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Yes you can... Multi-faceted entrepreneur and mentor Didi Wong on being the best YOU


Didi Wong, Founder and ​CEO, The Yes Academy


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“This video blew us away. We laughed, we cried, we shared it with everyone. Huge hit! Best wedding investment we made!” – TRISH AND JOSEPH

We are storytellers, dreamers, and adventurers. To us, the journey is just as important as the destination.


We know that your wedding is so much more than just a day. It is an event that has been crafted over decades by family, friends and life’s unexpected wonders. We don’t capture the documentary, cookie cutter mold of your wedding, rather we discover the unique, wonderful story behind it and bring it to life through cinematic filmmaking.


November • December 2019

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Yes you can...

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Founder’s Corner Show up to be seen and live the life of your dreams Ambassadors The weather outside was frightful—the conversations inside were delightful



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Founders Corner

Show up to be seen and live the life of your dreams This is the perfect time of year to share our “Gratitude” for you. We are so thankful for all of our members who believe in our community, believe they can lead a better, more confident life, and move their business forward quicker with community. Thank you for showing up and sharing your stories, your passion and your power with women across the globe, so they can feel your inspiration and be motivated by your vulnerability. What a year this has been. It did not disappoint—and neither did you. The 10 powerful luncheons we hosted across the country were filled with women who truly support others. They were there to learn, grow and understand the necessity of a women-only community. We want to personally thank of you who shared your story on one of our many platforms, wrote an article for the magazine, hosted a #Teaching Tuesday Webinar, and/or became a member of Lead Up for Women, so that you could live your very best life. We couldn’t do this without you. Next up is our “Be You Be Strong—Ignite your Power” Sanctuary events, which will be held in many locations across the nation in 2020. Our first date is set for Feb. 6 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out the ad on page XX in this issue for additional dates, locations, details and direction on how you can register through the application process. This is not your ordinary getaway. This is a one-of-a-kind. I’m serious about being seen in this world and it starts now. Because you are worth it. We exist to empower you to “Show Up” as “You” every day. But we know that is not as easy as it sounds. So, this is why we are compelled to build these personalized events to give you what you need to “Thrive” in life, not just survive anymore. There is no need to feel as if you are stuck behind closed doors anymore. We provide the support, the community of experts and the tools for you to remove the masks, leave the cloaks in the closet, and be “You”—in all your beauty, every day, everywhere, all the time. We are passionate and focused on what we can do to Connect, Influence and Lead every woman and know we all long to belong, and to have a community that accepts and celebrates our identities. We have worked diligently to create an organization for you and all women looking to lead without permission, be the badass leader that you know you are, and gain the courage and confidence through the strong support of our group of women so you can live your best life. We are here to show you how to tap into your greatest power, “You.” You are the only you that has ever been and the only you that will ever be. Be you and be strong, because you are brilliant and the world needs you. All of the members of Lead Up for Women are here to offer you support and sisterhood to leading your best life and the journey starts today. What are you waiting for? Join us. With Gratitude,


Lead Up for Women

November-December 2019


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Didi Wong, Founder and CEO, The Yes Academy


Lead Up for Women

November-December 2019

Yes you can... Multi-faceted entrepreneur and mentor Didi Wong on being the best YOU Speaker. TV producer. Angel investor. Serial entrepreneur. Mother. Wife. When it comes to making a difference, there is not much that Didi Wong cannot—or will not—do. As the founder and CEO of The Yes Academy, Didi travels the world helping fellow entrepreneurs find their mojo, focusing on the tenets of confidence, connections and cash flow. Born in Hong Kong, raised in England and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi and her husband, Michael, also own an interior design company J2D2 Designs, where they have completed full multi-million dollar renovations with the design focus on their signature transitional style and Feng Shui. They are also seasoned real estate investors. In addition, she is active in a myriad of civic and philanthropic affiliations, including the Cedars Sinai Hospital’s Obstetrics Patient and Family Care Council, the president of the All Ladies League Women Economic Forum, Los Angeles Chapter and the president of the Western USA-India Businesses Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to name a few. And do not forget about her best-selling book, Success Breakthroughs, co-authored with Jack Canfield, and her recent TV show “Incase You Didn’t Know with Nick Nanton” that she executive producers with Larry King. So yes, there is really nothing she cannot do. We caught up to Didi to get her insights on what it takes be a successful woman—across the board.

Give us a snapshot of The Yes Academy brand? Our core philosophy is based on three words: confidence, connections, leadupforwomen.com

cashflow. We believe that if you have confidence and self-worth, you will show up anywhere to meet anyone with good energy and a positive flow state. This will help spread the good vibes, which leads to increasing relationship capital, and easy joint ventures and business deals.

Tell us what makes The Yes Academy brand so unique? We are a one-stop shop for any entrepreneur who wants to level up and learn the different aspects in being an entrepreneur: starting a business; perfecting your elevator pitch; perfecting your communication skills; improving your financial literacy; developing a passive income product; perfecting on-camera skills; creating online video marketing videos; getting more stages; perfecting your presentation as a speaker; and how to double your income in half the time. We focus on structure, client acquisition, strategy, networking and credibility.

What type of consumer/client are you targeting? Beginner entrepreneurs in their first one to five years of business. Also, solopreneurs, speakers, authors and experts.

Why do you do what you do? I am not hesitant to say I do it because I am good at what I do and I

get results. I have a God-given talent to lift people up and help them feel confident and win in money, in relationships and in life. Apart from being a heart-centered mentor, I also apply the left brain mentality into growing a business. I love to be of service for my clients. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing them succeed. I truly do this because I feel called to be a messenger of God. My calling is to be a leader, a voice, and an influencer to inspire people everywhere.

What hurdles have you overcome being a woman in business? In the speaking world, where white men dominate, most would see it as a “hurdle” for women, especially women of minority like me. But I think it is easier for me to stand out. I’ve had to audition to get speaking gigs when men did not. I have had to overcome the “having-toprove-myself” conversations that happen between experienced business owners who are much more accomplished then me. I have to show my confidence. I have to speak up and tell it like it is. Most of the time, people admire me for being so bold. If there are naysayers, so be it. My most valuable asset as a woman in business is my business savviness, my portfolio of income streams, my sense of style and my excellent no nonsense communication skills. All of these have helped me overcome being treated like a foreigner or a rookie. If I can be honest, I’ve had much more push back from women in business than men. This is why we have to Lead Up for Women


stick together—why I am so passionate about helping women entrepreneurs.

