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on the market The latest anti-ageing and medical aesthetic products and services

BABOR The DOCTOR BABOR PURITY CELLULAR range is said to act like a highly effective problem-solver when faced with blemished skin, even when it is stress related. The multi-action D-Actryl 360° complex is designed to tackle blemishes at every stage of their development. Babor say that it combats acute inflammations quickly and effectively, while minimising new irritations early on, with long-lasting effect. Enantia chlorantha extract obtained from the bark of the African moambe jaune tree is said to reduce sebum production. Meanwhile, an extract of Poria cocos, a fungus that is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, is said to decrease the tendency of the sebaceous glands to become irritated as a result of stress by rebalancing the responsible neuropeptides and curbing sebum production. W: babor.co.uk

PERK Introducing Perk, Edge Systems’ latest innovation in skincare technology to rejuvenate lips, eyes and skin in just 10 minutes. Perk is said to offer a comprehensive approach to skincare, merging a professionally delivered exfoliation service, using a patented roller-flex technology to deliver immediate results and long-lasting benefits, with an advanced daily application of take home products. W: wigmoremedical.com

DMK LIMITED DMK Skin Co announces the arrival of their new luxury retail skincare range. This range includes Mediterranean Pearls, a foaming cleanser gel with vitamin B enriched microshperes that are said to wash away any impurities; Wetter than Water, an instant hydrating emulsion; Firmatrix, a skin recovery serum containing powerful botanics said to utilise bio-homeostasis technology to rebuild the epidermal matrix; A 2 Z, revitalising tinted day crèmes packed with nutrients from aqua to zinc; Elevate, a neck and decollété crème with revitalising bio-energy ingredients and a warming thermogenetic effect; as well as the new TransGenesis, an age management crème that has been reformulated and is said to target cell renewal, elasticity and moisture retention. W: dmk-uk.com

DERMALOGICA Dermalogica announces the launch of its new IonActive System and IonActive Power Treatment, a collection of professional products and 45-minute skin treatment developed for the experienced, serious skin therapist who wants to achieve advanced results in the treatment room. This powerful system is said to address a growing need in skin care centres for rapid, highlyefficacious ways to manage predominant skin concerns such as acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and skin aging, and offers multiple opportunities for treatment personalisation. W: dermalogica.co.uk

EXUVIANCE Exuviance announces the launch of two new products—The Bionic Body Polishing Masque, to refresh and invigorate, and the Retexturing Treatment, to restore smooth, radiant skin. The new Exuviance Bionic Polishing Masque is said to be an indulgent exfoliating, hydrating and smoothing treatment for the body. The new Exuviance Retexturing Treatment on the other hand is a lotion designed to resurface dull, rough skin on the body, treat keratosis pilaris and restore silky softness to arms and legs. W: exuviance.co.uk

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