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GI Health

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Improving Overall Health through Improved Gut Health

Spring 11

Your gastrointestinal (GI) health is a critical foundation for optimal overall health. Everything you consume passes through your GI system. This is where your body identifies and reacts to your food, absorbing nutrients and eliminating potentially dangerous substances. However, if your GI health is impaired, your body may not be able to process nutrients and substances properly.

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In many cases, the foods you eat and beverages you drink may be damaging your GI system and causing digestive problems. “I believe that the number one thing continued on page 2

Hormone Physicians Now Offer Advanced

Nutritional Testing Profiles

There’s more to health than just hormones. While hormonal balance is vital to our overall health, underlying nutritional deficiencies and toxicities could wreak havoc even when our hormones are in perfect balance. That’s why BodyLogicMD recently partnered with Metametrix Clinical Laboratory. A global leader in the field of clinical testing, Metametrix provides BodyLogicMD affiliate doctors with the critical clinical insight continued on page 3

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we do that affects our GI health is introducing junk into our diets,” says Dr. Joseph Mazzei, D.O., Medical Director of BodyLogicMD of Chicago. “And that’s exactly what it is: junk. There’s junk and there’s food. There’s no such thing as junk food.”

So what should you be eating?

For optimal GI health, Dr. Mazzei recommends focusing on the following foods:

Fruits and Vegetables Many people treat fruits and vegetables as a side dish with meat as their main dish. Dr. Mazzei says that you should flip this around: Fruits and vegetables should be your main course and meats should be a side dish.

or sensitivities that may be harming your GI health. “Write down what you eat, when you eat it and how you feel afterwards,” he says. “Take special note of any foods that cause you fatigue, anxiety or abdominal bloating or pain.” If you find that you feel poorly after eating certain foods, you may have an allergy or sensitivity to those foods. Removing them from your diet can drastically improve both your GI and overall health.

Dealing with Antibiotics Medications — especially antibiotics — can also damage your GI health. Your GI system is home to trillions of beneficial bacteria that are very important for your digestion and overall health. While antibiotics can be very useful in destroying harmful bacteria that can make you sick, they also attack these beneficial bacteria — which may actually encourage the growth of more harmful bacteria. “Think of your gut as a garden,” says Dr. Mazzei, “with healthy bacteria as the flowers in the garden and unhealthy bacteria as weeds. When

Monounsaturated Fats Healthy fats like these can be found in olive oil, avocados and fish. They’re much better for you than manufactured trans fats, which should be avoided.

Whole-grain Carbohydrates Dr. Mazzei recommends whole-grain carbs, like those you find in nuts and beans. He warns against sugars and refined carbohydrates.

Organic Foods According to Mazzei, processed junk can cause inflammation in your gut. To maintain your GI health, he recommends eating real, natural foods instead. In some cases, food allergies may be at the root of your GI problems. When this happens, your body is reacting to allergens (which should be harmless) as if they were dangerous. This reaction can trigger an inflammatory response that can build up over time, making you feel poorly and negatively affecting your overall well-being. Dr. Mazzei recommends keeping a food diary to identify any allergies

According to Dr. Mazzei, processed junk can cause inflammation in your gut. To maintain your GI health, he recommends eating real, natural foods instead.

you kill off enough of the flowers, you make room for weeds to grow in their place.” That doesn’t mean that you should refuse all antibiotics. They can be very effective in the treatment of many different bacterial infections. But you should make sure that you take them exactly as directed. Don’t ask for antibiotics just because you have an infection — they only work against bacterial infections and do nothing to combat viral infections. If you do need to use antibiotics, consider taking a probiotics supplement. “If you don’t have enough healthy bacteria in your gut,” Dr. Mazzei explains, “probiotics may help reestablish a healthy gut environment.”

Hormones and GI Health Your hormones are another important aspect of your GI health. “Your GI system has many receptors for hormones and requires adequate hormone balance to function properly,” explains Dr. Mazzei. He presents the example of menopausal women with

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declining progesterone levels. “As this decline continues, they reach a point where their gut isn’t getting the progesterone it needs to function properly,” he says. “This causes the constipation issues that many menopausal women experience.” The effect that hormones have on your GI health is well established. Studies have shown that women often experience more GI symptoms, such as loose stool and stomach pain, during their periods, when hormones are fluctuating. In 2000, a review of previous studies that confirmed that both estrogen and progesterone have many effects, both beneficial and detrimental, on the esophagus,

stomach, gallbladder and small and large intestine was published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. More studies have shown that hormones may improve GI symptoms, as well. Animal studies have revealed that increasing progesterone levels in males to those similar to nonpregnant females may significantly reduce GI contractions, which can cause many different symptoms. Multiple studies have even discovered that treatments of combined estrogen and progesterone may reduce certain forms of potentially severe GI bleeding, decreasing the need for lifesaving blood transfusions.