What do you do to give back? I love to help other people make their dreams come true. I have invested over half a million dollars in the last two years in other people’s companies. I am a Parent Council for Cedars Sinai Hospital in the Obstetrics and Postpartum departments, where I am asked to give advice and visit new mothers and their infants. I am also an Ambassador for The Unstoppable Foundation, bringing resources, relationship capital and funds to raise awareness. As well as a Board Advisor for Destine 4 Greatness Corporation. I help educate and inspire the Long Beach Unified and LA Unified school districts by creating live events or speaking events with sponsorships to help grow awareness. These events teach leadership, life skills and college preparation. In my past, I have done charity events for Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation to raise big money to help empower girls to become confident and happy women. Lastly, I am a star producer of the TV Show “Awakening Giants,” where we travel the world to build houses, give clean water and raise funds for people of Liberia, India, New Zealand, Ecuador, and other countries. There is more to come in Season 2, where I am helping to increase exposure in the subject of Human Trafficking and freedom.

What do you see as some of your biggest opportunities moving ahead? I will be featured in the March 2020 issue of Oprah Magazine as a “Woman Who Means Business.” I also will be speaking at the Women Economic Forum in Egypt, where we are partnering under the Auspices of H.E. Abdelfattah El Sisi President of Egypt. I will be bringing a large tribe of strong female entrepreneurs to join me as I receive the most prestigious award of “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital 2020.” 10 Lead Up for Women

I also will be checking an item off my bucket list by speaking at the “Smart Business” women’s event in Dubai. There, I will have the opportunity to meet and learn about the culture and beliefs of Middle Eastern women.

What is your method to stay connected with other women in business? I use all the communication platforms to stay in touch. Ever since I was nine years old I was sent to the U.K. to boarding school, I have had to write letters to stay in touch. I continue to do so via email, cards and whatsapp.

intellectual kind who taught me organization, structure and manners. Both are very stylish, so I got my sense of fashion from them. They are also people of integrity. Not once have they ever not done what they said they would do. This is how I grew up. I intend to emulate as much as I can in this respect. Since I returned to the workforce three years ago after having my twins (my third and fourth children), I hired my mentor David Meltzer, whom I call my “Ultimate Mentor.” He has taught me a lot about the speaking and coaching industries, as well as the attitude and mindset of

I don’t sweat the small stuff and I speak my truth, even if it may be hard to hear. I also have integrity and mean what I say. Living in the 21st Century allows me to expand to stay in touch via Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Marco Polo, Group Me, YouTube, and others. The good old phone call works, too. I enjoy using Zoom for all my client sessions, but nothing beats showing up at people’s events and meeting them face to face. I travel all over the world to keep myself abreast of other people’s cultures and values, and to express mine. It helps to exchange views and increase the worldliness of women around the globe.

What mentors, sponsors, coaches have played an important role in your success? My parents were definitely influencer’s growing up. They taught me different values. My mother is more of a street smart kind of person and a hustler at heart. She taught me efficiency and business savvy. My father is the

being successful entrepreneur. He has also played a huge role in my success by introducing me to key players in my industry and inviting me to his events, where I networked and met many more extraordinary people. He is someone I can always rely on to give me solid advice. I can’t thank him enough. Most recently, I hired a new coach, Carey Conley, who is a vision expert. She has helped me become laser focused on the lifestyle that I want to have which means to turn down projects that do not serve my vision or opportunities that are time-consuming for me. She has been so helpful in keeping me sane with all that comes my way. Because, I am a “yes” girl and like to say that to every opportunity. I am such a believer in hiring mentors. I like to hire coaches for specific things that I like to work on. I have a personal trainer, a podcast coach, singer/songwriting coaches, a speaking coach and an energy healer. November-December 2019

Everyone needs a mentor/coach, even Olympians and top athletes.

How do you stay current with today’s trends?

Didi Wong with her husband and children

I attend a lot of events in the US. I set my phone with notifications on news channels I like. I take time for social media news from friends to see what’s happening in and around their areas. I love reading magazines to keep up with pop culture and fashion. I keep in touch with my family in Hong Kong to monitor situations in Asia. I talk to other parents and volunteer at my children’s schools to understand and observe pre-school and elementary school cultures. I travel so I can see current trends with my own eyes. I still use my DVR for my favorite house flipping programs so that I can stay on top of my interior design business and real estate. It is all about making time. When I commute, I listen to Kiss FM, AM 1070, podcasts and audible in the car.

What is your growth plan? I’ve been very much a speaker, expert and coach in front of the scenes. I have not explored the online coaching business yet. My growth plan is to give more access to people who may not be able to pay my high ticket coaching prices—the opportunity to still learn from me, through group coaching or watching my videos. I will be spending more time online in 2020. I am also planning to really level up my of social media channels and create a You Tube channel, as well as a podcast. I also intend to invest in bigger, socially conscious film projects.

What's the biggest item on your to-do list right now? I am writing a brand new online course, which I am extremely excited about.

What’s the most rewarding part of your career? Being able to transform lives through my speaking, coaching or simply having touched people with something I did, whether that is posting a photo, leadupforwomen.com

holding a Facebook Live or giving out quick strategy calls that provide advice on what my clients can do to accelerate their businesses. Many come on Zoom with inquires, indecisiveness, sadness or disappointment, and we end the sessions with smiles, excitement and motivation and a clear direction of what to do. That’s very rewarding.

Describe a typical day. A typical weekday begins around 6:30 am when i wake up to make lunchboxes for my children. Then I wake them up. Sometimes, I grab their uniforms and bring it to them, sometimes I send them to get changed by themselves. My twins are still young, so I usually decide on what they wear for pre-school and get them dressed. My husband is usually out the door by 6 a.m., but there are days when he can help me get them ready and drop them off at the schools. Next it is off to the gym or yoga class, and then back to my home office to work or get on calls with clients. Some days I can have calls back-toback till 4 p.m. I try to block time so I

can have at least a 20-minute break for lunch. That is when I treat myself to a little TV to clear my mind. By 4:15pm I set out to pick up the kids, cook dinner and get them ready for the evening. My mind is always going 100 miles a minute, for work or anything we do. There are days when I have my babysitter pick the children up so I can work until 7pm. I usually have the children in bed by 9 p.m., at which time I send a few more emails or clean the house before I call it an evening. I love my sleep and must get 7 hours so I can be productive the next day. On the weekend, I try to dedicate all my time for family unless there are events. My husband and I love our dinner and movie date nights we have almost once every fortnight.

