from heart disease in the U.S. Trans fats are now prohibited for restaurant use in several U.S. cities, throughout Canada, and most of Europe. What is going on? How could a food claimed to be a savior from heart 14

disease …end up being one of the worst causes of it? How could medical science be so wrong? Part of the problem lies in a lack of understanding of the underlying principles of nutrition. In chiropractic school 32 years ago, we were taught all the usual nutritional concepts. We learned about proteins, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. But the first few classes were devoted to the basic principles of nutrition. Based just on these principles, we were warned against trans fats long before the research exposed their dangers. The first principle of nutrition is simple: The more you process a food, the more you reduce its nutritive value. If it is highly processed, it will likely become harmful. Think of sugar, which is vital to our bodies, but toxic if eaten in a highly purified form. Hydrogenated fats are made under unnatural conditions including exposure to chemicals, high heat and pressure. This certainly is enough to change an otherwise healthy food into a toxic one. So we were advised to avoid them, based on this principle, long before the research showed them to be unhealthy. That turned out to be good advice. This is the difference between the “reductionist” approach to nutrition, used by modern medical science, and the holistic approach favored by wellness practitioners. The reductionist approach is based on the idea that the health value of foods can be traced to isolated nutrients. Identify these nutrients, purify and concentrate them, and you will have a powerhouse of a supplement that can be taken as a pill, or added back into our foods to keep us healthy. The holistic approach to nutrition is based on the idea that while foods do have different health-promoting properties (citrus fruits prevent scurvy; liver is rich in iron and helps build up blood; and fish tends to be rich in healthy fats), if you try to isolate these nutrients too

much, the value is lost. There is more value in an intact, whole food than in any highly refined, concentrated vitamin pill. The second principle was that the quality of a food is affected by the conditions in which it was raised. For example, “factory-farmed” beef cattle are not allowed to eat their natural food (grass) but are fed grains instead to fatten them up. This makes them overweight, stressed and prone to infections, so many are kept on a steady diet of antibiotics. It only makes sense that the meat from these animals will not be as healthy as the meat from a grass-fed, active, free-range animal. Also, based on this same principle, veggies grown in healthy, organic soil will be more nutritious than veggies grown in depleted soil with artificial fertilizers. From a wellness viewpoint, nutrition is really pretty simple -- eat minimally processed whole foods, and avoid sweets and prepared foods. Include raw foods regularly. Avoid sweeteners of any kind, natural or otherwise. Choose organic and free range over factory farmed. Don’t worry too much if some medical researcher finds organic broccoli causes brain tumors — just wait a few years and the next study will likely set the record straight! God Bless, Dr. Michael D. Reggish, D.C., N.D. Certified Holistic Wellness Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist and Applied Kinesiologist. Cranial Sacral Therapist. Founder of the Reggish Holistic Wellness Clinic in Livonia with over 32 years clinical experience helping patients enjoy optimal health using all natural organic herbs, supplements and organic foods and homeopathic remedies. Call 734-427-7110 and visit: www.drreggishholisticwellness. com

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July 2013

Different Women… With Different Problems… With One Common Solution… I came to be tested by Dr. Reggish because I couldn’t lose weight. I’ve been overweight for my whole life and have tried many programs, only to spend a lot of money, and not lose anything. A friend referred me to Dr. Reggish and the rest is history. For $45 he tested me for food allergies and told me what foods I was allergic to and to avoid. He found a lot of toxic metals and toxic chemicals and gave me some herbs to help pull those out. But the biggest surprise was I had worms. That’s right live worms or parasites. After taking the herbs, one day I started seeing the worms. I could see them in the toilet. I’ve done parasite cleanses before, but nothing worked this good. It’s been 3 weeks now and I’ve lost an amazing 38 lbs. Dr Reggish said the parasites will eat the good foods and leave the fats. I can’t believe I’m not on any diet and the weight is falling off. God Bless you Dr. Reggish. P.S. I live in Bay City and it’s worth the 1 ½ hour drive to see Dr. Reggish. Oh by the way, my friend who referred me to see Dr Regish also lives in Bay City. Serena P., Bay City I was reading an article that Dr. Reggish was doing nutritional testing for only $45 and at the time that I was reading the article, my left ear was itching. It felt like something was moving in my ear. I stuck my finger into my ear real deep and I pulled a little white dot out of my ear. As I was looking at this dot, it began to move. I freaked out and made an appointment to see Dr. Reggish. I found out from Dr. Reggish that the pin worm can be found in the ears, nose and anus area and that at night the female pin worm comes out and lays eggs. He said that the pin worms move around causing you to itch at night. Their eggs can be found in your linens on your bed and could be transferred to others easily. My 4 year old daughter is in day care and she’s always itching. Dr Reggish said day care kids pass the parasites to each other when putting toys in their mouth and sharing a toy. Dr Reggish gave me some herbs and I’ve been taking them for 4 weeks. I haven’t felt anything moving and I’m no longer itching. Also I’ve lost 19 lbs in 4 weeks without dieting doing his program. Thank You Dr. Reggish. Betty B., Romeo, Mi July 2013

I started coming to Dr Reggish because I was suffering with Chronic Fatigue along with bad constipation problems. Like I was going only once every 4 days. I was feeling very bloated after eating and was having bad hot flashes and night sweats. I’m only 40 yrs old and shouldn’t be having these problems. Dr Reggish ran a lot of different tests and found out I was allergic to a lot of foods. He also found out that I had a lot of toxic metals and chemicals in my body. He also found out that I had parasites and fungus. Dr Reggish said that parasites will live off of fecal material in the intestines and travel thru the blood to all parts of the body. He said that as the parasites are dying off, I’ll notice my weight will start going down. He gave me herbs and supplements and after doing them for a week my chronic fatigue was gone and I was having one bowel movement a day and sometimes two in a day. I also began losing weight. The first week was 12 lbs. I was shocked. I asked Dr. Reggish if this was possible. He said, well look at yourself. By the third week, I was having 2 to 3 a day. After 3 weeks, I’m down 24 lbs. and no more hot flashes or night sweets. I’ve tried everything for 3 years now to lose weight and could not lose 5 lbs. and yet Dr Reggish made it so easy to lose 24 lbs. I understand why all his patients love him. Thanks Dr Reggish for all you do. Heather M. of Livonia, Mi The Reggish Holistic Wellness Clinic

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As you can see parasites can cause many health problems. In our office we test for Parasites and Major Foods and Immune Challenges (Viruses, Flu Viruses, Retro Viruses, Four different types of Fungus) and also Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals. All of these tests are done for a single fee of $45. With these tests we can identify and determine what other factors are contributing to your health concerns. Contact Dr Michael D Reggish, D.C., N.D. 734-427-7110 - Reggish Holistic Wellness 31586 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150

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The Thyroid Health Mystery Health is our natural state of existence. The problem is that we aren’t living in a world as it was designed by a higher power where we and the world are in sync. So let’s brainstorm how we can begin to make it go right, regain our health, and rebuild as much of this wonderful world as possible. In order to do this very important brainstorming, we need a properly functioning brain and nervous system. Fortunately, I know some of the best ways to improve brain functioning, starting with chiropractic care and nutrition. Chiropractic care helps the brain and the nervous system improve functioning by removing interference’s. But the nervous system is not the only system that affects brain function. All of the systems in the body are incredibly important with each being dependent upon the functioning of the other systems. The system I want to talk about today is the thyroid system since so many issues related to health can be connected to a malfunctioning thyroid. Even abnormal, strongly emotional behavior in children and young adults may be related to thyroid malfunction, as well as the inability of a couple to conceive children. The thyroid gland is essential to health because it produces hormones needed by every cell, organ and muscle in the body. It regulates metabolism which affects the rate and function of other bodily systems, in addition to producing calcitonin which balances calcium in the body. Although the thyroid gland weighs less than an ounce and secretes only about a teaspoon of thyroid hormone over an entire year, inadequate production of this hormone results in an almost endless list of symptoms. Some of these symptoms include 16

weight gain, weight loss, fatigue, mental disorders, depression, irritability, nervousness, immune problems, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypotension, heart palpitations, infertility, cystic breasts and ovaries, menstrual irregularities, constipation, premature aging, intolerance to heat or cold, elevated cholesterol, hair loss, poor memory, etc. Thyroid disorders affect people of every age, including children. The problem is that many thyroid disorders remain undiagnosed until outward symptoms arise. Oftentimes people suffer for years without knowing what is causing their misery. This is one of the reasons we screen for thyroid problems using a holistic approach in my office. According to a leading expert in the field of natural health, Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., conventional blood tests which generally only screen for elevated TSH values often miss hypothyroidism. TSH refers to the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone secreted from the pituitary gland which causes the thyroid to release thyroid hormone. Diagnosing thyroid problems in a more holistic way includes recording basal body temperature, conducting a physical exam, learning about the patient’s medical history, and correlating this information with a comprehensive blood test. Blood tests for diagnosing thyroid problems must utilize a complete panel of TSH, T3 (Triiodothyrine) and T4 (Thyroxine). Since most T3 is converted inside the cells from T4, individuals who do not adequately convert T4 to T3 may have signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism even if TSH levels fall within a normal range. Testing for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland, should also be conducted in order to determine proper treatment. Thyroid hormone medication is most often prescribed when there is

a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. The prescribing physician’s experience and background usually influences whether a synthetic thyroid medication or a naturally derived thyroid medication, such as Armour thyroid, is prescribed. Most alternative physicians prescribe Armour thyroid because it contains both T4 and some T3. Also very importantly, it contains T1 and T2 which are necessary to control fat burning in the body and fluid levels which will obviously affect weight. For this reason, Armour thyroid is far superior to any synthetic thyroid medication, yet it is less commonly prescribed. Now that Armour thyroid has been reworked so that it is dosed in milligrams, a system more familiar to physicians than the previous one that was dosed in grains, it may become more popular. The most effective treatment for thyroid malfunction involves helping the body increase its own natural thyroid hormone production. The thyroid needs the base material necessary to make the hormones it produces. In the case of the thyroid, the basic production material is Iodine and potassium iodide. In 1823, Dr. Lugol produced an iodine compound which he called Lugol’s Solution. It was the exact ratio of iodine to potassium iodide that the thyroid needed to do its job. Today we use a supplement called Iodoral produced by Dr. Guy Abraham, M.D. that is more palatable than the liquid Lugol’s Solution. Adequate amounts of Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, and B Vitamins are needed for the proper conversion of T4 into T3 prime which is used in the cells of the body. The thyroid gland itself must also be supported with proper nutrition. As nutritional imbalances are corrected and the hormonal system is balanced, the healing process begins. In addition, the adrenal glands must be functioning properly for the thyroid to produce its hormones correctly. Another of the very important functions

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July 2013

of the thyroid gland is to scan for offensive bacteria. Close to every ounce of your blood passes through the thyroid gland once every 17 minutes and is scanned for offensive bacteria. If offensive bacteria are found, iodine is released to destroy the invaders. There is so much more to know about the thyroid that we are hosting a Thyroid workshop on July 30th at 7pm at my office. Seating is limited so be sure to register early!

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Qigong – The Next Step in Personal Development by Francesco Garri Garripoli

symptomatic disharmony in our body/mind/spirit needs to be addressed at a deep, energetic level AND we need to draw up our inner power and healing abilities to truly heal and not just remove symptoms.

A lot of people ask me about Qigong in my travels around the world, as I do my best to bring light to this ancient healing exercise that involves breathing, slow stretching movement, and conscious visualization. The two main questions asked are: 1) How can Qigong (pronounced “cheegung”) help me with my health challenge? 2) What makes Qigong any different from what I already practice? The number of people that come to Qigong as a way to address their current or chronic health challenges is astounding. They are exploring Qigong because they may have hit a wall with allopathic Western Medicine. They look to Qigong because they heard how it helped someone they know, or they reach out to Qigong because it’s trendy. Whatever the reason, they are frustrated with the modality they have been trying and are looking for results. Based on the National Institute of Health (NIH) research survey in 2009, funded by our tax dollars, Americans spent $33.9 billion dollars on out-of-pocket medical treatment that was NOT covered by insurance. All indicators show that this trend continues each year. People are searching for solutions to their health challenges and they realize that the answers are not always available from their hospital or physicians. While Western Medicine is amazing in so many areas of treatment and saves millions of lives each year, there are ailments related to stress, chronic issues, and even gene expression that can be better treated elsewhere. What do stress, chronic pain/disease, and gene expression all have in common? They take time to appear as symptoms and when they do, they are already firmly established in our physiology. This is what makes them so difficult for the Western Medical Model to treat. For that matter, even Chinese Medicine and alternative therapies are not well suited for handling these issues. Surgery, pharmaceuticals, herbs, acupuncture, etc. all have some affect on the symptoms and will maybe touch on core fundamentals relating to “the cause”, but any health issue that takes time to eventually appear as a 18

Another NIH research survey showed that over 70% of all disease is stress-related. If Qigong does anything well, it helps us to identify stress, provide techniques to manage stress, and secure patterns to minimize stress in the future. That same NIH study points to meditation, Tai Chi and Qigong as possible ways to manage stress. “Stress” isn’t just the standard emotional/mental stress… we are talking about “stress” that is taking place at the cellular and even genetic levels where we are not even consciously aware of it! That’s why we are surprised when we see our fun-loving, outgoing, and “pretty normal” friends and family members who we’d never consider “stressed” all of a sudden come down with a “surprising” dis-ease. Qigong Step #1 – Identify Stress Many times I describe Qigong as “sensitivity training” -- not a “feely-meely” type of sensitivity -- more like a samurai warriorstyle sensitivity. It involves calling back up our “animal senses” where we reduce the oppressive intellectual mind and allow our instincts to find their empowered place even in the modern world. We have come to rely on so many external devices or experts to tell us about ourselves. How did this happen? How do we regain our instinctual sensitivities? I suggest using Qigong’s wonderful tool kit of exercises that slow us down enough to listen. They get us in touch with functions as simple as breathing, heartbeat, and joint function. Qigong’s techniques teach us to “feel Qi energy” and learn to guide Yi or creative visualization to help us work at the subtle level and perform at our optimal level. Once you start on this path the process unfolds quite naturally; students tell me that they start receiving curious insights about their body and their life. This is so natural – it’s just that modern life has diverted these natural abilities. With practice, Qigong starts to open our inner “knowing” about our body, mind, and emotions. Our intuition naturally gets a chance to express itself, just as any muscle starts to strengthen with exercise. Once we become aware of our inner senses, we have begun the truly empowered process of preventative health care. Sure, prevention includes healthy diet, exercise, and other stress management interventions, but the “inner listening” is typically overlooked. I have never met a person in all my travels – no matter how seemingly unconscious about their health they are – who wasn’t acutely aware in some way or another what was at the root of their medical issue. We are amazing as humans. Many times we just refuse to listen to what we know.

