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Well-Dressed Nests Kitchens That Really Cook Design On A Dime


Wearstler Is Changing The World, One Swanky Space At A Time March 2010

LUXURIA. It means rich design and the ultimate lifestyle in the best beachfront location in Boca Raton. It means that no two units are alike, because you have the ability to totally customize your residence. It means you can enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of your Jacuzzi and full summer kitchen on your own private terrace. And maybe, just maybe, it means it’s finally time to reconsider your current address. MODEL RESIDENCES NOW OPEN. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY. Only 26 Residences from 4,500 – 12,000 sq. ft. From the high $3 millions to $15 million. Owner-financing available.


WWW.LUXURIAONTHEOCEAN.COM 2500 South Ocean Boulevard Boca Raton, Florida 33432


1760 Boca Observer 8.375x10.875.indd 1

2/22/10 3:52:49 PM

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The nation’s oldest private bank. High client satisfaction across market cycles and over generations. $154 billion* in private client assets. In Florida and beyond. Since 1784. N_fËj_\cg`e^pfl6

For more information, please contact: :iX`^I%Jlk_\icXe[ — 305 810 2939 President — Southeast U.S.

@EM<JKD<EKD8E8><D<EK›N<8CK?<JK8K<GC8EE@E>›GI@M8K<98EB@E>›=8D@CPF==@:<J<IM@:<J ©2010 The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. All rights reserved. Products and services may be provided by various subsidiaries of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. *As of 12/31/09

Exclusively At


Meet #

celebrity designer


Michael Weiss only at Robb & Stucky!

B R O S Fu R R

3 In OV

__ OV

YOU’RE INVITED! THURSDAY, MARCH 25 at 11am at Robb & Stucky Interiors in Boca Raton Showroom

__ LA

__ CO

__ M


Meet this young and influential designer and experience his modern classic styles. Only at Robb & Stucky!

RSVP 561-862-5597

love where you live! F I N E


A C C E S S O R I E S Florida

Boca Raton at Mizner Park 561-347-1717




C O M P L E T E •

Costa Rica

Palm Beach Gardens 3801 Design Center Drive, 561-904-7200




All 22 showroom locations online at

Florida Interior Design License #IB 0000745

O is

IM Van We Cu det




Tr a d i t i o n a l

Robert Brantley Photography


35 Years of Designing Beautiful Homes from Miami to Palm Beach


nderstanding her client’s desire for innovative style, Lachance pays meticulous attention to detail. Her pursuit for design excellence takes her to the best U.S. markets inspiring her to come up with new

state-of-the-art designs. During the past thirty-five years she has won many awards as well as being published numerous times for her outstanding interior design styles and themes. Let Lachance create a dream come true for you.

Licensed Interior Designer #0001724 | IBC 000316 | | 561-241-3800


i t ’s y o u r t i m e . . . c h o o s e w e l l Welcome to Plastic Surgery Specialists of Boca Raton . We offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to help patients best achieve their personal appearance goals. We work with each patient to develop a safe and effective treatment plan. Our philosophy centers on the principle that the relationship and communication between doctor and patient are vital. Each person’s aesthetic is Rafael C. Cabrera, MD, FACS

Scott T. Farber, MD

unique. We do our best to share our knowledge and expertise to help our patients make the best choices and address their needs and concerns. We look forward to providing the best medical experience possible and fulfilling each individual’s personal dreams. Photo depiction is not an actual patient.

561.393.6400 | 951 NW 13th Street, Suite 4A, Boca Raton, FL |

Life, inspired. Azura is a unique gated community of only 92 homes set amid 37 acres, nestled within a sought-after, prestigious area of Boca Raton. The Azura Club is a warm and welcoming 7,500 square-foot clubhouse and spa capturing the effortless grandeur and elegance of Old Palm Beach. Featuring a separate fitness center, spa and a resort-style pool, the Azura Club is accentuated by festive outdoor areas with gardens, lawns, and patios overlooking a sparkling lake.

- Ê, "ÊUÊ£ÇΙxÊ >>Àˆ>Ê-ÌÀiiÌÊUÊf£]ä£{]™™xÊUÊœ“iÊ-ˆÌiʛÈÊUÊÎ]ä™xÊõ°ÊvÌ° UÊ{Ê i`Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊ·£ÉÓÊ >̅Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊ· >ÀÊ>À>}iÊUÊ-ˆ˜}i‡Ã̜ÀÞʅœ“iÊ`iÈ}˜Ê UÊ*ÀˆÛ>Ìiʓ>ÃÌiÀÊÃՈÌiÊ܈̅ÊÈÌ̈˜}Ê>Ài>ʜÛiÀœœŽˆ˜}Ê«œœÊ UÊ-Ì>ˆ˜iÃÃÊÃÌiiÊ>««ˆ>˜ViÃʈ˜ÊŽˆÌV…i˜Ê>˜`Ê}>ÃÊVœœŽÌœ« UÊ/À>˜µÕˆÊ«œœÊ܈̅ʏÕÅ]Ê«ÀœviÃȜ˜>Ê>˜`ÃV>«ˆ˜}

-- "ÊUÊÈÎÇ{Êœ˜ÌiÈ̜Ê-ÌÀiiÌÊUÊf£]£{x]™™xÊUÊœ“iÊ-ˆÌiʛxnÊUÊ{]äÈÇÊõ°ÊvÌ° UÊ{Ê i`Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊx‡£ÉÓÊ >̅Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊӇ >ÀÊ>À>}iÊUÊ>ŽiÊۈiÜʅœ“iÊÈÌi UÊ*ÀœviÃȜ˜>Þʏ>˜`ÃV>«i`ÊVœÕÀÌÞ>À`Êi˜ÌÀÞ UÊ vwVˆi˜ÌÞÊ`iÈ}˜i`ʎˆÌV…i˜Ê܈̅Ê7œvÊÀ>˜}i UÊÓ{¸ÝÊÓ{¸Ê->ÌÕÀ˜ˆ>ʓ>ÀLiÊ̅ÀœÕ}…œÕÌ

 ÊUÊ£ÇÎnÈÊ >>Àˆ>Ê-ÌÀiiÌÊUÊf£]Îș]™™xÊUÊœ“iÊ-ˆÌiʛnnÊUÊx]™ÇÈÊõ°ÊvÌ° UÊxÊ i`Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊx‡£ÉÓÊ >̅Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊ· >ÀÊ>À>}iÊUÊ>ŽiÊۈiÜʅœ“iÊÈÌiÊ UÊ“«ÀiÃÈÛiÊVÕÀÛi`ʓ>ÀLiÊÃÌ>ˆÀV>Ãi UÊÓ{¸ÝÊÓ{¸Ê->ÌÕÀ˜ˆ>ʓ>ÀLiÊ̅ÀœÕ}…œÕÌ UÊ œÝ‡Li>“ÊViˆˆ˜}ʈ˜Êë>VˆœÕÃÊv>“ˆÞÊÀœœ“

CORONADAÊUÊ£ÇÎÇäÊ >>Àˆ>Ê-ÌÀiiÌÊUÊf£]x™™]™™xÊUÊœ“iÊ-ˆÌiʛ™äÊUÊÈ]{£{Êõ°ÊvÌ° UÊÈÊ i`Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊȇ£ÉÓÊ >̅Àœœ“ÃÊÉÊ· >ÀÊ>À>}iÊUÊ>ŽiÊۈiÜʅœ“iÊÈÌi]ÊÀœÌ՘`>Êi˜ÌÀÞÊ܈̅ÊVÕÀÛi`ÊÃÌ>ˆÀV>Ãi UÊœÕÀ“iÌʎˆÌV…i˜Ê܈̅ÊȇLÕÀ˜iÀÊ7œvÊÀ>˜}i]ÊÌÀ>ÛiÀ̈˜iÊL>VŽÃ«>Å]Êܜœ`Ê«>˜ii`Ê-ÕL‡<iÀœÊÀivÀˆ}iÀ>̜À UÊ-«>ÀŽˆ˜}Ê«œœÊ>˜`Êë>]ʏˆLÀ>ÀÞ]ʓi`ˆ>ÊÀœœ“]ÊiiÛ>̜À UÊ*ÀœviÃȜ˜>ÞÊ`iVœÀ>Ìi`ÊwÀÃÌÊyœœÀ

Only a Select Few Homes Available for Immediate Move-In! Buy Now and Take Advantage of Home Buyer Tax Credit Incentives!*

­xÈ£®Ê™n™‡ÇǙ™ÊÊUÊâÕÀ> œV>,>̜˜°Vœ“ From Florida’s Turnpike traveling south, exit at Atlantic Ave. (exit #81) and turn left. Travel east approximately 1-1/2 miles and turn right onto Jog Rd. Proceed south on Jog Rd. for approximately 2-1/4 miles. The Azura community entrance will be on the left. *Certain conditions and exceptions to the credit exist. Consult your tax advisor for details. Prices subject to change without notice. Photos are images only and should not be relied upon to confirm applicable features. This is not an offering where prohibited by law. CGC055953



One hour complimentary in-home consultation

The Home & Design Issue



VolUme vii ; Number 3

Photo by Mark Edward Harris

features Beautifully Baroque


Seaside Escape


Fearless Funhouse


Hot Stuff


Design On A Dime


A Tropical Paradise Exudes Sophisticated Whimsy With A Modern Twist

A Canadian Couple Finds Solace In A Stylish And Serene Fort Lauderdale Condo A Designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Vintage Miami Shores Home Serves As His Playful Palette Three Unique Kitchens That Really Cook Dazzling Rooms Need Not Cost A Fortune





Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler Is Changing The World, One Swanky Space At A Time



VolUme viI ; Number 3

departments Observed Hot Stuff & The People Who Make It Happen 21 The Buzz 26 Trends 30 La Vida Boca


Media Blitz The Quintessential Arts Report 33 On Screen 34 In Print 38 On Scene

26 26

43 46

That’s Life A Guide To Personal Growth 43 Relations 46 Parents 50 Destinations


Taste The Dish on Food, Wine & Restaurants 87 Bites 88 Comfort Food Recipes 90 Review 94 Listings Happenings The Essential Social Digest 113 Around Town 127 Calendar 138 Flash AT HOME The Local Real Estate Report 142 Giving BACK Charity Never Goes Out Of Style 144

On THE cover: Kelly Wearstler Photography by Mark Edward Harris



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WEARSTLER Is Changing The World, One Swanky Space At A Time


MARCH 2010

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The Ideal Family Vacation

catch the Caribbean spirit

7 & 10-day sailings May through December 2010 convenient departures roundtrip Fort Lauderdale

Emerald Princess® Experience the best of the Caribbean islands plus the incredible tropical paradise of Princess Cays® reserved just for guests of Princess Cruises! Ship’s Registry: Bermuda

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326 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, Florida

MAKING HEADLINES WITH GOOD REASON In June 2009, for the second consecutive year, Raymond James led the list of full-service brokers in SmartMoney magazine’s annual broker survey, earning top ratings for customer satisfaction and brokerage statements.

In May 2009, six Raymond James analysts ranked in the top five for their coverage industries in The Wall Street Journal’s annual “Best on the Street” survey.

In December 2008, Raymond James was listed for the seventh time as one of “The 400 Best Big Companies in America” by

Exceptional client service is our commitment and our passion. Contact us today.

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G. Richard Cohen MD LASIK SURGEON Fellowship Trained Cornea Surgeon | Board Certied 3020 N. Military Trail, #150 • Boca Raton • 16

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03.10 8from the publisher

Home Is Where The Heart Is Linda L. Behmoiras


n light of all the chaos still taking place in the world around us, we appreciate the true comforts of home more than ever. Nesting is practically a national pastime these days – no wonder we want our surroundings to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible! In this month’s Home & Design issue, we celebrate all that it means to be home and enjoy our space with loved ones. Most would agree that the heart of the home is the kitchen. Whether your style is classic, organic or bright and contemporary, you’ll find plenty of culinary inspiration in Hot Stuff (page 68), where we preview three very different, very cool South Florida kitchens. If it’s inspiration for your entire home that you seek, look no further than our three visually stunning home tours from Miami to Hypoluxo Island (starting on page 56). Inside, you’ll find a fantastical Baroque-style mansion, an artsy, colorful cottage and a tranquil, seaside condominium retreat. Also inside, some of South Florida’s top designers share their best low-budget decorating secrets in Design On A Dime (page 74). Feel free to steal their ideas! And you’ll certainly enjoy meeting cover model Kelly Wearstler, known for her chic, maximal-


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

ist style and bold decorating approach. The designer with the superstar looks has made a name for herself worldwide. She’s also left her stylish mark on several South Florida projects, including Viceroy Miami and The Tides South Beach boutique hotels. Take a peek inside the world of Wearstler in The Glamorous Life (page 76), who chats exclusively with The Boca Raton Observer (and provides a look at her impressive Beverly Hills estate). Also inside, you’ll find fabulous recipes in Get Comfortable (page 88), colorful outdoor furnishings and accessories in Trend Report and meet some of your favorite TV design personalities in The Buzz (page 21). So kick back, grab your favorite beverage and stay awhile. Welcome home!

SkytheSalon place to see and be seen

;(3,5; :2@ /0./


*(33-69@6<9(77605;4,5; *(

:2@  >>>:2@:(365(5+:7(*64 > 7, 7,5;/6<:,(;;/,403(5)<03+05. 569;/4030;(9@;9(03  (;;6>5*,5;,99+ (; )6*(9(;65-3690+( )6

observed hot stuff & the people who make it happen

the buzz 8 trends 8 la vida boca

Space Traveler profile

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alumnus Thom Filicia, 41, is one of the busiest interior designers we know. When not creating new pieces for his Thom Filicia Home Collection for Vanguard Furniture (found locally at Boca Raton’s Robb & Stucky) he’s taping two Style Network reality TV shows (Dress My Nest and the new Tacky House, which premieres in April), penning books (Thom Filicia Style is available on Amazon) and preparing his new artwork collection, scheduled for a summer release. He’s come a long way from his Syracuse, N.Y. roots, where his passion for design grew after visiting local properties with his real estate mother. The ubiquitous Filicia recently took a breather to chat with The Boca Raton Observer. Describe your style.

“Very classic with a timely edge. My style is rooted in tradition, but with a modern take.” Who are some of your style icons?

“Albert Hadley. David Hicks. Thomas Jefferson. Bill Blass. So many.  I’m definitely a person who enjoys and appreciates creative thinkers and people who have fun not only with their careers but with design.” How did your Vanguard Furniture line come about?

“This seemed like the right time and thing to do because I knew what was going on in the design and retail worlds. It just naturally happened.” How would you describe the collection?

“It’s very classic, but modern. Not too matchy-matchy – very current and of the moment.” What’s your favorite piece?

“Probably the Greek Peak Side Chair. It was the first piece I designed.” You’re a hit on reality TV makeover shows. Why do you think the public enjoys them so much?

Style Savant:

Interior designer Thom Filicia

“They’re windows into the issues that people have from a design standpoint. You can also get a lot of information and it’s fun learning about design. People’s homes and entertaining have become more and more important these days.” What advice can you offer our readers about design?

“It’s all about bringing personality and putting your stamp on your interior. Don’t take it too seriously.” Do you think you’ll ever do a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reunion show?

“We might. Maybe a movie!”

The Buzz by Felicia S. Levine


— Jessica Gross

Got a tip? E-mail the editor at

March 2010


observed8 the buzz contest

Stephen Dweck

Doggie Do

Think your pooch belongs in pictures? The folks at America’s

Top Dog Model are now accepting candidates for its 2012 calendar. The national contest, which lasts through May 15th, will feature 11 finalists in the calendar; one lucky winner will land the cover, not to mention a slew of prizes (and bragging rights for the owner). The theme: Go Green with Style (think eco-chic). Need inspiration? The annual Worth Avenue Pet Parade takes place March 12th starting at 9 a.m. in the Gucci Courtyard in Palm Beach. It’s sure to be over the top – and lots of fun. For more information, visit or


I just wanted to say hi and thank you for all your prayers, and meet some people who were doing all this stuff for me. I think it’s wonderful.