What is your secret to success? I don’t sweat the small stuff and I speak my truth, even if it may be hard to hear. I also have integrity and mean what I say. I see everything with the glass half full, and I have deep faith that my life is in God’s hands. I just have to enjoy it every day. Lead Up for Women


One-on-One with... Didi Wong

Tell us about your family? My Hong Kong family consists of my parents, and my sisters, Coco and Kiki. I am the middle child. Everyone is in Hong Kong, except my older sister, who just moved to Malaysia. We are all entrepreneurs, including my parents. My father, a Senior Counsel Criminal Defense Attorney, is one of the top lawyers in Hong Kong and very respected. He loves to cook, sing and write music. My mother is a housewife who takes care of all things domestic. She is the Queen of the Wong family. My older sister is a principle of a boarding house that takes in foreign students. She creates a boarding school atmosphere so that they can become independent, which is how we were raised. She is married with two daughters age 13 and 11. My younger sister owns a Forensics Consulting firm along with her husband and is an expert in Body Language. She also does backup singing for big pop stars in Hong Kong as a hobby. She does voiceovers and audible books. She is married with two boys, ages 9 and 7. My family consists of my husband, Michael, who is half black, half white. He grew up in New York and Madrid. We have much in common and opposition, which makes us a great couple. He teaches me a lot and I teach him a lot. We have a happy marriage with honest and frequent communication. Our four children include Jean-Pierre, Joliette, Dion and Dior. The latter two are identical girl twins. They are 8, 5 and 4, respectively. All are excelling at school, have strong personalities and give me so much joy every day.

How do you prioritize your health, family, and career? I use my planner to help me prioritize, as I color code all the things I have to do. When I open my monthly view, I get to see blues, blacks, reds and greens. I try to achieve a double page of balance with all colors. If I see not enough black, which is the color I give myself for


Lead Up for Women

me time, I know I am not taking care of myself enough. Red is for family activities. In 2020, I would like to add in more time for meditation, either in the morning or night before bed. I have to constantly be aware of how I may feel. If I feel I have not connected with my husband in a while, I will schedule a babysitter so we can go on a date night. With my career skyrocketing, I have to be very aware of not working too much and being off balanced. The lifestyle that I strive to have is truly to be able to have a completely free schedule to do whatever I want, wherever I want and with whomever I want.

What motivates you every day? My passion for living an accomplished and rich life. Rich in the not just the sense of money, but rich in culture, activities, travel, giving and love. I am blessed to have an inner ambitiousness that is quite consistent. I have that “I can do it” attitude all the time, where I want to live a purposeful and happy life so I wake up every day knowing I achieved that. I also let myself be sad at times. I don’t judge it.

How do you tap into the power of YOU that makes you unique? How has that pushed you forward? This is funny because my father once told me, “You will never make it in America as a foreigner.” It was his

November-December 2019

way of saying, “Come back to Hong Kong where we can take care of you.” But because I am a foreigner, I have found my uniqueness. I am not like anyone else. I love that about me. I love that I am Chinese with a British accent, a J. Lo. butt and wavy hair. I am not a typical thin Asian girl with porcelain skin. I am actually a big fan of organic bronzer so I can look healthy and tanned, which makes outfits look better. I also am unique because in the speaking industry there aren’t many Asian women, let alone Asian women speaking their minds. I stick out like a sore thumb. This has pushed me to want to become one of the top Asian female speakers in the world. I want to think bigger than big, and go for the gold. I keep pushing my limits because I know I can be an example for upcoming generations of young women who want to become speakers, authors or experts and use their voices to deliver powerful messages..

a team to success has great motivational traits, where they have strategy and vision and faith in the team. Consistency and discipline are traits of any leader that I admire.

How are you mentoring/sponsoring others? I mentor clients by listening and being sympathetic to their situation. I lead with the heart first, and then tap in with my methods and strategies. I believe a lot of my mentoring is to be able to pick out the positive traits of my clients and use them to increase their confidence. I also like to give tough love. In cases where I hear too much self-sabotage, I wake them up and make them believe more in themselves. I am a very natural connector and see how to link people to the right people. I also love to teach organization, and make sure they are achieving what they want in an accelerated time frame, hence my signature mentorship, “Double Your Money in Half the Time!”

Who inspires you?

What book are you reading now?

Since I was 15 years old, I have been inspired by Jennifer Lopez. I admire her drive, her talent and her longevity of a successful career, her maintaining at being at the top of her game and her being successful in so many endeavors. And let’s not forget the huge empire she has created. She is still looking good at age 50, even finding new romance. I know it is not the usual answer like Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama, though they are very inspirational, too. But, I have followed Jennifer Lopez for years and years and she still inspires me to this day. I also am very inspired by my ultimate mentor, David Meltzer.

“There’s No Plan B For Your A Game” by Bo Eason

What inspires you?

As soon as the thought of having to do something enters your mind, do it right then and there. Don’t leave it for later. Do it now. This was taught to me by my father.

Music, lyrics, movies, TV shows, books, magazines and podcasts, and people—anything that has a story. I am a huge movie analyzer. I love to dissect the scenes and the message, the acting and the sets. If you ask me my favorite past time, I would say binge watching shows and watching movies.

What’s the best thing a consumer/client ever said to you? “I want to be like you.” “If it wasn’t for you, I would never be confident enough to ask for this amount for my coaching.”

What are your strongest traits as a leader? What traits of other leaders inspire you? My strongest trait is to communicate articulately with honesty. I am also very good at delegating and not trying to do everything by myself. I think any leader who can lead


What are your favorite hobbies? Singing, yoga, working out, watching TV series, movies and organizing the house—purging.

How do you like to spend your down time? I am a huge massage lover. I often just pop into get a reflexology or get a massage while I get my manicure and pedicure done. I also love to travel, even if it is a staycation, home away from home. I also love to shop.

What was the best advice you ever received?

What does “Lead Up” mean to you? It means stepping up to the plate in either lifting yourself up or lifting other people’s lives up. By leading yourself up, taking action and seeing results, other people will be inspired to follow your footsteps. We are all here to help others. Think about all the jobs and positions out there, they are all designed to help another human being—be it a cashier to help you purchase something, a pilot who can help steer the plane to where you want to go, or a teacher who steps in front of the class to help educate. Leading yourself up is the prime example of “Lead Up,” which helps show others that if you can do it, they can do, too. It’s a very powerful two words that has deep meaning.