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July 2013

Once we start to listen, we need to trust what we feel and even more, trust that we can affect positive change. A big issue I see is that people feel hopeless; people feel that they can’t really do anything about their situation because “it’s too far gone” or “the doctor told me...” or “I’ve already tried everything.” Qigong is really a great tool to call up our courage – that power of the heart – to face this core fear. Feeling disempowered or hopeless really is an expression of fear at some level, indicating that we are “afraid” we can’t change or can’t heal, “afraid” we don’t have what it takes. Building our sensitivity to identify the source of our stress – or even admit that stress exists at some level – is amazingly empowering and freeing. This is true strength and wisdom. Qigong Step #2 – Techniques to Manage Stress The techniques that are necessary to manage stress are not that complicated; yet they do require our diligence and repetition. Stress, for the most part, is an expression of a destructive pattern in our life. In engineering and physics, the repetition of force on a physical structure will eventually “stress” that structure in a way that deteriorates its integrity or function. The human body, emotions, and mental capacity are quite the same – repetitive force will eventually lead to stress. This “force” can include pressure at work or in a relationship, but can also include the “pressure” on our bodies of a diet that is too high in sugar or gluten. We may not always think of our diet as “stressful” but think again. Other causes of stress can be toxins in our environment (pollution, cleansers, second hand smoke, etc.). There is even the force of keeping up certain responsibilities we do joyfully in our life, but the resultant lack of sleep, erratic diet or detail juggling may be incrementally creating hormonal stress that builds in subtle and unnoticed ways. July 2013

How do we manage this stress? By identifying it as we did in Step #1, the solution may become obvious as to how we can curb these factors. Qigong also provides very effective techniques that help us overcome various stagnations that lead to blockages in our energy flow. When Qi energy flows freely through our Meridians (known as “Jing Luo” in Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture) stress is drastically reduced. There are also Qigong techniques that help us “embrace chaos” instead of fighting it or trying to control it. These are powerful stress management tools. Qigong Step #3 – Securing Steps to Minimize Future Stress The best and most effective way to end a bad habit is to replace it with a new, productive habit. This is supported by neuroscience research that is showing us how our brains are “wired.” Working with the tools we were born with is always the best way to go, so when we start taking advantage of the plasticity of brain function, we can truly see longlasting benefits for our personal health. Qigong practiced even a few minutes a couple times each day, repetitively day after day, begins to create neural pathways that reinforce not only the positive effects of the practice, but help to secure the healing and rejuvenating intention we carry during a Qigong session. Qigong’s unique stretching and gentle movements help to move lymph out of our body, and when this – the body’s cellular waste – is removed efficiently, stress is also greatly reduced. This is one big reason why people say they feel “lighter” and “energized” after practicing Qigong. Add this to the core rejuvenation benefits derived from Qigong’s strategic spinal movements and we start to see the preventative health care benefits that are available through daily practice. Cutting edge research is now showing how the meditative aspects and subtle movements of Qigong and related Tai

Chi can actually help at the genetic level. Telomeres, the protective end-caps of chromosomes – and the genetic indicators for longevity – are shown to actually get longer in people who practice these exercises. Another important aspect of how regular Qigong practice can minimize future stressrelated challenges lies in the recent science of Gene Expression. This fascinating research shows that we can dramatically influence “how” a gene functions or expresses itself. Various aspects of Qigong practice can affect gene expression in a positive way and since genes control the production of protein in the body, this is quite important. Nearly everything in our body -- from neurotransmitters, hormones, cells walls, muscles and more -- is made up of protein. If Qigong practice influences the quality of our protein production, then we are actually looking at how we are “creating” our future body. To me, Qigong encompasses the core components of a personal development strategy. How is it different from other self-healing modalities? I believe the answer lies in how it helps us look at ourselves in a new way, redefining our identity truly as a mesh of body, mind, spirit, emotion and energy, and putting this into practical terms that we can experience each time we practice. When we gain the confidence that we can truly influence life at this level, then every aspect of our life begins to change for the better. There’s something very reassuring about regaining our personal power and taking charge of our health and well being with a smile. If life really is a dream we dream wide awake, then we have to keep asking ourselves how we want that dream to look…and remind ourselves of this with every breath. Meet the Author Francesco Garri Garripoli Sat. July 6th & Sun. July 7th. This limited engagement workshop focuses on self-empowerment and bringing a joyful approach to Qigong. All levels are welcome. Space limited – register early! P a g e 19

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Healthy Energy 4 Action & Enhanced Mental Clarity 24 Calories 5 Net Carbs

Healthy Ingredients Green Tea * Potassium Arginine * Ginseng Fruit juice extracts, Amino Acids Vit. B, C Stevia 4 gms, as Sweetener No Caffeine anhydrous

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Total Health Foods, Wyandotte Biddle (W. Jefferson) 734-246-1208 Ann Arbor/ Saline David 734.216.6677 or call 888.277.2751

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July 2013

Exercise Without Supplementation is Suicide Dr. Joe Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan from their book, “Energy Crisis” With the exception of three black gentlemen from the old Negro Baseball League and one baseball player from the St. Louis Browns, there has never been a professional athlete that lived to be 100 yrs. old. The average age of the professional athlete is 62 years of age, while the average lifespan of the professional couch potato is 75 years of age – looking at these statistics in a simplistic way would cause one to say you would gain 13 years of health and longevity by not exercising. Of course, exercise is a good and beneficial practice if practiced in a healthful fashion. Unfortunately, we have found that most people who profess to be experts in exercise physiology give inappropriate, dangerous, and oftentimes life threatening advice. One such example was a wellknown and highly respected personal trainer from Atlanta, Georgia. She was young, beautiful, fit and had a large following of paying clients. I (Wallach) gave a lecture at an LA Fitness Center in Atlanta at the invitation of the owner. Halfway through the lecture on nutrition and exercise, the young trainer got up and sauntered out of the meeting saying that “it was aerobics and power training that would make people fit” and that “a good diet was all one needed” and that “nutritional supplements were a waste of energy and money.” No less than 50% of the 300 strong July 2013

crowd got up and noisily followed her out of the classroom, totally disrupting the meeting. About two months later, I began getting a flurry of calls from Atlanta wanting information regarding our nutritional and energy program for athletes. When I inquired from one caller as to why I was suddenly getting so many calls from Atlanta, he said that the beautiful young personal trainer had died on the treadmill at noon in front of hundreds of members in the very same LA Fitness Center that I had attempted to lecture at. She was 32 years of age and her death was caused by a cardiomyopathy heart attack (a selenium deficiency). According to the CDC 75,000 to 100,000 young men and women under the age of 35 die suddenly each year in America. Most of these individuals died during an exercise session, a sporting event, a military training exercise or exercise on a regular basis.

of collapse and sudden death in young athletic adults who do not supplement with a complete spectrum of nutrients is as predictable as gravity! The ability to prevent these terrible and unnecessary deaths of our most active young people in America is directly related to the simple act of supplementing all of the known essential nutrients with water before, during and after exercise. Dr. Joel Wallach’s books, CDs and products are available locally from Total Health Foods, Wyandotte, or by calling, 734-216-6677

Herb of the Month: Tea (Camellia sinensis)

The cause of death in those ‘fit’ young Americans ranged from dehydration, heat stroke (water and/or an electrolyte deficiency), water intoxication, cardiomyopathy heart disease (selenium deficiency), ruptured aneurysms (copper deficiency), coronary thrombosis (omega-3 deficiency) and thrombotic stroke (omega-3 deficiency). On the surface, the causes of death in these young ”healthy” individuals appears to be unrelated, however, the causes of death are in fact directly related to the common factor of a high volume of sweat. Sweat is more than just water. Sweat is a complex “soup” consisting of all the nutrients and chemicals found in human blood and many substances that are, in fact, produced by the sweat glands themselves. We know that our food does not contain all the elements (especially minerals) necessary for optimal health to begin with (USDA 1992 and 2004); factor in the chronic loss of nutrients via sweat during exercise, and the specter

Common names: Green tea, black tea. Description: Evergreen grows to 30 feet. From the Far East. Part used: Leaves. Common use: Most people think of tea as a refreshing beverage and nothing more. In fact, tea is good food – and good medicine. Use to fight colds, congestion, diarrhea, tooth decay and believe it or not asthma. Comments: Drink warm or cold. By Daniel Ray

P a g e 21

Rock of the Month: Indigo Gabbro: A “Must Have” Stone! My plan was to begin writing about the twelve power stones this month but I just purchased a stone I’d never seen before called Indigo Gabbro and I was so excited, I had to share it with you! Indigo Gabbro is a newly mined stone from Madagascar. It has been trade marked as the stone Mystic Merlinite. This stone is so exciting and powerful. The metaphysical properties have not yet been fully documented since it is so new but there is much excitement about its properties. If you are at all sensitive to energy, you have only to hold this stone in your hand to get an idea of its power! So, what does it look like? In raw form it is silvery grey with hints of purple and white. Polished, it appears to be a complex mix of swirling purples, blacks and silvers. Gabbro contains varying amounts of copper, nickel, cobalt, chromium, gold, silver, copper dioxides and platinum. It is used to make grave headstones and paving stones. When used for countertops it is called black granite. Metaphysically, Gabbro assists the user in grounding to the earth. It helps channel energy from the crown downward through the other chakras. Essentially, it helps you bridge the higher vibrational

energies moving through you downward into the earth. Thus, Gabbro aligns you with a Pillar of Light, allowing you to be in harmony and balance with the physical and spiritual. It opens the door to deeper intuitive abilities and assists in developing clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and insight. Communication from higher realms is enhanced as it awakens the user to mystical experiences. If you desire to awaken to the realization of the truth of your true nature, Mystic Merlinite is the stone for you. We each have a shadow side that we hide or reject. This stone helps bring these hidden and judged aspects of the self into the light of alignment and love. Just as the stone beautifully blends the swirling colors into a complex whole, so too it integrates these suppressed energies into wholeness. We can then let go of the messages that we are “bad” or limited in some way and embrace all aspects of our being, showing up in integrity and truth. If you feel you spend too much time and energy criticizing and judging yourself, situations and others, then this stone may be your ally in quieting the critic and becoming one with all that is, letting go of resistance and coming into acceptance. Gabbro is said to awaken the heart and third eye during meditation. Just as this stone is a physical blend of swirling color from light to dark, so it is said to balance the lower and higher energies in a way that results in a balanced state in the body. This stone is said to be useful to calm pain and fear associated with our birth and early childhood, as well as to integrate the fragmented self that may result from traumatic life experiences or past life experiences. Gabbro is said to help with cellular swelling and infections, bruising, sprains, and immune system disorders. It is said to reduce fevers, hot flashes, and balance the alkalinity of the body. Gabbro may help us develop an attitude of gratitude for our life experience, creating a magical flow of energy to us that will attract that which we are grateful for. As within, so without! This is a must have stone! Pat Krajovic

Sweet Retreat $29 Half Hour

Pat Krajovic, Co-founder and Director of BodyWorks Healing Center and Global Breath Institute in Plymouth, MI, is a nationally certified massage therapist with advanced training in alternative healing techniques. She was “Best of the Best” for Healing Stone Massage, Allure Magazine. She has taught breathwork in Europe and U.S. Call: 734-416-5200

Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Access Bars, Pranic Healing, CranioSacral

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“Keep love in your heart”


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~Oscar Wilde

July 2013


4. There was no sign of any injury on the other side of the thumb where another tooth punctured the skin.

Does your heart rate go up when you discover you have to go to the dentist, especially just as you enter their office? Are you anticipating the agony and pain of that drill in your mouth or the tooth being pulled? Can you imagine how much a persons anxiety level rises just prior to open heart surgery or an organ transplant?

What about test anxiety? When a person is anxious all of the blood vessels in the body constrict, thereby reducing the blood flow (oxygen and other nutrients) to the brain. The brain simply cannot function normally. With self-hypnosis one can go into a relaxed state immediately, thereby opening the blood vessels and allowing the brain to function normally.

Fear and anxiety cause an increase in heart rate. Many people are not aware that if you control your breathing, you can slow your heart rate and therefore control and reduce fear and anxiety.