A Natural


Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson and Beyoncé have all heeded jewelry designer Stephen Dweck’s call to nature, sporting his unique pieces crafted of stones and minerals from Australia, Brazil, Morocco and other glam spots. “We have such beauty around us,” says Dweck, whose creations have been displayed in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian Institution. “I was lucky to find a medium where I could use nature respectfully, put my mark on it and use it as a theme.” The Brooklyn-based designer got his start 30 years ago after graduating from New York City’s School of Visual Arts and landing a job accessorizing runway shows for Geoffrey Beene. He says he’s not afraid to take risks. “For me, it has to be gutsy,” he says. “My jewelry is for impact, for great effect.” Case in point: His latest collection, Dweck Diamonds for the QVC network, features nature-inspired symbols such as twigs and flowers dressed up with diamonds. “To me, it’s about fantasy. I challenge myself extremely hard to be very creative.” Meet the man himself at Neiman Marcus in Town Center at Boca Raton, where he’ll make an appearance on March 10th.



David Does Miami Great news for HGTV addicts: This summer Color Splash

host David Bromstad (a Miami Beach resident and former Design Star winner) is moving his popular series from San Francisco to South Florida. The show’s new name: Color Splash Miami. Producers scoured South Florida in search of “really ugly” rooms in dire need of Bromstad’s Midas touch; homeowners had to shell out $4,000 and take care of any necessary demolition and clearing. The 13-episode series started filming in February and is scheduled to premiere in July. — J.G.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Michael Brewer, the Deerfield Beach teenager severely burned last year after a group of kids set him on fire, to residents of the Independence Hall Senior Living Community in Wilton Manors. The group raised $2,287 in a bake sale, which was donated toward Brewer’s ongoing medical expenses. Source: Sun-Sentinel trends


Michael Aram

Metal Designer Michael Aram was born in Rhode Island and raised in New York City – but it was in India that he found his true artistic calling. Aram, renowned for his organic tabletop accessories, cocktail accoutrements and home goods, was inspired in the late 1980s during a visit to his sister’s home in New Delhi, where he noticed street artisans using the rich metal-making traditions he now incorporates in his pieces. “We cut all our sheet metal by hand so you can see the uneven edges, see the hammer marks and even my fingerprints sometimes in the mold,” says Aram. “I especially enjoy designing small bowls or ‘catch-alls’ that the French call vide poches or empty pockets. I use them for dropping keys, loose change, cufflinks and my money clip and leave them all around the house,” he says. “I love them because they are at the same time really practical, and also just really sweet.” His favorite piece du jour: his Gooseberry Bowl. “It’s inspired by the gooseberries sold on the streets of India for about two weeks of the year when they’re in season.” Next on his list: A jewelry collection. Want to learn more? Aram will make an appearance at Bloomingdale’s in Town Center at Boca Raton on March 26th. — Marissa Hicken

observed8 the buzz

Kimberly Zeidner

real estate

HomeGrown Star Here are three things you probably don’t know about Sabrina Soto, host of HGTV’s

weekly series, Get It Sold: The first-generation Cuban American is a Miami native, a licensed real estate agent – and she landed her TV hosting gig on Craigslist. Really. Soto became intrigued with design after working in her mother’s decorating business, which led to her studying the craft at UCLA in Los Angeles. Currently, the LEED-accredited designer lives in Washington, D.C., but will visit her old stomping grounds the weekend of March 26th as a special guest of the Miami Home Design And Remodeling Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. What’s your best advice for someone looking to remodel their home on a budget?

“Shop around and do your homework.” What about trying to sell your home in today’s market?

“Showcase it. Polish it! Ask a friend to give their honest opinion about what they don’t like – you need that objective point of view. Detach from your house and know that as soon as you put out the For Sale sign, it’s no longer your house.”

I learned about TV from him. It’s my dream job to be able to incorporate all of these things, so I couldn’t be happier.” What’s been your most interesting job to date?

“The White House Christmas show for HGTV. I never took one minute for granted! Even when I had to use the restroom, I was thinking, “I can’t believe I’m using the restroom at the White House!” --M.H.


Torte Georgio Fernandez

De Force When the third season of Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown kicks off March 14th, make sure to root for contes-

What are the top three mistakes people make when trying to sell their homes?

tant Kimberly Zeidner of Boca Raton.

“Price. Condition. Marketing.”





What are the most important parts to focus on when selling your home?

about her cooking hobby. She’s good at

Zeidner, 25, works in sales but is passionate it, too. So good, that when friends and

“The walls and floors.”

family encouraged her to enter her be-

Describe your personal design style.

loved Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter

“Simple. Simple. Simple. I find when you try to incorporate too many things, a room can get crowded.”

Torte into the competition, she beat more than 8,000 recipes to land a spot on the six-episode series. The show, hosted by Guy Fieri, each week features four con-

How has being a native South Floridian influenced you?

testants who compete for $25,000 and the chance to have their recipe featured

“I love the Spanish influence! I could never get away from it. I love bright colors and the passion that stands behind it.”

in T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants nationwide. Sabrina Soto

sode, themed “Comfort Food”. Her idea

How did you get started with design and real estate?

“It was my mother who introduced me to design, a close cousin who taught me real estate and my father was a network producer, so

Zeidner will appear on the premiere epiof the ultimate go-to treat? “Anything sweet,” she says. Tune in to find out if the


judges were sweet on Zeidner’s torte, when the show airs Sunday at 9 p.m. --J.G.


$ 24

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The money Stuart resident Warren Bendix found while dumpster diving at the Sierra Condominium Apartments. After rummaging through the trash, Bendix found a photo of a space shuttle; when he took it out for reframing he discovered a wad of bills. A good samaritan, Bendix turned the money into the police.“Maybe he was feeling down in the dumps and now he isn’t,” Sgt. Marty Jacobson, a police spokesperson, told The Palm Beach Post. Time will tell. If no one claims it in 90 days, the cash will be his. O

observed8 entertaining trends


Alfresco Allure


8Stylish Accessories For Chic Outdoor Fêtes

By Jessica Gross

1. Tervis Tumblers in vibrant island colors make festive additions to any outdoor party. Available at


2. Neiman Marcus Shellstone Flatware features handles crafted of colorful crushed Maine seashells. Available at 3. Uncommon Goods Citronella Martini Candles add a swanky touch to your table while keeping bugs away. Available at 4. Home Infatuation Melamine Outdoor Dinnerware with a contemporary foliage design won’t chip, crack or break. Available at 5. Hayneedle Chandelier Print Pillow in weatherproof polyester adds kitschy style to an outdoor soiree. Available at 6. Crate and Barrel Reflection Centerpiece lends a tranquil element to an outdoor meal – just add water, blossoms or floating candles. Available at


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r




World Glass Imports The luxury outlet for you and your home

SHOWROOM: 955 So. Congress Ave. #109, Delray Beach, Florida 33445 PHONE: 561.279.9601 Hours: 10 to 5 Mon. thru Sat. Closed Sunday Retail and to the trade

observed8 furnishings trends 1. California 9 ft. Rotating Offset Umbrella provides style and sun protection with a deluxe crank lift system. Available at 2. Home Infatuation Colorful Glass Outdoor Torches are available in myriad colors and make perfect patio accoutrements. Available at

1 2

3. Kettal Maia Outdoor Egg Swing pairs a sturdy aluminum frame with a comfortable, modern design. Available at 4. Le Bello Chumy Chaise Lounger features vibrant colors and a simple design, making it ideal for poolside sunbathing. Available at

Patio Pleasures


8Mod Furnishings That Withstand Mother Nature

By Jessica Gross


5. Neiman Marcus Ceramic Tables and Stools are hand-painted in hot lime green and ocean blue with a durable European glaze. Available at 6. Neiman Marcus Twisted Copper Fountain crafted of resin with a copper finish makes an elegant outdoor statement. Available at



T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r


e! m ay nco Y – ad RR ns m 0 m le i U H tio 01 ab ibu th , 2 tax isor r t n dv co l 15 09 ur tax a i 20 ult yo r Ap our Cons y ce u d re y eb

Time is money. Make your contributions today!

• IRA Deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000

Money Market IRA


• Roll over a 401k or consolidate existing funds and get SAFE, secure retirement growth

on balances of $100,000 or more!

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• NO broker fee, annual fees or service charges

1-888-7-DAY-BANK 1-888-732-9226

Hours vary by location; please visit for a complete listing. Please ask a Tax Consultant for details regarding the benefits of an IRA product. 1. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is current as of February 5, 2010 and is subject to change thereafter. Fees may reduce earning. $100 minimum deposit required to open an IRA money market account. Balances of $0.01-$9,999.99 earn 1.50% APY; balances of $10,000-$24,999.99 earn 1.50% APY; balances of $25,000-$49,999.99 earn 1.75% APY; balances of $50,000-$99,999.99 earn 2.00% APY and balances of $100,000 + earn 2.25% APY.

observed8 la vida boca

The Big Reveal

Nathan Galui Shares What It’s Really Like On HGTV’s Design Star

By Bill Bowen


efore the emergence of that oxymoronic American phenomenon, reality TV, it was fairly impossible for an interior designer to achieve mass celebrity status – especially an up-and-coming designer new to the business at the tender age of 25. But as a contestant last summer on HGTV’s über-popular Design Star series, where contestants compete for their own show, Nathan Galui’s name suddenly became fashionable around watercoolers across America. “It was so quick and so numbing, there wasn’t much time to develop ideas,” recalls Galui. “It was the experience of a lifetime.” He’s got a whirlwind of memories surrounding the frantic competition, where he and fellow designers stayed in a Hollywood mansion once occupied by stars such as Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. There were shifting allegiances, personality clashes, shooting-from-the-hip projects and euphoric moments of triumph mixed with a vague sense of injustice that some of his best work was edited out of the show – especially on the final, fatal living room project, for which his “show was cancelled” after week five. Galui established his creative genius and solid design credentials early on, but ultimately was cut for timemanagement miscalculations. In an exit interview, Galui admitted: “I 30

just lost sight of the bigger picture,” but later groused that his deficiencies were exaggerated and that much of his effort ended up on the cutting room floor. He may not have won the competition, but he gained invaluable knowledge. “What I did on that show geared me up for what I’m doing now,” says Galui, whose father, Gene Galui is a homebuilder, and whose grandfather is mega-developer Otto ‘Buzz’ DiVosta. “And (because of the show) there is a lot of interest in what I do.” What he’s doing now is opening Mesh, a West Palm Beach studio located at The Whitney Condominium. At press time, it was scheduled to open in mid-February. “I’m keeping busy, doing some private work and some commercial projects; almost everything I’m doing right now is on the lowest possible budget I could imagine,” says Galui, owing to the state of the economy. Galui earned his bachelor’s in Interior Design at Drexel University in Philadelphia and studied furniture design at Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition to displaying his line of graffiti-inspired furniture, his studio will showcase other up-and-coming designers and artists. With Design Star in his rearview mirror, Galui is looking forward to a colorful future. O

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

On with the show: Interior designer Nathan Galui

F I N D YO U R P E R F E CT S H A D E You have every reason to smile when you come to the Spodak Dental Group. Since 1976, our full-service practice has evolved to offer a complete range of preventative, restorative, implant, and cosmetic services from an accomplished team of board-certified dental and medical professionals. An on-premise dental laboratory staffed by master ceramic artists and the option of IV sleep dentistry administered by a boardcertified medical anesthesiologist are just a few of the innovative advancements that set us apart. We have assembled the finest practitioners and the best technology under one roof, making us the most convenient, one-stop destination for all of your dental needs. Experience a new vision in dentistry. Call 561-498-0050.

4665 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33445 â&#x20AC;˘

Peninsula Corporate Center



Boca Industrial Park

Danburg Management is on a mission. We live, work and play here in Boca Raton and there is truly no place else we’d rather be. Whether you’re ready to hit the links or hit the beach, just about everything you could ever want is right here in Boca. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to leave?

One Boca Commerce Center

Our contribution is to provide quality business environments in prime Boca Raton locations. Peninsula Corporate Center provides Class-A office space from 354 to 2,600 square feet with impact glass and generator backup in a tropical oasis setting. Boca Industrial Park contains nearly 400,000 square feet of distribution, manufacturing and showroom space. The Preserve at 7700 Congress is a campus-style office park overlooking an environmental preserve and One Boca Commerce Center is a newly renovated lakefront two-story office. All are seconds from I-95 at the Congress Avenue Interchange. Our newest project, Holland Drive Industrial Park, features storm resistant office/warehouse bays from 1,100 to 2,100 square feet starting as low as $1,000 per month.

Holland Drive Industrial Park

Our local ownership, leasing and management are on-site and committed to service. We are now providing aggressive lease terms for quality tenants. At Danburg Management we provide quality working environments in great locations built to today’s standards; and best of all, you never have to leave Boca.

To find our more about these properties, please contact Ken Silberling at 561.997.5777 ext. 27.

mediablitz the quintessential arts



8 on screen 8 in print 8 on scene

Terror Time

By Steve Kates

Shutter Island Provides A Good Old-Fashioned Scare


systems, creating further chaos on the mysterious and inhospitable island.

This is movie making in the grand old style – a storm-swept island off Boston housing a hospital for the criminally insane, from which one patient has escaped. A convenient (and rather rare) hurricane disrupts the security

Laeta Kalogridis provides a literate and faithful script for director Martin Scorsese, who has, along with his brilliant cinematographer, Robert Richardson, turned it into a chilling and emotion-packed film filled with Hitchcockian twists and grisly surprises. The plotting is worthy of Agatha Christie. Kudos also to editor Thelma Schoonmaker for her clarification of the complex storyline and the sustained, fast pacing. And Art Director Dante Ferretti (who did Sweeney Todd) has unleashed the full

gnore those big city critics who slammed Shutter Island, totally missing the quality, power and fascination of the picture. Shutter Island is a very good, terrifying suspense movie that grabs you from the start and never lets go until the very end which (for once, in Hollywood) is true to its page-turner source novel by Dennis Lehane.

force of his talents, providing indoor and outdoor settings both magnificent and nightmarish. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a federal marshal sent to the island to investigate the patient’s disappearance. With his lynx eyes, he is a study in steely determination and the ending showcases his maturation as an exceptional film actor. In truth, everyone in this picture excels; it’s like an old studio system melodrama where every role – star and supporting – was portrayed by a seasoned professional. Ben Kingsley, as the lead

psychiatrist, is suitably diabolical and enigmatic; Max Von Sydow, as a fellow shrink, exudes Teutonic evil and Mark Ruffalo is a fine foil as DiCaprio’s constabulary sidekick. And then there are the ladies – Michelle Williams as DiCaprio’s wife, and Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson as two incarnations of the missing patient, all of whom play their roles as though their lives depended on it (a cautionary phrase). Scorsese has always infused his films with intense atmosphere; in Shutter Island he delivers a movie which showcases his ambitious visual yearnings and storytelling genius. It is simply not to be missed. O Rated R: contains violence, language and adult situations

march 2010


media blitz 8 in print

House Primers Books That Inspire Divine Design

By Bill Bowen

Don’t know which picture to hang above the sofa, what chairs best match the new dining table or how to choose paint colors that best complement your dewy complexion? You need guidance. Your living space can be a reflection of you and your dreams. Now, if only you could decide on a bedroom set.

All-American: The Exuberant Style of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta By William Diamond and Anthony Baratta A compendium of recent works by interior designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, this book illustrates the inventive solutions and novel approach of the New York City design team that’s been at it for 28 years. From their extraordinary carpets to state-ofthe-art kitchens, it becomes apparent that invention drives this pair, tempered by the wishes of clients. Some of the unique projects in the book are a traditional colonial es34

tate house in Connecticut, a log cabin in Idaho that overlooks the Rockies and several New York City apartments that exemplify sophisticated living. This informative book features a compilation of this inspired team’s most dazzling, outrageous and inspirational works.

