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No. 3 — Find a partner Looking for a partner? Here’s a hint: While beer customers and casino fans might seem widely different in their tastes, the trend is to bring them together and inspire sales. Mobile casino games are on the rise as gamblers are rejecting glam attires and luxurious casinos in favor of mobile gambling. They continue to look for something they can enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. After all, who wouldn’t like to sip on a refreshing beer while earning free 20 pounds in blackjack? You can place the promo codes for bonuses on your beer bottles.

No. 4 — Social media networking is more useful than you think

Don’t be afraid to tell your audience about your brewery. Be vocal about how committed you are to quality and promise your consumers the local taste.

Social media is the least expensive, yet most accessible platform for your craft brand marketing. By reaching out to your target audience on social media, you can easily get the hang of the latest trends in consumer demands and technology. Be as innovative as you can with your brand’s social media promotion. Don’t just post the latest beer varieties or new sales hours, tell them a story. Tell them how your brand




emerged and succeeded in reaching the place where you are.

No. 5 — Your customers are your loyal friends

Honestly speaking, every brand thrives on the goodwill of its consumers. However, craft business operations are even more dependent on a loyal fanbase. Why? The reason is that local breweries do not have the necessary capital to invest in print media and telemarketing. Word-of-mouth is a consistent and proven method to increase your sales. Millennials are more eager to visit taprooms to get the experience of drinking craft beer. Here’s where you will capitalize on that. Engage with these enthusiastic beer-lovers who are interested in your craft. The chances are high that your customer will be well-versed in beer making. Hence, you should communicate with them, honestly and openly. Following these craft brewery marketing tips will help you stay relevant and put forward a unique label to quench the customers’ thirst. So, what are you waiting for? Advertise your craft beer brand in the local fair and let us know how you fared.


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