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true flavor of the ingredients to come through. We find that our whiskey in particular appeals to the novice drinker, since the honey softens the spiciness of the rye, but the typical whiskey drinker is always surprised and impressed at how smooth and balanced the spirit is, and often become some of our biggest fans. People also always respond to our beautiful packaging, which perfectly captures the brand.

How do you tie in everything you do with the brand? That’s easy. We are built on a few key brand pillars—honey at our core, small batch, hand packed and made in the state of New York. We are also female-owned, which is unique, especially within the spirits industry. Also, a percent of all sales are devoted to pollinator-saving causes.

Smaller craft brands are emerging every day so it’s an interesting time, and women are definitely stepping up to have a seat at the table.

Walk us through your branding strategy. Everything we do consistently supports our brand pillars and reinforces our key values. Brand consistency is key, so even though we have two product lines—artisanal foods and craft spirits, our unique points of difference and brand DNA remain consistent in both packaging, and message. We reinforce our brand through promotional alliances, events and collaborations with similar values. We look for opportunities that highlight the wonderful resources of the Catskills, celebrate local farmers, support pollinators and empower women.



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