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You cannot have gratitude with reactive attitude. Moderate pressure appears to be necessary for massage therapy effects. Studies comparing moderate and light pressure massage are reviewed and they suggest that growth and development are enhanced in infants and stress is reduced in adults, but only by moderate pressure massage. The stimulation of pressure receptors leads to increased vagal activity which, in turn, seems to mediate the diverse benefits noted for massage therapy. 40

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Issue 119

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Hidden History of Organized Medicine Most people who undergo chemotherapy do not realize the origin of common chemotherapy agents is found in the mustard gas chemical weapons used in World Wars I and II. That's just one of 25 stunning -but historically accurate -- revelations found in an investigative report issued by, one of the most visited news . . .

Functional Medicine Nanotechnology Breakthrough Could Dramatically Improve Medical Tests A laboratory test used to detect disease and perform biological research could be made more than 3 million times more sensitive, according to researchers who combined standard biological tools with a breakthrough in nanotechnology. The increased performance could greatly improve the early detection of cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other disorders by allowing doctors to detect far lower . . .


Open your body Weekly Movement Bosu Ball Exercises

Weekly Recipe Red Pepper Poppers

Weekly Abstract Red clover Trifolium pratense (Linn.) isoflavones extract on the pain threshold of normal and ovariectomized rats--a longterm study. (c) 2009-2012 Body Epiphanies Massage & Nutrition | (208) 870-9753 |

“The secret to health is consistency and care in how we practice the basics.�

Weekly Epiphanies

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Spring Fever

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning

Open your mind ~Weekly Cinema~

“Most folks are about as happy as they

District 9

make up their minds to be.”

~Weekly Music~

Abraham Lincoln

Great film

The Nothing Song Sigur Ros

~Weekly Book~ The Power of Awareness Neville Goddard

~Weekly Humor~ Brad Pitt . . Fight Club . . . yeah (c) 2009-2012 Body Epiphanies Massage & Nutrition | (208) 870-9753 |


Weekly Epiphanies #119 June 4th 2012  

You cannot have gratitude with reactive attitude.

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