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Frequently Asked Questions about Ardyss Int’l Q: Who is Ardyss International? A: A direct wellness marketing company Q: Where is Ardyss International based? A: USA Headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Q: Does Ardyss do business in other countries? A: Yes. Besides the United States, Ardyss is present in countries like Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and South America. Currently expanding in the UK. Q: How long has Ardyss been in business? A: The Diaz de Leon Family began their garment business in 1989; however, Ardyss International was incorporated as a company in 1991 in Mexico, and launched operations in the USA in 2008. Q: Is Ardyss publicly traded? A: No, Ardyss is a private corporation Q: What about the Ardyss management team? •Over 20 year experience in developing fine corsetry garments, orthopedic devices and reinforcements •Over 20 years experience in remodeling design of garments from a medical point of view. •Over 20 years retail experience •Over 16 year Wellness Nutrition industry experience •Over 11 years direct marketing experience Q: Is Ardyss a pyramid scheme? A: Absolutely not! Q: I am interested in becoming an Ardyss Representative. Are there any monthly fees?

A: If you join under the Power Pack or Autoship option, you will receive a complimentary website at no charge to maximize your earning potential. If you join under the Membership option, there is a $15 monthly fee. As you can see, Ardyss makes it possible for any and everyone to join the business. Q: I have tried multi-level marketing in the past. What makes Ardyss different and why should I invest in this company? A: Unlike other multi-level marketing business ventures, Ardyss offers a unique opportunity to get in at the ground floor while the word continues to spread around the United States about our products. While Ardyss has been in business since 1989, it was just recently introduced in the US within the past 18 months and the growth has been phenomenal. The key to multi-level marketing is to get in at the ground floor and build your team until you reach the top. This of course results in unprecedented residual income. Just imagine what it would mean for YOU to be one of the first distributors in your state...unlimited potential for success. Another key point is that while the world economy falls, Ardyss International keeps growing at an amazing race because our products are in demand. Q: I have very little sales experience. Is Ardyss still the right choice for me? A: Yes! Ardyss has high-quality, high frequency; use products that offer immediate results. Once you experience the products for yourself, you will find that there is more “telling than selling� when it comes to our fantastic line of body reshaping garments and health products. Seeing is Believing! Once they put it on or see a before and after demonstration, they want it and they buy it. Ardyss is a very easy sell both from the product and business opportunity perspective. Q: How do I make money with Ardyss? A: There are many revenue streams. Ardyss offers one of the best compensation plans in the industry with our 10 streams of income which is unheard of in multi-level marketing. Q: How and when will I be paid? A: Ardyss pays all commissions and bonuses monthly. Payments are

deposited on a credit card provided by Ardyss International. Power Start commissions are paid weekly to those with auto-ship. Q: What resources are available to ensure success for Ardyss representatives? A: The person, who has presented the Ardyss Opportunity to you as well as their up line, will serve as the greatest source of information as you get your business up and running. You will also have access to weekly team training calls and meetings/training sessions, a personal website, and personal back office which contains a plethora of training materials, presentations, and Ardyss University to get you started in no time. Knowledge is power and Ardyss has insured that you will be well equipped for success. Q: I am interested in purchasing Ardyss products, but I am unsure if I want to sell them. What are my options? A: Ardyss offers three ways to join the business. If you are purely interested in purchasing the products for personal use at wholesale prices, you may want to join under the membership or auto-ship options. •The Membership Option is for someone who wants to purchase Ardyss products wholesale for personal use or to resell but is not interested in additional commissions or bonuses. There is a one-time $30 membership fee. This option does not include a free personal Ardyss website. If you would like a website, there is a $15 monthly charge. •The Auto-ship Option is only available for the Ardyss Nutritional products. This option is for someone who plans to use the Nutritional products on a monthly basis and/or plan to sell the products as well and eliminates the need to have to remember to reorder each month. This option gives you the ability to order all of the Ardyss products at wholesale cost as well. This gives you the option to setup a monthly automatic shipment of the products of your choice. You can change the Auto-ship nutritional products whenever and as often as you choose. You will receive a free personal Ardyss website with the Auto-ship option at no charge.

Q: What if I don't add anyone to my team then what are my potential earnings? A: Your earnings will be limited to the profit from retailing the product. If you do not want to take advantage of all commissions and bonuses, keep in mind that there are three different ways to become a distributor. 1. Option 1 - $30 Membership. Ideal for persons interested in selling the products. 2. Option 2 - Auto ship. Free Membership. Ideal for persons interested in consuming the nutritional products and creating a money making business. Can qualify for some payouts, except Power Start Bonuses, but keep in mind that only 40% of volume can count from one leg, which would be you if you don't have any team members. 3. Option 3 - Power Pack. Ideal for persons who wish to have all the benefits of the first two options plus enrollment in the Power Start Program. Q: Why should I join Ardyss International under the Power Pack - Power Start Option? A: The Power Pack offers numerous financial benefits such as the Power Start Program and the Power Pack Bonus. Power Start is a Program specially designed for new Distributors who wish to start an Ardyss Business Career. It offers highly lucrative growth goals and money rewards not only to the Participant but also for the Enroller who assists in its development. The Power Pack includes $500 in retail products for the cost of just $299 plus tax and shipping. You will have the choice of the Men’s, Women’s, or Customized Power Pack. If you follow the steps that you will be given, it will be close to impossible for you not to earn back your initial investment in a short period of time. Should you choose not to purchase the Power Pack, you won’t be entitled to collect any of the Program’s additional Bonuses. Q: How do you qualify for the Power Start Program Bonuses? A: In order to participate in the Program, a new Distributor must purchase a Power Pack, which is a starter kit that will help him/her achieve his/her goals. A Power Pack enrollment is $299. Q: What do I get when I sign up for a $299 Power Pack?

