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Wild Work outs –Take Your work out outside! Fresh air and beautiful scenery and maybe the occasional deer or 2 – there is nothing like venturing out side in the big out doors on early summer mornings or evenings . The benefits of exercise taken outdoors has been researched and it shows that people who exercise out doors have better mental health ,lower body mass index and feel healthier. Why not try some of these ideas for a great work out –out doors:Cani Cross- A fun way to work out with your dog- you just need a special harness , a fit pooch and your self to experience this fun form of out door exercise-instruction via a fully qualified cani cross instructor would be recommended at first see for details Boot camps-Always a fun way to mix with others in a fun environment – there are many forms of boot camp available now such as men & women only, military style , hiit style and yoga camps for relaxation Buggy fit-An out door form of exercise for mums with babies , safe, fun and social –offered by licenced trainers

Nordic walking & Running-A unique form of waking and running with poles –once you have invested or hired some poles and taken instruction via your Nordic walking instructor –you are ready to goit offers extra benefits to normal walking and running as it uses the core and upper body as part of a full body cardiovascular work out Turn the forest into a gym-Make use of logs, tress, and natural features to make your own all over body circuit training program – making it more fun and effective Wild swimming- As long as you are a proficient swimmer –you can gain many benefits from embracing the out door elements and swimming out doors –it encourages feel good hormones, helps make you more energised and can improve feelings of wellbeing. Most of these out door activities can be taken alone, with friends & wit or without instruction instruction – see for instrcutor led out door classes and instruction

Genetics & Your Health Genetic testing and nutrigenomics are the future of individualised health care, fitness, sports performance and nutrition.Embrace gene based fitness and nutrition with practitioners like sharon clare from Body coach fitness .Body coach offers a whole list of functional testing and genetic profiling to aid in establishing your and unlocking your genetic potential . Choose from health base tests to sports gene and nutrition based tested all designed to unlock your ability to succeed at your health , sports and fitness goals. Wellness Genetics & wellness profiling- Unique gene based tests for different life stages and for different potential health conditions eg breast cancer genes and heart disease – interventional tests which with a customised nutrition and fitness regime , will prevent and delay egentic pre dispositions to health conditions Sports genetics-There are various sports performance functional and nutritional tests including genetic injury predisposition tests-for people from beginners to elite athletes interested in improving their sports performance Weight loss-Their are various weight loss tests available eg specific hormonal tests invoved with weight maintenance and gene based tendencies to weight gain Nutrition based-For example smart carb tests –showing your genetic ability to absorb and utilise carbohydrates in your diet Health- Specific tests for health eg mens & womens health checks All these tests compliment and assist in offering a specilaised unique fitness & nutrition program

Child Hood Obesity –Prevention & Intervention Obesity is a condition of excess adiposity(fat deposits) in the body. In childhood obesity it is more difficult to clarify a (BMI) Body mass index level than adult obesity due to the complexities created by child growth There are currently over 2.3 million obese children living in the UK and this steadily increased over a 20 year period and is still rising. Obesity in children is due to an ever increasing obesogenic environment in which we live.With sugary calories dense foods and drinks and disordered eating patterns .Also ever increasing portion sizes and constantly grazing at unhealthy snacks is now an issue in society. Children are bombarded with advertised products via media and this together with decreased physical activity sitting in front of the TV and computer screen and decreased hours involved with physical activity and sports and exercise at school and home all lead to a increased energy intake and decreased energy out put- and weight gain results. I would always offer a whole family approach to childhood obesity prevention as children and siblings are very influenced by behaviours of their parents so if you educate the parents with the children this wil have more likelihood of achieving desired results. Changing children’s eating behaviour by being a good role model yourself as a parent –eg leading by example by eating healthy snacks and meals at regular intervals and reducing convenience foods an drinks and growing as much of your produce as possible or sourcing food from ethical sources and encouraging cooking skills so children know about what they are eating and drinking will all result in helping to improve your child’s health , fitness and prevent them becoming another statistic –in the UK and worlds obesity epidemic-offering them a brighter future

The future of yours and the worlds global health is in your hands and body coach fitness magazine is there to offer some educational information, hints and tips on fitness, nutrition and sports to help you along the way This is just a mini issue to introduce every one to the magazines concept- Sharon will launching a full monthly version next month June 2017 with many different topics eg recipes, exercise tips and ideas on the latest nutritional and fitness products and ideas available to the public and fitness professionals Body coach Fitness –Sharon Clare 07875086760