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‘MY STORY’ When I graduated, I continued my career with Orscheln Farm and Home. My district manager knew I enjoyed retail and working with people, so I trained to become a store manager. After training, I was a store manager for two different locations before a promotion to District Manager. I relocated to Southeast Missouri, where I supervised 12-13 locations in Southeast Missouri and Arkansas for ten years. Three years ago our company added a position for a Director of Visual Merchandising. It sparked my interest for a number of reasons being mainly a new challenge in a different area and I would be relocating closer to my family. After getting settled into my new job there was many challenges learning and new initivates to implement including new interior/ exterior signage, updating store layouts, and store presentation. In August of 2018 I started a new challenge as the Divisional Director of Softlines for the company which has a whole different set of challenges that I’m excited to face! Melissa Mannetta, Lido Lighting: Growing up, I actually wanted to be Angela Bower from the TV show “Who’s the Boss?”! I wanted to be an advertising executive and have Tony Danza live

marketing campaign. We can switch it out in 10 seconds. I grew to love the digital world, and how light can transform a space. Similar to some of you, I was looking for a new challenge as well as a more positive work environment. When I met Bill Pierro (Lido Lighting), I immediately felt that we would work well together and I was so impressed by his enthusiasm for all things lighting. I could tell right away that I would learn an immense amount from Bill and his team. It’s a great feeling to be inspired daily, and to be a part of such a wonderful team of people. My focus now is to continue to build strong relationships with retailers, designers, and everyone I meet in the construction field. I’m learning about so many new technologies in LED and the controls that run them, while also learning from our clients how to best serve their needs. Creating solutions that are cost effective, while also staying sustainable and effective is my new world. Colleen Biggs, The Little Gym: My story is a lot different. I had a chaotic childhood. I learned at a really early age, coming from a divorced home, that you have to rely on yourself. My father owned his own businesses for pretty much my entire life. He taught us from a very young age to work hard. I was delivering PennySavers when I was 8. I had a paper route by the time I was 10. I cannot remember a day in my life where I didn’t have some kind of job. I’ve never been fired. I’ve never been laid off, but I have struggled through the nervousness of working for companies during downsizing. It has always been humbling. I started doing sales and building relationships. I went to work for a phone company and began working with outside vendors and contractors. I handled all of their accounts. After they were bought out – Amy Fu, Forever 21 in a merger, I want to work with a contracting company in Arizona. They wanted me to come in and figure out how they were losing so much money in their BSW division. I ended up saving them $1 million in the first year. They just had no organization in this area. Once that was solved, I moved on to the next role they had. They were opening up another area in the East Valley. I opened up that store. After that project, I looked for the next opportunity. I kept chasing the next thing. I felt guilty because I wasn’t the typical “stay-at-home” mom, so I decided to get a part-time job. That lasted a week. I just wasn’t the stay-at-home mom type. That’s when I found The Little Gym job online. I called and told them I needed the job, and that staying home with my children wasn’t satisfying to me. They saw my résumé and knew what I was capable of doing. Within the first year I moved around with several positions. I learned a lot about myself and that I was drawn to people. Over time my inspiration, expertise and influence helped them realize their greatest potential. I’m grateful to be blessed to work with such wonderful Franchisees. It’s what I love to do.

This is actually my first official job after school. It’s more like the job chose me instead of I chose the job. I have learned a lot over the past year. with me to run the household! At 19, I was blessed to work as an intern in the marketing department of Candie’s and Bongo and it was everything I ever wanted. Eventually, I became a full time member of the team. We worked on ads, photo shoots, event planning, and trade shows. But when I was tasked with helping to re-set a store, I found my love for in store design. I loved being able to change the way the store looked on a Thursday to something totally different on Friday. I started to focus on merchandising and the details that go into the layout of a retail space. After I moved on to a new role, that merchandising skill turned into negotiating for brand space in multiple locations. I liked that part of it–the sales part. From there, I was given the opportunity to manage projects for a New York company that specialized in creating high-end luxury retail window displays. It was great. But when the business started to drip (display budgets started to shrink)—I went into the world of light boxes. Here’s your visual; here’s your



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