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If you don’t discipline yourself, rest assured the world will! given only so long to live do you make room to forgive but at a moments breath lies your inconceivable death searching belligerently for material wealth barely able to recognize your inert health on auto-pilot I dare ask are you up to this daunting task without incessant thoughtless formality will you open your eyes to this fearless reality

Sub-Occipital Release (tension headaches)

Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

Pectoral Release (upper back pain)

Individualized care. No cookie-cutter routines here! Rotator Cuff Fascial Stretching

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Studies show reishi mushrooms benefit people Hailed in ancient Eastern medicine as the "mushroom of immortality" and the "medicine of kings," you'd expect reishi to offer you some pretty astounding health benefits, right? Your assumptions are correct. This prized fungus may be able to boost your immune system, fight cancer, ward off heart disease, calm your nerves and relieve both allergies and inflammation.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Did You Know Future offenses cause more intense feelings People feel worse about a transgression that will take place in the future than an identical one that occurred in the past, according to new research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Thinking about future events tends to stir up more emotions than events in the past, said Eugene Caruso, an assistant professor of behavioral science at Chicago Booth who conducted the research which appeared recently in the Journal of Experimental Psychology:

Open your Body Weekly Somatic Movement Stretching Exercise for Tennis Elbow

Weekly Recipe Dixie’s Blueberry Pie

Weekly Scientific Abstract Effect of creatine monohydrate in improving cellular energetics

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“The secret to health is consistency and care in how we practice the basics.”




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"Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the

Open your Mind ~Weekly Movie ~ Watchmen

Really only 2 minutes long

~Weekly Music ~ Scream

form of inert facts."

Michael Jackson

Henry B. Adams

~Weekly Book ~ War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

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Offers & Contribution Reports Donate 3 ORGANIC canned/boxed goods to receive a FREE 30 minute Massage Send your friends & family over for a FREE 30 minute Massage.

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01/01 - 10/03

Idaho Food Bank

2.5% of Studio Income



07/01 - 10/17 10/03 10/08

Idaho Food Bank

Services Donated

$1,860.00 $1,960.00 $2,100.00


07/01 - 10/17 10/03 10/08

Idaho Food Bank

Organic Food Drive

$505.46 $522.46 $540.46

651 720 760

2.5% of Studio Income


Total Raised & Donated:

$2,840.88 $2,957.88 $3,115.88

09/01 - 10/03 Heifer International

Raised/Donated Servings of Food


195 lbs 206 217

1,422 1,491 1,531

Donation summary in services, finances & organic food: Organic Food Drive is the estimated cost of Organic Food Raised Services donated is the value of the service given to raise the Organic Food (223 Organic items thus far) % of Studio Income $0




Organic Food Drive $750.00



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Limitless Potential

"Words, in the honorable sense can be at most an approximation of the Truth for the listener or reader. It can be a grave error to assume truth can be cemented with words or conceptions however true they may seem."

Helping to find your way thru the Labyrinth




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Issue 035

October 25th 2010 MAIL TO:

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Weekly Epiphanies 035  

Weekly Epiphanies full of information ranging from self-care & science to movie and book recommendations.

Weekly Epiphanies 035  

Weekly Epiphanies full of information ranging from self-care & science to movie and book recommendations.