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Weekly Epiphanies This is an insight, story, parable, haiku, inspiration, epiphany, question, topic, journal, etc.

Brave New Pulse Life is so telling . . . everything we need is before us, yet we choose to ignore it for fear of embracing that potential that we have so sought out . . “What happens if I choose this direction?” . . Real bravery comes from living your life the way you want to live, not the way others think you should! Time, while elusive, is always moving forward, the same cannot be said for human nature. The pulse of a nation is measured by it’s depth of empathy and compassion. Pain is that ugly composer that composes the most beautiful of lives. The great joy of mystery is the life.

Sub-Occipital Release (tension headaches)

Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

Pectoral Release (upper back pain)

Individualized care. No cookie-cutter routines here! Rotator Cuff Fascial Stretching


PNF Photography Featuring Alaina Sutherlin & James Bruce


Issue 071

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Health, Wellness & Science Wellness Awareness

Random Photo/Art

Busted! Big Pharma Epilepsy Study Rigged If you think being concerned over natural health issues means you automatically dismiss everything that mainstream medicine has to say - think again. Not only are many mainstream researchers coming up with evidence that nutrition and other natural therapies really are effective but now comes a report published in none other than . . .

Did You Know The First Patients to Receive Lab-Grown Blood Vessels From Donor Cells? For the first time, blood vessels created in the lab from donor skin cells were successfully implanted in patients. Functioning blood vessels that aren't rejected by the immune system could be used to make durable shunts for kidney dialysis, and potentially to improve treatment for children with heart defects and adults needing coronary or other bypass graft surgery.

Meditation Art

Open your body Weekly Movement Lunges

Weekly Recipe Carrot Fairy Cakes with Lemon Frosting

Weekly Abstract Three case reports of the metabolic and electroencephalographic changes during advanced Buddhist meditation techniques.

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“The secret to health is consistency and care in how we practice the basics.�




Weekly Photography & Art

Oregon Coast


Open your mind

"A ship is safe in harbor, but

~Weekly Cinema ~ Black Swan

that’s not what ships are for."

William Shedd

Superb Acting!

~Weekly Music ~ Tied Knots Album Leaf

~Weekly Book ~ The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais

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Weekly Epiphanies 071 July 4th 2011  

Life is so telling . . . everything we need is before us, yet we choose to ignore it for fear of embracing that potential that we have so so...

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