Many people fear hypnosis because they simply do not understand what it is.

That’s right, a person can stop bleeding, stop pain, stop and reverse bruising and swelling, and lower their blood pressure. I’ve heard that Indian yogis can do this because they are masters of mind control. It does not take years of living with monks high in the Himalayan Mountains to learn this “trick.” We can teach anyone how to do that in about ten minutes and it is a gift you can have immediately available for the rest of your life.

2. There is no such thing as “going under” hypnosis. It is not like going under an anesthetic for an operation in a hospital.

The subconscious mind controls the autonomic nervous system, which controls body functions such as bruising, bleeding, swelling, pain, breathing (speed and depth of breath), heart rate, and blood pressure. If a person learns to function at a subconscious level rather than a conscious level, they will have immediate total control over the body functions that are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. My wife, Cheryl, will completely negate the use of chemical anesthetic for dental work because she can use self-hypnosis. I usually let the dentist give me a needle of anesthetic, but that is more for their benefit so they don’t get nervous about hurting me (and they do get nervous). One can use hypnosis to totally remove the effects of the chemical anesthetic later. Besides dental applications, self-hypnosis can be used for many other situations. One of my clients went home after learning self-hypnosis and found her small dog running around with a large piece of lint on its mouth. When she went to remove it the dog bit her on the thumb. She felt a canine tooth go through her fingernail and blood squirted. As she went to the kitchen to hold it under cold running water she used the selfhypnosis. In the relaxed state she said to herself, “Bleeding is a way the body cleanses a wound from the inside out, I’ve done that so now I’m just wasting my blood. I don’t want to do that so I can just STOP BLEEDING NOW.” A few days later she came in to see me and announced that:

1. Hypnosis is nothing more than a very relaxed state of mind.

3. Most people do hear and remember everything that is said. 4. It is not possible to not “wake up” from hypnosis. 5. It is possible to open ones eyes and be fully functional while in trance. 6. If any emergency arose, the person will just open their eyes and deal with it appropriately. Learning how to function at a subconscious level is easy and anyone can learn self-hypnosis when properly trained. There are probably as many techniques for using self-hypnosis as there are stars in the sky and we’ve tried most of them. The technique we use was developed by Frank Garfield. It is quick and simple to use. It only takes ten minutes to learn it and once learned, one can enter that state as quickly as they can exhale one breath. We will be teaching this process Friday Evenings, July 19th and 20th. Cheryl Beshada and Frank Garfield are owners and instructors of Clinical Hypnosis Institute, in Warren, MI They teach a series of Hypnosis Classes through their state licensed school. For info or a free phone consult, call 586-751-7500.

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist Saturday and Sunday Classes

Begin September 29th in Warren Cheryl Beshada

• Help People Reach Their Goals

1. The bleeding did stop immediately. 2. She did not lose the fingernail as is usually the case. 3. There was only a small spot on the nail where the tooth went through. July 2013

• State Licensed School

• Supervised Practical Experience Frank Garfield

• Add a New Modality to Your Existing Practice

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Energy Medicine The Practical Solution Decrease Stress Eliminate Anxiety & Depression Increase Health & Happiness Energy medicine is a complement to other approaches of medical care and a complete system for self-care and selfhelp. It can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and also promote a high-level of wellness and peak performance. The result is a Bio-Spiritual Healing, which is a holistic integrative approach to healing ourselves. This healing paradigm integrates science and Spirit with the intention of promoting a model of self-healing and wellness consciousness.

Health & Wellness Can Be Restored & Maintained! Board Certified Health and Wellness Practitioner 248-789-1980

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From A Mother and Child One day I was shopping with my child after work to pick up supplies needed for an employee celebration. I was exhausted and wanted to get in and out quickly. My child was tired and cranky and wanted out of the shopping cart. She was grabbing for every item we passed. I was losing my patience and temper when an elderly woman came over to us. She took my child’s hand, and said “what a lovely child.” My little girl was quiet immediately. The woman looked at me. She had an angelic smile and then again said, “they are so wonderful at this age.” At once I felt peaceful and in control of the situation. After she walked away, I found a snack that pleased me and my little one and we had a pleasant shopping trip. That one moment of someone reminding me what a treasure I had turned my whole attitude around and made my shopping trip so much easier. 24

Tap Fear Away The fabric of our being is a latticework of energies and information. Our body’s energies are not only intelligent, but when we listen closely to what they are communicating, we can involve them in establishing optimal health. The intelligence of the body’s energies is similar to the workings of an electrical element -- when the current is blocked the energy cannot flow adequately. For us, it is best to correct the problem through our subtle energies before a “burn out” episode and excessive mending will be required. We live in a fast paced world that generates and supports an underlying sense of fear. This gives rise to anxiety, depression, phobias, and fear of the unknown, which many individuals are experiencing at this time. People feel as if a rug is going to be pulled out from under them and they don’t know where they will land. Without the proper coping skills, negativity and the various masks of fear can penetrate your energetic field (aura) creating blocks in your subtle energies. When you begin to feel any symptoms of fear, such as the ones listed above, you can intervene with a simple effective tapping technique. On the backside of your hand halfway between your wrist and fingers, begin tapping at the point where the fourth and fifth fingers meet for about 1 minute. Then do the same on the opposite hand. This should help you feel more relaxed. If fear keeps surfacing into your consciousness, I would suggest seeking further help with finding the core thought(s) associated to it. It is imperative that as spiritual beings having a human experience, we learn to live in harmony with our energetic and physical bodies. Wellness (mental and physical health) is a conscious choice that we need to make in order to live life to the fullest. Namaste Billie Tobin, Energy Medicine & Theta Healing, Board Certified Health and Wellness Practitioner. 248-789-1980. www. Is it time to increase your business? Let us show you how.... Offering: Print advertising, Article support, Radio Hosting & Promotions, Email & Event Marketing, Web marketing, blogs, meetups, social marketing, facebook, twitter and more...

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July 2013

Prayer – Kahlil Gibran


Then a priestess said: Speak to us of prayer and he answered saying: You pray in your distress and in your need, would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. For what is prayer but the expansion of yourself in the living ether? And if it is for your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart. And if you cannot but weep when your soul summons you to prayer, she should spur you again and yet again though weeping, until you come laughing. When you pray, you rise to meet in the air those who are praying at that very hour and whom save in prayer you may not meet. Therefore let your visit to that temple invisible be for naught but ecstasy and sweet communion. For if you should enter the temple for no other purpose then asking, “Helping You Back on the Road to Good Health� you shall not receive. And if you should enter into it to humble yourself you shall be not lifted or

Dr. Amy L. Dean, Wykes even if you shouldD.O. enter into it to beg for the goodArden of others youStanton, shall notM.S. be

heard. It is enough that you enter the temple invisible. ~ Diplomate, ~ Holistic Nutrition Advisor AOBIM,ABHM

iLs Professional I cannot teach you how to pray in words. God listens ~not to your words save when He Himself utters them through your lips. And I cannot teach you Our include: the prayers of the seas and thespecialties forests and the mountains. But you who are Board Certified Internaland Medicine Manipulative born of the mountains the forests and Osteopathic the seas can find their Medicine prayer in Certified Medicine Hormone Analysis Therapy yourBoard heart. And ifHolistic you but listen in the stillness of the night,and you shall hear Nutrition, Diet Advisement and Therapy Tomatis Based Sound Therapy (iLs) them saying in silence:


mini Workshop on

Relationships with self and others.

Human Awareness Institute Free mini Workshop on Relationships with self and others, call for details.

Join a wonderful group of People and get a taste of the intimacy you’ve been craving. Contact: Mo (Maureen) Fritz ♼ 734-523-8566 ♼

Through careful diagnostics we’ll uncover the real issues then

“Our God,design who art our winged self, it isplan thytailored will in us willeth. It is dea customized treatment justthat for you. sire in us that desirest. It is thy urge in us that would turn our nights, which are thine, into days, which are thine also. We cannot ask you for aught, for &Ä”Ä -ĠĘĚĔĒÄ?*Ä&#x;ÄĽÄ–ÄŁÄ&#x;Ä’Ä?.ĖĕĚĔĚÄ&#x;Ä– ÄĄÄ?Ä?Ä” thou knowest out needs before they are born in us. Thou art our need and in 1BVMJOF#MWE4VJUF%t"OO"SCPS .* our giving us more of thyself, thou givest us all.â€? tXXXFDPMPHJDBMJOUFSOBMNFEJDJOFDPN

“Helping You Back on the Road to Good Health� Dr. Amy L. Dean, D.O.

Arden Wykes Stanton, M.S.

~ Diplomate, AOBIM,ABHM

~ Holistic Nutrition Advisor ~ iLs Professional

Our specialties include: Board Certified Internal Medicine Board Certified Holistic Medicine Nutrition, Diet Advisement and Therapy

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Hormone Analysis and Therapy Tomatis Based Sound Therapy (iLs)

Judith Spiritual Counselor and Healer Intuitive Negative Energy Clearer

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Spiritual Counseling, Candle Burning (the ancient practice of manifesting) Negative Energy Clearing for Personal, Home and Business Contact Judith at: 248-254-1818

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Through careful diagnostics we’ll uncover the real issues then design a customized treatment plan tailored just for you.



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You Have A Calling Something amazing happens when you enter into the life long process of self acceptance. Witnessing your triggers or what ‘hooks you’ into negative emotions with compassion, is how you accept yourself and grow into next greatest version of you. The process of self acceptance could also be called enlightenment, self realization or inner growth. Self acceptance is a universal powerful process that works on your behalf, through your willingness to make friends with yourself. What you stop pushing against releases, accept your humanity (self hate, fear, regrets), and you realize your innate brilliance. Approximately thirteen years ago when I started guiding self acceptance sessions, I thought it was ‘just healing work’. As years went on, a pattern emerged: people who stuck with the process, became healers and a unifier of their community. (This observation ‘birthed’ what I now call the Self Acceptance Teachers Program) Some people began sessions because they could feel their was something more to life, and others because they had hit a wall of depression or illness. In 23,000 hours of observation and research into this process, I realized one common theme; when you accept yourself you realize something great...the True Amazing You. Through self acceptance you realize you are the hero, and solution that you have been looking for. You realize you had it all along. You may not have a big role or a small role to play...but you have YOUR role. Every part of the engine is important. Your innate goodness expressed in all you do, will lead you to greater territories within your internal plane and life you live.

Mystic Connections - Adrianna Lesniak AMAZING ACCURATE ANGELIC READINGS

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“A job is an exchange of energy in which you do material task and someone provides money in exchange. A calling however is an organic field that emerges from deepest aspects of who you are...You have a calling because you are alive. Marianne Williamson Divine Compensation. By your willingness to be of service to Creation, you awaken your calling now. In your choosing, your job and life, can become an opportunity to fulfill your divine mandate to realize more of your magnificence. Everyone, IF WILLING has a divine purpose to fulfill. You can not wait to find your purpose to live it. Wait to accept your inherent greatness and serve, and you will not heal. Accept your power, and then you heal. You are a child of the divine here to shine bright and reveal the qualities of the infinite. You are here to thrive, not just survive. Where you begin, is where you will end. Start each day with claiming your wholeness so that you tap into the abundant reservoir of prosperity and love within you and around you. Look at nature, it innately desires to thrive. The weed breaks through the concrete, not by asking ‘why me?’ or ‘why is this concrete here?’ it does so by surrendering to the evolutionary impulse that calls it forward. The only difference between you and the weed, is that you can say no to life. There is a powerful force seeking to work on your behalf. Creation is continually knocking on your door waiting for you open. Say YES to life, let go, and open up to what is seeking to be expressed as you. You have a calling and a divine destiny that awaits your invitation. As you say yes to love, and life, on a daily basis, what will emerge is the abundant life, Creation has previously commissioned you to live. You are loved already. Open up and let your life be a reflection of the preciousness you are. In service, Barbra White. Allow spiritual mentor, author, and gifted intuitive Barbra White to support you in claiming your magnificence. Sessions with Barbra are a combination of spiritual teaching, emotional releasing, auricular acupuncture, homeopathy, and energy work. Barbra loves working with healers, individuals who are ready to come into a greater expressions of their Soul’s gifts, and people who have physical illness that have not responded to any other forms of treatment. Contact her at: 734455-1438 or visit her stie at:

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July 2013

July is National: Baked Bean Month, Blueberry Month, Grilling Month, Horseradish Month, Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month, Pickle Month, Watermelon Month ( to name a few) July is National Picnic Month too. If you like picnics you are in good company. The residents of Hancock, New Hampshire enjoy them so much that what began as a family picnic in 1879 has evolved into an event that involves the entire town and anyone who has ever lived there. Hancock has celebrated Old Home Day for over 150 years. This celebration includes the Hancock Town Picnic and a parade. Townsfolk see the gathering as a way to encourage those who have moved away to come back for a visit! Apparently others in the state thought it was a good idea for in 1899 then Governor Frank Rollins made Old Home Day a State holiday and today invitations are sent out to relatives and other New Hampshire descendants to return for state-wide celebrations!

Accepted As I Am Center Accept The Healer You Are - Day retreat July 27 - $120 Learn to be a beneficial presence on the planet Awakening Your Mystical Self Sept. 19-22, Fall Equinox. $275 plus lodging. Register before July, receive $50 discount A powerful 4 days discovering your MultiDimensional Self; through dance, Self Acceptance Processes, art, and core conscious transformation! Also nature trails, organic meals and inspirational guidance from Barbra.