Lead Up for Women



The weather outside was frightful—the conversations inside were delightful


t was a snowy day in Denver the day we arrived, but that didn’t stop our attendees from navigating their way to the rustic and warm Rhein Haus. Lead Up for Women welcomed Becky Easton, Easton Law & Arbonne Independent Consultant; Lora Polowczuk, Chief Energy Officer and Journey Guide at Priority Retreats International; Careyann Golliver, Franchise Matchmaker and Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO, Social Media Strategist & Executive Director, The Red Carpet Connection & Sponsorship Agency to share their experience and teach how business and personal success is possible for all women, including YOU. Becky shared that what you see on the surface is not always what is happening behind closed doors. She was

14 Lead Up for Women

November-December 2019

vulnerable in sharing that we all fight “demons” and that it is okay to not be okay some days. “The best thing you can do is find a community of people that support you and are your tribe,'' she said. She supports our Lead Up community and serves as an Ambassador on our board, even as an introvert. She said that introverts need a tribe—if you are an introvert, find your people. Lora shared her deepest fears at a child with the loss of her father at 11 and her best friend when she was 13. Succumbed by depression and suicidal thoughts, it was a very dark time for her. Lora also shared some of her biggest life lessons, including how she learned to appreciate life. For example, on the 10th anniversary of her father’s death, she decided it was time to start living for real. Even during this time that she was “living,” she found herself burnt out in a job, not once, but on three different occasions. She recommended taking responsibility for your choices and to choose to live the life you desire, not only for your health, but for your mental happiness. Our third panelist, Careyann, shared stories from Corporate America, where she said she was often flirted with and very unhappy. One day, the family built a handyman business from the ground up in her sister’s basement, which they decided to franchise. The multimillion dollar business was recently acquired by Ace Hardware. Careyann did not always have success working with family—it has been a learning process. She was the salesman for their family business, honing her skills of finding diamond in the rough franchisee candidates. This is where she found her purpose and passion as a women in business. She decided to launch her own business as the current Franchise Matchmaker. Andrea Adams-Miller shared her connection with the keep smiling movement, sharing how each of us can spread more love and joy by simply smiling at others. Be on the lookout for Lead Up for Women’s very own “Keep Smiling” leadupforwomen.com

book filled with women from our events and others like you who live an empowered life. You can find out more by visiting their website. www.thekeepsmilingmovement.com. Remember to make your choices, celebrate your wins in life, hone in on your skills that make you unique and lead your life without asking permission. Your journey is on your terms. And we are here to support you and be your tribe. To become a Member of Lead Up for Women or join any future events, visit our website www.leadupforwomen.com. As a community, we are here to support

you in that journey so you too can tap into your greatest super power—YOU— and start leading your best life.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Lead Up for Women



The ladies of Los Angeles brought the POWER


os Angeles was the last stop on Lead Up for Women's 10-luncheon tour of the US in 2019. We were blessed to have gathered in the beautiful conference room of the Callison RTKL office for this sold out event. Lead Up for Women welcomed Diane "V" Capaldi – The Paleo Boss Lady; Jacqueline Tapia, Attorney at Law, Tapia & Valenzuela, LLP, and Lifestyle Creation Coach and Arbonne Independent Consultant; Meredith Allan, CEO, Drive Marketing and host of The Meredith Show; and Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO, Social Media Strategist and Executive Director, The Red Carpet Connection & Sponsorship Agency. V started off the panel discussions by sharing her story of being helpless in a wheelchair suffering with MS. Twenty years later, she may be potentially the most healed person in the world using only diet. She does

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November-December 2019

not take medication, does not see any doctors and has reversed the effects of MS on her body by healing herself. Today, she is a 5-star rated chef, TedX speaker, and entrepreneur of a dozen startup companies with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Her message was to find your tribe, listen to your body, and avoid western medicine. We love V and are so blessed to have her joining us as our personal chef for all of our Sanctuary’s around the Nation in 2020. Jacqueline, aka Jackie, fought through her tears as she shared her gratitude for meeting V and having the opportunity to now have the opportunity to heal herself and her MS. Their paths had never crossed before the luncheon. It was a very powerful moment. Serving as a litigator and attorney, she said that life no longer served her. She wanted to find a different industry. She knew this was where she belonged and has thrived ever since. Her goal is to bankrupt hate, which she does daily through her coaching, weekly free webinars and bringing community together to love and be happy. Meredith shared stories about her 20 year career at Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the list goes on. She was determined to retire Oprah and Barbara Walters someday, and that someday never came. Instead, she started to recognize a theme in the news: death, destruction and darkness. It started wear on her soul. Ignoring advice from family and friends, she packed up her belongings and moved to Los Angeles, where she wanted to start Meredith’s life. She is

thrilled with her choice, which has given her the life of her dreams. Her advice and message: get clear on your story because it has magic and grace in it. Andrea Adams-Miller shared a story about how her Aunt never smiled when she was growing up because she was embarrassed of her smile. Today, it makes Andrea proud of this wonderful community—one that supports the beauty and joy of simply smiling. She shared how the “Keep Smiling” movement can spread more love and joy simply smiling at others. Be on the lookout for Lead Up for Women’s very own “Keep Smiling” book filled with women from

our events and others like you who live an empowered life. You can find out more by visiting their website. www.thekeepsmilingmovement.com. Remember to make your choices, celebrate your wins in life, hone in on your skills that make you unique and lead your life without asking permission. Your journey is on your terms. And we are here to support you and be your tribe. To become a Member of Lead Up for Women or join any future events, visit our website www.leadupforwomen.com. As a community, we are here to support you in that journey so you too can tap into your greatest super power—YOU— and start leading your best life.

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The Unplanned and Unexpected

How an IT business leader is navigating her company and family through loss

By Megan Redzia, 3E Public Relations

Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt

Life is a series of unplanned and unexpected events. For Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, CEO of TechWerxe, these curveballs have helped shaped her career path and personal life, while encouraging her to tackle anything that comes her way. This year, Sejal faced the most challenging hardship of her life—the sudden and unexpected death of her husband and business partner, Tejas Bhatt. The mother of two boys ages 8 and 10 was faced with restructuring her information technology and cybersecurity support firm while coping with grief. “No part of this journey has been easy, but I’m taking it one day at a time and leaning on my support system for help,” Sejal says. “I’ve always believed in the importance of raising your hand when you can’t do something alone, but the loss of Tejas has showed me the power of surrounding yourself with a group of friends, colleagues and confidants you can rely on.” In addition to running a business alone in a male-dominated industry, Sejal’s background is not in information technology. While her husband spent his entire career in IT and exceled in the technological aspects of the business, Sejal’s strengths are in operations, sales and marketing. “Women are fierce and we can overcome obstacles, but it was 18 Lead Up for Women

never my plan to operate an IT company at all, let alone by myself,” she says. “I inherited entrepreneurial strengths from my father and gained operational leadership skills in my early career that are allowing me to keep TechWerxe on its growth path.”

