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Body Coach Fitness Trainer Magazine


Body Coach Fitness Trainer Magazine is a new digital magazine for fitness proffessionals & budding personal trainers ,nutrition coaches .


It will contain interesting articles ,facts and figures and innovative exercise programmes and business skills for your fitness coaching business.


Read this introductory copy of the planned Bi- monthly digital Pt Coaches magazine and look out for the full version at personal training academy page soon!

How many of your PT and nutrition clients say to you- I check my calories and stick my diet plan but am not losing any weight?

People believe weight loss is a calculation , this is not necessarily the case. Eating 3,500 calories less will not mean you lose 1lb of body fat you could do but there are many other factors to take into consideration Role Of DNA

Natures blue print and your own unique genes can help determine how you gain and lose weight. I would recommend asking your clients what do your family look like eg do they gain fat easily and have trouble losing weight?

Encourage them to work with their genetic make up and not against it eg- using the correct training for your body type and eating according to your metabolism and genetic make up.

Body Coach Fitness also recommend s taking one of the genetic /DNA based tests ( available at to find out your predetermined genetic make up and get one step ahead of your DNA in the weight loss war!

Eat More-Get Leaner

Many people assume when they have a few pounds to lose that starving themselves will result in losing the pounds. Stop the famine and eat more but better quality foods with correct macro and micro nutrients. This will help kick start your metabolism and help you lose and maintain your weight.

Fitness Trackers

Encourage them to listen to your body as well as monitor physical activity tracking as most monitors only measure calories and steps taken

Instead encourage mind full eating and low to moderate physical activity.

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Breathing With out functionally healthy breathing all movement is impaired. Excessive abdominal fat can inhibit and restrict breathing and make respiratory system less effective when exercising and trying to burn fat. It is important the obese /over weight client learns to breath properly eg engaging transverse abdominus TA and practising abdominal breathing and not shallow breathing.

Balance Balance is important for every one including obese /over weight clients .Helping clients build pro prioceptive skills and improve balance by giving exercises in different forms eg floor exercises, standing ,sitting, one leg ( holding on for balance) and bended knee –on stable floor surfaces will help with this.

Inflammation Issues Physical activity can help improve inflammation in the body but it can also exacerbate it . Choosing the right form of exercise eg low to moderate and not high intensity exercise , will help

Joint Compression- Due to gravity carrying out exercises which work holding the body up such as on building stability in the spine and pelvis will help with joint compression which is more common place in obese clients

Physicians are prescribing exercise and core strengthening for lower back issues presented to them rather than medications. Back pain is a very common condition associated with modern living and accounts for one of the highest causes of sickness absence from work and long tem sickness. An expansional core will help both strengthen and lengthen the spine helping alleviate back issues

Identify Inhibitors

Once you Identify inhibitors then you can work on improving the core ( possible issues could be chronic flexion, rotated or compressed pelvis or misaligned scapular)

Work On Eccentric Movement Rather Than Concentric Movement

Work to build core muscle engagement ( eccentrically as well as concentrically). Work on lengthening the spine through movement.

Work on Muscles That Keep Your posture

Work on all the posterior chain muscles first to help lengthen the spine and strengthen the core . Working on hip extension and not lumbar extension, and in the upper body work on scapular retraction and posture muscles.

Use Your Feet

You might think this strange -using your feet to expand your core – but the body form s a kinetic chain and each part affects the movement of another part. A lots of force is generated from the feet which is then transferred through the core . The springy nature of the arch of the foot allows for movements such as jumping .So using orthotics to correct imbalances in the feet can also help with balance and core expansion for better movement.

This is just a brief introduction to the new Body Coach fitness Trainer magazine- please come back and see the new full edition soon


A informative digital magazine for fitness professionals and budding fit pro's across the globe wanting to get -the edge in a competitive in...


A informative digital magazine for fitness professionals and budding fit pro's across the globe wanting to get -the edge in a competitive in...