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COMMERCIAL KITCHENS walks into our restaurant is making a conscious choice to choose us over the many other options. We are grateful to have them in our place of business.

Walk us through how and why the restaurants are designed the way they are?

Jim Keet and Garry Mertens spent a tremendous amount of time walking the space and finding ways to maximize the utility of the space. We have a bar that stretches over 30%. It was constructed on site and is a site to behold. One of our private dining areas has a secret room that holds a restroom for bridal parties. We do what we can to make each element of the design feel unique and show care for the guests while also maximizing functionality.

Give us a rundown of your market’s layout.

For Cypress Social, we’re only a mile and a half from the interstate that connects North Little Rock, Maumelle and Little Rock. Just up the road are Conway and Mayflower. With the unique offerings on display and setting that cannot be found elsewhere in the state, we have been able to capitalize on all sectors of the community. About half of our customers are currently from Maumelle, but we see a lot of faces from Little Rock, North Little Rock and Conway.

What’s the biggest issue today related to the construction side of the business? Every year the price of playing poker goes up. With a worldwide pandemic, there has been a steady increase in the cost of materials that had already increased substantially in the last decade. Some materials have been severely shortened this year causing delays. Real estate in our area has also been on the rise in recent years.

Talk about sustainability. What are you doing?

Our sister restaurant Petit and Keet has worked with ACE Glass to be a leader in the glass recycling community for our city. We are proud of that.



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