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How the Lemonade Restaurant Group is making its play in the fastcasual arena By Michael J. Pallerino

Squeezed to perfection A lan Jackson needed a change. As an accomplished Los Angeles chef, he had enough of the upscale dining scene in La La Land. In 2008, he set his sights on creating a chef-driven, contemporary approach to fine food. The twist: It had to be done fast. The name he gave his new enterprise was Lemonade, which he opened in West Hollywood. Admittedly, Jackson liked the comforting feeling you get when you say the word. And yes, along with salads, hearty braised meats, satisfying sandwiches and decadent desserts, customers can order a lemonade. A year later, Jackson joined forces with Ian Olsen, who helped redefine the fast-casual dining experience by eventually delivering 28 locations (and counting) throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including Orange County, San Diego and the Bay area. To get a feel for how the Lemonade brand is evolving, Commercial Kitchens sat down with Brady Titus, director of design and construction.



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