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TRENDING OUT CCR: What's the biggest thing on your to-do list today? Marilyn Brennan, Egan Sign: My list includes increasing our business development opportunities. I want to also get more ingrained in our industry to develop better relationships with both vendors and prospects. Other things on my to-do list include adding salespeople to my salesforce to help grow our existing client base and keep existing relationships strong.

Ron Bidinost, Bubbakoo’s Burritos: Okay. Since we are a new brand (10 years old), we are continuing our franchising, which started about two years ago. We currently have 30 locations signed and will be opening the 24th location in a week, so what we’re doing is building our team based around the growth that we potentially will have. We grew eight locations last year and we’re going to add eight more this year. That’s 16 in two years, which is fairly substantial since we started with just 10 a year ago. They were all company-sourced.

We want that interaction. We want to know what’s going on. So from a design perspective, it changes the whole gamut of how you lay out a store. – David Thompson, Superior Sandwiches

So our to-do list is fairly simple: We’re recruiting and taking the best franchise team members we can and working them into the system. Most of our franchisees are first-timers, so we have to teach them how to be a franchisee. To do that, we put together packages that are beneficial, such as selecting service vendors and construction teams, etc., to get them started. Our projects are primarily interior remodels with existing locations. We have to keep the cost down so we can open more locations. Besides finding and developing our new franchisees, we’re looking to build a team of vendors and outside experts to continue to help us grow. Our locations are up to 1,100 square feet. We'll do up to 2,000. Our prime location is somewhere between 1,400-1,500, about 40 seats. We do catering as well. David Thompson, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches: I have a few things on my plate to close out before the end of the year. Sinelli Concpets, which owns Which Wich, recently acquired Paciugo, a gelato concept out of Dallas. The interesting thing from my perspective is we have three existing Which Wich locations that will be co-branded with Paciugo. All three are going to be a big move for us. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and never co-branded, so it’s an exciting


development. And we want to keep growing. Our development is moving along strongly, and we are on pace to keep this trend next year. We’re also going to roll out some freestanding kiosk locations in malls with the Paciugo concept. Jeff Terry, Prime Retail Services: We had a successful 2018, we are ready to head into 2019 with some momentum and goals. We were licensed in 49 states as a general contractor and we have started placing footprints. In addition, we are in Canada with two locations—one in Quebec and the other in Ontario (Mississauga). We've also just completed our first project in Mexico. We’ve also opened up some additional spots in the U.S.— Cleveland and Los Angeles. We're trying to finalize a footprint in Dallas, too. While it's not my direct focus, we’ve also starting to increase our internal resources with more personnel. As we grow, we'll need help with resources. That’s one of the things we’re working on for the remainder of this year and into 2019. Colleen Biggs, The Little Gym International: We are also closing out our year, so we have a few more locations we’re looking to open. We're also focusing on business planning for next year. We opened around 25 international locations and 18 domestic locations this year. I’m currently focusing on consistency with our brand to build equity. That started early second quarter of 2018. I’ve been on the road visiting locations for environment and operational consistency. We’re 40 years old, so it’s time to reflect on our operations to make sure we’re consistent from gym to gym. We are rolling out standard practices in the next two years. Jennifer Grieser, ProjectMates: (a cloud-based project management software) As the role of Senior Solutions Manager, I am building business partnerships and working closely with my clients to understand their challenges and provide the best solutions for them. Projectmates is a configurable software solution that provides our clients with transparency and accountability for all who have a stake in their corporate projects. Tim Hill, The Beam Team: I have a couple of things on my to-do list. We have been growing quickly. With this growth, we are both promoting from within and hiring from outside our company. Over the last few years we have developed a set of values and core organizational principles we operate under. Principles like being a team player, taking ownership, being customer focused and showing creativity. So we’ve spent executive management time ensuring that our people in the field, office and on our executive team all abide by those core principles and values. We want everyone heading in the same direction. In addition, we restructured our company into divisions and within each division are business units. This was primarily to meet our core principle of being customer focused. Our business units are now responsible for clients where we execute similar kinds of work. For example, we have business units for fixture installation, restaurants, hotels or retail rollouts. With our changes we felt that to ensure that our leadership team is working toward the same goals and making the best decisions, each


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