Modern Baroque Interiors Published by daab (design, art and architecture books) The baroque style, popular among the aristocracy in the late 16th to early 18th centuries, never really left – it’s been alive and well wherever there’s a Roman Catholic Church or a palatial country estate occupied by

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

those too bound by tradition or frugality to change with the times. Now the style is gaining new momentum among mainstream living spaces. This book documents some excellent examples and how it can be juxtaposed with more modern tastes for an eclectic effect. Picture the gold, silver, burgundy and black so quintessentially baroque combined with ornaments and glitter of more modern styles – complexity and voluptuousness mixed with purity and simplicity – for an interesting contrast. This book illustrates projects with outstanding baroque interiors from the past two years. An index with designers’ and architects’ contact information is also included.





  s  &!#%

3D Facial Rejuvenation Lunch & Learn

Learn the latest advances for looking younger

Saturday, March 13th, noon - 2 pm Seating is Limited - R.S.V.P. Today


media blitz 8 in print

Clothes make the person? In a sense, but in this interesting take on interior decor, clothes make the home. Author Annette Tatum’s, The Well-Dressed Home: Fashionable Design Inspired By Your Personal Style reveals how to draw inspiration from the fashion world, pop culture and especially your own closet to create stunning, one-of-a-kind room designs.

The Well-Dressed Home: Fashionable Design Inspired By Your Personal Style

Dark Nostalgia

By Annette Tatum

Rounded shapes? Not anymore. Organic influences? Done with that. Plastics? Just say no. For those who yearn for a return to medieval opulence – polished woods, furs, leathers, bricks, dark metals – this book is right up your cobblestone alley. It argues for the return of gothic design elements and presents 26 projects that exemplify the smooth incorporation of evocative historic detail into modern design. The Clift Hotel bar in San Francisco, New York’s famous Royalton Hotel and Alain Ducasse’s newest restaurant, Adour, as well as private residences and smaller, intimate restaurants and clubs by cutting-edge designers, demonstrate the many successful ways this trend toward dark nostalgia has been incorporated in recent designs. If you’d prefer a room with a view to the past, check out author Eva Hagberg’s book.

Clothes make the person? In a sense, but in this interesting take on interior decor, clothes make the home. Annette Tatum, founder of the popular House and Little House lines of highend apparel, accessories, bedding and furniture, reveals how to draw inspiration from the fashion world, pop culture and especially your own closet to create stunning, one-of-a-kind room designs. Personality is key here. In her book, Tatum helps readers identify their personal fashion styles and then inspires them to use those same creative influences in their abodes. She reveals 11 of the most universal fashion styles – including romantic, couture, classic, casual, bohemian, retro and modern – and encourages the use of colors, fabrics, textures and patterns characteristic of these aesthetics to decorate living spaces.


By Eva Hagberg

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The Comfortable Home: How To Invest In Your Nest And Live Well For Less

New Classic Interiors

By Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams

Alessandra Branca’s unique approach to interior design is revealed in hundreds of lush photos of her Chicago townhouse and other prominent projects. She explains how she approaches her craft, first assessing the space’s form and function, then selecting foundation elements, choosing furniture and lighting, and finally incorporating decorative elements that reflect the resident’s personality. The Chicago-based designer grew up in Rome, where she was surrounded by exquisite art and architecture and learned early that beauty is meant to intermingle with everyday life and that living spaces should be beautiful and functional. “You can’t just do something that looks pretty,” she says. “It has to work.” Branca’s designs don’t change with trends. Her interiors of today look very much like those from 20 years ago – warm, comfortable and spirited. O

This book touts the notion that beauty and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The authors’ advice: Spend wisely but purchase pieces that will last forever. Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams cover all aspects of creating a beautiful, inviting living space, including working with color, furnishing small areas, creating room flow and deciding whether to enlist the aid of a decorator. They assert their book is apropos, whether the reader’s style is modern, traditional or something in between. There is plenty of advice on everything from choosing the perfect bedside table to displaying a beloved collection to deciding where to splurge and where to hold back. Throughout, photos provide inspirational tours of real homes, including a revitalized ranch, a country cottage and the authors’ own New York City apartment.

By Alessandra Branca


dr. maxine and dr. amanda sindledecker providing two generations of outstanding dental care to boca raton and beyond Cosmetic Services: Porcelain Veneers, ZOOM! 速 Whitening, Laser Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Invisalign 速 provider, Smile Enhancement with BOTOX Cosmetic, Restylane and Juvederm. 162 WEST PALMETTO PARK RD BOCA RATON, FL 33432


media blitz 8 on scene

Sassy Vixen Chelsea Handler Brings Stinging Wit To The Fillmore Miami Beach


he latest disciple of the Don Rickles school of comedy, Chelsea Handler has carved out a sizable niche in the comedic universe by making caustic remarks about popular people and events of the day. She even admits her standup style is “not so much humor as it is comments that aren’t actually funny.” Maybe she’s not using a broad enough definition of “funny.” Handler, who performs March 26th at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater as part of her Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang tour, is actually hilarious (at least, her large cult following thinks so).

p e e K

By Bill Bowen

Her comedy gets its broadest exposure from her late-night E! network show, Chelsea Lately, in which she lampoons current pop culture figures. She’s also a best-selling author of three humor books, including My Horizontal Life: A Collection Of One-Night Stands; Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea and the third, for which the current tour is named. She writes a column in Cosmopolitan and another in the British Now Magazine. She’s appeared widely on TV, including guest host stints on The View, as a correspondent for The Tonight Show and appearances on other programs. Last year she won a Bravo A-List Award for comedy.

! y t t e r it p

In her standup act, Handler’s vicious criticisms are often directed inwardly as she creates a self image of constant drunkenness and depravity, and mines it for humor. She gets laughs from her story of drunkenly trying to go through a fast-food drive-thru without a car. She describes waking up in a variety of compromising situations involving total strangers or barnyard animals. She poses the question: “Is it OK to drink while you’re pregnant, if you’re planning to give up the baby for adoption?” Catch these and other Chelsea-isms, when the show starts at 8 p.m. O i

For more information, call 305-6737300 or visit


Intercontinental SINCE 1992 � 561.392.3500


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r




3:41 PM

Page 1

on scene 8 media blitz

Country-Pop Princess Taylor Swift Takes Over BankAtlantic Center By Bill Bowen


aylor Swift, 20, has been writing songs for half her life. She started at age 10 and by the time she was old enough to drive had a platinum debut album. Now with four Grammys, $8 million in album sales and appearances in music videos, on magazine covers, on TV (she hosted Saturday Night Live) and in films (most recently, Valentine’s Day), she’s at the summit of pop culture. Still Swift, who performs 7 p.m. on March 7th at the BankAtlantic Center, remains giddy and humbled by what Joni Mitchell called the “star maker machinery.” When faced with the adoration of fans that have spent millions on her albums, she reacts with grateful disbelief. “Oh my God, our families are freaking out in their living rooms,” she said after recently winning the coveted Best Album Grammy. She also won for Best Country Album, Best Country Song and Best Female Country Performance.

Cosmetic and General Dermatology Age Management Advanced BOTOX® Techniques “Liquid Face Lifts” Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening PhotoRejuvenation

Swift became the youngest ever to win Album of the Year with Fearless, which was the best-selling album in any genre. During the Grammy show, viewed by 25.8 million people, Swift hit a few off notes while singing with Stevie Nicks, which touched off a blogosphere firestorm. But it’s doubtful her 3 million-plus Facebook fans are going to put their concert tickets on eBay. Anyway, the young singer in the past has handled uncomfortable situations with aplomb, including the infamous snub by Kanye West at the MTV Awards. Mature beyond her years, she treated the whole thing as a joke and laughed it off. A familiar sight strumming her Koa Taylor (what else?) guitar, Swift sings tunes that are highly autobiographical and has even compared her songwriting to making diary entries. Her shows are laced with self-deprecating humor and often involve some sort of prank by her friend and collaborator Kellie Pickler, who has been known to hide in Swift’s piano. After all, girls just want to have fun. O i

Integrative Medicine Fellowship With Dr. Andrew Weil

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Evening and Saturday Appointments Available

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March 2010


media blitz 8 on scene

Dark Humor Comedian Lewis Black Could Have Meltdown At Hard Rock


ewis Black’s comedic style has been described as a smoldering angry rant that incrementally escalates to a complete mental breakdown right before your eyes. Black, who performs at 8 p.m. on March 25th at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Hard Rock Live, makes his living delivering crass observations about life, religion, history, politics, trends, cultural mores ... and anything else it’s possible to be irreverent and outrageous about. His best lines are delivered with the intensity of a man in the middle of a gallstone attack. Black began his career as a playwright

By Bill Bowen

after getting his master’s degree in Fine Arts at Yale University and his career eventually turned toward theater management, where he served as a master of ceremonies for productions. These encounters with audiences led to his career as a standup comedian, in which he sells out shows all over Europe, Canada and the United States. Black has appeared in several movies, done voice work in others, had a role on TV’s Law And Order and has released DVDs of his comedy, including a 2006 HBO special, Red, White and Screwed. He won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for The Carnegie Hall Performance and hosted his own TV show, The Root Of All Evil, which

ridiculed pop culture. He’s written two books: a 2005 autobiography, Nothing’s Sacred and the book he’s currently promoting, Me Of Little Faith. He also renders commentary on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show in a segment called Back In Black. His live performances are marked by angry histrionics, sarcasm, profanity and lots of emotional shouting,

punctuated by brief calm intervals in which the mellifluous voice of calm, if skewed, reason asserts itself. He has described his approach as “being on the Titanic every single day, and being the only person who knows what’s going to happen.” O i For more information, call 954-797-5531 or visit


Maryann’s nn’s Wallpaper & Window Boutique e And Tearoom Tear The cast of Footloose

Come And Discover




Celebrating Our 19th Year In South Florida 4997 W. ATLANTIC AVENUE, DELRAY BEACH, FL 33445 MONDAY – FRIDAY 9:30A.M.-5P.M. � SATURDAY 9:30A.M.-4P.M. � CLOSED SUNDAY


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r



on scene 8 media blitz

Canadian Crooner

Michael Bublé Sets The Mood At BankAtlantic Center By Bill Bowen


f Michael Bublé’s second Grammy in three years serves to spike his album sales, the number will be climbing from 25 million, a figure that might have been hard to imagine when his Italian grandfather arranged his early gigs by bartering his plumbing services. Bublé, whose Crazy Love world tour stops at the BankAtlantic Center on March 12th, won the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden. He took the same gold trophy in 2008 for Call Me Irresponsible. Bublé didn’t enjoy a meteoric rise to stardom, perhaps because Burnaby, British Columbia, where he grew up the son of a salmon fisherman, is a little off the beaten path. He sang in nightclubs as a teenager, encouraged by his grandfather, who also paid for his voice lessons. By age 25, he was living in Toronto and contemplating a journalism career. Now he’s one of Canada’s national treasures and has shared headlines in the country’s top newspapers with Neil Young and Michael J. Fox. Bublé’s big break came in 2000, when his career consisted of appearances at lounges, on cruise ships, in malls and in talent shows. It was his performance at a corporate gig that landed him a wedding booking. But this was no ordinary wedding – it was the daughter of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and in attendance was multi-Grammy-winning producer David Foster. Bublé sang Mack The Knife and his career was back in town.

Johns Hopkins. We’ll get you there.

For 125 years, Johns Hopkins has pushed the boundaries of clinical, classroom and investigative medicine from its storied dome in Baltimore. That’s more than a century of knowledge, talent and innovation—all in one place. Johns Hopkins USA, South Florida connects local residents with our world-renowned specialists in Baltimore. We’ll coordinate every aspect of your trip—from appointments to travel arrangements and lodging—all tailored to your needs. Johns Hopkins USA, South Florida. Your personal link to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Please contact: M.L. Farrell, Director 561-659-1155 877-659-1155 (toll-free)

Bublé, whose music has the resonance of standards, had three independent albums by 2002, but found wide success with It’s Time in 2005 and Call Me Irresponsible, which reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, the Canadian Albums Chart and the Australian and European charts. Catch his show at 8 p.m. O i For more information, call 954-835-7469 or visit March 2010


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You have heard the term – “we wrote the book on that”- in fact, Drs. Jason Pozner and David Goldberg have! Recognized nationally and internationally for their innovative work with lasers, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner and board-certified dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg have authored multiple books on the subject as well as trained thousands of doctors each year on their rejuvenation techniques. Drs. Jason Pozner and David Goldberg employ the most advanced techniques available in their 6,000 square foot facility in the heart of Boca Raton. “Our office participates in many FDA studies and offers innovations rapidly” says Pozner, who was one of the first doctors in the nation to offer the cutting-edge treatment Zeltiq, a “cool” new way to lose fat, and Ulthera, a non-surgical alternative to the eyebrow lift.

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as seen in vogue, new beauty, oprah magazine, nbc, the early Show


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A Guide to Personal growth

that’slife 8

8 relations8 parents 8 destinations

House Beautiful Why We Can All Use

A Little Design Therapy By Emily J. Minor


esting is a wonderful thing and not just for expectant mothers. We all do it. We spend our extra cash on nice patio furniture so the outdoor space is cozy. We scout around for just the right couch. We spend hours online, clicking on the same photo of the same oak bed, making sure it has the right touch to turn the master bedroom into a quiet, calm getaway. In my mother’s day, she would get her decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens or McCall’s magazines. The guy at the local paint store mixed up her favorite color – Nedra’s blue, they called it. And she bought castaway pieces at garage sales and gave them a second life. Maybe even a third. Sometimes when we came home from school, it was as though a magician had been working inside the house that day. The white cabinet was now red. The red shelf, white. The old wicker picture frame had been transformed with a small can of Nedra’s blue. One day, she even painted the formica TV console, an accomplishment that horrified the mailman. This kind of weekday afternoon was therapy for my mother, just as home projects are still therapy for many of us today. Making things pretty is good for the soul, not to mention comfortable for the family. But today, the creative bin where we get our ideas is not limited to magazine pages and store windows. March 2010


that’s life8 relations Today, we get our inspiration from an obsessive little pastime called HGTV. A dozen or more hours a day, there they are, telling us how to break up ugly bathroom tile and install a new faucet and change out the cabinet doors so the kitchen looks new. Ripping up an old floor never looked so easy. Lisa LaPorta knows a little something about all this. She’s a designer on the popular HGTV show, Designed to Sell, where she and a team of painters and contractors come into a house that’s been on the market for a while but hasn’t sold. For less than $2,000, they make it all beautiful so that anyone would want to live there. LaPorta’s been an interior designer in southern California for two decades. “It’s no longer about how to make over your house with ribbon and a glue gun,” LaPorta says. Since breaking into “home makeover” TV seven years ago on a now-defunct show called Designing for the Sexes, she’s watched the nation’s fascination with home design grow. “I think the popularity of HGTV reflects what a lot of people are interested in,” she says. “It’s a different time than when people used to open up Architectural Digest and look at rooms they’d probably never live in. People need information that’s related to them.” I was talking to LaPorta one recent morning because she’s giving a lot of press interviews about a quirky survey done by the folks at HGTV and KILZ, the paint primer company. She works as their spokeswoman. Every year, KILZ does something called The Roller Report where they call around and ask men and women in the United States and Canada questions like, Do you judge your neighbors by the exterior of their homes?  By the way, men do that more than women; 39 percent of men polled said they’d be less friendly to a neighbor who neglected the exterior of their home, while 21 percent of the women said they’d feel that way. Women are so nice! 44

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Eighty-five percent of women said they’d take a $5,000 room makeover over a

$5,000 pair of diamondstud earrings. — The Roller Report

There are a million and one surveys out there today – everybody likes to be a mini-shrink, I guess – but this one is kind of fun. “I love the questions this year,” LaPorta says. Here are some of the results taken from phone calls with 1,071 men and women: More than half of female respondents – about 55 percent – said they’d tell their best friend if they didn’t like the way she decorated her home. About half the men questioned said they would invest in home decor to impress a new love interest. That response was highest among men ages 25 to 34 years old. One in five women spend more money decorating their kid’s room than their own.     But the favorite might be this: Eighty-five percent

of women said they’d take a $5,000 room makeover over a $5,000 pair of diamond-stud earrings. Apparently the entire female race has gone insane with this nesting thing. “I’m pleasantly surprised,” says Craig Ketelsen, manager of James & Jeffrey Antiques on West Palm Beach’s Antique Row. “I would have thought that women may have been more apt to go with the diamond-stud earrings.” So, it just goes to show you. My dear mother really did know best, even all those years ago. Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. A girl’s best friend is an empty afternoon, a clean brush and a can of latex paint. O


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that’s life8 parents

Remote Control How Your Kids View TV Is Up To You


ne of the most buzzed-about TV shows of the season is the Emmy-winning Fox hit Glee, a decidedly un-Disneyish high school musical featuring highly sexed teenagers, a gay kid coming out, a teacher’s wife pretending she’s pregnant and a cheerleader pretending she’s not. All set to an exuberant soundtrack of re-imagined pop and Broadway standards. I’m watching this show with my 12-year-old daughter. This is the same daughter who, just a few years ago, was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. And I’m the same mom who spent years hand-picking every


By Cheryl Kane Heimlich

book, song and movie to which she was exposed. I can still pull off that trick with my two younger kids. But Julia is now in middle school, where daily conversations in the

hold censor, fast-forwarding through DVDs and DVRs (Why exactly was that movie rated PG-13?) and speedreading my way through Barnes & Noble (Twilight? OK. Gossip Girl?

