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Your operator safety depends on the conformity of the safety equipment used during their operations (PPE, CPE, Voltage Detector). The equipment must meet the requirement of the current regulation.

In case of an accident, the employer may be held liable.

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To connect to : REGULATIONS The personal protective equipment have to be in compliance with the requirements of the European Directive : 89/391/CEE, on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work. 89/655/CEE and 89/656/CEE, on the minimum health and safety requirements for the use by workers of personal protective equipment at the workplace. 89/686/CEE, on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to personal protective equipment (CE marking). In practice, they define: • The protections adapted to the kind of risk, • The highest level of protection possible, • The comfort, the ergonomics and the quality of the equipment, • The annual verification of PPE by a competent individual. The obligations for using PPEs in companies are defined by the European Directive 89/656.

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All-in-one solution SICAME GROUP

in practical: is a very simple solution to implement combining a digital platform with an unique identification system on the equipment : • Each product subject to periodic re-test, manufactured and delivered by CATU, is equipped with a Datamatrix code label. • Existing product or product of another brand (other equipment/tools subject to periodic re-test) can be equipped with a Datamatrix label supplied by CATU. • T he identification is unique.

is a digital application with many features optimizing the management and use of your safety equipment, including the regulatory aspects. Each product bears a personalized traceability throughout its life cycle thanks to a unique identification number.

IS THE SOLUTION FOR THE CONTROL AND THE MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES OF YOUR SAFETY EQUIPMENT (PPE, CPE, VOLTAGE DETECTOR). ensures your operators to use fully compliant equipment and to work safely.

allows you to assign one product to an operator or a team.

Get easily started: The helmet is equipped with a unique identification tag.

enables real-time digital management for operators and employers, OSHA Manager, Prevention Officer ... IMMEDIATE VISUALIZATION

FOR OPERATORS: application by • Immediately know the conformity status of the equipment by connecting to the using a smartphone or a computer. • Access to all the information on the conditions of use of the products (data sheet, user instruction). FOR THE EMPLOYER AND THE SAFETY MANAGERS: • Be sure at any times of the conformity status of the operators' equipment. • To ensure a perfect traceability of each equipment by enabling to provide a re-testing proof in the event of an accident. • Manage the periodic control of equipment. • Anticipate the availability of safety equipment. • Eliminate defective products or counterfeit ones. • Decrease operational costs: - improved management efficiency, - cost reduction related to accidents, - reduction of inventory losses.

Just create an administrator account to manage a fleet linking teams, employees, managers, operators and equipment. Each team manager and operator have access to their own account (using a unique login and password). They can have a view of the compliance status of their fleet equipment, and the next re-test dates.


On the management interface, the person in charge of managing the equipment fleet can carry out all the updates of the periodic controls and enrich the document library. REAL TIME DASHBOARD






is also: In addition to the operational aspects, our platform provides access for each product to a library of complete documentation including the initial certificates of conformity as well as practical information on its use: technical instructions for use, video, visuals of implementation as well as any type of document deemed necessary on the equipment.

By scanning the identification tag the operator gets immediate access to the equipment data.