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One of the key reasons Catskills Provisions has been successful with restaurant chefs is they recognize Marin’s knack for blending flavors and finding the right balance between acids, sugars, or bitterness. Like themselves, it is her deep attention to flavor they love to explore with her. Chefs can find Catskill Provisions’ products at artisanal food distributors Baldor and Gargiulo. CBAM sat down with Marin to get her thoughts on all things Catskill Provisions.

flavor profiles. They appreciate artisanal, small batch and hand packed products with sustainable practices. Today, consumers can find Catskill Provisions products at specialty retailers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut or on-line at iGourmet.com.

What is today’s consumer looking for? I think authenticity. Today’s consumer is more educated and aware of where their food comes from, and they respond to companies with a genuine point of difference and a conscience.

What do your consumers (and competitors) find so appealing about your brand? Honestly, the flavor. Whether the artisanal foods or the whiskey, we use our honey subtly, more as a balancing agent than a sweetener, allowing the

Give us a snapshot of Catskills Provisions? Catskill Provisions is an artisanal food and craft spirits company with honey at our core. Our 100-percent raw wildflower honey from the Catskill Mountains is the key ingredient in our finely crafted products, from our handrolled honey chocolate truffles, honey-infused ketchup and apple cider vinegar to our highly acclaimed New York Honey Rye Whiskey.

What type of consumer are you targeting? Our best customers seek only the finest, locally harvested ingredients with unique





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