Self Acceptance Teachers Program Join “S.A. Teachers Program� Starting Now! Facebook Barbra.White1 157 South Mill, Plymouth MI 734-455-1438

July 2013

P a g e 27

Interview with Vivian Broughton Based on the Work of Bonding and Trauma of Franz Ruppert I met briefly with Vivian Broughton, spokesperson for Trauma Constellations specialist Franz Ruppert. As a constellations facilitator and trainer myself and Founder of the Midwest Institute for Systemic Constellations, I was eager to hear the differences between Ruppert’s approach and that of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations. Here are her impressions: “Franz is a therapist and an avid researcher, who is revolutionizing how constellations are practiced around the world. He approaches constellations from a researcher’s point of view, and works consistently on new theories which he incorporates into his trauma work.” This is not all that different from Systemic Constellations, as many facilitators here in the US are also involved in research, including this writer. I’m a PhD Candidate and my dissertation explores the Epigenetics of Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma, from a biological perspective. Broughton began as a Gestalt therapist, and first studied Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger in Germany in 1996. In 2000, she started a training program in London assisted by Albrecht Mahr and later Jakob Schneider. In 2003, she attended the International Congress on Constellations in Würzburg, Germany, where she became intrigued with Franz Ruppert’s work with Trauma Constellations—a German psychotherapist and trauma specialist. In Hellinger’s classic Family Constellations, the client sits with the facilitator, shares their story and chooses a representative for themselves; the facilitator suggests which family members and/or ancestors are to be represented, and representatives are selected for them as well. The client remains an observer, while the facilitator brings the constellation to resolution—then the client steps into the constellation to experience the healing energy. Proponents of traditional Family Constellations believe

JOAN STJOHN Clairvoyant – Psychic Medium

1-800-ASK JOAN 275-5626

Over 20 years experience: Private Consultations, Parties & Corporate Events, Love, Career & Life Issues, Contact Loved Ones on the Other Side

Accurate – Ethical – Professional 28

that the client as observer allows a healing to take place, without the danger of traumatizing the client, while allowing the work to go deeper. Broughton explains that this is quite different from Ruppert’s approach, in which the client describes their Intention and picks a representative for the Intention and not for themselves—then the client joins the constellation from the very beginning, where they remain throughout. The client is encouraged to interact with the representative for the Intention, by interacting and asking questions. .Broughton shared that she’d been experiencing a growing concern over “the authoritative nature of most facilitators of classic Family Constellations,” who direct the constellation to resolution, with no input from the client. She says Ruppert works collaboratively with the client, leaving control over outcome with the client. According to Broughton, this protects the client from retraumatization, and claims Hellinger’s method suggests the opposite. She suggests that everyone is traumatized to a greater or lesser degree, and to be truly free, the original trauma must be healed. Broughton shares, “The more I thought about it, and the deeper I delved into Ruppert’s theories, the more I began to think about what it means that trauma is the central issue.” She began to ask, “If the client is not part of the constellation, the client has no voice,” and, “how can you deal with a high stress issue without the client having any authority in the constellation?” To me this is fascinating, since Hellinger chose to keep the client out of the constellation with someone else representing them, in order to avoid traumatizing the client, and also to allow the client to observe the dynamics of their family system as it evolves with the representatives of the client, family members and ancestors. Another very important difference is that Hellinger insists that healing can take place with the ancestors and that once that ancestor is healed, the healing is passed to the client in the present and to their progeny for several generations—a phenomenon I have often observed myself. In his most radical departure from Hellinger’s work, Ruppert believes that the ancestors cannot be healed and that all healing takes place between the client and the Intention, and other split-off parts of the client’s psyche. Broughton claims, “The Intention is actually the [original] split-off part of the psyche that resulted from the original trauma.” She continues, “Healing takes place only with the Intention and cannot be cured with the ancestors.” In one important way, however, Ruppert’s theories appear to agree with Hellinger—that it all begins with mother! Hellinger refers to the “interrupted reaching out” [see BMSG article January 2013, by Liz Jelinek], whereas Ruppert claims, everyone experiences trauma to a greater or lesser degree,

Body Mind Spirit Guide |

July 2013

beginning with what he calls the, “symbiotic trauma with mother at birth.” Broughton says, “If there is no original bonding with mother, the individual survives the trauma of birth and bonding using stories and myths such as, “If I can just connect with my mother, then my trauma will be healed!”

There is a Reason You’re Here!

But Broughton claims that the truth is quite different, since mother carries her own unresolved traumas. She infers, “The resolution picture sought after in traditional Family Constellations has no basis in reality as trauma is a… breakdown of the entire system. The “whole” fragments from the trauma and splits-off from consciousness.” She believes, “This lost side can only be found when healing takes place in a Trauma Constellation.” This has not been my experience nor that of hundreds around the world who practice traditional Systemic or Family Constellations. Whereas the idea of a split-off part of the traumatized psyche has been observed since the earliest days of psychology with Freud and others, there are many ways of achieving healing, and the resolution obtained in a traditional Family Constellations certainly is one of them! As long as the field of psychology grows and evolves and new theories emerge, there will be differences and disagreements between followers of different philosophies. However, this is what hopefully keeps us as practitioners on our toes and is certainly an important factor in my decision to pursue a PhD after over 25 years as a therapist and healer. Although Ruppert has never traveled to the US, he will be conducting a workshop in Canada later this year! Liz Jelinek Liz Jelinek, MA, LLP, PhD (Cand.) is Founder & Director of the Midwest Institute for Systemic Constellations, a training program for Constellations facilitators. Watch this space for the upcoming fall program to learn new theories and practices! Everyone welcome! For information on training, workshops, individual constellations and therapy, contact Liz Jelinek,, 734-

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MIDWEST INSTITUTE FOR SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS Offering: Systemic Constellations Individual Constellations & Therapy. In Person, By Phone or Skype. Liz Jelinek, PhD (Cand.)

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Nothing Is the Same: Grief Relief for Children and Adults The normal and natural response to loss is disorientation. We might feel adrift; the meanings upon which we have been building our lives suddenly collapse. Or have difficulty thinking straight and making decisions. We, or our children, may cry sporadically over the smallest of challenges. The loss can be of a spouse, lover, friend, parent, a job, retirement account, a dream or sense of security. Part of the grief process may be a selfimposed sense of guilt or worthlessness; if only I... or, I should have... Be kind to yourself by not feeding into this sense of blame. Tell yourself and others that you love and appreciate the strength and courage you have to get through each day. Realize that the loss you have suffered, no matter how great, does not compare to the greatness that you are. There are three activities which I believe can help you and your child(ren) through grief: 1) Feel. Let yourself feel whatever feelings arise. Take a few moments daily to sit quietly. Being in nature can help. Breathe! Let go of the stream of thoughts and just be. Breathe some more. Do you feel anxious, numb, and impatient? Let whatever it is be there. After several minutes, you may want to pray, meditate, or try tonglen.. In this form of meditation, you breathe in the freshness of the air or an image, such as a bouquet of flowers, and then send this to everyone in the world who is feeling this particular kind of pain. Repeat several times. If you are guiding a child through this process, they may surprise you by their reaction to sending other children comfort. Eventually they will have questions, depending upon what they have overheard in adult conversation, 30

seen on TV, or observed. They need honest, direct, factual information in order to understand that the person is dead and what that actually means. 2) Journal. Start with questions, like, how is the yelling making you feel? Do you feel calmer without it or are you incensed? Can you let it out there on the page? And now, is there anything that could soothe you, maybe a cup of tea? Write to the one who died. Tell them what they taught you, what they meant to you; what specific thing they did really well that you will emulate to show them how much you admired them. Let them answer you, telling you what they really loved about you, what they are grateful for that you shared, and what they hope you follow through on or learn that adds to your life’s work. Let them tell you that you did enough, that there is nothing you should have done for them that you didn’t do. Write about how you chose to live, what exercise you are going to do or class you are going to take, how you will put peace in your life. Write down the specifics of how you will eat well, and get more sleep and not isolate. 3) Reach out. Who can you call? Is there someone kind who has been leaving you messages? Have you been avoiding your lunch or book club? Has it been that long since you talked with your best friend? This is not a time to be alone. You are entitled to all the cheering up you can get. What about inviting a neighbor to take a walk in nature? That can be a way of reaching out for nurturing and spirit, as well as writing thank you cards, or changing the water on the flowers you received. Depression has been called a ‘crisis of energy’. Move your body to feel differently, even if that’s all that is guaranteed. Call a local bereavement group. You might imagine it as horrendous, but what a relief not to have to put on a smile, knowing that they will truly understand, and to give back by

listening to them. An aspect of grief that is perhaps the hardest of all is that we are no longer in control. Songs reawaken memories, we find ourselves unable to stop crying at the grocery store, helplessly staring at the checkbook, awake for long periods in the darkest of hours. Depending upon your belief system, it can be especially helpful to read books about the afterlife like those of Newton, van Praagh, and Anderson. They can reassure you that your loved one continues to love and be aware of you in a different realm. You may find peace that they are not suffering. This, of course, does not apply to everyone, but I was touched recently to read in James van Praagh’s Talking to Heaven that many of us suffer when someone we were close to dies because we gave up a part of our wholeness to the other person. We were not true to ourselves and that is actually a major part of what we are grieving. “All that is left is a sense of emptiness and sense of self-esteem because so much of our identities were tied to the deceased.” I urge you to feel, write in a journal and reach out. Explore what is true for you, savoring the love that you’ve shared and shining always as the beacon of Love that you are. Lynn Vaughn, PhD By necessity this article has briefly addressed depression and several themes related to it. Its bottom line is: if you or a loved one are exhibiting signs of depression, seek help. I have treated suffers of the mood disorder which we call “depression” for 30 years. Evening and Saturday appointments are available if you cannot make it during usual office hours. I take most insurance. You do not have to get through this alone. Call me at 248-9217922.

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July 2013

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UPCOMING Essential oils classes, consultations, Raindrop Technique. For more info or to come to a class, please call or e-mail me, Ilka Handshaw at 734 728-9332, www. New! Ascension Support Class! Clear old contracts, receive upgrades and downloads of higher levels of soul, more. Helps you ride the waves of change! Meeting every 4 weeks for 6 months. Now Enrolling Eve Wilson 734-780-7635 Now Enrolling: The Healer & Ascension Certification Course – Legal UCM Healer Practitioner Certification. 28 classes on: Aura/Chakra Reading, Clearing, Repair, Etheric Surgeons, Soul Contracts, DNA/ Heredity, Past Lives, Ascension. Unconditionally loving spiritual connections, clear boundaries, safe and effective healing of body, emotion, mind and spirit for adults, children, pets, the planet. Much More. Eve Wilson Scarlet Ibis Healing Arts. Reiki Classes/ Sessions in Farmington. Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, resulting in relaxation that promotes healing. It is my honor to help you, to promote good health and happiness in your life. Reiki Sessions: 40-60min for $40-$60. Reiki & Meditation: 60min for $70. Reiki & Healing Attunement: 60 min for $80. Week-end Reiki Classes: July 20: Reiki I: $125. July 21: Reiki II: $175. Training Manual by William Rand Included. Greta Robbins: Usui/Tibetan & Karuna Reiki Master, RN 248-752-4440 gdardaine@

ONGOING EVENTS SUNDAY Services! 11am All welcome! Prayers, Mantra, Mystic Visualizations, Spiritual teachings and special Blessing given by Jesus in 1958 through yogic mediumship of Dr. George King, Founder. 3119 N. Campbell Rd, Royal Oak. (248) 588-0290. Sunday Temple Community Gathering, 57pm one Sunday monthly, details and dates at www.MysterySchooloftheTempleArts. com, free or by donation. Register:

July 2013

MONDAY Mondays - Guided Meditation Class, $25. Warren 7pm 586.771.4569 Mondays - 8-8:15am RADIO Ready, Set, Intention The program designed to help us create and live the lives we believe are ours to enjoy! Mondays - Mystic Prayer Service for World Peace and Healing. 7:55pm. The Aetherius Society. 3119 N. Campbell Road, Royal Oak (248) 588-0290 Mondays - Vinyasa Yoga with Ellen Livingston, Mondays ongoing, 5:30-7pm. All levels welcome, $15 drop-in, $10 with pass.; Ellen Livingston 734.645-3217

TUESDAY Tuesdays - 8-8:15am RADIO Prayer-Aid: Healing the World with Power Prayer Chrissie Blaze leads us in morning prayer for a happier, healthier, safer world every Tuesday morning. Be part of this miraculous experience. www.bodymindspiritRADIO. com Tuesdays Evening Group Breathwork beginners and advanced. 21810 Englehardt , St. Clair Shores. Fee: $20. 7-9pm  Facilitator:  Paula Rowe , Sponsored by, Soul Awakening Project. 586-295-0964. RSVP please Tuesdays - Women’s Living In The Heart Wisdom Group: Sharing, Exploring and Personal Growth.  Awaken to your True Self, purpose and joy! 6:308pm.  6 weeks. Soulspace in Rochester. All sessions, $300 or $50 each.  855-200SOUL Tuesdays - Spiritual Healing from 7:30-9pm. By appointment only. Donations welcome. (248) 588-0290

WEDNESDAY Wednesday - Free Reiki Share at the Balance Clinical & Holistic Massage, 3250 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, Wednesdays from 7-9:00pm - All levels welcome. For more info 248.542.3073