“You can’t hide the kids from what’s going on in the world, but you

can control what they see.”

– Andrea Perlin, a licensed mental health counselor in Boca Raton

cafeteria lead to nightly requests at home: “Can I read/watch (name of some questionable book/movie/TV show)? Everyone at school is.” That’s how I end up as the house-

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Um, no.) It’s easy enough to say no to explicit iPod downloads and trashy TV shows. But what happens when the request is for grown-up fare that’s actually worthwhile – like Glee? How does a parent decide

when it’s time to say yes? I took the dilemma to my network of middle school moms, many of whom are similarly conflicted about when to loosen the reins. My friend Margaret, who shunned cable TV when her kids were younger, gave up that battle when she noticed what they ended up watching after school. Between soap operas and adult-oriented talk show topics, “I found shows that aired in the afternoons to be as inappropriate for tween/early teen viewing as evening shows,” she says. “What disappoints me most with TV is that there are very few shows we can watch together as a family.”
















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that’s life8 parents One place I turn to find those shows is the nonprofit Web site, where reviews of everything from movies to video games offer details of scenes that might give a parent pause. Knowing what to expect makes it easier for me to arrive at an informed decision, if not a popular one. It’s tough to be the parent who says no when others are saying yes. But Andrea Perlin, a licensed mental health counselor in Boca Raton, says peer pressure shouldn’t be a deciding factor. “You can’t hide the kids from what’s going on in the world,” she says, “but you can control what they see.”   I’d like to think that’s true. But between the Internet, iPod downloads and access to other kids’ media libraries, it seems to me that parents have less control than ever. Caroline Knorr, parenting editor with Common Sense Media, says even she has a hard time enforcing her “no-PG-13” rule with her 10-yearold son. “You do want to try to de-

college, says the toothpaste left the tube at her house a long time ago. “As with many issues, my standards on this one have loosened with each consecutive child,” she says. With the oldest, “I stayed very vigilant regarding MTV, PG-13

“You do want to try to develop your kid’s internal censor as in, ‘I’m not really supposed to be watching this,’ and you hope that they can self-regulate. But he wants

– Caroline Knorr, parenting editor with Common Media Sense

to see them and a lot of his friends do, and I know he’s watched them at other kids’ houses. And you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.”

velop your kid’s internal censor as in, ‘I’m not really supposed to be watching this,’ and you hope that they can self-regulate,” she says. “But he wants to see them and a lot of his friends do, and I know he’s watched them at other kids’ houses. And you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” My friend Christina, whose three daughters range from sixth grade to 48

and R-rated movies. The middle one has seen more sexually explicit stuff at a younger age, and now with the youngest, it’s extremely difficult to monitor. When you have older kids in the house, the younger kids are just exposed to much more.” That’s definitely true for my preschooler, who’s fuzzy on his nursery rhymes but knows several Lady

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Gaga songs by heart. Still, we work hard to make sure he doesn’t miss out on all the movies his sisters once loved. Which means that my 12-year-old goes from our house, where her little brother is watching Toy Story, to her friend’s house

discussions about fictional characters can lead to important subjects that otherwise might make your child uncomfortable. My friend Margaret, who also said yes to Glee, has certainly found that

where the older sister is watching Sex and the City. No one wants their daughter taking a direct route from Cinderella and the Prince to Carrie and Mr. Big. So ultimately, I decided that Glee was as good a halfway point as any. I’ve given the show a green light – as long as we watch it together.   Dr. Marion Rose Mollica-Minson, executive director of the Child Adolescent and Family Center in Boca Raton, says that was probably the right decision.  “As uncomfortable as those moments  (of adult content) may be, they’re teachable moments,” she says. And post-show

to be true. “Some of the topics have really tested me,” she admits. “But since I watch with my kids, the more salacious themes have served as talking points, and I welcome the opportunity to share my views.” Better now than later, says Dr. Mollica-Minson. “It’s sometimes unfortunate that the first conversation a parent has with their pre-teen or tween child is when something happens, like they get caught kissing a boy in the hall at school,” she says. “You don’t want that to be the first time you’re talking to your children about these things. Because most moms, their hair would stand up if they knew what their kids really knew.” O

North Broward Preparatory School The local school with global vision

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Suite Surprise Taj Boston Offers

Chic Respite In The City

paradise of redwoods, weeping willows, a lagoon inhabited by swans and swan tour boats, and an iceskating pond.

By Roberta Sandler


aul Revere, John Hancock, a rich colonial history and the bar that inspired the hit TV series, Cheers, are just some of what make dynamic Boston, Mass. such a popular tourist destination. This culturally dynamic city is lush with theaters, historic sites and gorgeous gardens. And right in the heart of it all is Taj Boston, known among the well-heeled travel set as one of the city’s crown jewels.

Newbury streets, is within walking distance of myriad boutiques, galleries and other coveted gathering spots. Best of all, it overlooks the nation’s first public garden, a 23-acre

The elegant property, located at the corner of fashionable Arlington and 50

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

But it’s the graceful hotel’s offerings that truly impress patrons: Taj Boston has been known for award-winning service and treasured traditions since first opening its doors in 1927 as the first of the Ritz-Carlton hotels – plenty of time to perfect its hospitality. Its guest register has been signed by luminaries such as Ethel Barrymore and Winston Churchill (the Winston Churchill Suite is decorated with red accents, the Prime Minister’s favorite color). The hotel, conveniently located just 4.8 miles from Logan Interna-

tional Airport, became part of the Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces brand in 2007. The brand is one of Asia’s largest groups of hotels, with 83 properties around the world, including the Taj Residences in London, the Pierre in New York and Campton Place in San Francisco. When in Massachusetts, the Taj Boston is a must-see: The moment you step inside the regal, gold-accented lobby, a Chanel boutique, graceful winding staircase and marble floor hint at the serenity and sophistication to come. The hotel offers 273 tastefully decorated guestrooms, including 45 suites with wood-burning fireplaces and modern luxury. The decor is elegant

Photos courtesy of Taj Boston

that’s life8 destinations

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and prestigious, from wood accents, fabric wall coverings and original art and antiques, to damask-, silk- andbrocade-upholstered furnishings in soothing tones of rose, blue, gold and celadon green. Luxurious bedding, tasseled draperies and marble baths add to the ambiance. Some rooms offer a Children’s Suite, with kid-sized furniture and an arts-and-crafts center. This is a great accommodation for families. A bonus? The marvelous window views! It’s attributes such as these that in 2009 earned Taj Boston a Mobil Four-Star honor, an AAA Four Diamond Lodg-

contact Taj Boston is located at 15 Arlington Street in Boston, Mass. For more information, call 617-536-5700 or visit


ing Award and a designation by Travel and Leisure Magazine as “one of the world’s best 500 hotels.” The accolades are understandable when you consider Taj Boston’s delightfully unexpected suite amenities. For example, a Fireplace Butler will light your fireplace, offering a choice of fragrant woods such as birch, cherry, oak, maple and Taj blend. As part of the Bath Butler service, available from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m., a personal attendant will draw the bath of your choice, be it a Boston Tea Party Bath of natural sea salts and lavender or a Simply Romantic Bath set with rose petals and scented bubbles accompanied by Champagne and strawberries. It’s the ultimate soothing indulgence after a day of sightseeing or working out at the hotel’s fitness center. When it’s time for dining, Taj Boston offers several options, all of which incorporate American, Asian and Mediterranean influences. The ho-

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Photos courtesy of Taj Boston

that’s life8 destinations

The elegant property, located at the corner of fashionable Arlington and Newbury streets, is within walking distance of myriad boutiques, galleries and other coveted gathering spots.

tel’s stunning French Room, inspired by the dining room of King Ludvig I of Bavaria, is used for special functions, but it’s worth taking a peek inside to check out the the ornate gilded ceilings, dramatic columns and crystal chandeliers. For stunning sights of a different sort, The Roof at Taj Boston – the city’s only rooftop dining venue – provides glass-enclosed panoramic city views and serves a sumptuous Sunday brunch buffet with a carving station and made-to-order breakfast selections.

The 66-seat Cafe at Taj Boston, which overlooks chic Newbury Street, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with tantalizing options ranging from Roasted Fennel and Arugula Soup and Seared Salmon with Balsamic Glazed Cipollini, to Indian specialty dishes and classic Boston clam chowder. When it’s cocktail time, The Bar at Taj Boston is the perfect spot for relaxing and socializing. It’s a warm, cozy place replete with a blazing fireplace, comfy upholstered chairs and paintings and sconces that dot paneled walls. The relaxing atmosphere continues into the hotel’s tea lounge, decorated with soft color tones and plush, striped seating. By the way, Taj Boston is pet friendly. It’s just one more way the hotel beckons to guests looking for a perfectly located destination offering charm, beauty, comfort and style. O


home Welcome

House. Dwelling. Castle.

Call it what you will, our home is our sanctuary. It’s where we seek refuge after endless days of work, errands and other assorted stressors and obligations – where we kick our shoes off, let our hair down and just let loose. We hope you find refuge in this month’s design-packed issue, filled with stunning rooms to emulate and ideas to steal (we don’t think the homeowners will mind). On the following pages, you’ll find three very diverse, very beautiful kitchens; three dazzling homes in styles ranging from modern baroque to understated contemporary; expert tips on achieving high style without spending a fortune and an exclusive interview with and peek inside the estate of maximalist design celebrity Kelly Wearstler (hint: her master bathroom is to die for). Now click your heels three times…because there’s no place like our Home & Design issue.

M a r ch 2 0 1 0


A mirror above the fireplace in the living room reflects light back into the space while terrazzo floors keep things cool. The roomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s overall feeling is one of grand, ocean-inspired comfort with a touch of whimsy.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Photos by Edward Addeo

Beautifully By Mary Thurwach ter


A Tropical Paradise Exudes Sophisticated Whimsy With A Modern Twist When Pat and Roseann McGeehin sought to purchase a vacation residence, they wanted a

Owner Roseann McGeehin says she’s “not wild about cooking” but loves kitchens. The stove’s backsplash boasts a quirky fish-scale look. Bar chairs are from Donghia; Cooper pendant lamps feature reflective hammered-copper interiors.

tropical getaway reminiscent of Mustique, the small, private French Caribbean island where they’d spent several memorable winters. But they needed something closer to their Delaware and Maryland homes – a place to where they could easily travel for long weekends. A place with style, sophistication and perhaps a dash of flamboyance. Palm Beach fit the bill perfectly, so they bought a tear-down on nearby Hypoluxo Island and built a 6,000-square-foot, classic Venetian-style villa on the Intracoastal. When it was time to create the space, Pat, a founding partner of a CPA firm and Roseann, a fitness club owner, turned to long-time friend and traveling companion Barry Dixon, a Virginia-based designer. Not only had Dixon designed their two other homes, but he’d vacationed with the couple in Mustique. March 2010


Guests are hit with drama the moment they enter the home, with a grand and impressive spiral staircase holding court in the foyer and a Hendricks table Dixon designed, along with four Wedge ottomans. The drama extends to the inviting living room, where a cast oval inset of seashell molding runs the perimeter of the ceiling and an eye-catching custom Murano chandelier pulls the room together. “It’s the center of the universe in that house,” says Dixon, who likens it to an octopus. A curvilinear sofa in pale blue and green cotton adds fluidity to the space, while an antique Carerra marble fireplace acts as a focal point. One of Roseann’s favorite rooms is the master bedroom, where Dixon crafted a headboard of embroidered fabric originating from the pantaloons of a Tunisian wedding garment. A twosided fireplace warms the space, as well as an adjoining sitting room. Roseann also favors the master bath, where an enclosed glass shower seems to stand sans support and a large pillar actually spins and performs as a linen closet. Another highlight: The loggia, which overlooks an Infinity pool and has become a popular spot for the homeowners and their guests to relax. An Andalusia-inspired turquoise front door hints at the home's Intracoastal view and ocean-inspired decor.

“Perhaps the greatest quality a home might possess is that of soulful hospitality,” Dixon says. “This home has it. I think the house is just like Pat and Roseann – playful, youthful, humble and hospitable.” O

The family room overlooks the pool and loggia, which features cerused oak chairs and a sofa designed by Dixon. When not in use, the flatscreen TV is discreetly hidden behind hinged panels featuring botanical engravings. Maritime books and artifacts are displayed in a Christian Liaigre bookcase.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Photos by Edward Addeo

When designing the home, Dixon tempered baroque ebullience with a shot of modern restraint, and kept terrazzo floors flecked with turquoise without rugs to keep the space cool. “We took our color palette through the window from the water and sky,” he explains.

A library adjacent to the living room was upholstered in chocolate linen for a masculine look. A 19th century drafting table sits beside the window, while bookshelves were custom-designed to provide ample storage for books and collectibles.

March 2010


Photos by Brantley Photography


Escape A Canadian Couple Finds Solace In A Stylish And Serene Fort Lauderdale Condo By Mary Thurwachter When Canadian homeowners approached

Susan Lachance to remodel their three-bedroom beachfront condo in Fort Lauderdale, they wanted a space that was serene, cozy and took advantage of the stunning Galt Ocean Mile milieu. The couple first admired Lachance’s work after seeing another condo she’d designed in the 27-story building. After purchasing their own 2,500-square-foot, threebedroom unit, they turned to the designer to create their ultimate winter hideaway.

Guests are welcomed into the foyer by Her Red Shoes, a painting by Michel Pellus. The custom mahogany console is one of Lachance’s favorite pieces. “It’s almost a sculpture,” she says.


“They wanted a low-key, comfortable seaside escape for when they’re down from Canada,” explains Lachance, a 35-year design veteran. She was ready for the challenge, armed with a host of creative ideas influenced by the likes of Barbara Barry and other design icons. The result would be a classic and stylish space – a calm haven in a hectic world.

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The serene living room reflects the calm of the sea, with Barbara Barry sofas and occasional chairs covered in blue pearl fabric, motorized drapery sheers and a custom cocktail table designed by Lachance.

March 2010


Homeowners enjoy entertaining family and friends at this Interior Crafts table complemented by Barbara Barry chairs. The Baker Thomas Pheasant Constellation mirror and custom canopy chandelier add a touch of elegance to the space.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

But first, there was much work to do. The project called for a total renovation of floors, doors and walls. A third bathroom was eliminated to make room for two Sub-Zero wine coolers. White marble floors were installed throughout the space. “Design is an expression of who I am,” says Lachance. “I am very passionate about what I do down to every detail.” For a light and airy ambiance, Lachance throughout the condo chose pale gray/blue faux silk wall coverings, window sheers in light blue and neutral colors and wool and silk area rugs for a simple, organic effect. In the living room, Barbara Barry sofas and occasional chairs are covered in an elegant blue-pearl fabric, while a custom cocktail table and wood base – one of Lachance’s signature designs – houses two leather ottomans. Drapery sheers include motorized darkening sunshades and artist Robin Clerici’s Tic-Tac-Toe adorns a wall, lending a playful, beachy touch. A snack bar with barstools allows for casual meals, while convenient sliding doors lead to show-stopping kitchen featuring

Wenge cupboards, white Carrera marble countertops, handsome stainless-steel appliances and high-tech lighting. For more formal meals, the dining room features a grand wood Interior Crafts table with a stainless-steel pedestal surrounded by tailored Barbara Barry Starlight Blue dining chairs. Lachance chose a Baker Thomas Pheasant Constellation mirror to add movement to the space. When the homeowners turn in, the master bedroom features botanical prints to complement the ocean view, and a custom king-sized bed designed by Lachance is crafted of lacquer wood with mother-of-pearl insets. One of the last details Lachance added was in the foyer, where Her Red Shoes, an oil painting by Michel Pellus, greets guests. The painting depicts a red high heel shoe resting on a beach balcony. It says, “Kick off your shoes and come inside,” she explains.