Taking Career Leaps of Faith A first-generation American, Sejal was born and raised in Queens, New York in a close-knit family. Her father owned a mechanical and electrical engineering company, so she grew up recognizing the flexibility that being an entrepreneur provided someone with a family, as well as the hard work being a business owner required. These observations played a big part in her future career decisions. Sejal graduated from the University of New York at Buffalo with a major in legal studies and economics, and a minor in dance. Her plan was to attend law school, but recognizing getting married and having children was her No. 1 priority, she decided to dive right into the working world. She spent a few years in the entertainment industry with USA Cable and BMG, but took some time off for community service work in India. There, she received a call from a recruiter about a temp position with Merrill Lynch. Without any prior experience in financial services, Sejal took the leap. Her boss was only a couple of years older than her and a superstar in the company. November-December 2019

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“My career journey was definitely shaped by having a woman who encouraged me and pushed me to my limits as my first mentor,” Sejal says. “We were young and surrounded by male leaders, but she showed me that the glass ceiling only exists if you allow it to.” Sejal passed her Series 7 exam in only six weeks and spent the next 12 years working for global financial firms in various positions, including the trading floor and project management roles living in cities such as London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. It was during her time in the financial industry that she met and married the love of her life, had two sons, and helped Tejas start an information technology company called TechWerxe. “Tejas recognized a gap in the quality of IT services smalland medium-sized business need and what they can afford,” Sejal says. “He wanted to provide a cost-effective and personalized approach to IT and I supported his passion. So in the midst of a recession and me pregnant with our second child, we took a big risk and started our own business.” TechWerxe began acquiring clients as Sejal was becoming more frustrated with the time her career took away from her family. In 2012, she made a split-second decision to quit her high-profile finance job to be with her children and catch up on the things she never had time for— yoga, lunch with friends, shopping and charity work. It only took three months until the itch to work again hit her, so she began consulting for TechWerxe. Like many inspiring women business leaders, Sejal did not do well staying within only one lane of the business. Within two years, she had completely taken over operations, sales and marketing, and spearheaded the restructuring of the company. Finding their competitors focused on reactive IT support, Sejal and Tejas built a proactive model that emphasizes discovering 20 Lead Up for Women

and addressing issues before they become a problem. “We became fire prevention for our clients rather than firefighters,” Sejal says. “We invested in the right infrastructure to support this model and measured our success based on lack of help desk tickets. If a client needs to call our help desk with an emergency, then we aren’t doing our jobs right.”

“My career journey was definitely shaped by having a woman who encouraged me and pushed me to my limits as my first mentor.” Sejal and Tejas spent seven years building TechWerxe, which was on track to become a $10 million company with at least one acquisition by 2025 when Tejas lost his life to a heart attack at 39 years old in February 2019. Over the past nine months, Sejal has focused on shaping the future of the company under her sole leadership, while being the glue that holds her family together.

Perseverance and Personal Relationships Sejal has dissected all aspects of TechWerxe to better understand Tejas’ technical vision, analyze knowledge gaps and determine what changes

needed to be made to move the company forward. A process that is taking her countless hours and days, Sejal continues to lead TechWerxe through this time with the help of trusted business and personal relationships she made over time. “When I left my career in the corporate world, I knew I needed to build a center of influence, but it took me a while to figure out how to do that,” she says. “I went to every networking meeting in my area and didn’t eat a meal alone for two years until I realized I didn’t need to know everyone, just the right people that could inspire me and that I could go to for help. When Tejas passed away, everyone in my circle jumped in wherever they could—from driving my kids to soccer practice to recruiting talented experts to fill voids in my company. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for women in business to surround themselves with people they trust.” Sejal made tough decisions this year that resulted in a strategic revenue decrease, including pausing sales and putting a hold on one service TechWerxe provided. Figuring out how to continue best serving the roster of clients, TechWerxe has built strong relationships with over the years was most important to her. Sejal persevered and was able to grow her leadership staff and invest in a new infrastructure to keep TechWerxe ahead of the technology curve. “Giving up was never an option,” Sejal says. “My husband and I started this company together, and I want to stay on course to achieve our strategic goals because this is foundation we built to provide for our family. It is what I love doing. I also want to show my sons the strength and grit women can have in the face of adversity.” Sejal also remains committed to leading up in her community through her roles on the Board of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Connect 4 Business Exchange (C4BX), and the Metro YMCA of the Oranges. Sejal is part of November-December 2019

several Mastermind groups, is an avid supporter of St. Jude’s, and works with organizations that support victims of Human Trafficking.

Sharing Her Story About 700,000 women become widowed each year, and Sejal wants to help them move forward through her experience. Since Tejas passed away, Sejal has shared her story at numerous women in leadership conferences and events. She wants women to learn not only from her triumphs, but also her mistakes. “I owned 70% of TechWerxe before my husband’s death and there was still so much I didn’t know about the aspects of the business he ran,” she says. “The same holds true with some of our personal matters and finances. I want all women to understand that they can


leave no rock unturned at work and at home. This includes even the smallest of details such as Wi-Fi passwords and agreements with service providers.” As Sejal pushes boundaries to recover from her family’s loss, her leadership and determination have been recognized. Sejal recently received a “Leadership Excellence Award” from Citrin Cooperman for her accomplishments as a business leader and her impact within the community. She was also awarded a “Women Empowerment Felicitation” from the Corporate Diwali for her devotion to women empowerment and outstanding merit in community leadership, and was nominated for the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program. “My career and personal experiences are proof that you never know

what will come your way in life,” Sejal says. “When you are faced with unexpected changes or obstacles, just know that every decision you make is correct, and you can always change that decision if you don’t like the outcome.”

TechWerxe 184 S Livingston Ave Suite 9-258 Livingston, NJ 07039 Email: slakhani@techwerxe.com Phone: 973-577-4548 Follow us: Facebook.com/TechWerxe Twitter.com/TechWerxe Linkedin.com/company/TechWerxe/ Learn more: https://techwerxe.com/

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Rosendin’s Stephanie Roldan on building opportunities for women in construction Women make up 9.1% of the construction industry in the United States. One of these women, Rosendin’s Stephanie Roldan, is committed to increasing this number and helping the industry be more inclusive toward women. Roldan’s involvement in the electrical construction industry began nearly 20 years ago as a journeyman apprentice, rising quickly through the ranks to her final field position as a foreman. She joined Rosendin, the nation’s largest employee owned electrical contracting company, in 2004 as an Assistant Project Manager and was assigned to a complex, highly visible project at a large semiconductor manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona. him that I thought this new style was The unique demands of this going to be the future of construction, project became the foundation of and that I could bring something to the Stephanie’s working knowledge of table to help individuals the processes and best perform and bring our practices for successful teams together.” construction management. Stephanie’s initiative The success of this project led to her promotion was in part based on to project manager for the development of her other projects, where she leadership skills. “On this semiconsuccessfully managed ductor project, we had multiple electrical base begun transitioning to a build and conversion Stephanie Roldan different style of construcprojects. In this elevated tion management, one role, she established capable and efficient that integrated project project teams and mentored many delivery and was more collaborative,” others who also now find themselves Stephanie says. “I decided to go to the in leadership roles. CEO of the company at the time to tell


