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==== ==== How To Treat Vericose Veins Naturally ==== ====

How do I know if I have vericose veins? Swollen Capillaries The easiest way to tell if you have this condition, is if the area around the veins is swollen. It the most severe cases it can cause tiredness in the legs. For some people the blood flow is reversed. This causes blood to pool in the legs; which causes discoloration in the skin, which leads to varicose veins. What CausesThis To Happen Poor blood flow can be caused by constipation, poor diet, being physically unfit, smoking, being on your feet all day and wearing tight clothes. High amounts of pressure in the stomach can cause spider veins, by constricting blood flow. Carrying around extra weight can put pressure on the legs and ankles can also cause spider veins. Home Remedies and Wives Tales They say if you rub marigold on the affected area it will get rid of spider veins. So let's take a closer look at this. It is a natural anti-inflammatory but for it to work you would have a very minor case. It might work on 2% of people with this disorder. Vegetable juice? Seriously, well if you love carrot and spinach juice this is just for you. If you are a normal person like I am then the thought of drinking that combination is gross. Again it might work for about 2% of people¦..maybe. Vitamins Some vitamins work great for spider veins home treatment. What To Munch On Some people recommend a 7-10 day fruit diet, then slowly adding in grains, seeds, nuts, raw vegetables. This is really easier than it sounds. Here are some things to avoid all condiments, alcohol, caffeine, and carbs. So that pretty much eliminates all the fun things.

The Best Spider Veins Home Treatment It Will Work For You There is one thing that works great for spider veins, that you can do from home that is not expensive or painful. What is it you may be wondering? You want  high concentrations of Vitamin K which has been proven to get rid of spider veins for good in just 90 days. You can't go wrong. Just apply twice a day and watch them go away.

So I strongly recommend a spider veins home treatment with a high concentration of Vitamin K, like a cream. For it to work you have to use it twice a day every day. Spider Veins are annoying and can be very embarrassing.

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==== ==== How To Treat Vericose Veins Naturally ==== ====

Spider Veins - Home Treatment  

how to get rid of vericose veins naturally, unlike other natural treatments that are not permanent the websites presents natural permanent t...

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