A master bedroom haven features a king-sized bed designed by Lachance to include lacquer wood and mother-ofpearl insets. Above the hickory white dresser sits a painting by Canadian artist Jeff Jackson. Sweet dreams are assured in the guest bedroom, where a Cleo-upholstered, Vanguard queen-sized bed is flanked by oval nightstands with an Oxford finish. Trowbridge shell prints lend a sense of ocean flair. Wenge-finished closets feature frosted glass doors.

The owners have – and they’re thrilled to be there. O

March 2010



T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Photos by Mark Roskams

A circa 1850s chest in Meyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s master bedroom belonged to his mother. The artwork is by the designer and the rug is from the Doug & Gene Meyer For NIBA Rug Collection.



By Mary Thurwachter

A Designer’s Vintage Miami Shores Home Serves As His Playful Palette Stepping inside design guru Doug Meyer’s Miami Shores fantastical

home is like immersing yourself in a living, breathing piece of art. Fun and interesting collections abound, vintage furniture breathes new life and quirky chairs that resemble giant white teeth are just a few of the treasures you’ll find in his 1939 three-bedroom home. “I don’t like things in design to be too serious in a house I live in,” says Meyer, a master colorist who, along with brother/business partner Gene Meyer, founded Doug & Gene Meyer, a design company in New York and Miami with products that range from fabrics and rugs to tiles, furnishings and accessories. The brothers also are creative directors for the Doug & Gene Meyer For NIBA Rug Collection. Meyer’s made myriad changes since moving into his space six years ago and has had six different looks. He says he’s happy with the home’s current incarnation. The living room boasts Zebra-wood, veneer-covered walls, a vintage Florence Knoll sofa, a Sedgwick coffee table designed by the brothers, a Plexiglass screen and a beaded wall hat that shimmers when the air-conditioning kicks on. Meyer kept the home’s original terrazzo floors. “It’s similar to the kind of terrazzo you’d find in hotels on Ocean Drive,” he says. “I love running around barefoot on it.”

Doug Meyer painted his outdoor deck turquoise to mirror the pool and repainted three Wendell Castle chairs a shade of pinkish lavender. He found the antique aluminum dining set at a tag sale in West Palm Beach and powder-coated it lime, and designed the pool, deck and landscaping, which includes 120 tropical plants and 25 varieties of palms.

March 2010


The dining room features a one-of-a-kind rug called Tears of Athena, which was designed by the brothers for a former show house. It’s topped with a vintage Saarinen Tulip table surrounded by vintage chairs Meyer painted and upholstered in a single unified color. “I wanted the chairs to become more sculptural,” he explains.” They become four green shapes.” He also tore out a half wall dividing the living and dining rooms and built a planter – an homage to designer Arne Jacobsen’s Denmark home from the 1930s. “I’ve always loved planters,” he says. As in the rest of the home, the master bedroom is an exercise in creativity. One entire wall of the space is devoted to a collage Meyer took six months to find images for and assemble. “This dramatic effect has created what I like to call an aquarium,” he explains. “The minute you walk into this room it feels like you are underwater – it’s the power of color.” The rest of the room is awash in purple and turquoise. Interestingly, Meyer covered a chair pad and headboard in blue vinyl. “It’s the vinyl they would use on motorcycle seats,” he explains. “Kind of sparkly.” And kind of fun. Just like the designer himself. O The dining room’s Bisazza wall panel and lighting fixture were designed by Meyer; the 1967 painting is by Carlo Canevari. The home’s fireplace is an original, fronted by a rug from the Doug & Gene Meyer For NIBA Rug Collection. The two vintage chairs designed by Martin Eisler are upholstered in Kravet fabric.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

A highlight of the airy and colorful Florida room is a pair of Wendell Castleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous Molar chairs. A 1962 Marilyn silk screen by Andy Warhol hangs over the 1970s Milo Baughman sofa. An orange lacquer cabinet houses a collection of vintage objects. The sculpture is by Meyer. March 2010



Three Unique Kitchens That Really Cook

Stuff By Mary Thurwachter

The kitchen’s considered the heart of the home for a reason: Not only do we spend countless hours there immersed in chopping, slicing and dicing (or microwaving, for the culinary challenged), but quality time sharing great food, conversation and the occasional glass of wine with our favorite people. Naturally, we want a space that's both functional and fabulous. The following three kitchens – while all vastly different – tastefully blend great style and efficiency.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Photos by Cheryl Meader

Apples and Oranges Citrus Colors Create a Soothing Tropical Retreat You don’t often see shiny orange kitchen cabinets. That’s why the Italian craftsman charged with constructing the wall units for a Boca Raton client of interior designer Patrice Flashner Fitzgerald called to ensure he’d read the order correctly. Fitzgerald assured him that “glassy, orange lacquer” was exactly what the designer ordered. Her client and longtime friend, Kory Apton, “wanted a really, really bright, and really, really Florida kitchen,” Fitzgerald explains. “You would think orange would be very shocking, but that’s not the case. It actually stimulates you and people who walk in find it very soothing.”

much of the planning for their vacation home was done via phone and computer. “My vision was of an incredibly reflective, shiny kitchen,” explains Fitzgerald, whose Delray Beach company, Sweet Surroundings, manufactures custom furniture and accessories. “Kory wanted a command center where she could look out and always be able to see the sea.” Getting materials in and out of the building was challenging, but when all was said and done, the family was thrilled. Says Fitzgerald, “When someone says ‘this is my dream home’ I feel like I did all right!”

White counters and floors in the glossy space are made of easy-to-maintain Mont Blanc aggregated glass, while contemporary Poltrona Frau bar stools and a Ligne Roset table and chairs add to the sleek milieu. Pops of bright green add extra pizzazz. The kitchen was part of a condominium remodel for Apton, a former TV sports producer, husband Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, and their two children. As part of the remodel, they combined two adjacent units in a 1975 seaside high-rise. Because the family primarily resides in New York,

One of the biggest challenges was working around two unmovable pillars. “We wanted to keep everything open,” says Fitzgerald. The solution? “We used pencil glass tiles from the Miami Design District to cover the pillars.”

March 2010


Naturally Made Stylish And Raw, An Industrial Kitchen Goes Organic David Neuman, president of a gourmet food company and wife Laura Morrish, an artist, designed their stylish, environmentally friendly kitchen. The Pembroke Pines couple scoured the Internet for inspiration, ultimately opting for cool, stainless-steel appliances, countertops and cabinets any chef would envy. “I dropped a stack of Corelle dishes on the counter one day and it didn’t make a dent or leave a scratch,” Morrish muses. The couple wanted a great space, but was careful not to overspend. “Going low budget on some things allowed us to spend more in other areas while still having a final cost that was appropriate to this neighborhood and this (ranch-style) house,” says Morrish. “We wanted to ensure that we didn’t spend where we didn’t think we could recoup in a sale.” Also important to them was sustainability. “We looked for options that didn’t emit gas, that used existing raw materials and that were socially responsible,” she explains. A dining table was crafted from a 3-inch-thick, 9-foot reclaimed redwood slab. “We had a guy in Miami plane it for us,” she recounts. “Then we found inexpensive legs that can raise or lower the table.” Comfortable bright red Eames chairs complement the piece. They bought the ebony-colored oak floor online and got free samples first so they could decide if it was the right fit. They even turned to nature when choosing the kitchen’s paint color, finding inspiration from the Royal Palm trees outside their kitchen window. “The color above the gray-brown trunk, but below the leaves, has the exact shade of green we used,” Morrish points out. “David is excited about the kitchen, which means he’ll cook more.”


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The kitchen’s True refrigerator was purchased online and features energy-efficient, double-pane thermal glass doors. JNC Welding & Fabricating, Inc. of Coral Springs made the stainless-steel island and cabinets.

Photos by Laura Morrish

Ever the artist, Laura Morrish found creative ways to add splashes of color to the space, from the red knife block made by artisans in the rural communities of Vietnam to the labels on gourmet salts.

March 2010


Deep, rich mahogany creates an elegant, formal look in this classic kitchen. Granite countertops came from Marble of the World.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Spec-tacular Space A Posh Kitchen Mixes Classic Lines With Shades Of Espresso When you’re creating a kitchen for an $8 million spec home in Boca Raton’s Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, you use nothing but the most exceptional materials. That’s what Adam Canter, president of Distinctive Kitchens and Baths, Inc., did when he designed and installed an elegant, classic-style space in a 7,746-square-foot manse for the builder, SRD Building Corporation. Toffee-colored maple cabinets with a black glaze sit below a wrap-around level of beveled glass doors. An open-ended island and breakfast bar, also made of maple, feature a rich espresso finish. Hand-carved molding and corbels, natural granite countertops and marble floors add to the look of luxury. Interior designer Julie Harris of P&H Interiors in Coral Springs chose the island's light fixture, which is from the Murray Feiss Edwardian Collection. The backsplash is a blend of onyx listel artistic tile from Ceramic Matrix, a distributor and importer of high-quality tile and stone. The rest of the backsplash area is crafted with Bianco Select from Marble of the World, an importer of exotic and fine quality natural stones.

The kitchen's marble floors are durable and easy to clean, while tiles set on a diagonal create a spacious look. Traditional brushed-nickel faucets are from Newport Brass.

A standout feature, Canter says, is the large arched window, which anchors cabinets crafted to curve around it. The light that shines in highlights just how beautiful the space truly is. O March 2010


Design On Dazzling Rooms Need Not Cost A Fortune

A Dime By Linda Haase


ou catch a glimpse of the living room drapes out of the corner of your eye. Hmmm, they’re looking dowdy. The kitchen seems to have lost its luster too and the dining room is downright depressing. It’s time for a revamp. You need something to make you fall in love with your home again – without setting you back a year’s worth of mortgage payments. Stunning shelter magazine-worthy rooms don’t have to come with a huge price tag. Really. Are you ready for a new milieu? The following South Florida interior designers explain how something as simple as choosing the perfect paint color or pillow fabric can dramatically change your home. Prepare to be inspired.


“Painting a room in a gorgeous saturated color is the least expensive, best way to update a space. Go with yellow – buttery, creamy, soft. Maybe a pale – but not pastel – sage green. Pair either of these with two other colors to form a palette to be used throughout the whole house.” Fran Bernstein, ASID, interior designer, Academy of Design, Tamarac;

“Hire a designer for a two-hour consult. It’s a great way to get the direction you need without spending a lot of money. You can ask anything about design or renovation. It’s also a great introduction to a firm to see if you’re going to click.” Nancy Feldman, ASID, president a n d o w n e r, T h e A r t o f Placement, Inc., Boca Raton;


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

“Hunt for unique items at flea markets, thrift shops and vintage stores. I love the flea market on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. I recently purchased a great set of vintage Lucite TV trays that are fabulous. And every space is better with live plants and flowers. Green Thumb Concepts in Fort Lauderdale will come to your house, set the plants up and give watering instructions.” Joe Fava, ASID, creator and owner, Fava Design Group, Fort Lauderdale;

“Take the furniture out of a room; put it back one a piece at a time. Look at each piece with a discerning eye to see if it’s a classic. For a cleaner, more contemporary look, if you have two sofas put them parallel to each other. If you have a sofa and two chairs, put the chairs at a 90-degree angle with the sofa.” Kris Kolar, ASID, vice president of interior design, Robb & Stucky, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton;

your own designer. Magazines and books are great sources for inspiring ideas. Clip pictures, spread them out and look for a pattern. For furnishings and accessories, think eBay, Craigslist, yard sales and flea markets. Try allison’s Adam & Eve in West Palm Beach, an architectural salvage company, where you’ll find interesting, unique items.” Regina O’ Leary, president, House to Home Redesign, Inc., Delray Beach; “One way to get impact without a big expense is to add crown molding. For a couple hundred dollars, it can finish an important space like a living room or dining room.” Kingsley Belcher Knauss, ASID, president and owner, KBK Interior Design, Westfield, N.J. and Miami; “If you have a good quality piece of furniture that just needs a change, it might be worth recovering it. Go to Boca Bargoons or Mac Fabrics, where they have good choices and deals. And with a few new accessories, you can do marvels. Add a pretty lamp, a great picture or a nice mirror.” Helene Haas,

“Changing a window treatment can change the look of your room. Replacing vertical blinds with soft, crisp fabric and a sunscreen shade will give you a lighter look and make the room feel bigger. For a warm, cozy look, replace a heavy drapery treatment with a wood shutter.” Stephanie Merryman, ASID, president and principal designer, Artistic View, Inc, Boca Raton; “Putting a room together does not mean all lowend or high-end – splurge on one must-have piece and work the rest in with inexpensive items. Shop in magazines, stores, design centers and online –


president, Nichols & Bauer; Palm Beach Gardens, “Take a mundane room and give it a sense of drama with carefully placed lighting. Just replacing a hanging fixture can make a big difference. Adding a pair of wall sconces sets a romantic tone. If on a budget, hang a pair of shelves and line them with candles; swapping out bulbs from frosted to clear will sparkle up any room. Putting dimmers on lights allows a space to take on different moods, and corner floor uplights or picture lights over art add great theatrics.” Michael A. Thomas, incoming national president of ASID, president, Design Collective Group, Jupiter, Phoenix; “Hire a redesigner. They work with what you already own and rework your existing living areas, usually within a day. Another option is to become

“In a kitchen, change or add a backsplash. They have a lot of amazing things to use like metals, glass and semiprecious or tumbled stones. You can get a lot of impact this way without a big expense.” Jody Smith, ASID, interior designer, Brown’s Interior Design, Boca Raton, Jupiter;


“When designing any room – particularly one where most of your family’s time is spent – it’s best to select simple, classic pieces that can stand up to high traffic. These pieces create the foundation of the home's design and where I suggest clients spend the majority of their budget. Accessorize spaces with interchangeable, fun and trendy items that are less expensive and can be changed out on occasion, such as ottomans, lamps and small tables. Anita Margolis, ASID, president, Anita Margolis Interior Design, Inc. Boca Raton;

the greater your exposure to the design market, the more knowledgeable your decisions will be.” Nickie Siegel, president, NLS Creations, Inc., Highland Beach, “When you’re on a tight budget, create a design plan and stick to it! Be aware of what you’ll need to create the look you want and decide how much money to allocate to each thing. This will help avoid blowing the budget, being caught short and unable to finish the design. If you know what you need and look out for these items, you can take advantage of bargains when you come across them.” Dawn Hamilton, president, DawnElise Interiors, Fort Lauderdale;

adding your ‘thing’ to it.” David Layne, Dlyane Design, owner and senior designer, Boynton Beach; O

Designers’ Top

“If you love (an idea) in a great (and expensive) showroom, copy the feeling of the design and the great colors that were used. It’s not all about spending a fortune – it’s about talent – your own talent, or borrowing a little talent from someone else and

1 2 3


Favorite Shelter Magazines

Veranda (“It does a wonderful job of mixing old with new. They use family heirlooms and antiques paired with new things to make a room look very current,” says Kris Kolar, Robb & Stucky.) Architectural Digest (“Periodically, the magazine will showcase a designer using high-end selections and show another room designed to emulate it for a fraction of the cost,” explains Joe Fava, Fava Design Group.) Coastal Living (“It’s a good place to look for tropical/beachy rooms that are easy to live in and reproduce,” says Fran Bernstein, Academy of Design.)

