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Quarter 2 essay choices:


1. Society’s control vs. individual freedom of choice. What is control? How is control exhibited by different members of a society? What is freedom of choice? How is it exhibited by different members of a society? How do these ideas eventually create conflict? 2. Setting vs. the individual. Describe how the setting of the story plays a major role in the story. How does the setting affect the individual characters? How do the characters change as a result of the environment. 3. Unity vs. diversity. What is unity in a society? What is diversity in a society? How do these two ideas clash? How does a society resolve the conflict between the need for unity and the need for diversity? 4. Utopia vs. dystopia. What is perfection? How does a society seek to create perfection? Think about what perfection is to each character. What are they striving to attain? How does their goal challenge the society they live in? Describe the relationship between the character and the society. 5. Change vs. complacency. How do life experiences change an individual? How do these changes affect their relationships with others? How do these changes affect their understanding of themselves? Who are they striving to become?

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Circle the topic above that you are choosing to write about for your essay Your essay must have 5 paragraphs: an opening, 3 body, and a closing You must reference The Giver and another novel or short story we have read in class in your essay. Use specific examples from the texts in your essay, include citations You will turn in a brainstorm, rough draft and final copy along with the rubric You must have a peer edit sheet filled out with at least 2 peer edits Save all versions of your work into your folder in the teacher turn in folder. Label eachbrainstorm, RD1, RD2 You must type the essay You must double space Use either Times Roman, Comic Sans or Arial font, size 12 for your final copy. Save the final in teacher turn in, your class, your folder, as FINAL COPY

OPTIONAL: Be sure to print the readability (go to tools-spelling and grammar, check readability at the bottom) (to get the readability info to your essay once it is on the screen, push the “print screen” key – then close the window- click the cursor on an open place at the end of your essay-push “control V”)

Due date for the 1st rough draft is______

Due date for the final copy is ____________________

Due date for the 2nd rough draft is ________

Essay Topic Choices  

Essay topic for students

Essay Topic Choices  

Essay topic for students