CCR Issue 9

Page 122


INTERIORS What are some of the biggest areas companies look for in their headquarter operations?

More of our workplace clients want ways to apply design to deliver a competitive edge. This leads many to recognize the value proposition of including dynamic space for collaboration. Informal gathering areas for socializing and breakout ideation sessions can support both productivity and breakthrough thinking, not to mention on-the-job satisfaction, which is essential for maintaining an edge in recruitment and retention. This approach to design for collaboration space also is becoming essential in other building sectors, such as research science facilities and academic buildings from K-12 to higher education. Another important trend is the need for flexibility in the use of space. Driven by companies seeking to optimize their workplace portfolio for value and to stay lean, this trend has accelerated since the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding when and how (and how much) people will return to work in person.


Talk about sustainability.

We work with our clients to integrate principles of sustainability into each design from the earliest pre-design phases, with the goal of providing leadership in this area. In addition to pursuing LEED and other standards for green building certification, we make efforts to stay at the leading edge of sustainable design trends and share with our clients how it will benefit the triple-bottom line: people, planet, profit. Many companies are aware their approach to the environment matters to their employees and customers, so they are open to hearing the latest ideas and working with us on setting ambitious goals.

What trends are you seeing out there?

One is a push by owners and facility directors to upgrade infrastructure. While supply issues and rising prices for construction materials present challenges for some new construction projects, upgrades to existing assets represent a high potential for considerable return on investment. For example, the life sciences sector kept booming through the pandemic and shutdowns, and now there is a premium in many markets on space that can support research. Cost-effective upgrades to

Our goal was to build on the business’ origin story—that it was born out of the three partners attending college together studying Industrial Design at the University of Bridgeport.