March 2010


Photo courtesy of Kelly Wearstler, Inc. Kelly Wearstler with sons Oliver and Elliott in Oliver's bedroom at the family's Hillcrest Estate in Beverly Hills


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The world is a canvas for Kelly Wearstler. Whether shopping for clients in Miami’s Design District during Super Bowl week, closing deals on line extensions in Paris and New York or finalizing the serenity room in a Caribbean spa, the hip interior designer with the supermodel looks and chic personal style has become an international brand. Renowned for combining modernism with swanky old Hollywood glamour, Wearstler has transformed an array of international residential and commercial properties, including boutique hotels like the Viceroy Miami and The Tides South Beach. She also has a line of home products with her own 150-piece boutique in Bergdorf Goodman, New York City’s tony department store which showcases her sculptures, boxes and eye-popping brass dice. Then there’s her line of carpets for The Rug Co., which debuted in 2008; fabrics and trims with Groundworks at Lee Jofa; linens for Sferra and pieces for Pickard China, the oldest dinnerware manufacturer in America, which will get a needed shot in the arm from her colorful touch. Oh, and did we mention the 42-year-old Beverly Hills wife (she’s married to Brad Korzen, founder and CEO of The Kor Group) and mother of two young sons is also a media superstar? In 2007 she was named in Vogue’s Top Ten Best-Dressed List, in 2008 became a judge on Bravo TV’s Top Design reality show and this past December landed the cover of Town & Country’s “Style Leaders” issue. She’s also authored three books: Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style, Domicilium Decoratus and her latest, HUE, which showcases her most colorful recent design projects.

The Glamorous

“I am always busy,” says Wearstler, after returning to Los Angeles from a week of business in Paris. “But I love what I do.”


Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler Is Changing The World, One Swanky Space At A Time

By Kate Townsend March 2010


modern elements to create a jewelbox environment within the modern Arquitectonica’s high-rise design. In contrast to the building’s steel and glass, Wearstler used multi-layer color tones offset by classic forms and organic finishes. Guests see a lot of antique mirror and brass, onyx and inlaid stone, marble, hand-painted silks and lacquered woods.

BOLD &BEAUTIFUL “I love how Kelly used brilliant colors at the Viceroy (Miami) popped with oversized objects to create a

Wearstler began her career as an ambitious young woman designing interiors for then-boyfriend Brad Korzen’s fleet of boutique hotels, but quickly became a success in her own right with her stunning milieus. Her unique blend of midcentury modern design and vintage Hollywood is reminiscent of the late Dorothy Draper and her venerable prodigee, Carleton Varney. “I absolutely love Kelly’s neo-baroque style,” marvels Joe Pubillones, the acclaimed Palm Beach-based interior designer. “I especially love her designs for The Tides (South Beach). She is very current even though she often uses vintage items.”

Wearstler's books are hits with the design set

In 2007, Wearstler found museumquality artifacts and placed them throughout The Tides South Beach’s interiors, interspersing the space with modern materials like mosaics, terrazzo, burnished bronze and tortoise mirror. For stunning backdrops, she used sand beige and shell pink against corals and mink browns. She also applied textures like wire-brushed beached wood, rope and shell to bring out the oceanfront nautical theme. For the Viceroy Miami two years later, she imagined a whimsical take on Chinoiserie mixed and matched with 78

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

sophisticated and contemporary hangout gallery with Asian and exotic accents,” says Kim Bolufe, president of Bolufe boutiques and an admirer of Wearstler’s work. Adds Florent Gateau, general manager of Viceroy Miami: “Kelly’s style is timeless. She blends modern sophistication with a dash of exotic flair that’s a perfect complement to the stunning bay views and city skyline at Viceroy Miami.” She designed her first boutique hotel a dozen years ago, when Wearstler’s husband, whom she married in 2002, allowed her to revamp the Avalon, one of his retro Beverly Hills hotels. Her colorful theatrical designs got her a lot of publicity, and she quickly gained a national following. Using decorative and maximalism techniques, she opted for the smart grand slam, pairing it with a modern and hip aesthetic: bright lights, glowing colors, shiny objects and history brought to life.

“I would just rummage through thrift stores and pick out items I liked,” she says of favorites, such as imposing Roman heads, wing chairs, violet shag rugs and black patentleather chairs in styles reminiscent of a French piano parlor.

Photo by Grey Crawford

Kelly Wearstler home accessories for Sferra

As she signs on new clients, Wearstler says she allows them to establish the tone for their own designs. “I usually look to the client for inspiration,” she explains. “I’ll ask if they collect, or what they like in architecture, or what their favorite colors are. That sets the stage, then we go from there.” In 1999, she designed Maison 140, a French- and Asian-inspired hotel. Two years later, she worked her magic on the Hollywood Regency-style Viceroy Palm Springs with its luxury Estrella Spa, followed by the Viceroy Santa Monica with romantic ocean views, the High Roller Suite at Hard Rock Las Vegas, Trina Turk boutiques in Los Angeles and Newport Beach, and a group of southern California Art Deco lofts. “I am always inspired to do more,” she says. “Whether I am in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Florence, Buenos Aires, Miami or London, I get new ideas.” Her residential projects, which Pubillones believes can be “over the top”, range from estates of wealthy southern California residents – including architects Hal Levitt and Arthur Loveless – to Malibu beach houses, Hollywood Hills bungalows, urban Seattle digs and a New York City penthouse. There seems to be no stopping the talented designer. It’s not that surprising, however, when you delve into her history.

I am always inspired to do more. Whether I am in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Florence, Buenos Aires, Miami or London, I get new ideas. – Kelly Wearstler

Photos by Annie Schlechter A guest room at Viceroy Anguilla

The lobby at Viceroy Miami

A guest room at Viceroy Miami

A guest room at Viceroy Anguilla

The lobby at The Tides South Beach

March 2010


“Those experiences afforded me the access to the tools of our trade,” Wearstler says. “I would be so much less confident today if it weren’t for those years immersed in learning.”


After the New York segment of her apprenticeships, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and get her feet wet in design. According to the New York Times, af-


Past Wearstler was born in 1967 in the tourist-driven, seaside city of Myrtle Beach, S.C. Her mom was a designer and in the business of antiques. Her dad was an architect and engineer. She virtually lived design. “My mom had a great store, an awesome antiques shop which was inspirational to me all of those years,” Wearstler says.

As a child, she loved designing and making things and then selling them in a little store she created called The Bunny Shop. Some of her specialties included paper drawings and little paper sculptures. “I was always creating things,” she recalls. Clockwise from Top: Hillcrest Estate's grand staircase; Wearstler's master bathroom; Wearstler's home office; the dining room


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

ter working as a gofer in the art department of the film, So I Married an Axe Murderer, she decided that type of show business was not for her. Still, because she loved the beach vibe of Los Angeles and the opportunities the city offered, she stayed. In 1995, she opened Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID), now called Kelly Wearstler Inc. And she’s remained on the cutting edge of design ever since. “So much has changed over the years,” she says. “I think the future of design will be played out through advances in technology. Design that is functional yet beautiful and made for the person is what works. Colors will constantly change, there is no one color trend. I design with my heart.”

Photos by Grey Crawford

Myrtle Beach was a much smaller town in those days and by age 17, the budding designer was ready to seek broader horizons. She enrolled at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston to study graphic design and interiors. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She also signed on for internships with Milton Glaser, Inc., in Manhattan, and Cambridge Seven & Associates, in Cambridge.

Photo by Mark Edward Harris

At the moment, Wearstler’s favorite work project is the Viceroy Anguilla in the British West Indies. She says she especially loves the spa, a 12,000-square-foot space right on the water. She enjoys working on the project’s design because the views are spectacular. “It is just awesome there, I love it,” she says. “I love the building and the spa. Plus, the treatments are amazing.” She’s currently exploring international projects, juggling about a dozen residential projects around the world and finalizing touches on her Pickard China collection, which will be sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman and a few Neiman Marcus locations.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Wearstler, Inc.

And somehow, the designer still manages to have a rewarding home life at the family's Hillcrest Estate. A typical weekday for Wearstler begins at 6 a.m. with a workout that includes Pilates. Next, she drives sons Oliver, 7, and Elliott, 6, to school and then heads to her office/ studio. She stays most of the day, ensuring she’s home for dinner with the boys at 6:30 p.m. Afterwards, the boys get their bath and Wearstler reads them a story from their favorite book before putting them to bed. “A perfect night out is dinner with my kids and husband,” says Wearstler. “We mostly socialize with others who have kids who are friends of Oliver and Elliott. My husband and I also travel with our sons.” She adds, “I try to get a balance in life.” O

Kelly Wearstler Asymmetrical Stone Bowl for Bergdorf Goodman

March 2010



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Family Tradition Audi Coral Springs Offers Luxury And Excellence In A Stress-Free Environment By Shawn Gray


hen the legendary Qvale family entered the Southeast automobile market in 2009 and opened the luxurious Audi Coral Springs (formerly Champion Audi), they didn’t just buy a business – they planted community roots. The 65-year-old company quickly became involved in local charities such as the Boys & Girls Clubs and Kids in Distress, and formed relationships with companies and organizations stretching from Fort Lauderdale to Delray Beach.

Greg Blackledge

Breeze Taylor

“We’re serious businesspeople and we’re here for the long term,” explains Bruce Qvale, whose family also owns three Audi dealerships in the San Francisco Bay area. “Our customers support us and we want to give back and support the community. When you’re working together, the optimal results are achieved.”

brands to the United States,” Qvale explains. “There isn’t another family involved in all aspects of the business like we are, including car retailing, manufacturing and distribution.”

It’s a time-honored philosophy that works: The Qvale name is well-recognized and well-respected in the industry, with patriarch Kjell Qvale considered a true pioneer. “In the ’30s and ’40s, he brought European

It’s this rich history and expertise, along with a propensity to offer a stress-free car-buying experience that makes the company one of the most successful in the luxury market. Unlike many dealerships where shop-

Bruce Qvale

ping is synonymous with pressure, Audi Coral Springs – and all the Qvale dealerships – offers a relaxed ambiance with friendly, top-notch salespeople who know their product inside and out.

purchasing the car at the moment, but in two weeks or two months.”

Also atypical is that, unlike with many car dealerships where owners are absent, Bruce Qvale is on site, on the floor each day and available to “Car buying doesn’t have to be a stress- answer questions. “This is a family ful experience and it’s not only price business and we want to know our that sells cars,” says Qvale. “It’s the ex- customers,” says Qvale. “They can perience of walking in and getting the come and ask for me anytime and I information you need, and maybe not love that.” O

Audi Coral Springs is located at 5555 North State Road 7 in Coral Springs. Their phone number is 877-676-AUDI (2834). Their Web site is 82

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r





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Casale Marble Team’s Imports: Ethics And Commitment Simply The Best Lead To Success By Andrea G. Rollin

Greg Blackledge


. Walter Casale has come a long way from mixing cement for his father’s natural stone installation business at age 13 to owning his own successful company, Casale Marble Imports, in Delray Beach. According to Mr. Casale, he owes his success to the values and commitment instilled in him by his father, Rocco Casale.

Casale Marble Imports over the years has created a team of the industry’s finest that pride themselves in their work. Each employee’s commitment to being “Simply the Best” is reflected by the number of repeat residential and commercial clients. Word of mouth is how they have become one of the leaders for high-end custom home projects in South Florida, under-promising and over-delivering on every job. “Our 60 employees remain dedicated to providing quality, on-time installa-

Breeze Taylor

tions, and the highest level of customer service,” explains D. Walter Casale. Their account representatives work closely with each client to accurately define the project’s scope. Every aspect of material selection (color, finish, quality) and maintenance is discussed in detail.  Most natural stone products are in stock and can be viewed/selected prior to commencement of the project. 

and travertine to exotic onyx and quartzite. Natural stone in its raw geological state is uniquely beautiful and in the hands of a skilled craftsman, it becomes a functional work of art. The professionals at Casale Marble draw upon their 30 years of They offer a huge assortment of ma- industry experience and their stateterials from classic granites, marbles of-the-art facility to ensure complete

customer satisfaction on each and every project. When asked what message he would like to relay to our readers, D. Walter Casale said, “All I ask is for the opportunity to team up with you, your builder, designer and architect, to make all your design ideas become reality.” O

Casale Marble Imports is conveniently located next to Interstate 95 at 750 S.W. 17th Avenue in Delray Beach. Their phone number is 561-272-7600. Their Web site is 84

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Look Familiar?


For Over 25 Years


Caldwell Roofing 103 N.W. 43RD STREET






FAX 561/392-0599


MEMBER: Palm Beach County Roofing Contractors Association, Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Association, Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce I State License #CCC033696

BET YOU CANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T E AT J U S T O N E S AV O R T H E F R E S H E S T F L O R I D A S TO N E C R A B

Enjoy all you can eat Florida Stone Crab for one low price, every Monday night. From our traps to your table in hours. In Mizner Park at

351 Plaza Real

561 391 0755

taste 8bites 8 reviews 8listings


Where to find classic favorites, Mediterranean delights, the finest pasta and more…


The Dish on Food, Wine & Restaurants

Double Your Pleasure The Boca Bacchanal Festival Is Back P Ernesto Torres pours Serendipity Wines

eanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. Some things just naturally go together. Such is the sentiment behind the Boca Raton Historical Society’s Boca Bacchanal, a weekend culinary celebration scheduled for March 19th through March 21st that pairs tantalizing foods and wines from across the globe. Now in its eighth year, the 2010 festival promises to be its most spectacular: The party kicks off Friday night with a series of five Vintner Dinners that team world-class chefs with expert winemakers, resulting in some mind-blowing meals.

Bacchanal participants

Stephen Asprinio and Walter Marotta

Erasto Jacinto, Mustard's Grill and Pablo Jacinto, Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen

“We give great attention to how we match the chefs with the vintners so that each complements the others’ distinctive style,” explains Chris Kearney of the Republic National Distributing Company, a founding partner of the event. “Then the chefs create their menu and work with the vintner to pair each course with the perfect wine, bearing in mind that each vintner is pouring the top of their portfolio. The result is an amazing collaboration.” While dinners typically take place in private residences throughout Boca Raton, a more exotic venue has been added this year for the “Hot Chefs Pilot Vintner’s Voyage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Rim” dinner: a

100-foot luxury yacht that will cruise diners through the Intracoastal Waterway. Hosted by notable Boca residents Barbara and Dick Schmidt, the posh meal will pair Peng Looi of Louisville, Kentucky’s Asiatique & August Moon Bistro and Paula DaSilva of Fort Lauderdale’s 3030 Ocean with Steve Thomson of Eugene, Oregon’s King Estate Winery. In addition to the dinners, other scheduled events include Saturday night’s The Bacchanal & Auction at Boca Raton Resort & Club, with live and silent auctions (prizes include wine lots, cruises and a trip to South Africa), a multicourse dinner with wine pairings and an after-party with entertainment. A Sunday afternoon Grand Tasting at the Centre for the Arts at Mizner Park Amphitheater will feature 140 wines and foods from more than 30 local top restaurants including the Patio Bar & Grill, Cucina Mio and Truluck’s. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Boca Raton Historical Society’s Heritage Education and Historic Preservation programs, as well as the Delray Beach Historical Society, a new supporting event partner. O For more information, call 561-395-6766, ext. 101 or visit – Jessica Gross

March 2010




Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nothing better than creating a delicious homecooked meal and enjoying it in the comfort of your own cozy nest. From meatloaf and grilled cheese to tomato soup and lobster mac and cheese, the following dishes will make you feel snug as a rug.

Comfortable Home-Cooked meals Satisfy The Stomach â&#x20AC;&#x201C; And The Soul 88

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Lobster Mac And Cheese This indulgent creation is often found in trendy restaurants, but you’ll love it for the creamy, rich taste. Adding lobster shells to the stock results in a deep flavor that enhances the dish. Ingredients 2 (1¾ to 2 pounds) live lobsters (frozen lobster tails may be substituted) 2 tbsp. unsalted butter ¼ cup Cognac 1 rib celery, chopped ½ onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, smashed 1 bay leaf 2 sprigs thyme

2 sprigs parsley 1 cup chicken broth 2 cups crème fraiche 1 pound dried medium-shell pasta 2 tbsp. unsalted butter 2 tbsp. flour ½ cup gruyere cheese, shredded Salt Pepper, fresh ground 2 tbsp. fresh chives, minced

mix well. Spread cheese mixture evenly over four slices of bread; close with top halves of sandwiches. Spread butter evenly over outsides of sandwiches; grill on both sides until golden and cheese is melted.

