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Weekly Epiphanies Route 99 by Ryuuka-Nagare

Sometimes you must rebel against your former self. During labor, women experience a high level of intense, stressful and steady pain that may negatively affect both mothers and neonates. Mothers in the massage therapy group had a lower level of pain compared with those in the music therapy group. Massage therapy was an effective method for reducing and relieving labor pain compared with music therapy and can be clinically recommended as an alternative, safe and affordable method of pain relief. 57

PMID: 20426604

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Pink Slime Beef Producer Sues ABC News for $1.2 Billion Over Report Exposing Practices A major producer of the infamous "pink slime" meat product that captured headlines back in the spring is suing ABC News, news anchor Diane Sawyer, and several other individuals for what it claims was "a month-long vicious, concerted disinformation campaign" about "lean finely textured beef." Beef Products Inc. (BPI) and several of its affiliate companies are seeking a whopping $1.2 billion in damages from ABC News for exposing pink slime to the public . . .

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Fear Can Be Erased From The Brain

Open your body

Newly formed emotional memories can be erased from the human brain. This is shown by researchers from Uppsala University in a new study now being published by the academic journal Science. The findings may represent a breakthrough in research on memory and fear. Thomas Ågren, a doctoral candidate at the Department of . . .

Weekly Movement Proper Squat Form

Weekly Recipe Raw Orange Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Weekly Abstract Mastery of the mind East and West: excellence in being and doing and everyday happiness.

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“The secret to health is consistency and care in how we practice the basics.”

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Open your mind

“War is what happens when

~Weekly Cinema~ Love and Other Drugs Great movie

language fails.”

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Margaret Atwood

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Runnin’ Adam Lambert Politics of Experience R. D. Laing

~Weekly Humor~ Lazy Jim Gaffigan

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Weekly Epiphanies #136 October 1st 2012  

Sometimes you must rebel against your former self.