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Weekly Epiphanies This is an insight, story, parable, haiku, inspiration, epiphany, question, topic, journal, etc.

History isn’t always history Study the words of all kinds of people from all ages, times and status whether considered great or cruel men & women. For the most expensive college will not afford you such wisdom as simply studying the quotes of many, practicing the quotes of few and embodying the quotes of a couple. Reach inside that life of yours . . look closely . . does it resonate with the vision you had for your self? Ill-health brings life into perspective, optimal health brings life alive. It’s healthy to experience both. Observe your health practitioners and realize they are not the authors of your health, they are simply advisors and their advice should increase the fullness of your life not squander it. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

Sub-Occipital Release (tension headaches)

Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

Pectoral Release (upper back pain)

Individualized care. No cookie-cutter routines here! Rotator Cuff Fascial Stretching


PNF Photography Featuring Alaina Sutherlin & James Bruce


Issue 055

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Japan fights to avert nuclear meltdown Japan struggled on Monday to avert a nuclear disaster and care for millions of people without power or water, three days after an earthquake and tsunami killed an estimated 10,000 people or more in the nation's darkest hour since World War Two.

Did You Know Exercise-induced cell regrowth critical for stressrelief For many years, the medical community denied the possibility that adult brain cells could regrow. But researchers now know that neurogenesis, the process of brain cell regeneration, does occur, and it plays a very important role in mitigating stress and improving sexual and reproductive function -- but it all hinges on getting plenty of regular exercise.

Argentine Tango

Open your body Weekly Somatic Movement Basics of Lindy Hop

Weekly Recipe Beetroot Relish

Weekly Scientific Abstract Brain activation during compassion meditation: a case study.

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“The secret to health is consistency and care in how we practice the basics.�




Weekly Photography & Art

Abstract Birds

Sanctity of Life

Open your mind

"A great artist is always before his time or behind it"

George Edward Moore

~Weekly Movie ~ The Good, The Bad & The Weird Neat film/Netflix Stream

~Weekly Music ~ Somewhere Out There Our Lady Peace

~Weekly Book ~ Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Weekly Epiphanies 055 March 14th 2011  

Study the words of all kinds of people from all ages, times and status whether considered great or cruel men & women. For the most expensive...

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