Lead Up for Women

By Erica Fetherston

Stephanie is currently serving Rosendin as the Corporate Lean Manager, where she trains and educates teams on the value of Lean construction. She also teaches about personal and professional growth. She has been influential in aligning the training department, Quality department and Lean department with a focus on delivering results through continuous improvement. Mentee becomes mentor When Stephanie first interviewed for a position with Rosendin, there was one man, Mike Greenawalt, on the interview committee. She remembers him asking her, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Without hesitation, she said, “Sitting in your seat.” Greenawalt ended up being Stephanie’s mentor. Today, as both of their careers have progressed, Stephanie says they have maintained their mentor-mentee relationship, but that Stephanie now offers advice and support to her colleague as well. “Having mentors in this industry can be very helpful to your individual success,” Stephanie says. “Mike’s input at the start of my career was invaluable. Now, as we have both progressed in our careers, our roles reverse sometimes as he comes to me for my opinion where I now have specialized expertise that he values.” Early in her career, Stephanie had more limited options in terms of pursuing female mentors, but that women should be open to mentorships with men as well as women. “For women in my company who are looking for mentors, I let them know that they need supportive male mentors as well as female mentors,” she says. “Part of my role in that process has been November-December 2019

to help them figure out the different voices and personalities of potential mentors to help create a positive match and relationship.” Stephanie advises that women in the construction industry or looking at pursuing a career in construction find allies and advocates. “No matter what, it’s going to be tough,” she says. “If you have people helping you and supporting you, no matter their gender, it will make it easier.”

Opportunity for women in construction Currently, the construction industry as a whole is facing a massive labor shortage problem. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates nearly 60% of US jobs will be related to construction in the next decade, yet there is a shortage of qualified workers. “Women can play a huge role in alleviating the skilled labor shortage in our industry, as we make up 50% of the population and only make up 1.4% of the production, transportation and material moving occupations,” Stephanie says. “There is a huge opportunity there for women, if they are interested, and if we are willing to create opportunities for them to join the construction industry.” For example, Rosendin is actively recruiting and supporting efforts to provide pre-apprenticeship and internship opportunities to women. This year, Rosendin’s internship program welcomed its largest class to date with 48% of the students being women. To support current female employees, Rosendin also recognized the need to create Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which Stephanie helped start. The ERGs enable women to discuss their challenges and create mentoring relationships as they grow in the industry. The ERGs are locally based to address the culture and needs of the women in the area they work. leadupforwomen.com

Even though women currently make up a small fraction of the construction industry, they can earn identical wages to their male counterparts. According to the National Association of Women in Construction, women in the industry earn on average 95.7% of what men make. “I’m a union electrician by trade and when I worked in the field, I earned 100 percent of what my male peers earned because of the collective bargaining agreements that represented the full membership body,” Stephanie says.

Despite these advances, there are still some institutional barriers that Stephanie and others in the industry are working to overcome and eliminate. One of the biggest barriers to a woman’s success in the construction industry is unconscious bias. “Unconscious bias is a systemic problem and its starts earlier than when a young woman decides on what she would like to study post high school,” Stephanie says. “It starts when we say things like ‘that’s for

boys or that’s for girls,’ or ‘girls aren’t good at math’ or ‘boys are stronger than girls.’ Rosendin is therefore focused on training individuals and their teams on discovering their talents and strengths and how those factors guide an individual’s placement and success at our company.”

Leading authentically Stephanie says that one of the most important traits of a leader is authenticity, but it can sometimes be difficult to “lead authentically.” “One of my talents is self-assurance, which means I’m naturally confident, but earlier in my career I thought I had to follow a different model and lead a different way to rise through the ranks,” she says. “In the last few years, I’ve found that I can lead more authentically because I am the first person to hold the position that I am currently in, meaning that I get to pave the way for how this title would look. This mindset has given me more freedom in the way that I decide to lead and has helped me to more effectively help others in my company.” To Stephanie, when leaders are open to lead authentically, people will come to work every single day engaged in their work, believing that their work matters, and that they belong. “I don’t know if we give people the permission to lead authentically in our industry,” she says. “We cannot expect all leaders to lead in the same way, and we need to be open to honoring the different styles of leadership that women may bring." Stephanie often sees people struggle with the decision to attempt to do something different but are met with resistance from current systems. "We need to be open to more diversity in order to capitalize on the unique talents and strengths this diversity will provide.”

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How Divorce Empowered Me to take the Leap By Wendy Sterling

Every generation has their own “remember what we were doing when” moment. It might be based upon historical events, like when the Challenger exploded. But for most of us, these moments are based on family. It could be a wedding, a tragedy or even a 50th birthday celebration for your mom. For me, that defining moment happened at the age of 40, when I found out my husband of 15 years was having an affair. I did not know it at the time, but it was the day my life truly began. Growing up in San Francisco as the first generation in my family born in the United States, there was an expectation for me and my sister to 24 Lead Up for Women

live the American dream. That included getting a college degree, and marrying a doctor or lawyer. Funny thing, my sister married the doctor, I

married the lawyer. Nonetheless, it was my grandparents dream and, in turn my parents, to see me live my potential as a wife, businesswoman and mother. To have my identity defined by my relationship with someone else. Don’t get me wrong—I love my parents and I am extremely close with them. They did the best they could and only wanted incredible opportunities for my sister and me. But that came November-December 2019

with a defined role I felt obligated to live up to and fit in to. What role was that? One who obeyed, went with the majority and never challenged authority. Girls were expected to dress a certain way, be accommodating and nurturing. On the flip side, boys were allowed to be strong, aggressive and bold. Whether the gender stereotype is about personality, domestic behavior or physical appearance, it did not allow girls or boys to fully express their true selves and emotions. I was discouraged to be independent and assertive—or heaven forbid—have a different opinion than my parents. Like many of you, I grew up learning a pattern I brought into my adult life. And most of the issues I have had in my adult life emerged from childhood behaviors and experiences. It was not always sunshine and roses at home, school or with friends. While I have many happy memories and felt so much love, I also have just as many wounds. I remember the deepest cuts the most. All of those pictures in my mind left an imprint that I brought into my marriage. My early lessons in life and love were healthy and positive, but I remember always thinking there were strings attached. And all of this was brought into my marriage. In order to receive love and be seen, I had to be and act a certain way. I learned to be a pleaser and an avoider. As a child, I was taught to put the needs of others ahead of my own, regardless of the impact. I was extremely well behaved, tried to keep the peace and strived to be good. Well, most of the time. I was encouraged to repress my feelings and needs. As a result, I never learned what I truly felt or desired. I could not separate my own thoughts from somebody else’s. In my marriage, I was part of a couple, so the lens I saw life through was based on an “us” versus “me.” What he felt, I felt. What he wanted, I wanted. It was never the other way around. I never came first. I never thought I could. leadupforwomen.com

I had to take a hard look at my strengths and weaknesses, own them and apologize for my mistakes. It sounds hard, I know. But trust me when I say it was harder and more painful to remain passive. While it was terrifying to think about asserting my voice and identity, I knew I had to learn to do so. But I did not know where or how to start. Until that day when I was smacked in the face with my husband’s infidelity.

