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2014 MEDIA KIT Dionna Humphrey Body Conscious Beauty

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The inspiration for Body Conscious Beauty was all the beautiful women in my life who have inspired me to be who I am and to dream big. But it also comes from years of watching women and how we relate to each other and ourselves. Women of every size can be easily overwhelmed with unrealistic standards of beauty and are constantly told we aren’t beautiful enough. And that is simply not true. Every curve, every scar, every lump, bump or flaw is beautiful. And I want to help you see it. I work with and write for and about women and men of all sizes because everyone deserves to look and feel their absolute best. And frankly, I’m having the time of my life doing it! From client feedback, to hearing from readers in DC and beyond who follow my work—it’s a humbling and amazing feeling. I’d love to work with you too!

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London London Fashion Week & British Plush Size Fashion Weekend New York Interview with Monif Clarke of Monif C Plus Sizes, plus size contemporary designer Toronto Scoping Toronto’s plus size fashion scene

Building a brand online highest read posts on facebook The weight debate. Thoughts?

If you’re hitting the beach this weekend, you’re going to need a beach bag. I love this Mossimo bag from Target, plenty of room for a towel, your favorite sunscreen and some trashy novels:-)

It’s time for some positive reinforcement loves! What’s your favorite part of your body? GO!

I’m thinking of hosting affordable monthly styling seminars, where we’ll discuss how to wear current trends, positive body image, and more. Is that something you would be interested in?

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‘When Eloquii made its debut, many of us in the plus size community were excited. It wasn’t just because fashion blogger Gabi Gregg made the clothes look amazing (although that helped). A lot of us were excited about the new kid on the block, which meant more clothing options. The Limited is known for keeping up with the trends, and it looked as though Eloquii was going to be the plus size version of their line. The clothing was fun, had something for everyone; career oriented, trendsetter, etc. and they always had amazing sales. It seemed it could do no wrong. Until today, when they announced that after little more than a year, they were pulling the plug on the brand. Naturally I found out on Twitter, when my feed exploded with the news. I jumped over to Facebook, and sure enough, Eloquii’s announcement was at the top of my feed: read more online

‘It’s probably no surprise that I’m a lover of shoes. There’s nothing like an amazing outfit to make you feel on top of the world, but the thing that seals the deal for me is the right shoe and accessories. And I’m an equal opportunity shoe employer: I haven’t met a shoe I didn’t like. Since my foot surgery last year, my shoe game has been modified slightly, but much to my doctors’ disappointment not that much. But even before that, I’ve always loved flats. Pointy-toe flats, ballet flats, ankle strap flats- you get the idea. What sparked this post was a recent comment by a male friend of mine who told me he hated me in flats. He in so many words said I was too fly (thank you) to be wearing flats. Which really got me to thinking: what does our shoe choice say to others…and what are we saying about ourselves?’ read more online

Exclusive: UK’s OneOnethree Gives ATFDC First Look at Spring Pieces Ladies I am soooo excited to share this with you! Ever since my interview with Najma Ali from OneOneThree while I was in London, I have been waiting for what was coming next from the breakout plus size brand. Between what they showed at the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend runway show and the sketches of pieces I saw on the walls of the studio, I was dying to see more. And now it’s here– and it’s so fresh! ”This time around we decided to play with prints and patterns, make it more fun and sassy, ” says Najma Ali, Director at OneOneThree. It was hard for me to narrow down some of my favorites but I’d have to say these are the stand out pieces for me: read more online

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Clients love Body Conscious Beauty Five-star reviews on Yelp! ‘The two hours was packed with great tips and trying on a lot of clothes and having fun with a lot of accessories. Dionna was a blast to work with and I know that my mom and I will never forget this amazing experience. Truly trans-formative. I highly recommend Dionna. She understands women, she understands beauty, and her passion for making people realize their beauty is amazing.’ Megan C ‘In the last year, I’ve started consulting from home, and had to reorganize my living space to accommodate a new baby. Until I worked with Dionna, I would say my style was boring/frumpy/predictable at work, and pretty raggedy at home. Within minutes of talking with Dionna, she recognized that I was most comfortable in jeans, and when she presented my “lookbook “ (a COOL tool that really helped me picture ME in those clothes), she had somehow managed to build a whole closet of new colors, combinations and accents that were me, but better: more stylish, more fresh.’ Katherine M ‘Working with Dionna was fantastic! I have a love/hate relationship with my body and clothes so I was half looking forward to and have dreading the appointment. Dionna put me totally at ease right away. She is not like the reality TV “slash and burn” organizers; rather, she is a partner in helping me look great and feel confident in the clothes we kept. When I went to my closet this morning, I saw lots of possibilities rather than things I “should” wear.’ Elizabeth L

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