Wednesday - Holistic Classes at The Sacred Age: Join our 6pm. weekly “Come & Learn” Series. Seating limited, pre-register. Only $10/class. Visit: for classes/dates. (248) 890-7838 Wednesdays - 7-8pm RADIO InTouch Interviews connects you with the Leaders, Movers and Shakers of the body mind spirit movement. Know “Who’s Who” and “What’s Happening” with Annette Aben and guest weekly on InTouch. Wednesday - Meditation for the Soul all levels of meditation explained and experienced. 7-8:30pm Beginners and Advanced. 21810 Englehardt St. Clair Shores. Fee: $15.00. Facilitator: Paula Rowe, Sponsored by Soul Awakening Project. 586-295-0964. RSVP Please Wednesday - Women’s Living In The Heart Wisdom Group: Sharing, Exploring and Personal Growth. Awaken to your True Self, purpose and joy!  10– 11:30am. 6 weeks. soulspace in Rochester. All sessions, $300 or $50 each.  855-200SOUL Wednesday (3rd only) - Pranic Healing Clinic. Dissolve blocked energy. Effective with many illnesses. Relieve stress. Meditation Twin Hearts, 7pm.  Appointments 7:30-8:30pm. Must preregister. Love donation. Plymouth 734-416-5200. www. Wednesdays - Experience Healing Touch, an energy based therapeutic approach to healing. Clients enjoy peace & less pain after treatment. Appts. & Walk-Ins welcome. 28650 Eleven Mile, Farmington Hills. Call: 248-788-5808 www.healingtouchcenter. info Wednesdays - Operation Prayer Power. 7:30pm. ALL warmly invited to experience and learn about a global healing Mission dedicated to lasting peace and healing of our world. (248) 588-0290 The Aetherius Society, 3119 N. Campbell Rd, Royal Oak. (248) 588-0290. Wednesdays - Quantum Healing Packages (Past Life Regression) 3-group sessions 7-9 PM, Plus 1 individual session now just $189. – Regularly $210. Call Phil Rosenbaum MA, Certified Hypnotherapist/Counselor 248.688.6469 Huntington Woods Wednesdays (1st & 3rd) - We will be running Access Bars® Gifting & Receiving event. 586-264-5457

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Candles, Oils, Incense, Jewelry, Stones, Lucky Bamboo, Smudge Sticks, Herbs, & Teas Call 248-291-5483

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Private and Group Sessions Guided Meditative Breath Espira method of breathwork

Website: Soulawakeningproject. Contact: Soulawakeningproject@aol. Life Coach, Paula Rowe


Call: 248 398-4733 or 248 931-7090 visit: 

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Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing

You already have everything you need within yourself You must simply learn to access it Contact Jo Ericson, A-Non Traditional therapist who provides life-changing counseling to individuals and couples, as well as facilitates “Advancing Your Soul” family constellation workshops.

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& Chiropractic Clinic Fibromyalgia | Chronic Pain Center Detox and Weightloss Center DR. MICHAEL D. REGGISH, D.C., N.D. B.S., B.A.,C.N.,CCHT. Holistic Physician, Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist 31586 Schoolcraft Rd. Livona, MI 48150 Willow Wood Professional Village Office: (734) 427-7110


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July 2013

THURSDAY Thursday - Women’s Living In The Heart Wisdom Group: Sharing, Exploring and Personal Growth.  Awaken to your True Self, purpose and joy!  12:30–2 pm. 6 weeks. soulspace in Rochester. All sessions, $300 or $50 each.  855-200SOUL Thursday (2nd & 4th only) - Insomnia Solutions. Group. 248-921-7922 Thursday (3rd only) - Adult Star Crystal Group. 7-8:30pm; Discuss one crystal/ stone per month and meditation on that specific stone. Open forum how crystals can help you heal and enjoy life more. Plymouth, 734-416-5200. $20 Thursdays - Spiritual discourses by Barbra White, meditations, healing, 3rd Thur. 78:30pm and group discussions.8:30-9pm social time. Donation. Please call 734-455-1438 to register. Thursdays - Constellations Group forming, 3-4:30pm Liz Jelinek, Facilitator, $15/week. At Chapel Hill Clubhouse, 3350 Green Rd. Ann Arbor. Contact Liz Jelinek www. 734-646-4886. Thursdays - Mindfulness Meditation Practice. Learn a system of breathing, balance, flexibility, and mental focus.  Experienced meditators--enjoy the synergistic effect of meditating in a group! 7-8:30pm $15 Plymouth  734-416-5200. Thursdays - Slow Flow Yoga 5:45-6:45pm. Well-balanced and uplifting guided yoga class. $10 drop-in. Bio Energy Medical Center 3131 Professional Dr. Ann Arbor. 734 995-3200 Thursdays (4th only) - Free! Reiki Clinic. Experience the powerful healing effects of Reiki.  Feel it to know it! Appointment only. 7–8:30pm. Love Donation. Plymouth 734-416-5200.

FRIDAY Fridays - Kids Yoga (3-5yrs.) 9:15-10am. With Brandy Boehmer. $10 drop-in. Bio Energy Medical Center 3131 Professional Dr. Ann Arbor. www.bioenergymedicalcenter. com 734 995-3200 Fridays - Restorative Stretch 12-1pm. With Brandy Boehmer. Relax and soothe frayed nerves. Breathe movement, and meditation. Bio Energy Medical Center 3131 Professional Dr. Ann Arbor. 734 995-3200

July 2013

Fridays - Do you think your fears and suffering, the love you offer is insignificant? Get support for your purpose. 2nd & 4th Fridays 7-9. Novi. 248-921-7922. Fridays (1st only) - Sacred Drumming. 7-8:30pm. Open to everyone, free flowing drumming circle infusing Native American and Shaman ways into a community based healing group! Bring your rattles, rain sticks, flutes and drums or use ours! $25 734-416-5200. Plymouth Fridays - The Weekly Word for Healing – Smoothing the Way for Ascension. Get Eve Wilson’s wisdom, tools, insights and information for each week. The latest information on handling changes in ourselves and on the planet. Sign up for free email alerts that the Weekly Word is out, including a link to read it.

SATURDAY Saturdays - Experience Healing Touch, an energy based therapeutic approach to healing. Clients enjoy peace & less pain after treatment. Appts. & Walk-Ins welcome. 28650 Eleven Mile, Farmington Hills. For info & appt. call: 248-788-5808

DATED EVENTS 07/06 Qigong for Personal Empowerment & Self Healing with internationally renowned Qigong instructor, researcher and author Francesco Garri Garripoli Sat. July 6th & Sun. July 7th. This limited engagement workshop focuses on self-empowerment and bringing a joyful approach to Qigong. All levels are welcome - from beginners to experienced practitioners. Space is limited to ensure an intimate Qigong experience– register early! 07/08 & 07/16 Using Massage & Bodywork during Addiction Rehabilitation & Recovery – NCBTMB approved continuing ed. $60. Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor. 915-235-7427. 07/08 Group Breath. 10:30am–noon. This class is for experienced breathers who want to deepen the benefits of conscious breathing by developing a consistent breath practice. The workshop will consist of intention setting, a facilitated breath session closing with sharing and integration. Must have experience with connected breathing. $25 Plymouth 734-416-5200 www. 07/09 Raw Food Talk & Food Demonstration with Ellen Livingston at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, 7-8:30pm. www.; 734-645-3217

07/09-07/23 Get UnStuck-$99 Tuesdays, @ 6:30-8pm. Local author and speaker, Dan Nichols, helps people Get Unstuck. Maybe it’s a career, a family struggle, a fitness goal, get ready to make a shift to a better place. 07/10 Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). 6:30-8:30pm-Free. Dr. Lawrence Bell D.C.: Discover and witness the body’s natural ability to unwind tension, and move into higher states of growth and integrity! Soul Space, Rochester. 855-200-SOUL. 07/10 Super-Conscious Hypnosis 1- 2 hr Group Hypnosis 7-9pm plus 2-4 hr Past Life Regression Session appointment $150.00 for both 248-688-6469 Huntington Woods 07/11 Open Mindfulness Meditation. 78:30pm. Learn a system of breathing, balance, flexibility, and mental focus, concentration practices designed to create a total “mindbody” meditative experience. Experienced meditators come and experience the synergistic effect of meditating in a group! Includes breathing, meditating, metta, and body focus. $15 734-416-5200. 07/11 The Transformational Drumming Experience at Soul Space.–$20 - July 11th @ 7-8:30pm. This interactive session includes a short meditation using Tibetan drums and singing bowls. Drums provided. Soul Space, Rochester. 855-200-SOUL. 07/12 Breathwork. $20 – @ 6:30-8:30pm. Join in this transformational evening with Paula Rowe. Breathwork is a powerful healing method. Soul Space, Rochester. 855-200-SOUL. 07/13 Jump into the practice of yoga with this fun & informative primer course. We will share the essential skills of a beginner program and prepare you for your first class. Journey to Power with Michelle Moten 10am-noon 07/13 Take your practice to the next level. Join US and learn how to explore your “edge” with sun salutations and energetic flows that build strength, endurance, and body awareness. Props for Fun & Support with Karen Burke 1-3pm. 07/17 Pressure Point Therapy & Ways to Reduce Stress 7-8pm. Step-by-step instruction of Pressure Point (Trigger Point) Therapy taught by Certified Wellness Doctor, Dr. William H. Karl, D.C. Bring a partner to receive the most benefit. Karl Wellness Center, 30935 Ann Arbor Trail. Free! Please Register: 734-425-8220.

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Do you want to be happier? More emotionally & spiritually connected? Play Therapy Anxiety/Depression Families/Couples/Teens Sleep Problems Bipolar D/O Call Lynn Vaughn, PhD 248-921-7922 Novi Area 

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HEALING: Combined Modalities

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July 2013

MORE DATED EVENTS 07/17 Essential Daily Exercises 8-9pm Learn six essential exercises to help you improve strength, balance, and overall energy - a must for all ages and fitness levels! Enjoy organic snacks following workshop. Karl Wellness Center, 30935 Ann Arbor Trail. Free but seating is limited! Please register: 734-425-8220. 07/17 Summer Treats: Lighten Up w/Essential Oils. -$15- 6:30-8:00pm. Cooking with essential oils is not only yummy, but healthy too! Sample a homemade sugar scrub, Lavender Lemonade and other snacks! Soul Space, Rochester. 855-200SOUL. 07/18 Balance Your Hormones Naturally 7:00pm Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, D.C.,N. D. presents a workshop on A Holistic Approach to Balancing Your Hormones Naturally. 734-756-6904. Free Livonia www. 07/18 Green Your Home. -$15/ 6:30pm8:00pm. Angela Russell of Green Dreams will enlighten you about 5 areas of the home to GREEN-UP for an all-natural, non-toxic kitchen & home. Soul Space, Rochester. 855-200-SOUL. 07/18 Open Mindfulness Meditation. 78:30pm. Learn a system of breathing, balance, flexibility, and mental focus/concentration practices designed to create a total “mindbody” meditative experience. Experienced meditators come and experience the synergistic effect of meditating in a group! Includes breathing, meditating, metta, and body focus. $15 Plymouth 734-416-5200. 07/20 Blocks, straps, and bolsters –Oh my! This playful, hands on workshop will introduce you to the safety and comfort of adding functional tools to your practice. 24pm. 07/22 Free Talk: Free Guided Full Moon Meditation from the Comfort of Your Home. 9-9:30pm There is no cost to connect! Tap into powerful energies; clear negativity and stress. Raise your vibration, gain mental clarity, relax, and connect to Source. The more that participate, the greater the energy, the more powerful the effect. www. 07/22 & 07/30 Working with PTSD as a Bodyworker – NCBTMB approved continuing ed. $60. Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor. 915-235-7427.

