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Weekly Epiphanies This is an insight, story, parable, haiku, inspiration, epiphany, question, topic, journal, etc.

Marinating with our human processes Bold it is when we decide to live without concern of how others view our living. To live genuinely it would seem to me we must recognize that all roles that are subordinate to an authority inhibit our genuine self, no matter if it is religion, politics or philosophy. We must expand beyond the bonds of teacher and student to become that which is truly genuine! They, (the authorities) will tell you how they ‘know best’ and it’s ‘in your best interest’ however if such roles are continued they will inhibit you from grasping hold of your potential and shaping it how you want rather than how someone else thinks is best. A true educator is not an authority, simply a catalyst of approximations for embodiment. They at best create a space for you to discover & express. “Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind union of the two will preserve an independent reality” Albert Einstein

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Issue 052

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New way to attack pathogens: RNA recycling The new approach shows promise against the most severe strains of MRSA as well as the toughest type of MRSA infection for antibiotics to infiltrate -- bacteria enmeshed in biofilms. "This offers a whole new way to go on the offensive against some of the world's most dangerous bugs," said the leader of the group, Paul Dunman, Ph.D., associate professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Rochester Medical Center and formerly of the University of . . .


Did You Know Vitamin D helps prevent multiple sclerosis?

Open your body

For the first time, researchers have observed that having high vitamin D levels is clearly linked to warding off multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Published in the American Academy of Neurology journal Neurology, the study found that having high vitamin D levels helps prevent . . .

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Weekly Recipe Chocolate Torte With Whipped Cashew Cream

Weekly Scientific Abstract The effect of peat components on endocrine system

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“The secret to health is consistency and care in how we practice the basics.�




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Darkness Concept

"You're more likely to act yourself

Open your mind

into feeling than feel yourself into

~Weekly Movie ~

action. So act! Whatever it is you

Pursuit of Happyness Brilliant film

~Weekly Music ~

know you should do, do it."

Radical Dreamers

Jerome Brunet

~Weekly Book ~

Yasunori Mitsuda

The Breath of a Wok by Grace Young

~Weekly Humor ~ X-Men Bloopers Nice (c) 2009-2011 Body Epiphanies Massage & Bodywork Wellness Studio| (208) 870-9753 |


Weekly Epiphanies 052 February 21st 2011  

To live genuinely it would seem to me we must recognize that all roles that are subordinate to an authority inhibit our genuine self, no mat...

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