A hunch gone wrong At first it was a hunch. Something did not feel right. And after a really hard workout class, suddenly that voice

One day I was looking into my bathroom mirror staring at the woman in front of me. I had no idea who she was.

But that was then and this is now. As an adult, I not only learned I have choices, I have a voice. And it is louder than it has ever been. Let me be clear— it was not an easy road to maneuver. Imagine going from being numb and deaf, to suddenly feeling and hearing for the first time. With awareness and growth comes challenge. It calls for vulnerability. It means owning “my side of the street” and recognizing destructive childhood patterns. It means admitting I brought it all into my marriage.

inside—my intuition—was screaming at me. You are not wrong, Wendy. Go digging. Little did I know I opened Pandora’s box. Even to this day, I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing and how it happened. It was early afternoon, the kids were due home from school in an hour and I was in our bedroom, searching on his iPad. And there it all was—emails, text messages and pictures. My heart sunk to the floor as I fell down onto the rug, crying a Lead Up for Women



puddle of tears. I began to scream, wishing I was wrong, hoping it was a dream. But it was not. For the first time in my life, I heard my inner voice and listened to it. It was guiding me down a path I could not see, but felt in my soul was destiny. I was so scared, ashamed and angry. My first thought were my kids. What will I say? How will I tell them? What will this do to them? The future I envisioned for our family and me suddenly flashed in front of eyes and disappeared. The foundation of the life I worked so hard to create was gone forever. And so was my husband. I sunk into a deep depression and life suddenly became a lot heavier. Just waking up felt impossible. But I had two boys depending on me since I kicked their father out. They were my reason why. Why I had to get out of bed; why I had to go to work; why I had to put on a happy face, and why I was so sad. After all, this was not the life I wished for or asked for. And that was the problem. For my entire life, including my marriage, not once did I say what I wanted or felt. Was this life my choice or what I believed was the best choice? I silenced myself over the 20 years we were together. It was my time to speak up—to learn how to use the voice I was given and buried alive. Where do I start, I wondered. How do I do this? Every night I began reading a new book, a new blog, anything that I thought would help me. I was already in therapy, but it was not moving me through the pain fast enough. I needed more help—something I was never good at asking for. I was afraid I would be seen as weak. Or that he destroyed me. In the past, I always figured it out. But I knew deep down this was the one time I could not afford to do this alone. One day I was looking into my bathroom mirror staring at the woman in front of me. I had no idea who she was. I saw a shell of a person I once knew. I was someone who lost her way, got off her path, lost faith and 26 Lead Up for Women

November-December 2019

happiness in herself and wanted more in life. Where did she go? When did she lose herself along the way? What happened to her voice? I was overwhelmed with sadness and shame. Looking at myself under a microscope this way felt so awful; yet at the same time it was exactly what I needed to do. Every step, every decision led me to that moment. I already shed more tears than I knew possible and sleeping was now a luxury. Then one night when I was scrolling through Facebook, I stopped and read a post from a friend that piqued my interest. Something inside of me tingled and told me to reach out. I immediately messaged her and asked if we could talk. Three hours and lots of tears, laughter and coaching later, we hung up the phone. Little did I know my entire life was about to change. That night, I immediately registered for the same coaching program, which was scheduled to start in two weeks. I was so excited, yet completely terrified of the unknown. What had I just agreed to? What did this mean? After all, I was at the height of an 18 year career as a top-level advertising sales executive in the digital space, at the world’s most progressive social and lifestyle website brands (including Who What Wear and Refinery29). But how would this, if at all, help me heal the gaping wound in my heart? Pretending to be happy was exhausting, and everything I tried, including faking it, never worked. But there was something pulling me toward these classes—something inside my body propelled me to take the plunge and try it. I never listened to my gut before— and suddenly here I was spending thousands of dollars on classes hoping to learn something. For the first time in a long while I felt rejuvenated by the mystery ahead. Pulling into the empty parking lot of the Courtyard Marriott was nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time. I did not know what to expect, who I would meet or how I leadupforwomen.com

would feel. I almost turned around, but pushed myself to give it a try. I walked into the basement conference room, which was cold, had no windows and 25 hotel chairs arranged in a circle in the center of the room. People were mingling about, introducing themselves to one another and making coffee or tea. It was a room of complete strangers, yet somehow I knew they would be my lifeline for year ahead. I sat down and let go of trying to control what was going to happen. I surrendered. Thank goodness because I learned not only how to be a life coach, but also a client so I used

to me, what I liked and, most importantly, the parts of me I never wanted to be again. The universe needed to kick me in the ass to wake up and see there was a larger, better plan I had ignored for far too long. And it took my husband cheating on me to see it—to see the silver lining that my divorce was a gift. The gift of empowerment, finding my voice and using it to define who I am. Seeing the lessons in everything, without fear, without shame and without judgement. Because it is not about who I would be if I were still married. It is about who I would not be.

The universe needed to kick me in the ass to wake up and see there was a larger, better plan I had ignored for far too long. my marital struggles as a topic with my classmates. I allowed myself to be vulnerable. About my childhood, my marriage, everything. For the first time, I admitted dark thoughts and emotions to complete strangers. The ones I hid from my closest family and friends. Those thoughts I only admitted to myself. The tears I shed in private. I finally figured out how to let myself be seen, discover what I hid for so many decades and get a glimpse of who I wanted to become. Who I had buried inside me. She was asking to be freed. And I finally learned how to release her and learn to soar—on my own. I had to keep trying, knowing the outcome was unpredictable. That I might fall the first few times. Falling does not mean failure. It means learning what not to do again. And through that learning comes knowledge and growth. I learned so much. I learned what I wanted and what I would not tolerate. I learned what was important

She is an incredibly strong, passionate and driven woman. The greatest role model to my children. Someone who unapologetically left her Corporate America career, divorced her husband and followed her heart to become a Divorce Recovery Specialist and invite women to The Divorce Rehab™ program. Through her proven, one-of-a-kind process, she helps women move from fear and shame by ending their pity party and mourning the loss of their marriage to creating a new foundation for a better life for themselves. Just like she did.