Cycling Through Life Successfully!

BodyLogicMD is proud to announce our participation in the National Senior Games by sponsoring BodyLogicMD patient and athlete Tamara Savage. Tamara has already won four gold medals in cycling in the Florida State Senior Games in January, and will be participating in the National Senior Games in Houston, Texas, this June. But she wasn’t always a successful athlete. She started smoking at age 16 and, at one point, weighed in her 5’2” frame at 235 pounds. But in 2002, at the age of 48, Tamara Savage decided to get fit by 50. She stopped smoking, dropped 100 pounds and started participating in marathons. Tamara credits the support of her coaches, friends, mentors and BodyLogicMD for her success. She accomplished her achievements by setting small, realistic goals that she knew she could reach and taking it one step further every day. “That’s how you lose 100 pounds,” she says. “Just one step at a time. And that’s how you run a marathon.”

There’s junk and there’s food. There’s no such thing as junk food.”

cont. from p1, “Hormone Physicians Now Offer Advanced Nutritional Testing Profiles”

needed to evaluate and assess food sensitivities and intolerances, metabolic profiles, toxicity levels and gastrointestinal health. Metametrix testing profiles and services include: u Integrated profiles u Toxicants and detoxification u Elements u Hormones u Vitamins u Immune function u Oxidative stress indicators u Organic acids u Gastrointestinal function u Fatty acids u Amino acids u Health risk profiles Contact your BodyLogicMD office today to find out more about how you could benefit from Metametrix clinical testing.

Did You Know? Millions of Americans can’t tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. When these people eat foods that contain gluten, they may experience a variety of health problems, including diarrhea, gas, constipation, anemia, weakness, fatigue and weight loss. In some of these people, gluten may actually be damaging their small intestines, making it difficult for them to absorb nutrients from the food they eat. According to some studies, this more serious condition, called celiac disease, may affect more than 2 million Americans and, if you have a close family member with the disease, you may have up to a 12% chance of developing it, too.

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Join the wave of health conscious partiers across the country and host a Raging Hormone Party! Probably the most fun any patient can have with their doctor, patients are hosting Raging Hormone Parties to help their friends learn more about bioidentical hormone therapy in a social setting. “Several ladies that attended my Raging Hormone Party said it was very educational and they wished they had known about bioidentical hormones before!” said Rosie Mankat, hostess of a Raging Hormone Party. “I would certainly recommend Raging Hormone Parties for their ability get people discussing the importance of having balanced hormones in a relaxing setting, where friends can be comfortable asking those important questions.”

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The BodyLogicMD network continues to grow in order to meet the country’s increasing demand for physicians specializing in preventive health. Join us in welcoming our newest bioidentical hormone experts. Dr. Jeffrey Maehara • Honolulu, HI Dr. Phyllis Okereke • Dallas, TX The Aloha State is a tropical paradise of sun and surf, and now BodyLogicMD is making the state even more attractive to the health-conscious. Bioidentical hormones expert Dr. Jeffrey Maehara recently opened BodyLogicMD of Honolulu — Hawaii’s first practice dedicated exclusively to bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Maehara provides individual, personalized wellness programs to islanders seeking relief from menopause, andropause and other hormone imbalances, using a combination of nutrition and fitness regimens, pharmaceutical grade supplementation and bioidentical hormone therapy.

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BodyLogicMD of Dallas is expanding in order to accommodate the growing number of patients in need of bioidentical hormone therapy. Medical Director Dr. Lisa Gorn welcomes bioidentical hormones specialist Phyllis Okereke, M.D. to her Dallas-based bioidentical hormones practice. Dr. Okereke helps women and men prevent disease and improve their overall health by taking a whole body approach to medicine. This unique approach focuses primarily on the underlying root causes of health problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms.








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BodyLogicMD NewsLetter: Spring 2011  
BodyLogicMD NewsLetter: Spring 2011  

This issue of the BodyLogicMD NewsLetter focuses on improving your GI health and advanced nutritional testing profiles.