July 2013

07/23 & 07/15 Applied Research for the Massage Therapist – NCBTMB approved continuing ed. $60. Crazy Wisdom, Ann Arbor. 915-235-7427. 07/24 Essential oils classes, consultations, Raindrop Technique. Ilk’s team potluck is July 14-th - 2-4p.m.; to RSVP please call or e-mail me, Ilka Handshaw at 734 728-9332, 07/24 Fixing Fatigue, Weight Issues and Hair Loss Naturally 7:00pm What do these conditions have in common?   Take a natural approach to a healthier, new you.  Presented by Dr. Carol A. Fischer, BS, DC, ND. 734-756-6904.  Livonia Free www. 07/25 Group Guided Meditation. -  $15 @ 7-8:30pm. Release. Renew. Rejuvenate. For the experienced and inexperienced alike! All are welcome. Soul Space, Rochester. 855-200-SOUL. www.thesoulsspace. com 07/28 in Ann Arbor: Raw Food Potluck with Ellen Livingston. 5-7pm. All are welcome, bring a dish to pass. RSVP 734-645-3217. 07/29 Massage & Mental Health: The True Mind/Body Approach – NCBTMB approved continuing ed. $60. Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room, Ann Arbor. 915-2357427. 07/30 The Thyroid Mystery 7-8:30pm Weight gain, low energy, premature aging, and foggy thinking are only a few of the problems associated with thyroid function. Learn what interferes with your thyroid, and how you can keep it healthy. Karl Wellness Center, 30935 Ann Arbor Trail. Please Register: 734-425-8220.

that will support you and your partner in creating more connection, happiness & joy in your relationship. Soul Space, Rochester. 08/12 Group Breath. 6-7:30pm. This class is for experienced breathers who want to deepen the benefits of conscious breathing by developing a consistent breath practice. The workshop will consist of intention setting, a facilitated breath session closing with sharing and integration. Must have experience with connected breathing. www. 08/16 Weekend Retreat. Friday, August 16th thru Sunday, August 18th Want to experience peacefulness? Imagine letting go with ease! Use yoga, meditation, practicing silence and conscious breathing to explore your inner landscape. Walk the labyrinth, drum and just ‘BE’. Inn at the Rustic Gate, Big Rapids, MI. $310 Single occupancy and $260 Double occupancy.734-416-5200 08/22 C.A.R.E. – August 22nd-25th Varies by day - a la cart & package pricing avail. +3day Intensive in Raindrop, Vitaflex, Healing Oils of the Bible, Chemistry, & Emotional Release - 25 hours in practical applications of essential oils/C.E.U.’s . Inquiries call Sherry Durkin: 814.883.0006. Soul Space, Rochester. 09/17 Awakening Your Mystical Self A powerful 4 days discovering your Multi-Dimensional Self through dance, Self Acceptance Processes, art, and core conscious transformation! Also nature trails, organic meals and inspirational guidance from Barbra. Sept. 19-22, Fall Equinox. $275 plus lodging. Register before July, receive $50 discount. 734-455-1438

08/2013 Reiki Level One begins in August of 2013! Reiki Training will be held at: Crazy Wisdom For more details go to our website at or call 915-235-7427 08/03 Intro to Pranic Healing, How to Heal With Your Hands. 4-5:30pm. Learn how you can heal with your hands. Remarkable healings occur almost miraculously by a simple wave of the hand.  Learn how to feel energy and how this amazing healing tool known as Pranic Healing is changing the world. www.BodyWorksHealingCenter. com 08/10 Relationship Retreat – $97/individual, $170/couple @ 9am-6pm. Join us for this fun & inspiring 6 hour relationship retreat

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since birth - World renowned Dates May 9Gifted - 14, 2013 psychic and clairvoyant. INCLUDES: Roundtrip airfare, 5 nights medium at the Beautiful Baby Quail Inn,Accurate, Welcome Dinnerhonest & Daily and inspirational. Continental breakfast andConfidential meditation with readings your tour guides Laura & Kane in person or Moody Daily Tours Include: Trolley Tour, Admission Sedona Heritage Museum, phone, parties, to fund raisers, corporate Shopping at Tiaquepaqua Artsschool & Craftscelebrations. Village, Star Gazing with local and astronomers, Medicine Wheel Journey (experience famous vortex’s), Guided tour to Hopi Day trip to Grand Canyon w/lunch at the Canyon. By Reservation, appointment only please 248-505-9227


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July 2013



Back to Center: Massage, Reiki, Counseling, and Reiki Trainings Therapeutic services coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan the summer of 2013! Reiki Training held at: Crazy Wisdom Bookstore 14 South Main Street | Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Reiki Level One begins in August of 2013! For more details go to our website at or call 915-235-7427


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Relax and Rejuvenate stress reliever along with bonding time. Enjoy side by side pampering and relaxation. One hour relaxing or deep tissue massage 2 for $99. Sparkling Cider, Grapes Cheese and Crackers, Robe & Slippers, Hot Towels | Only with this invitation...

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Spiritual Horoscopes Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Happy birthday Cancer! Jupiter -- the planet of abundance, joy and good karma – is in your sign for a year! This starts a new 12 year cycle of positive changes in self-esteem and relationships. You can re-invent yourself, so be courageous to throw out everything old and junky – be it old clothes, negative people, or poisonous thought patterns! Make your mantra, “I deserve to be fulfilled and unconditionally happy!” Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) – I know it doesn’t sound exciting or glamorous, but forgiving unhappy events over the past two years will be transformative. (They represent a microcosm of karma for your soul issue for this lifetime!) Meditating moves out negative family patterns that are so subtle and constant that they feel like a permanent part of you – but they are not you! Putting aside your attachment to anger or depression from old events helps you see the long-term pattern so you can be completely free! Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) – Enlist spiritually-minded friends to help you stay positive and forward thinking. Tell them not to let you dwell in the past or on “what ifs”. Meditate and journal about any memories of people betraying your trust in emotional, sexual or financial relationships. Be willing to release these experiences and the subsequent limiting belief systems you created. You’ll be

Astrology for Your Soul Aluna Michaels, M.A. Esoteric Astrologer

“Together we will unveil your Life Plan and Soul’s Purpose.” Over 20 years of counseling experience.

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open to draw better karma with positive people as you stay optimistic too! Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) – Wow! Any clogs you’ve had in finances or career finally flow freely! You’ll also have breakthroughs in body image and self-worth issues. But now watch for your Libran tendency to stir up drama or worry when things are good. You might pick on your relationship to obsessively create improvement. Sure, you and your partner have ways you can both grow, but watch for extreme feelings and actions that cause more harm than healing! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) – Saturn is moving direct in your sign, helping you resolve issues of self-worth, trust in relationships, and a sense of connection to the Universe. Renew your commitment to meditation so you can “lock in” this new consciousness of abundance, optimism and bonding. You might even join a group that is very dedicated to their spiritual disciplines. Also renew your commitment to eating well and practicing stress reduction. Keeping your body healthy and “clean” keeps your mind and heart open! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) – Relationships are a spiritual training ground for all areas of your life. Practice being patient with your partner – allowing intimacy to unfold – facing dark parts of yourself with acceptance and a willingness to heal rather than running away. All these skills play out in the arena of human connection, but they also reflect your level of soul growth. When bored or impatient, your greatest spiritual victories will come if you stand firm and stay present for the lessons. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) – You might be starting a new relationship with someone truly awesome, inspiring and devoted – just like you! Jupiter is beginning a fresh 12 year cycle of happiness in your emotional life. So even a current bond will get better! You’ll

also find a renewed connection with old friends, and maybe even a past hobby, that lifts your spirits and helps you feel a sense of connection and purpose. Enjoy everything to the fullest! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) – You’ll have career breakthroughs. People have been noticing and increasingly respecting you. Even if you’ve been doubtful about your success, accolades and recognition are on the way! Spiritually, you’ll have breakthroughs with your chattering mind that drives you crazy! You’ll be able to connect with your intellect when you need it, and also be able to quiet it to hear the “still small voice” of intuition. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) – It’s a great time for relationships! You could start a great new connection, or have huge improvements in your current partnership. Things will just be easy, fun and fulfilling! Spiritually, you’ll also have breakthroughs that help you feel connected and give you a sense of direction and inspiration. Make financial improvements by revising your budget and spending habits to be stress-free in that area too! Aries (March 21 – April 19) – You can have incredible healing about family issues or long-term problems. You’ll have insights about new ways to approach problems and the energy to take those steps. In some cases things could just miraculously lift. (A result of reaping good karma for your meditations over many years!) You’ll feel more centered and better able to trust others. Third dimensionally, it’s a great time to buy a house, or renew your home in some way. At least have people over and allow good feelings to fill your environment! Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – You’ll be feeling positive and uplifted. You also have a great opportunity to have a clean slate with relationships. Truly let the past be the past. Meditate to release old hurts and dysfunctional patterns. See each person in your life with innocent eyes, not judging them by what has been. This spiritual practice will open your heart in a wonderful way. You’ll even notice a

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July 2013

huge increase of your intuition, so pay attention to your guidance! Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – You have many options coming for abundance! You can get a raise, a new job and also much recognition at work! It’s good to see how valuable people think you are! The next spiritual step is to feel that high level of worth within yourself. Keep meditating on and saying positive affirmations about body image, personal value, and general self-love. Surround yourself with people who don’t buy into shallow cultural notions of beauty or success. Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and Soul Evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than two decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version. Ms. Michaels is available for appointments in her home or by phone. Call (248) 583-1663 or visit:

MARRIAGE SEMINAR While attending a Marriage Seminar dealing with communication, Tom and his wife Judy listened to the instructor, “It is essential that husbands and wives know each other’s likes and dislikes.” He addressed the man, “Can you name your wife’s favorite flower?” Tom leaned over, touched his wife’s arm gently and whispered, “It’s Pillsbury, isn’t it?

A Bouquet for Mother

A man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to his mother who lived two hundred miles away. As he got out of his car he noticed a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing. He asked her what was wrong and she replied, “I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother. But I only have seventy-five cents, and a rose costs two dollars.” The man smiled and said, “Come on in with me. I’ll buy you a rose.” He bought the little girl her rose and ordered his own mother’s flowers. As they were leaving he offered the girl a ride home. She said, “Yes, please! You can take me to my mother.” She directed him to a cemetery, where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave. The man returned to the flower shop, canceled the wire order, picked up a bouquet and drove the two hundred miles to his mother’s house.


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Historic Holly Michigan: “A Spirited Visit” On Sunday, June 9, I drove Psychic Wendy Powers to downtown Holly, which was established around 1836. I had heard claims of ghosts being present in the historical buildings, which many are now antique shops. Without Wendy’s knowledge of such claims, I received permission in advance to have her walk through Holly Main Street Antiques and Battle Alley Arcade Antiques Mall to intuitively tune into their surroundings. To my amazement, the experience was fascinating and informative. Now, lets take a journey back in time!

it went bad. Wendy kept repeating, “There was anger and fighting.” As we walked up the stairs Wendy felt the presence of a man wearing a Bowler type hat, and she could sense his anger. “I believe there was a dual and this man was shot in the head over the desire of a woman.” Wendy also felt that there were multiple businesses

First, we visited Holly Main Street Antiques, 118 S. Saginaw St., and were greeted by owners Mark and Lynn Hay. I explained that Wendy was coming in completely unaware of any knowledge of spirited activity in their shop. Lynn asked that we not film our walk-through, so I took notes, trying to record and capture the experience. As soon as we started down the hall, Wendy held her chest and seemingly grasping for air said, “FIRE! There was a fire -- it’s hard to breath, there is thick smoke. I see a women and child; she is the mother of this child. I feel very sad and feel like crying. There is tragedy and loss over the death of this little girl. I believe she died from the smoke. I can feel her lungs fighting for air. There is a young boy as well who also died on this property.” Wendy saw a ghostly figure of a man looking through the window staring at her from across the street. He had an affair with a lady at this property and 40

operating at this one location, a textile store, maybe a bank and office space with residential housing in the back. As we were leaving the shop, Wendy shared what she felt with Lynn. I was amazed when Lynn confirmed Wendy’s visions and insight! Our next stop was the Battle Alley Antiques Mall, 108 Battle Alley St. As we entered the store, owner Pat Kenny greeted us and gave her permission to walk through and capture the experience on film. In the hall, Wendy reenacted a man

whose hand she claims was crippled, maybe from the backfire of a gun. “So much brawling and fighting right here and out in the streets. He is stabbing someone with his other hand.” She was very descriptive and gave correlating body language with every encounter. “A heavy-set woman is running quite a business here, selling homemade liqueur and managing the prostitutes.” As we entered the back of the hallway, Wendy started to feel very sick and had sharp pains in her chest. With shortness of breath she said, “STOP! I have to leave.” Thinking we were headed for a trip to the emergency room, I turned off the camera and headed toward the front of the store. Wendy said she felt better and that the energy in the back of the hall had taken her breath away. She had picked up on corruption, gambling, fighting and prostitution. The town sheriff, looking the other way, had possibly taken bribes. She felt that an American Indian had eventually helped the law clean up the area. In each room, she would describe what was happening -- “Men sleeping here, a cheap flop house, they came from all over.” While entering a room upstairs, Wendy turned pale and had labored breathing. “Rape, murder!” she cried. “A prostitute was murdered right here in this room. It was against her will to be here.” Wendy claimed that a spirit which she believes to be Carry A. Nation, who visited this location in November, 1908, at the request of the prohibitionist, kept repeating to her, “I did what I could but it was not enough, it was not enough.” Wendy felt her presence very strongly and said, “She just hugged me.” Earlier, before we

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July 2013

had arrived in Holly, Wendy was having pains in her side. Since our historic visit and the spirited hug she received, she claimed that her pain had disappeared. As we were leaving, Pat confirmed many of the accounts that Wendy had experienced.

