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Beauty. Health. Empowerment. How Kalvera Skin Therapy is helping empower today’s women Interview by Michael J. Pallerino


ounders Dr. Kalpana Sundar and Slade Sundar built Kalvera Skin Therapy under the premise that beauty should be unbound from the expectations and insecurities the beauty industry has put upon people. The sister and brother team believe that everyone is beautiful when they have healthy skin and a healthy attitude toward themselves. Through Kalvera Skin Therapy, their goal continues to help everyday people find confidence in their own skin via clean products and high-tech treatments that are medically effective at restoring their skin’s health. An entrepreneur, speaker and board certified physician, Dr. Kalpana has spent the past 20-plus years extolling the philosophy that true beauty comes from within. A cancer survivor, her journey sparked the investigation into cancer-causing chemicals in products we rely on daily, starting with our skin. She eventually found that products from well-known brands were full of chemicals linked to cancer and that most mainstream brands are not transparent


about their ingredients, or who is really behind their companies. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Slade is an advocate for under-represented entrepreneurs (women, people of color, and LGBTQ+). Like his sister, he is a cancer survivor who is passionate about people being confident in their own skins and defining their own beauty in life. Prior to co-founding Kalvera, Slade spent more than 20 years in startup leadership roles in marketing, HR, operations, strategy, sales, software and product development. Together, they are moving the Kalvera Skin Therapy mission forward. To get a feel for their plans and mission statement, we sat down with Dr. Kalpana Sundar and Slade Sundar.


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