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Kosher Protein Vi-Shape has received the worlds most trusted certification and trademark!

For over 80 years, the Orthodox Union has maintained the highest standard of kosher certification. Today, the OU supervises more than 400,000 products, making it the world's most recognized and most trusted kosher symbol.

Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix     

Unique blend of proteins for fast and long-lasting hunger control Low carbohydrates and sodium Aminogen™ for maximum protein absorption Pre-biotic for digestive health 23 vitamins & minerals in an amazing-tasting Sweet Cream flavor

The Kosher symbol is proudly displayed on our Vi-Shape packaging!

The attached certificate is a certificate from the orthodox union certifying that the ViShape shake is Kosher Dairy, allowing for the Kosher symbol to be placed on the Vi-Shape label. kosher_vishape. View the most updated competitor information about the Kosher Protein Vi-Shape Shake.

Kosher Protein Kosher Protein

Kosher Protein  

Kosher Protein

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