Reverend Penny Weaver old age new age* Spiritual Advisor

I did not have space in this article for all the spirited activities that Wendy encountered! After this incredible journey, I’m sure all will be reveled in time.

is available for individual sittings and is now forming Intimate spiritual development groups for Goddesses

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Reclaiming Our Sacred Cycle Menstruation is a sacred expression of the creative, feminine energy. It is powerfully connected to the lunar cycle and is a time when the deep wisdom of the body dances with the magic and mystery of the womb. Yet, the mention of a woman’s cycle (or moon time) often evokes negative reactions, such as discomfort, embarrassment, and fear. There is a long history behind why menstruation has become shameful and taboo in many cultures; however, let’s focus on how, as women, we can transform this negative view and reclaim our cycle as a sacred expression of life, creativity, and feminine power. Here are some ways to reconnect with the sacredness of your moon time each month. 1) Chart your cycle. Keep track on a paper calendar or use one of the many free apps available (for smart phone users) to chart your cycle. Keeping a chart will help to increase your awareness of your body’s unique rhythm. Notice when you ovulate and begin menstruation, as compared to the lunar cycle. It’s interesting to see how closely our cycles are aligned with the phases of the moon. 2) Listen to your body’s call for more rest. When you are bleeding, especially during the first few days, be gentle with your body and create as much time as possible to be still and focus your attention inward. 3) Pay attention to your dreams and intuitions. When menstruating, women experience heightened intuition and receive powerful dream messages. The more you welcome and embrace this time of increased sensitivity, the more insight you may receive. 4) Notice your beliefs about your cycle. Many of us have been taught that menstruation is “the curse”. With compassion, acknowledge any shame or negativity you feel about your moon time. Increased awareness and self-love create possibilities for healing. 42

5) Recognize pain as a message from your body. Many women experience varying degrees of pain while menstruating ~ cramps, sore breasts, headaches, etc. If you experience severe pain during this time, it is a signal that your body needs support. Know that it is possible to have minimal to no discomfort while menstruating. 6) Heal with herbs and supplements. Some herbs that support hormonal health are black cohosh, dong quai, red raspberry leaf, wild yam, false unicorn, and blessed thistle. Progesterone cream may also help to naturally balance your hormones. If you are not sure what support you need, it is helpful to work with someone who has a thorough knowledge of herbs and supplements and who uses kinesiology testing to determine the specific needs of your body. 7) Nourish your body with healing foods. It’s helpful to consume vitamin and mineral rich foods and beverages to support your body when menstruating. Personally, I find that small amounts of organic meat (especially wild caught salmon), eggs, miso, seaweed, vegetables (especially sweet potatoes, beets, and lettuce), lemons, butter, coconut oil, coconut water, peppermint tea, and green vegetable juice help to balance my body during this time. 8) Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink enough water or other healing beverages, as this helps to minimize bloating and menstrual cramps. 9) Avoid caffeine, refined sugar, and processed foods. These put extra stress on the body, so try to avoid them when you are bleeding. Try replacing caffeinated beverages with herbal tea, refined sugar with stevia or honey, and processed foods with whole foods. 10) Soothe tight muscles with heat. Taking a hot bath feels wonderful when you have cramps or tight back muscles. I recommend lighting a candle and fully relaxing into the nurturing, healing energy of the water. If you cannot take a bath, placing a hot water bottle on your lower

abdomen also relieves cramps. 11) Use essential oils to support the body. Apply clary sage and/or lavender to your lower abdomen and back to alleviate cramps. These oils can also be added to your bath water and can be taken internally. Remember that when you are using oils for healing purposes, make sure to only use therapeutic grade. I recommend Young Living oils. 12) Question medications that suppress menstruation. There are several birth control medications available that allow women to menstruate only a few times a year or to stop menstruating completely. Monthly ovulation and menstrual bleeding are very important to the overall health and well-being of women. Look into safer birth control options that do not disrupt your cycle. 13) Express gratitude. Celebrate the power, mystery, and wonder of the womb and the entire female body. Identify one aspect of your cycle that you are grateful for and embrace it with love. 14) Envision a world that honors women’s bodies. See a world in which menarche (the first menstrual cycle) is proudly celebrated as a beautiful rite of passage for all women and menstruation is viewed with respect and reverence. 15) Use your cycle as a gateway to remembering your True Self. Here is a great quote by Miranda Gray that beautifully illuminates this idea: “If women become aware that they are cyclic beings during their menstrual lives, then they begin to recognize that they are part of the greater rhythms of the universe and come closer to accepting their true nature and finding harmony in their lives.” With love & gratitude ~ Erin Stohl Guided by the path of the heart, Erin supports others on the journey of remembering their True Self. She combines traditional psychotherapy with energy work, spiritual guidance, nutrition support, and other bodycentered and mindfulness-based practices. To learn more, visit her website at www. or call 313-942-5586.

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July 2013

You’re Entitled to Pleasure: Isn’t it Time to Stop Suffering! Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? Maybe you had a difficult childhood, or perhaps your parents were not there for you. Or, maybe there was very little love in your family. Possibly, you were subjected to a great deal of abuse, either physical or emotional, when you were growing up. Did you ever ponder why you had to experience some of these unpleasant situations? Perhaps you think it was random bad luck that you had the parents or the siblings you had, or the painful experiences in childhood that you went through. Or, perhaps you had a very difficult relationship or went through a painful divorce, or had some tragedy in your life that shook you to the core. Could there possibly be a reason we have these experiences? If you could see the whole picture, it would probably be very healing. In an excellent book by Anita Moorjani, called “Dying To Be Me,” she talks about her near death experience. One of the very interesting analogies given by Anita compares our life on earth with the place you go to when you die. Anita says it’s as if we are in a huge dark warehouse and each one of us has a little flashlight. All we can be aware of is what our little flashlight can shine on, or what it has already shone on. We

see only a fraction of the whole picture. On the other side, however, it’s as if someone turned on a switch and lit up the entire warehouse. We see the whole picture. We understand why we had this life, why we had to experience the things we did during this lifetime, and how we are connected to each person we come in contact with. In addition, we get to see all of our previous lives. From that perspective everything makes sense. Most of us probably would not want to go through a near death experience to find this out. However, we would probably want to know why we had to go through some of the unpleasant experiences we had to endure. There is a way to obtain this enlightening information without having to die. If you are familiar with Dr. Brian Weiss, or Dr. Michael Newton, or Dolores Cannon, you probably know that they have all been able to access this extremely valuable information in a much more pleasant manner. Each of these individuals has been able to take their clients to the Super Conscious realm, with the use of hypnosis. On the Super Conscious realm, one has access to very highly evolved beings who very much want to help mankind. They are more than willing to show us why we came to earth, what lessons we want to accomplish and the best way to accomplish our goals. First, both Dr. Weiss and Dolores have the individual experience a art & hand crafted items new age botanica supplies fair trade treasures metaphysical workshops psychics

Erin Stohl, LLMSW


Wandering Owl

Holistic Psychotherapist & Energy Worker

313-942-5586 July 2013

139 North Jackson Street, Jackson Two Doors Down From Casler Hardware (517) 782-2780

previous life that is most relevant to the current lifetime. Then they take the individual to the Super Conscious Realm where one is able to access the very valuable insights needed to live their life in the best way possible. Not too many of us want to suffer or experience pain. However, if we understand why we need to go through these experiences it would be much easier to accept. In addition, if we could see the value in the experiences we had, we would be more willing to forgive and let go of the bad feelings. These are just some of the benefits of accessing the Super Conscious realm. You can get answers to practically any question you have. So, why suffer needlessly when help is available? The beings at the Super Conscious level very much want to help all of us. Why not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity? The wisdom and insights you can gain from these wise and loving beings will almost certainly change your life! By Phil Rosenbaum Learn more about hypnotherapy and past-life regression! I am a certified hypnotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Counseling, and am trained in past-life hypnosis My approach is gentle and nonjudgmental. This wonderful and very relaxing experience can change your life! Call 248-688-6469 or contact Eternal Balance Holistic Life Center, 248-5421357.

Need Answers NOW? QUANTUM HEALING PACKAGE Includes 1 - 2 hour Group Hypnosis Super-Conscious Level July 10th from 7:00 PM-9:00 PM & One 2- 4 hour Individual Session by appointment | Just $150.00 Phil Rosenbaum MA, Counselor Certified Hypnotherapist 248.688-6469 Huntington Woods

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Prophecies Growing up, I often heard the phrase, “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy that we create on a consistent basis. Stereo-types and common phrases are, well, common as they tend to be true. What we say and think becomes real in a way we are often unmindful of. As the universe is within each of us, we create our own reflection of our personality, our soul, so that we can see and encounter what can be worked on and have the opportunity to achieve our full potential. What we say, think, what we program into our biocomputer, becomes created, projected, and real in how we experience life. What we think or say to our self, goes out to the universe and the universe responds by giving that to us. This is what it means to have free-will. When we say or focus on being fat, we get more of that. Even when we want to “lose” weight, the ego does not like to lose, and our energy is towards “fat.” If we have a belief that we will be abandoned, we will get the opportunity to attract the abandoner, and/or subconsciously push them away, thereby getting to be right (ego) and being abandoned. A self-fulfilling prophecy! Becoming mindful, meditating and setting intentions are great for developing the ability to focus our energy towards what we want. We can focus on the negative, or we can focus on the positive. Be mindful of which one you choose. Sleepwalking through life is a deadening, stagnant experience, yet it feels “safe” at first. It is a divine ability given to children. Yet, it can become a prison as an adult. One does everything “right” yet feels empty. This is part of a self-fulfilling prophecy to not feel and be safe. One is “safe”, yet one is also not feeling the love and joy of aliveness and connection with Divine Source. They are also not using their Divine-given gifts and moving towards self-actualization. Some even discard or minimize their gifts, finding no joy in them. In these times when manifestation is occurring easier and quicker than ever, practicing mindful creation as a life-skill is so important. A client recently had the experience of going to

work resentfully with the strong desire to be elsewhere, and made a major “mistake,” was defensive, talked back to the owner, and received their wish... they were fired and got to go home! Only upon reflection did they become aware of their creation of their experience of reality. I’ve also had clients create a list of the attributes they desire in a mate, a job, a home, and have had them appear, without much more energetic work -- though they may have cultivated some patience also! Apparently, this mindfulness of focus was something for them to learn and attain in their self-actualizing path. The emotional content will focus the energy also. A person just stating, “Nothing goes my way” and a person shouting it have different vibrations and true beliefs. The quieter of the two has some room in their universe for something to go their way, and more when they add gratitude and recognition of it. A limited belief can then be released. The shouting person is much less likely to have that experience, just more of things going poorly and proving their self right. Same is true for positive statements. The energy behind a person saying they are happy, and a person observing their happiness by stating it in an energetic way are very different in vibration. Try it with someone. You’ll be able to feel the difference in their truths. Great thoughts create great experiences, especially when the vibration of the “prophecy” stated is slightly higher than the current one. A person who just graduated from school with the true, inner, expectation to obtain a great job, most likely will- especially when that intention is wired into the subconscious biocomputer! The universe is our playground! Go ahead, be mindful and create your own awesome prophecies! Let Love and Light Rule! Miche’ Lame Miche is the owner of Spiritual Living and has been compassionately guiding people to self-acceptance, love and healing for over 25 years. Contact her at: 248-212-0808.

St. Jude’s Novena May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved & preserved throughout the world Now & Forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us, St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us, St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Say this prayer 9 times a day; by the 8th day, your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised. Love Renata 44

Miche’ life’s purpose is to empower you to find love, peace, and joy from within.

Miche Lame’, MALLP Moving Light Meditations Clinical Psychologist Call for dates and time Hypnotherapy Intuitive Counseling Spiritual Living | (248) 212-0808 Reiki Healer & Self 2585 Sunnyknoll - Berkley, MI 48072 Acceptance Healing

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July 2013

Blueberry Pie

Blueberries July, my favorite month of the year! It’s sunny, hot, the month we celebrate our independence, the month I was born, and the month blueberries are ripe. By far my favorite fruit, blueberries are packed full of sweet flavor and nutrition. If you want to experience a little gift from heaven, eat wild blueberries. While enjoying the beautiful Upper Peninsula (which I go to as often as possible) you can find them growing all over the place in sandy areas. They are smaller than the cultivated variety and grow very close to the ground, and are full of flavor. I made this recipe with wild blueberries one year and I am still dreaming about the incredible flavor. If you are not fortunate enough to get the wild kind, the next best thing is organic blueberries. The ones sprayed with chemicals can have a bitter taste. Most stores carry frozen organic ones all year. The fresh ones are available during the summer months. Look for plump, firm berries without mashed or moldy ones in the bunch. Blueberries are abundant in vitamin C, a natural anti-oxidant. Containing manganese and vitamin A, they are medicinal for the blood and liver. They contain bacteria fighting capabilities, useful in countering urinary-tract infections. When celebrating my birthday in July, I like to make my favorite dessert, Blueberry Pie. The most challenging thing about making a pie is creating the perfect crust. First, the crust has to be cold to roll out properly. Give yourself enough time to refrigerate the dough before rolling it out. Second, you have to choose the correct flour. I prefer spelt flour. It has a nice smooth texture and moisture content and not as heavy as whole wheat flour. Spelt, being in the wheat family, does have gluten. However,some people with gluten sensitivities have no problem with spelt because it is an ancient type of wheat. If you want a gluten free crust you can use oat flour. Third, you have to make sure the dough is wet enough to hold together but not so dry that it falls apart. Pie crust dough can be very particular. You can use the same recipe -- one day it’s too dry and the next time it’s too wet! I have found the dough is forgiving, in that you can add more flour or water when needed to create the perfect consistency. The best way to roll out the crust is in between two pieces of plastic wrap. That way you can see how the crust looks as you roll it out and it does not stick to the wrap. Also, you can pick the crust up, making it easier to get it into the pie shell. Here is one if my favorite deserts, Blueberry Pie. July 2013

Crust: 3 cups whole grain flour, spelt 1/2 cup olive oil 1/2 cup water 1 tsp. cinnamon pinch sea salt Filling: 5 cups blueberries 1/2 cup brown rice syrup 1/4 cup water 5 T. arrowroot pinch sea salt To make the crust, mix together the olive oil, water, cinnamon, and sea salt. Mix in the flour until you get a firm dough that holds together without crumbling apart. Divide the dough into two equal pieces. Make them into a round, flat shape. Wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate until cold. Roll out in between two pieces of plastic wrap. Put crust in an oiled pie shell. Roll out the other half for the top crust to go over the filling. To make the filling, put all ingredients into a sauce pan. Slowly, with lid on, heat on stove. Stir occasionally as it heats. Filling will thicken as it cooks. Once filling is thickened, pour over bottom crust. Put the top crust over the top of pie. Poke some holes in the top crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Let cool completely before cutting. Valerie Wilson is a chef , author, counselor, and host of ‘Healthy Cooking with MacroVal’ radio show on Body Mind Spirit Radio. Located in Westland, Michigan, she has been teaching whole foods cooking classes since 1997. Recipe is from her cookbook ‘Perceptions In Healthy Cooking’. Visit: (734)722-4553.

