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Turn on your 'Nite Lite' Massachusetts' brewery's craft light lager adds new twist to light beer So, you think you know your light beers? This spring, Night Shift Brewing (NSB) is asking beer drinkers to rethink their expectations. Thanks to Nite Lite, a craft light lager returning as a year-round offering, NSB is introducing a new standard within the light beer category. With Nite Lite, NSB is offering consumers something new, different and better. The beer’s recipe aims to deliver a full-flavored, easy-drinking beer experience. At 4.3 percent ABV and 120 calories per serving, Nite Lite fits the bill of a typical light beer. But, unlike most light beers, it has a high malt-to-corn ratio, is unfiltered, unpasteurized, all natural, and excludes any preservatives or additives.




CBAM sat down with marketing director Kim Currier to get us their take on the new style. With a launch of this significance, what branding strategies did you consider? Where does this fit versus competition in the retail environment? Whenever we're up against a new challenge, we think back to the core of our company purpose which is “create better.” This is our strategic backbone since day one so we focus on opportunities that allow us to stay true to it. The biggest opportunity for us right now isn’t in the typical “craft beer styles.” We noticed that the light beer category has been


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