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COMMERCIAL KITCHENS Give us a snapshot of Lemonade brand?

We are a modern fast casual brand with 28 locations that serve a wide variety of housemade marketplace salads, sandwiches and hearty braised dishes in a cafeteria-style presentation. These days, it’s all about choice and customization. Everyone wants to have some say in how their food is prepared. They want a variety of options. Lemonade offers a broad variety of choices and you can have it the way you want.

What type of consumer are you targeting?

Our consumers span a wide range of demographics, from millennials to families, and active, health-focused individuals. From a real estate perspective, we look for locations in walkable urban environments where we can capture both passersby and locals who become our regulars.

We’ve been around for a decade now, but we’re still small enough to be flexible. As such, we are taking a step back to examine the nature of our brand at all levels—not all brands can do that.

How does the design of Lemonade units cater to what today's consumers are looking for?

We walk the line between mid-century modern and an industrial aesthetic. The trick has been to keep our look and feel timeless, which is difficult in any retail environment. We aim to do this by using primary colors, broad uniform materials, and we avoid too much elaborate decor that might become cliché in a few years. Following trends is risky because trends end. We’ve sought to find a unique brand look that will hold up over time and, most importantly, that customers can identify specifically to Lemonade. You will never find reclaimed barn wood in our restaurants.

Walk us through how and why it’s designed the way it is?

In every Lemonade store, the front counter is the beating heart of the entire restaurant. Everything starts there and the rest is built around that piece. The counter is a completely custom build for each restaurant, designed to display our food in the best possible way. We also look closely at the color temperature on the lights above the counter so that the food renders the proper color and really pops. Besides actually eating, the front counter is the primary sensory experience for



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