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Massage, Ayurveda and Weight Loss Self-love and acceptance are transcendence. They are the first steps in weight loss -- not the result of weight loss. Understanding the sleep, diet and exercise needs of our body type is also crucial for weight loss; our cookie cutter lifestyles do not produce the same results for everyone! Shakespeare said, “Know thy self,” and Ayurveda is exactly that -- the art and science of knowing our body types, rhythms and needs. Massage is also a physical, emotional and mental expression of self love. It has always been known for its detoxifying benefits, as it removes toxins from our bodies and helps eliminate our craving sensations. Massage as a lifestyle choice is a sure fire way to get back to your beautiful authentic self. When we have loving thoughts, they shine from our faces -- actually they shine from our whole body. This is what radiant beauty is! When we make massage a part of our lifestyle, we carry these self loving thoughts with us and we truly begin to glow. Massage has a profound stabilizing affect on our bodily systems; it induces homeostasis, the natural balance between all of our organs and glands, which no drug even comes close to achieving. Our organs and glands depend upon the health of each other, and are interrelated in maintaining the

Bethany Henry Psychic Consultant

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. Clairvoyant Medium Intuitive Healing Spiritual Guidance Messages from departed

734-717-4435 46

state of overall health and well-being. I genuinely believe that massage is how we were designed to love and care for our bodies, along with diet, rest and exercise. In my mind, reliance on the pharmaceutical industry for health is reflective of the disconnection from our divine authentic personalities and nature. We need healthy touch in our lives for emotional health. Touch energetically says, “I accept you where you are right now in your life, unconditionally.” Many of us suffer from lack of complete, unconditional, self-acceptance. Combining Reiki with massage can also make all the difference for therapists who try to provide this unconditional acceptance to their clients. Understanding our unique body types or doshas is explained here by Ayurvedic professional Nidah Rizvi: “Have you ever wondered why, despite all your dieting and exercising attempts, you have yet to look and feel the way you want to? Just as one person’s favorite food may be your least favorite, we all have different tastes ... and body types. Therefore, there must exist a system that can classify an individual based on body structure/shape and recommend specific foods, exercises, etc. that helps them look and feel better. There is an ancient system, dating over 5000 years that originated in India, which does just that - it is Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, each person is born with a “constitution” that consists of a combination of three different principles that influences the way they look and feel throughout life. These three principles are called Doshas and are termed Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each Dosha is influenced by different element(s), which in turn affects the individual in different ways, such as enjoying certain foods or preferring a certain time of day (night-owl, morning person, etc.). Vata is based on air and space; Pitta is made up of fire and water; and Kapha is made of water

and earth. Together there are different combinations, but having balance is very important. Imbalance of the doshas creates poor health and poor energy. Following a proper Ayurvedic regime returns balance to your health and life. Diets do not work because one diet does not fit every Dosha - think of it as ‘what may be right for some, may not be right for everyone’. The same goes with yoga and exercise: Vata dominant students benefit from grounding postures; Pita dominant benefit from calming and relaxing postures; and Kapha dominant benefit from energetic and high power postures. To come to our healthiest state, we need to have proper knowledge of our unique body type and plan our life accordingly. Just as every diet has a side effect - the side effects of Ayurveda are healthy weight, increased energy, and beautiful skin.” Why don’t you join us in helping you reach your health and wellness goals! Call and schedule a massage and/or Ayurvedic counseling session today. We hope to hear from you soon. Namaste Aoghain Lakes McLocha At “The Balance Massage Studio” in Berkley, we have a full range of package deals that cater to recovering from stress exhaustion, controlling stress, and maintaining a stress-free lifestyle. See for yourself! Our clients are very happy and only getting happier! (248) 542-3073 or

Planning a Stay-cation? Include massage in your plans Make massage a lifestyle choice

A Massage A Week For 5 consecutive weeks Now just $300.00 | Save $125.00

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248. 542.3073 3250 Coolidge Hwy Berkley, MI 1 blk. S. of 12 Mile

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COACHING Sacred Sexuality/Tantra: Individual & Couple Coaching, Group Classes, Workshops, Retreats; Leslie Blackburn,, 313-269-6719 Know and accept your divine self! Intuitive, spiritual counseling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, past life and Reiki compassionately guide you towards discovering your true desires, goals, acceptance and joy. Let Miche assist you in learning to trust your emotions and connect with your Inner Self.  Berkley. 248-212-0808,

COLONICS Colonic Hydrotherapy in Troy. Big Beaver and Livernois. National Board Certified Therapist in a clean, professional environment. By Appt only. 248-362-2150. Colonics: in Royal Oak with: Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Drainage & Nutritionist specializing in Yeast & Parasites. 248-543-2020.

HELP WANTED Invitation to utilize your professional skills at Great Lakes Relaxation Spa. Reasonable Booth Rent. Upscale upbeat atmosphere with clientele is a Plus. Christine (248) 513-5181. Award winning healing center seeks compassionate, skilled, nationally certified(or about to be) Massage Therapist.  If you have passions for your craft, love helping others and want to be part of a dynamic team of healers, contact us immediately at info@bodyworkshealingcenter. Seeking a Certified Massagist willing to learn Ayurvedic Massage from an Ayurvedic M.D., email @ with name , contact info. Seeking independent contractors, massage therapists, alternative healers at The Balance Massage in Berkley, MI. Beautiful location, reception area, free parking and more contact us at (248) 542-3073 or email aoghainlakes@

HEALING SERVICES Shanti Time Yoga & Reiki in Madison Heights. Hatha yoga: Strength or Relaxation Focused.  Also Outdoor, Family, Chair, and Acroyoga.  Affordable packages available.  810-333-2247 www.

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All of Life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!? Call Gail 586-264-5457 Ayurvedic Wellness consultations and Ayurvedic services in Farmington. Call: 248-631-7271 Emotional Freedom Techniques Services, LLC with Annette. affordable fees. 248-334-9214. Energy Healing and Readings, 586.771.4569 Life Activation $111 by appointment - Contact Urban Eden 1111 at: or call: Maia at (734) 756-3764 Clinical Hypnosis: Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master contact Kari at: 586-747-7706. www. Reiki healing sessions; aura clearing; spiritual healing. In person; long distance. Reiki I, II, III classes and more. Kathleen Pruneau-Hill, Reiki Master Teacher, Healer Practitioner, Registered Nurse educator. 734751-7336

HYPNOSIS Quantum Healing Packages (Past Life Regression) 3-group sessions Wednesdays 7-9 PM, Plus 1 individual session now just $189. – Regularly $210. MA, Certified Hypnotherapist/Counselor 248.688.6469 Huntington Woods Clinical Hypnosis: Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master contact Kari at: 586-747-7706. www. Registered Certified Hypnotherapist Specializing in Stop Smoking, Weight and Shape Management, Self Esteem and much much more. Call Louise for a free consultation : (248) 714-6042

MASSAGE Re-Balance & de-stress with a combination Reiki Massage program. 60 minutes- 5 consecutive weeks for only $300.00, regularly $450.00 at The Balance in Berkley (248) 250.1941

MENTAL WELLNESS A Perfect Balance: Debbie Bollen. Jenny Harwood Farmington Hills. Holistic, non-invasive brain optimization technology, identifying where brainwave patterns are not functioning at optimal levels. Specializing in: anxiety, memory/ focus problems, sleep issues, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Brain injury. (248) 254-7827

PRODUCTS Mojo/Candle Kits, includes unique, hand-made, hand-infused Mojo herbal blends and a candle.  Need luck, money, love, health?  We’ve got your Mojo!

READERS Pet communication, Reiki for pets, and shamanic services – Facebook. com/Petra4Pets Psychic Medium/ Astrologer Ruth Nodel 269668-3412. Readings by Maryann Grant- Intuitive Spiritual Counselor- Using tarot, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and feeling. As featured in the Detroit Free Press.  248- 672-7656.

SPACE AVAILABLE Furnished room for rent in a beautiful, clean modern multi specialty clinic. Great for Nutritionist, Laser Therapy, Weight Loss Specialist, Doula, Wellness Consultant etc. Located in busy plaza with high foot traffic off major road in Troy. Call 248-720-0444 or email drtanya@thechirostudio. com Healing Center/ Spa/ Office Space available in Farmington. Massage, Acupuncture. (248)3186691 Holistic Practice in Shelby, Utica. Only $950. a year total. Share furnished office – treatment room. 586-747-7706 Natural setting just 4 miles west of Northville. 6 acres of organic gardens. Spring fed lake. Day or night rental. For workshop or pleasure offices and lecture halls available. 248 349-4518. Spacious 196 sq. ft treatment room available. Ideal for any holistic minded practitioner. On Northwestern Hwy just North of Inkster. Includes waiting room, use of fax and Wi-Fi shared with manual and craniosacral therapist. Contact Phil at (248) 626-6277. The Center - Massage, Yoga & Wellness Studio in Plymouth has space available for you to host your classes and workshops. Beautiful new room after a recent expansion. Tables & Chairs on site if needed. Contact Margaret at (734)737-9926.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH Inner Journey Books and Gifts in Okemos aides your journey by offering an array classes, spiritual books, CDs, crystals, statuary and other spiritual tools. Class details and registration on website 517-347-8989.


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The Voices of the Body Mind Spirit Community... 07/09 On The Edge with Chrissie Blaze 1-2pm Chrissie Blaze presents Lynne McTaggart one of the “World’s Most Influential People” and she will discuss her newsletter “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” www.

WEEKLY SHOWS: EVERY MONDAY 8-8:15am Ready, Set, Intention The program designed to help us create and live the lives we believe are ours to enjoy! 646-378-0378 will let you listen LIVE and you can always visit the archive anytime for a refresh! EVERY TUESDAY 8-8:15am Prayer-Aid: Healing the World with Power Prayer Chrissie Blaze leads us in morning prayer for a happier, healthier, safer world every Tuesday morning. Be part of this miraculous experience. SHOWS BY DATE: 07/01 Ready, Set, Intention 8-8:15am 07/02 Prayer-Aid: Healing the World with Power Prayer 8-8:15am 07/05 Healthy Cooking with Macro Val 1-2pm Chef, author, instructor, Valerie Wilson brings her vast knowledge and experience coupled with a true joy of helping people live happier lives through healthier eating! This month the recipe is Blueberry Pie and the food of the month is BLUEBERRIES! Call in at 646-378-0378! 07/06 Live with Wendy Powers 10-11am (est) Wendy discusses ghosts and why they try to communicate with us and she is setting up for a two-hour special Sat. July 20th 10-Noon where a special guest will expand on this topic. Wendy will still give her readings today so call in 646-378-0378 early! 07/08 Ready, Set, Intention 8-8:15am 07/09 Prayer-Aid: Healing the World with Power Prayer 8-8:15am

07/11 Journeys in Wellness 7-8pm Host Martha D’Anna wants to bring the information that will lead each and every BODY to a life of wellness. Martha encourages YOU to call in with your questions and comments at 646-378-0378. O7/13 Adrianna’s Mystic Connections 10-11am Gifted angel reader, Adrianna invites you to call in and receive guidance and counsel from the angels. Adrianna takes your calls at 646-378-0378 for free readings. 07/15 Ready, Set, Intention 8-8:15am 07/16 Prayer-Aid: Healing the World with Power Prayer 8-8:15am 07/16 Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn 10-11am Helping you connect with your sacred sexuality; Leslie welcomes your LIVE phone calls during the show at 646378-0378. Bring the topics you may feel no one else understands and realize that someone DOES! 07/16 Aetherius Radio Live 1-2pm Welcome international broadcasters, authors and Aetherius Society members, Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze as they bring the wisdom of outer space to help you realize the potential of inner space. This month they continue their passionate discussion of The Twelve Blessings. 07/17 InTouchInterviews 1-2pm Internationally renowned deep trance psychic, Douglas James Cottrell, joins the program today to share his remarkable abilities and enlighten us with what Spirit would have us know.

07/20 Live with Wendy Powers 10-12pm (est) This is a 2Hour special progam Fresh from a recent experience in haunted Holly, MI, Wendy welcomes guest film producer Norma Palen who recorded this experience on film! Be sure to call in for your reading @ 646-378-0378! 07/22 Ready, Set Intention!!! 8-8:15am 07/22 Full Moon Meditation 9-9:30pm Join the Global Breath Institute for their monthly presentation helping you harness the power of the full moon to help you raise your vibration through techniques such as conscious breathing, meditations and affirmations. 07/23 Prayer-Aid: Healing the World with Power Prayer 8-8:15am 07/23 Accepted As I Am 1011am Barbra White’s work with the self acceptance process shines during this hour of guidance, conversation, great guests and your calls! Tune in to enjoy Barbra’s special guest! 07/23 We Get Results 12pm Mary Singer Albertson KNOWS how to get results and the PEOPLE who make things happen. LEARN how YOU can get results from YOUR government officials! 07/28 Chillin’ with Mr. Peace 2:00-3:00pm Kevin (Mr. Peace) Szawala opens the airwaves, phones lines and his heart to share and discuss topics of importance to the furtherance of diversity, peace and love in this world. Today’s topic: PERFECTION

HOST APPLICATION AVAILABLE Contact us at: 734 513-6137 or email:

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