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By Thomas Glare

Bart Watson’s findings on recent craft business are stirring up the market of microbreweries. How shall you compete with the global giants? Which aspects of branding should you focus on? Should you venture out beyond local fairs? How can you advertise cheaply? With more beer consumers being conscious of their purchases, Watson, the Brewers Association’s Chief Economist, says the competition is soaring. So, how do you address the changing demands of today’s customers? You can start by adding some interesting moves by giving presents for some actions like sending photos for a specific topic or mentioning your product on social channels with posts, etc. Or, you could try partnering with some production companies and offer presents for buying their product, i.e., “buy some food and get a bottle of beer for free.” It works like a welcome bonus in the online casino and attracts users or customers to your brand. Here are five marketing strategies that your craft brand can use to cut a path in the new year:

No. 1 — Local events are your field Breweries must compete with people who invite consumers to their breweries. How can you manage to promote your beer with comparatively lesser resources? Does your club host beer-drinking events? Why not advertise your product there? You can sponsor a local sports club that is popular, and offer discounts and merchandise to those who attend the games. Does your brand have a seasonal or limited release policy? Don’t wait. Approach the organizers for a booth or about sponsoring any of the attractions.

No. 2 — Be honest about your craft branding Do you know why Budweiser achieved the No. 1 ranking among top beer brands in 2019? It is because they have been open about the consistency of their beer and always maintained a unique air. But then, craft beer has taken up almost as much as 14% of the beer industry. How did this happen? First, the craft market focused on locally-sourced ingredients. Don’t be afraid to tell your audience about your brewery. Be vocal about how committed you are to quality and promise your consumers the local taste. That’s why they have chosen your ale over some multinational conglomerate.



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