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MEET ME AT FIVE55 Give us a snapshot of the Five55 Melrose brand.

Our development brand’s goal is to become a part of vibrant, creative communities and become known for our unique modular interiors. For Melrose, we’ve designed easily configurable space for growing firms; and delivered healthier under-floor air that allow the tenant to adapt to their own work style and layout.

What type of consumers are you targeting?

Small- to medium-sized creative and tech-focused companies.

How does the overall design cater to what today’s consumers are looking for?

People still need a place to gather and build culture. We bring a sense of community, but with an element of personal privacy within an open floor plan.

What kind of adjustments have you made to cater to your customers in this new landscape?

It is already designed: The entire floor plate sits atop a raised access floor, which allows for limitless movement of air and power distribution. Work where you want in your own space.

What kind of conversations about the “new normal” are you having with your employees? Customers?

We think the “new-normal” requires buildings to be flexible for new technology, ease of access to connect devices and adaptable for the long-term. People desire connection, but want privacy through-out their day. We offer both.

What’s your long- and short-term strategies?

Deliver a fun work environment in a very cool space that accommodates a variety of tenants. As for the long-term, we want to become a community destination for presentations and community events, after-hours mixing and build the phrase, “I’ll see you at the Five55.”

What’s the best piece of advice you can offer other brands on how to deal with what’s happening now?

Future proof your space, by becoming flexible.

Is there a location that really shows how the brand interacts with the community and customers? One of your favorites?

Our Melrose building is a great example of how we can bring community and business together—both with flexible interiors and an investment for a community presentation space.

Walk us through how and why your locations are designed the way they are?

They are designed through the same flexible adaptability with underfloor air. Why? We believe this is the right approach for a healthier and comfortable working layout.



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