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What is the secret to creating a branding story that consumers can buy in to?

What do your consumers think when they think of your brand?

Finding a unique point of difference and being authentic. Consumers have been so over-promoted to, they can smell a gimmick a mile away. My company is truly my story, unembellished and real and people have responded to it.

They think of a brand that’s true to its mission and always delivering quality products with exceptional flavor by using traceable products. Hopefully they also think of the bees and the Catskills.

What’s the biggest issue(s) today related to the marketing/sales side of your brand today? The biggest issue is prioritizing how to devote my time and resources. As a small company, we all wear many hats, and it can be difficult to compete withMay_June-2019.pdf the big brands with large staffs and budgets. 1 5/16/19 1:25 PM

What trends are defining the space? Smaller craft brands are emerging every day so it’s an interesting time, and women are definitely stepping up to have a seat at the table.

What do you see as some of your biggest opportunities moving ahead? It’s such an exciting time for us, as we just opened our own distillery in The Catskills, with a tasting room following this summer. We are adding one more to the less than one percent of female-owned and operated distilleries in the United States. I am distilling on the grain, using non-GMO corn and our wildflower honey, and will soon introduce a Pollinator Vodka, Pollinator Gin and Wanderer Gin. Each celebrates and supports pollinators like the bees and the endangered Monarch Butterflies.


What’s the biggest item on your to-do list right now?



I just finished my first mash, so I’d have to say getting my first batch distilled on our property out into the marketplace.




Describe a typical day.


Wow, there is no typical day, which is one of the things that I love about owning my own business. I wake up early, spend the early hours catching up on emails and paperwork, then I hit the ground running. If I am upstate, I am in the barn distilling, working with a local farmer down the road planting botanicals and rye, and of course, tending to my bees. I am often in New York City, visiting chefs and bartenders, sitting on panels, networking.






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