A: There are 3 different Power Packs to choose from. You will receive the following in each package: 1. Men's Power Pack A. 1 - $30 Membership included B. 1 - Abdomen (white "Wife Beater") C. 6 - Le' Vive bottles D. 10 - (Audio CD) "Creating Wealth" E. 10 - DVD "It's time for Ardyss 2. Women's Power Pack A. 1 - $30 Membership included B. 1 - Body Magic Garment C. 4 - Le' Vive bottles D. 10 - (Audio CD) "Creating Wealth" E. 10 - DVD "It's time for Ardyss 3. Customized Power Pack Customize your own Power Pack with the Ardyss products of your choice! Membership will be automatically added onto your order. Simply choose between Nutrition, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Reshaping products. Pick as many products in any category that you would like. Your customized Power Pack must reach a total of 299 Personal Qualification Points (PQP) (i.e., $299). It's the best Ardyss offers! The Power Pack packages give the enroller (mentor) and the new distributor the right to receive extra bonuses. Q: How much can I expect to earn in Power Start bonuses? A: These Bonuses start at $50 and go up as much as $10K for both Distributor and the Enroller. Q: What if I initially join under the $30 membership or auto-ship membership and later decide that I want to participate in the Power Start Program. Is this possible? A: A new Distributor may purchase the Power Pack no later than 90 calendar days after joining Ardyss. A key point to understand is that you have a maximum amount of time to qualify for bonuses. "Maximum amount of time� starts counting from the moment you join the Company

and not from the moment you purchase the Power Pack. If you don’t purchase the Power Pack, when initially joining, you would be missing the additional Bonuses for the time period that you were not enrolled in the Power Start Program. Q. Do I have to be on the auto ship? A: No. but these are the reasons you will want to consider being enrolled on auto ship: 1. if you choose not to be on auto ship you will not qualify for some bonuses. 2. In order to receive down line bonuses, you must maintain $150 Personal Qualification Points (PQP) or $100 PQP in auto ship each month. 3. One of the advantages of being enrolled in the auto ship is that your PQP is lower typically by 50 dollars. 4. To be considered Active, your monthly purchases should be at least 150 PQP or subscribe to a product auto ship for only 100 PQP in the qualifying month. 5. If you enroll a new team member, you have the ability to be paid a 20% bonus (up to $60) when they place their first order. However, if you have enrolled previously to the auto ship program you will increase your First Order Express Bonus to 30% (up to $90). 6. To receive your weekly commissions for power start sales you must be on auto ship or wait till the end of month pay period. Q. What is in the auto ship? A. Auto ship (Auto Order) - Available only on Nutritional Products. You may choose any nutritional products for your auto-ship. Q: How can I pay for my Auto-ship? A: Monthly by credit card. Once you setup your auto ship, you will not be charged until the following month. Q. How do I get paid for the products I sell? A: You are paid directly by the end-user (customer), unless you have an Ardyss Personal Website and your customer places an order via your website. In this case, Ardyss International will mail you the 40%

difference. The customer pays you retail and you give them the product if you have it on hand or order the product wholesale (40% off Ardyss suggested retail price) and you keep the profit. The company gives a suggested retail price; however, you can sell the garment for whatever price you choose this way you control you profit margin. Q: What are the advantages to starting an Ardyss business? •No need to sell •No administrative fees •No Boss •Powerful Compensation Plan •No Employees •No Territory restrictions •No Inventory •Tax Advantages •No Limit on Earnings •Low Investment •Automated system that simplifies your business •Work from home •No operation costs •Ideal for busy individuals •Create residual income Q: How do I get started? A: Any major credit card, Check or Money order Q: How do I get trained? •Ardyss gets you started in business for yourself but not by yourself •You have a support network that has a vested interest in your success •Conference call training held weekly •Ardyss has ongoing trainings, locally, regionally and nationally Q: What if I have questions after I get started? A: You will always have immediate support from your sponsor and up line for all your questions and training. In addition, Ardyss has representative support services available Monday through Friday for additional questions.

Q: How much money can I earn? There is no limit on your income Q: How does Ardyss track commissions? Through a state-of-the-art multi-million dollar software commissioning system. You can see real-time access to all your current and future commissions in your back office. Q: Do I need to become a body garment reshaper sales expert? A: NO! Ardyss has a training system in place to help you in building your business. There is no prior experience required. Q: How much time will I need to put in to be successful? A: You will get paid based on your efforts and the results you produce. There is no predetermined time commitment. Q: Why is it important that I do not procrastinate in making a decision to join Ardyss International? A: The timing and positioning of Ardyss in the Health and Wellness industries right now is the key. Just like the PC industry’s millionaires in the 1980s.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ardyss Int’l  

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