Divorce Recovery Specialist and Founder of The Divorce Rehab™ Contact Info: wendy@wendysterling.net Facebook: @wendy.sterling.7 Website: www.wendysterling.net

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Follow your crazy These days, I have found that following my crazy provides me with the best creativity and authenticity to my truth that myself can muster. As a child, I viewed myself as a keeper of ideas, thoughts and dreams that might resonate with poets, gypsies, mystics and far-away native cultures. I had a fascination with nature, its complexity and brilliance, and how it relates to us as human beings. I could feel the energy between people and even places or objects. It was obvious to me that the beauty in this life was beyond anything that I could ever fathom, but that these complexities are there for me and others, to question how and why, to link us with the answers that we need to flourish life. As I grew older, I was burdened with society’s views of normalcy and acceptance. I found that the curiosities I had as a child were looked upon as unconventional, eccentric and even sometimes crazy. I turned my back on those childhood fascinations, which fueled my creativity, imagination and my soul. I let society instruct me on what to base my faith upon, what economic status I should strive to attain, and what profession may be appropriate to get me there. I turned my back on my child-self, her creativity and those outlandish concepts that interested me to attain a certain social status and gain acceptance of everyone, except myself. There, I said it… Sound crazy? Perhaps… I soon found that gaining others’ acceptance did not enable my own spirit to flourish. It was not long before my child-self began to play again, beckoning me to join her. She danced within my mind, reminding me of all of the eccentric fascinations that I had as a child. She twirled in happiness and glee as I indulged her curiosities and dared me to see what I could create and just how far my creations may take me. She teased—how would I ever know, if I did not believe? 28

Lead Up for Women

As I continue to let my creativity fly, I find that those inhibitions and fear of what others may think are loosening their grip.

By Kate Pittman

I have been transformed by my child-self’s recaptured “crazy” curiosity. And as I continue to let my creativity fly, I find that those inhibitions and fear of what others may think are loosening their grip. I find myself digging into those questions and possibilities with vigor, rather than sitting on the sidelines where, before, I may have felt safe. I have found that my intuition has increased, and the magnetism of my moral compass has gained strength, a power that can only be felt within my own bones and body. I have a deeper understanding of other cultures and beliefs, I am more open to accepting the unexplainable, and I have much more love for the world and its people as a whole. I have found that my curiosities have given birth to writings, ideas and an imagination that others seem to be also drawn to and fascinated by. Because I have the courage to say what is within my heart and the compassion to listen, my vocabulary, my message and my life has become more vibrant and fuller of ideas. Following my crazy has enabled my heart to sing and to connect with others in a way that I had never been able to do. Following my crazy has, is and will continue to allow my soul to fully experience this human existence and see the beauty that it provides. I appreciate your reading. If what I say inspires you, please read my online blogs to keep me motivated in delivering inspirational messages to maximize your joy in life. Thank you.

Contact Information: Kate Pittman Website: www.amensista.com Email: K8pittman@gmail.com

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Successful Franchise Matching

Find Your Perfect Franchise Careyann Golliver is known as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™. Her greatest passion is people to take the leap into franchising. Her passion began from helping grow her local family handyman business to the top-rated national franchise in the industry. The franchise family business became so successful that in 2019 it was acquired by the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the world-Ace Hardware Corporation. Careyann and Franchise Logic has mastered a process that not only helps people find their perfect franchise match but allows for an abundance of possibilities.

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Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for in your life every morning. After you have written them down, re-read them as say, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” after each one. Truly feel how thankful you are for each blessing.

2. 3.

It works like magic



Count your blessings

The Magic Rock



Magic dust for everyone

Gratitude is a powerful energy, so whomever you direct it toward, that is where it goes. Use gratitude’s magic dust to sprinkle everyone throughout the day so you can direct your powerful gratitude on them.

30 Lead Up for Women

Have magic in your health

Health is a gift of life. It is something you receive and continue to receive each day. Be thankful for your health by writing, “The Gift of Health is Keeping me Alive,” on an index card, and keeping it where you can see it and read it several times a day.

Gratitude yourself out of negativity


Be grateful for those that made a difference in your life

Fill your morning with gratitude

The easiest way to have a gratitude filled day is to start it off by saying “Thank you” for all of the little things you enjoy. Say it when you step out of bed in the morning because you have a home with a floor. Say it for running water when you are brushing your teeth. How many things can you be thankful for first thing in the morning?

It is only with gratitude that life becomes rich. Gratitude is riches and complaints are poverty. Take every bill you receive online and forward to your email with the subject line, “Thank You for the Money.” Have gratitude for the bills that you will have the money to pay for them, even before you have it.


Find a small rock or object and place it by your bedside. Each night before you go to sleep, hold the object in your hands and think of your favorite thing that happened that day. Say the magic word “Thank you” for that thing before going to sleep.

To bring success to your business or work, make a note of all of the wonderful things you are thankful for today. Write them down, set them on your desk and read them often.

Be a money magnet


If we are not grateful for everything in our lives, we are unintentionally taking those things for granted. Taking things for granted is a major sign of negativity. Choose one problem or negative situation. List 10 things you are grateful for in that situation. After you have written each one down, finish by saying, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the perfect resolution.”

Think of two people who have made a difference in your life over the past five years. Write down their names and write 10 things you are thankful for that they did to change your life. If you are able, say them out loud (as if you are talking to them) and really feel the passion behind how thankful you are.

Dreams do come true

Hundreds of native cultures through the centuries have traditionally given thanks for what they want before they receive it. The law of attraction states, “Like attracts like.” To attract your desires, you must feel as if you already have what you want. The easiest way to do this is to be thankful for having what you want before you have it.

November-December 2019

THIS IS NOT YOUR ORDINARY GET-AWAY! This is a one-of-a-kind, I’m serious about being seen in this world and it starts NOW kind of get-away! Because you are WORTH IT!

Be You Be Strong is an Elite Sanctuary for Women that have a burning desire to lead their lives without asking permission of others. This Powerful supported gathering is designed to foster your unique personal story, and individual clarity and growth; all while nurturing the discovery of YOU and your personal brand. Perks of this Sanctuary • 5 star accommodations in a luxury mansion • Entertainment, Great Conversations, and Deep Connections with 19 other ladies • Healthy food prepared by our personal Chef V Capaldi-The Paleo Boss Lady • Daily yoga, meditation, journaling and self love! • Half day field trip to give back in the community to women that need our power • Live for 3 days under one roof while being pampered with great food, self care, massages, and much much more. • 4-week Accountability Coaching w/ Colleen & all attendees following the event • But, you have to Show Up to be seen...


Apply today, only 20 women will be chosen for each Sanctuary Your application will be used for the sanctuary you note on the application.


The Women’s Series The Women’s Series The Women’s Series

Internet Radio Shows & Corporate Podcasts For Today’s Empowered Women

Internet Radio Shows & Corporate Podcasts For Today’s Empowered Women

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