Mini Meatloaf With Ground Sirloin And Pork It doesn’t take long to prepare this comforting dish and the mini-loaf pan cooks the meatloaf quickly, resulting in a juicy, flavorful main course that’s portioned to serve.

til mini loaves are cooked through and bacon is crisp. Let rest for five minutes and serve.

Tomato Parmesan Soup This chunky homestyle soup is loaded with the flavors of rich roasted tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese. Pair it with a White Cheddar and Roasted Pepper Grilled Cheese sandwich for a hearty soup and sandwich meal.

Ingredients Preparation Fill a large stock pot with water; bring to boil. Plunge lobsters, one at a time, into boiling water for four minutes. Remove and transfer to ice bath. Cut off tail and claws; split tail and remove meat. Crack claws and knuckles to remove meat; reserve. Cut lobster bodies and shells into 2-inch pieces; reserve. Heat butter in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat; as butter begins to foam, add lobster meat pieces, body and shells. Sauté until pieces turn red (about three minutes); add Cognac and ignite. Add celery, onion, garlic, bay leaf, thyme, parsley sprigs, chicken broth and crème fraiche; stir to combine. Bring to simmer and cover for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, boil salted water in large saucepan; cook pasta and reserve. Remove lobster meat and cut into ¾-inch pieces; reserve. Strain lobster shell mixture and reserve broth. In the same non-stick skillet, melt butter and add flour. Cook for two minutes while stirring constantly. Add broth and stir until sauce thickens. Add cheese and stir until melted. Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper. Add lobster meat and pasta shells. Garnish with fresh chives and serve immediately.

White Cheddar And Roasted Pepper Grilled Cheese Your mom’s grilled cheese sandwich with a trendy twist, this classic redo features the contemporary flavor of white cheddar cheese and rich roasted red peppers. Pair it with Tomato Parmesan Soup. Ingredients 8 ounces medium white cheddar cheese, shredded ¼ cup roasted red bell pepper, drained, finely diced ½ cup mayonnaise 8 slices country white bread 3 tbsp. butter, at room temperature

*Recipes and images courtesy of The Food Channel. For more recipes and ideas, visit

Preparation Combine shredded cheese, roasted peppers and mayonnaise in bowl;

2 large eggs 2 slices firm white bread, torn into small pieces 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 celery rib, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 cup ketchup 1 tbsp. soy sauce 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce ¼ tsp. hot sauce 1 tbsp. parsley, chopped ½ tsp. salt ½ tsp. black pepper ½ tsp. dried thyme 1½ pound ground sirloin ½ pound ground pork ½ cup chili sauce 4 slices bacon (optional)

Preparation Preheat oven to 375°F. Combine ingredients except ground sirloin, ground pork, chili sauce and bacon in large bowl and mix thoroughly. Mix in sirloin and pork. Portion mixture into eight ungreased mini-loaf pans. Top each mini loaf with 1 tbsp. chili sauce and spread to coat surface evenly. Cut bacon strips in half and top each mini loaf with a half strip. Bake in preheated oven for one hour or un-

Ingredients 2 (28 ounce) cans diced tomatoes in juice 2 tbsp. olive oil ¼ tsp. kosher salt ¼ tsp. black pepper ½ cup butter 1 cup chopped onions 1 cup chopped celery ½ cup flour 4 cups chicken broth 1 tsp. dried basil 1 tsp. sugar ½ cup grated parmesan cheese

Preparation Strain diced tomatoes; reserve juice. Combine tomatoes, olive oil, salt and black pepper in bowl; gently toss. Place on baking sheet lined with foil and roast uncovered in preheated oven at 450°F for 20 minutes; reserve. Melt butter in heavy soup pot, add onion and celery and cook over medium-low heat until onions are golden and tender. Add flour and stir; cook over low heat for two minutes, stirring constantly. Add chicken broth, reserved tomatoes and juice, basil and sugar; stir until fully blended. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally. Add parmesan cheese; stir to blend. Serve garnished with additional parmesan, if desired. O March 2010



Photos by Joe Woolf

review The Dish on Food, Wine & Restaurants //

Signature Experience

Wild Olives By Todd English Presents Fresh Takes On Classic Favorites By Linda Haase


n three short months, Wild Olives by Todd English has captured the hearts of South Florida diners. The Boca Raton restaurant’s inspired menu, exceptional service and modern decor meld perfectly, turning dining into an experience extraordinaire. Legendary chef Todd English, along with South Florida restaurateurs Lirim Jacobi, Dixon Li and John Watson, purchased the former Opus 5 space and infused it with their own signature touches. The stylish dining room features gleaming wood floors, comfy brown leather banquettes and intimate tables that complement cocoa walls and colorful, modern artwork, while an attractive bar and casual patio provide ample seating options. Diners are welcomed with freshly baked, warm bread served with heaping bowls of tasty white bean purée and tapenade, imbuing a hint of unique, appetizing dishes to come. A selection of tantalizing classic and signature Todd English dishes – such as Fig and Prosciutto Flatbread, Spaghetti Polpetinni and Yellowfin Tuna Tartar – are featured, along with other gourmet delights including Herb-Crusted Salmon, Pan-Seared Florida Grouper, Osso Buco and brown sugarcured bone in Rib-Eye Steak. 90

Start with the succulent Carpet Bagger Oysters appetizer: four lightly fried oysters, wrapped with thinly sliced beef carpaccio and placed atop truffle whipped potatoes (even people who typically shun oysters. will find this dish irresistible). Wild Olives focuses on fresh ingredients, prepared simply with the perfect mix of seasonings. This technique is evident in the Tortelli Of Butternut Squash, which is topped with a sweet/savory combo of brown butter, sage and parmesan, showcasing the chef ’s culinary expertise in pairing unexpected foods and making it work. The popular Spaghetti Polpetinni, a robust serving of handcrafted meatballs, roasted tomato sauce and garlicky toasted bread crumbs, is an excellent choice for pasta and meat lovers. Seafood aficionados will enjoy the moist, perfectly cooked swordfish set atop a rich asparagus risotto and topped with a warm rock shrimp vinaigrette. Again, the focus on simple flavors lets the ingredients shine. Desserts should be mandatory here, especially the scrumptious Todd’s Ricotta Cheesecake. This smooth, creamy, melt-in-your mouth concoction sets the barometer for the perfect cheesecake. O

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

A Plate with Destiny:

Co-owner Lirim Jacobi

Panna Cotta LEFT: WasabiCrusted Tuna with pea tendrils, ginger carrot purée and sweet soy glaze.

where Wild Olives by Todd English is located at The Shops at Boca Center, 5050 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton. For more information, call 561-544-8000 or visit


Dig In: Grilled Baby Lamb Chops

Start with LOLA’s Tomato Basil Soup, a perfect melding of tomato and basil with a hint of cream and olive oil (you’ll be glad you did). Woodroasted flatbreads offer several taste temptations, from the Quattro Formaggi, with four cheeses and fresh rosemary to the Wild Mushroom, topped with sautéed wild mushrooms, goat cheese, chives and white truffle oil. Seafood aficionados will savor the moist, Wood Oven-Roasted Wild Salmon, served with mashed potatoes and garlicky green beans cooked to a perfect crunch. The wine list, created by sommelier Mike Lee, is deliberately eclectic, showcasing his vision of wines from different countries, with labels indigenous to those regions. By the way, of special note to wine lovers: half-price bottles are offered on Mondays. LOLA's chic interior space

Gastronomic Gratification

By Linda Haase

A Sensory Feast Awaits At LOLA Restaurant & Ultra Lounge


hree seconds. Experts say that pithy amount of time is enough to form a first impression. At LOLA Restaurant & Ultra Lounge, a trendy new restaurant in Delray Beach, diners don’t need that long to realize they’re in for an extraordinary experience. It begins instantaneously upon entering the frosted entry doors – and lasts throughout the superb meal. There’s an energetic vibe here fueled by live entertainment, a charismatic staff and an appealing, innovative Mediterranean-inspired menu. Owner Wendy Rosano (creator of Bistro


Mio and Cucina Mio) wanted the stylish eatery to reflect the “Love Often, Laugh A Lot” theme. Among essentials: a fun, upscale place with great music, fantastic meals and drinks as fresh as the food. In short: A place to enjoy life. It’s apparent that a lot of thought went into creating the perfect ambiance in the seven-month-old restaurant. Soft lights and flickering candles illuminate intriguing architecture and cozy seating areas in the Ultra Lounge and dining room. Ingenuity takes center stage here, from

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

the brick walls in the dining area to the glass-and-wood partition in the Ultra Lounge that features lights that change color. In the late evening, the energy level ramps up as guests dance the night away. Chef Bruno Silva and his culinary team created a tantalizing array of choices – from the Ahi Tuna Tartar appetizer to the cooked-to-perfection Grilled Baby Lamb Chops served atop goat cheese discs and accompanied by sweet potato fries, wilted greens, mint chimichurri and a sprig of fresh, aromatic rosemary.

Desserts are delightfully different, including a Crème Brulee Trio with French vanilla, white chocolateraspberry and chocolate peanut butter selections and a S’mores Platter for Two. O

where LOLA is located in The Shoppes at Addison Place at 16950 Jog Road, Delray Beach. For more information, call 561-496-LOLA (5652) or visit

Photos by James L. Wilson

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wThe Dish on Food, Wine & Restaurants american/STEAKHOUSES


Abe & Louie’s4Glades Plaza

x 2300 W. Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.447.0024 x Lunch Monday-Friday,

Dinner nightly, Sunday Brunch. Absinthe4Shops at Boca

Center x 5150 Town Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.620.3754 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Banyan Bar & Grille at the Addison 42 E. Camino Real x Boca

Raton x 561.395.9335 x Dinner nightly. Bogart’s Bar & Grille4

Cinemark Palace 20 x 3200 Airport Rd. x 561.544.3044 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Bonefish Grill4Boca Grove Shopping Center x 21065 Powerline Rd. x 561.479.0411 x Dinner daily. Brewzzi4Glades Plaza x 2222 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.392.2739 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Brooks Restaurant4500 South Federal Hwy. x Deerfield Beach x 954.427.9302 x Dinner Tuesday-Sunday in season, offseason Wednesday-Sunday.

The Real Deal Authentic Italian Dishes Served In The Heart Of Boca


raving authentic Italian cuisine from the country’s various regions? Chances are you can’t hop a plane – but you can visit Caruso Ristorante at Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton. Owners Lillo and Gina Teodosi, previously of Chicago’s Topo Gigio, opened the new 150-seat space in January. Though they’re no strangers to the area – Gina’s grandfather owned two restaurants in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale in the 1980s. While Gina greets guests at the door, making them feel at home, Lillo Teodosi performs as chef, keeping the menu exciting with innovative dishes such as Veal Chop Piemontese, Sea Bass Livornese and Farro Risotto with black truffles and porcini mushrooms. Desserts are homemade (we recommend the cheesecake and tiramisu). The restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily and offers nightly specials and live entertainment. Caruso Ristorante is located in Royal Palm Place at 187 S.E. Mizner Blvd., No. 39. For more information, call 561-367-7488. – J.G.

The Capital Grille46000

Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x x Lunch MondayFriday, Dinner nightly.


Carmen’s4Boca Raton Bridge Resort x 999 Camino Real x Boca Raton x 561.368.9500 x Dinner Wednesday-Saturday, Brunch Sunday. Chops Lobster Bar4101

Cut 4324432 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.272.9898 x Dinner nightly. Dada452 North Swinton Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.330.3232 x Dinner nightly.


DUFFY's SPORTS BAR & GRILL4401 N. Federal Hwy. x

Copper Canyon Grill42006

Deerfield Beach x 954.429.8820 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Plaza Real South x Boca Raton x x Dinner nightly.

N.W. Executive Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.893.8838 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Falcon House4116 N.E. Sixth Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.243.9499 x Dinner nightly.

Grand Lux Café4Town

Center x 6000 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.392.2141 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

4199 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.395.6033 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner MondaySaturday.

Henry’s4The Shoppes at

Kee Grill417940 N. Military Tr. x Boca Raton x 561.995.5044 x Dinner nightly.

45101 Congress Ave. x Boca Raton x 561.912.9800 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner Monday-Saturday.

Addison Place x 16850 Jog Rd. x Delray Beach x 561.638.1949 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly.

Fifth Avenue Grill4821 S.E.

Deerfield Beach x 954.421.9272 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Fifth Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.265.0122 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Hooters 4Glades Plaza x 2440 N.W. 19th St. x Boca Raton x 561.391.8903 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Cugini Steakhouse and Martini Bar4270 E. Atlantic

Gaucho Rodizio44060 N.

Houston’s41900 N.W.


Federal Hwy. x Lighthouse Point x x Dinner daily. Closed Mondays. 954.784.7667

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Kathy’s Gazebo Cafe4

The Grille on Congress

The Cove Marina & Restaurant41754 S.E. 3rd Ct. x

Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.274.6244 x Dinner nightly.

J. Alexander’s41400 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.347.9875 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Executive Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.998.0550 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Lucille’s Bad to the Bone BBQ4Regency Court x 3011 Yamato

Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.997.9557 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Mariposa4Neiman Marcus at Town Center x 5860 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.544.2320 x Lunch daily, Dinner Friday and Saturday.



Rauf Ziya, former Chef of Anatolia Mediterranean Cuisine invites you to his newest creation…

Max’s Grille4Mizner Park x 404 Plaza

Real x Boca Raton x 561.368.0080 x Lunch and Dinner daily, Saturday-Sunday Brunch only.


Miller’s Boca East Ale House 4

Anatolia Mediterranean Nights

Shoppes at Blue Lake x 1200 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.988.9142 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Miller’s Boca West Ale House4

Boca Lyons Plaza x 9244 W. Glades Road x Boca Raton x 561.487.2989 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Morton’s, The Steakhouse4 Shops

Mediterranean-Style Brunch All You Can Eat $8.99/Per Person Saturdayy & Sundayy

at Boca Center x 5050 Town Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.392.7724 x Dinner nightly. New York Prime42350 N.W. Executive Center Dr. x Boca Raton x 561.998.3881 x Dinner nightly. The Office4201 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.276.3600 x Lunch and Dinner daily. The Pavilion Grille4301 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.912.0000 x Lunch Tuesday-Friday, Dinner Tuesday-Saturday.

Turkish Specialties Full Bar Live Entertainment With Belly Dancer On Friday & Saturday Hookah Private Parties Catering Available Bring Your Own Bottle Of Wine

47050 W. Palmetto Park Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.391.6601 x Dinner daily.

Porterhouse Bar & Grill

Ruth’s Chris Steak House 4225 N.E. Mizner Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.392.6746 x Dinner nightly. Seasons 5242300 N.W. Executive Center Dr. x Boca Raton x 561.998.9952 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Six Tables4112 N.E. Second St. x Boca Raton x 561.347.6260 x Dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Sonoma Cafe & Bistro4

640 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.243.8581 x Dinner Monday-Saturday. Temple Orange4The Ritz Carlton,

Palm Beach x 100 S. Ocean Blvd. x Manalapan x 561.533.6000 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily.




T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The Sundy House4106 S. Swinton Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.272.5678 x Lunch Tuesday-Saturday, Dinner Tuesday-Sunday, Brunch Sunday. III Forks Prime Steakhouse4200 E. Palmetto Park Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.416.2185 x Dinner nightly.



Vinnyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All Day Cafe4Regency Court

x 3013 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.988.9883 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Watercolors Cafe4Boca Raton

Bridge Hotel x 999 E. Camino Real x Boca Raton x 561.368.9500 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner nightly. Wild Olives by Todd English 4The

Shops at Boca Center x 5050 Town Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.544.8000 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

asian/sushi 5 Spice Asian Street Market4

Shoppes of Blue Lake x Suite A1 x 1200 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.989.1688 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Asia Sushi/Wok/Grill47600

Camino Real x Boca Raton x 561.544.8100 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly except Friday. Bangkok in Boca4Royal Palm Place x 500 Via de Palmas x Boca Raton x 561.394.6912 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Bluefin Sushi Thai Grill4

861 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.981.8986 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. The Blue Fish4110 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.330.FISH (3474) x Lunch Wednesday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Cay Da Vietnamese47400 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.998.0278 x Lunch Tuesday-Friday, Dinner Tuesday-Sunday. Chow4Royal Palm Place x 309 Via De

Palmas x Boca Raton x 561.392.3499 x Dinner Monday-Saturday. Daimatsu Sushi441 Royal Palm Place x

Boca Raton x 561.361.7557 x Lunch MondayFriday, Dinner nightly. Edo Sushi-Upscale Japanese Sushi & Pan-Asian Buffet4 Waterway Shoppes

of Parkland x 7609 N. State Road 7 x Parkland x 954.755.3191 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Fah Asian Bistro4Boca Valley

Shopping Plaza x 7401 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.241.0400 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r




iness We Have No Busess. in Show Busin

WHERE: st of the Turnpike)

8221 Glades Road (just We



Thursday, April 22, 201

6:00 p.m. – VIP Reception k your socks off 7:00 p.m. – Comedy to knoc

WHO: CHAIRS: But Bobby C ollins Does.


median Ex Bobby Collins, Stand-up Co

Joanna & Bryan Drowos Lisa & Rob Siemens


donors who contribute eption to acknowledge Metro Rec VIP S) (BG iety Soc n rio hering will provide an Join us for a Ben-Gu Campaign. This intimate gat l nua An 10 20 the to ple $1,000 or more per cou Collins in person! opportunity to meet Bobby the Metro Division at sica Roof, Senior Director of Jes t tac con ase ple on, ati For more inform 1.852.3109 or 56 Dietary lawwss obseerved


g/bgs www.jewishboca.orerin for! for a little taste of what

2010 Metro Division Event is Generousl 201 Generously Sponsored by:

2010 Metro Division is Generously Sponsored by: y::

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Enjoy Maine Lobster You don't need to be from Maine to

Introducing Linda Bean's Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll. Treat yourself to the next "Great American Sandwich", Linda Bean's Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll. A butter toasted roll stuffed with a full quarter pound of fresh, wild caught, lobster meat directly from Linda's Maine wharves.



Fuji4Palms Plaza x 22191 Powerline Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.392.8778 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Gary Woo Asian Bistro43400 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.368.8803 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. House of Siam425 N.E. Second Ave.,

#116 x Delray Beach x 561.330.9191 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Ichiban4Somerset Shoppes x 8841 Glades

Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.451.2429 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Japango4Riverstone Shoppes of

Parkland x 7367 N. State Road 7 x Parkland x 954.345.4268 x Regency Court x 3011 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.999.1263 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Kyoto Sushi Sake425 N.E. Second

Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.330.2275 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Kyojin Buffet4Shops at Boca Grove x 21073 Powerline Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.218.1708 x Lunch and Dinner daily. La Tre4249 E. Palmetto Park Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.392.4568 x Dinner nightly. LemonGrass Asian Bistro4420 E.

Mai Hibachi44801 Linton Blvd. x Delray Beach x 561.499.2766 x Lunch and Dinner daily. PEI WEI41914 N.E. Fifth Ave. x Boca Raton x 561. 226.0290 x Lunch and Dinner daily. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro41400

Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.393.3722 x Lunch and Dinner daily.


Linda Bean's Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll is now open late morning to late night offering the very best Maine lobster dishes that include: steamed lobsters, lobster Panini sandwich, lobster stew, fresh salads and Linda's famous “Pause for Claws.”

Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.278.5050 x Lunch and Dinner daily. 4101 Plaza Real South E. Boca Raton x 561.544.8181 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

200 East Atlantic Avenue • Delray Beach • Florida, 33444 11 am - 9pm Sun.-Thurs 11am - 12am Fri.-Sat. 561-276-2502


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Phuket Thai4Palms Plaza x 22191 Powerline Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.447.8863 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Saba4499 S. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.353.4600 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Saito’s Japanese Steakhouse 48316

Jog Rd. x Boynton Beach x 561.369.1788 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. 4CityPlace x 700 S. Rosemary Ave., #208 x 561.296.8881 x Lunch and Dinner daily.4Palm Beach Gardens x 4675 PGA Blvd. x 561.202.6888 x Lunch and Dinner daily.


A K-12 Jewish Community Day School Community Open House Friday, March 19, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. Please RSVP to our Admissions Dept. at (561) 852-6004 or

Donna Klein Jewish Academy 9701 Donna Klein Blvd., Boca Raton â&#x2013; (561) 852-3300 Explore the possibilities at Experience Excellence...Jewish Living, Learning, and Academic Achievement

Come Sip With Us For High Tea! At Maryann’s Bouti�ue In Delray Beach

Personalized Gift Baskets For Every Occasion 

Birthday Parties

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Baby Showers 

Bridal Showers

Ladies Luncheons

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Call For Details And Menu Selections Monday-Saturday 10-4 Ask About Our Wine & Champagne Selections 4997-B W. Atlantic Avenue  Delray Beach, FL 33445 Northeast Corner Of Atlantic & Military 561-638-5155

Soba Sushi Caviar Lounge4

Mizner Park x 415 Plaza Real x Boca Raton x 561.620.0606 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Stir Crazy fresh asian grillTown Center x 6000 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.338.7500 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Sushi Masa47140 Beracasa Way x Boca

Raton x 561.395.8862 x Dinner nightly. Sushi Ray4Shops at Boca Center x 5250 Town Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.394.9506 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. SUSHI THAI4100 N.E. Second St. x Boca Raton 561.750.4448 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Sushi Zen422191 Powerline Rd. x Boca

Raton x 561.392.8778 x Lunch MondayFriday, Dinner nightly. Taisho420423 State Road 7 x

Boca Raton x 561.479.0041 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Tempura House4The Reserve x

9858 Clint Moore Rd. x Boca Raton x x Lunch and Dinner daily.


Open 7 Days Hand Tossed Pizza Full Catering Menu Original Recipes Old World Atmosphere Incredible Food Full Liquor Bar World Renowned Chefs Extensive Wine List Live Entertainment Open Lunch/Dinner

Uncle Tai’s4Shops at Boca Center x

5250 Town Center Circle x Boca Raton x Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly.

561.368.8806 x Lunch

Yokohama49168 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.451.1707 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly.

CONTINENTAL Bistro Provence42399 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.368.2340 x Dinner nightly. Boheme Bistro41118 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.278.4899 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Cielo by Angela Hartnett4Boca

Raton Resort & Club x 501 E. Camino Real x 561.447.3222 x Dinner Wednesday-Sunday. Greenfield’s on Atlantic45199 W.

Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.498.5010 x Dinner nightly.


16950 Jog Road Delray Beach, FL


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

La Cigale4253 S.E. Fifth Ave. x Delray

Beach x 561.265.0600 x Dinner nightly. Le French Bistro4Parkland Town

Center x 6676 Parkside Drive x Parkland x x Dinner nightly.


Michelin offers safe, fuel efďŹ cient, long-lasting tires that provide exceptional performance and extraordinary value.


Demand tires that offer safety, fuel-efďŹ ciency and long tread life.

Copyright Š 2010 Michelin North America, Inc. All rights reserved. The Michelin Man is a registered trademark owned by Michelin North America, Inc.


European Auto Service

i h Š 2010 Mi h li N




All i h


European Auto Service

Boca Raton West

Boca Raton East

'LADES2Ds"OCA2ATON &, (NE corner of Glades Rd & 441)






License #MV36949

License #MV76587


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Le Pavillon414812 S.E. Military Tr. x

Delray Beach x 561.499.9882 x Dinner nightly. Le Rivage4450 N.E. 20th St. x Boca

Raton x 561.620.0033 x Lunch WednesdayFriday, Dinner Monday-Saturday. Lola Restaurant and UltraLounge4

The Shoppes at Addison Place x 16950 Jog Rd. x Delray Beach x 561.496.5652 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner daily.

4170 W. Camino Real x Boca Raton x 561.368.7910 x Dinner nightly.


Olio Bistro442 S.E. Second Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.278.6633 x Lunch Tuesday-Friday, Dinner Tuesday-Saturday.


5455 N. Federal Hwy, Boca Raton • 561-997-7472 Reservations recommended • Fondue coast to coast Locally owned and operated • All "Big Night Out" Dinners include four courses of fondue.

St. Tropez47000 W. Camino Real x Boca

Raton x 561.368.8580 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Tea-Licious Tearoom & Gifts4

4997-B W. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.638.5155 x Breakfast and Lunch, Monday-Saturday ZED4514201 Plaza Real x Boca Raton x 561.393.3451 x Dinner nightly, Lounge nightly,

Brunch Sunday.

Fondue The Melting Pot45455 N. Federal

Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.997.7472 x Dinner nightly.

Italian Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza4Shops

at Boca Grove x 21065 Powerline Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.218.66004115 N.E. Sixth Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.273.9898 x Lunch and Dinner daily.


Arturo’s Ristorante46750 N.

Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.997.7373 x Lunch Monday- Friday, Dinner nightly. Basil Garden45837 N. Federal Hwy. x

Boca Raton x 561.994.2554 x Dinner Tuesday-Sunday. Bova Cucina41901 N. Military Tr. x Boca Raton x 561.392.5595 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner Monday-Saturday.

5101 CONGRESS AVENUE • BOCA RATON, FL 33487 • 561-912-9800 RESERVATIONS SUGGESTED Monday-Friday 11:30 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. • Saturday 5:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Bova Prime4401 E. Las Olas Blvd. x Fort Lauderdale x 954.767.6555 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly.

Authentic Antique Posters Museum Quality Custom Framing Lithographs & Prints

Frame World Gallery Since 1981

Regency Court at Woodfield • 3013 Yamato Rd. • B-21 • Boca Raton • 561.997.0084


Del Mar Interiors

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Call us for a free in-home estimate! 561.558.2344 Del Mar Interiors


MARCH 2010




Cafe Bellino4180 S. Federal Hwy. x

Boca Raton x 561.393.2844 x Dinner Tuesday-Sunday. Caffe Luna Rosa434 S. Ocean Blvd. x Delray Beach x 561.274.9404 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. California Pizza Kitchen4Town Center x 6000 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.268.2805 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Carrabba’s Italian Grill4Wharfside

Plaza x 6909 S.W. 18th St. x Boca Raton x

561.544.8838 x Lunch and Dinner daily 4335 E. Linton Blvd. x Delray Beach x 561.266.9393 x

Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Caruso Ristorante4Royal Palm Place x 187 S.E. Mizner Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561-367-7488 x Lunch and Dinner, Monday-Saturday. Casa D’Angelo4171 E. Palmetto Park Rd.

x Boca Raton x 561.338.1703 x Dinner nightly. Coal Mine Pizza4Royal Palm Place x 399 S.E. Mizner Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.826.2625 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Cucina Mio4Shoppes at Addison Place x 16950 Jog Rd. x Delray Beach x 561.499.9419 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Ferraro’s48208 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton 561.477.2750 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner Sunday-Saturday.

Giovanni’s Coal Fire Pizza4

Waterway Shoppes at Parkland x 7625 N. State Road 7 x Parkland x 954.345.9282 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Il Bacio429 S.E. Second Ave. x Delray

Beach x 561.865.7783 x Dinner WednesdaySunday. Il Girasole4Tropic Square x 1911 S.

Federal Hwy. x Delray Beach x 561.272.3566 x Dinner Tuesday-Sunday. Josephine’s Italian Restaurant4

5751 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.988.0668 x Dinner Tuesday-Sunday. LaStellas Restaurant and Catering 4159 E. Palmetto Park Rd. x

Boca Raton x 561.544.2081. x Dinner Tuesday-Saturday. La Luna Bistro4The Polo Shoppes x 5030 Champion Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.997.1165 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r



Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery & Laser Center (BROSLC), established in 1992, is a top quality surgery center which offers a practical alternative for many people who have decided on elective surgery. Our highly qualified staff and surgeons work in this fully equipped multi-specialty facility which is licensed by the State of Florida, Medicare certified, and accredited by the AAAHC. BROSLC has been serving the Boca Raton and Delray Community for over 17 years, performing over 250,000 procedures with an exemplary safety record and outstanding patient satisfaction.


MARCH 2010


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La Villetta Restaurant & Lounge4

4351 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.362.8403 x Dinner Tuesday-Sunday. LILLY’S4451 East Palmetto Park Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.362.0208 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner daily. Maggiano’s421090 St. Andrews Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.361.8244 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Matteo’s Restaurant4233 S. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.392.0773 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner daily. Peace A Pizza4Shoppes at Blue Lake x

1200 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.998. x Lunch and Dinner daily.

BEST (2378)

CHEF FRANK ROSANO Exclusively at Villa Rosano


Monday-Saturday Lunch 11:30-2:30

Dinner Every Evening 5-10

V I S I T U S O N T H E W E B AT W W W. V I L L A R O S A N O. C O M

Positano44400 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.544.2920 x Dinner nightly. Renzo’s of Boca45999 N. Federal

Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.994.3495 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. Rino Vesuvio43360 N. Federal Hwy. x Boca Raton x 561.368.5520 x Dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Ristorante Sapori4Royal Palm Place

x 99 Royal Palm Place x Boca Raton x x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly. 561.367.9779

Rosario’s Ristorante4Royal Palm Place x 145 S.E. Mizner Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.393.0758 x Dinner nightly. Saporissimo4366 E. Palmetto Park Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.750.2333 x Dinner nightly. Times Square Pizzeria – The Italian Grill Restaurant4Shoppes at Village

Pointe x 6006 S.W. 18th St. x Boca Raton x 561.393.6757 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Tramonti4119 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.272.1944 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Trattoria Romana4499 E. Palmetto

Park Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.393.6715 x Dinner nightly. VIC AND ANGELO’S 4290 E. Atlantic

Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.278.9570 x Lunch and Dinner Wednesday-Sunday. Villagio Italian Eatery 4Mizner Park x 344 Plaza Real x Boca Raton x 561.447.2257 x Lunch and Dinner daily.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r


listings W E I N V I T E YO U TO

Close Your E-mail

Villa Rosano4The Reserve x 9858 Clint Moore Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.470.0112 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly.

Ă&#x2026; Ă&#x2026;Ă&#x2026; Ă&#x2026; Â

Vino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas4

114 N.E. Second St. x Boca Raton x 561.869.0030 x Dinner Monday-Saturday.

Argentango4Royal Palm Place x 508 Via De Palmas x Boca Raton x 561.416.2213 x Dinner nightly. Â Caribbean Grill41332 N.W. Second Ave. x Boca Raton x 561.362.0161 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Cuban Cafe Restaurant43350 N.W.

Boca Raton Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.750.8860 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly (closed Sunday June-November).

Š2010 Rare Hospitality Management, Inc.



Cabana El Rey4105 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.274.9090 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton ¡ 561 368 1077 ¡

Gol, Taste of Brazil4411 E. Atlantic

Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.272.6565 x Dinner nightly. INCA GRILL447 E. Palmetto Park

Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.395.3553 x Lunch Saturday-Sunday, Dinner Tuesday-Friday. Medellin Restaurant

44631 State

Road 7 x Ste. 26 x Coral Springs x 954.755.0941 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Old Calypso4900 E. Atlantic Ave. x

Delray Beach x 561.279.2300 x Lunch Monday-Friday, Dinner nightly, Brunch Saturday and Sunday. Padrinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s4Mission Bay Plaza x 20455

State Road 7 x Boca Raton x 561.451.1070 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Pineapple Grille4Palm Trail Plaza x

800 Palm Tr. x Delray Beach x 561.265.1368 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner TuesdaySunday, Brunch Sunday.

mexican Baja Cafe Uno4201 N.W. First Ave. x

Boca Raton x 561.394.5449 x41310 S. Federal Hwy. x Deerfield Beach x 954.596.1305 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly.




Boca Raton

Regency Court Plaza 561 997-9911 Polo Shops 561 241-5903 Glades Plaza 561 392-4181

Locations also in: Plantation â&#x20AC;˘ Coral Springs Lake Worth â&#x20AC;˘ Boynton Beach Wellington â&#x20AC;˘ Palm Beach â&#x20AC;˘ Palm Beach Gardens â&#x20AC;˘ Jupiter Stuart â&#x20AC;˘ Vero Beach

3"%*5*0//&7&3 5"45&%40(00%.

This Passover, whether you choose to celebrate with us or in the comfort of your own home, let TooJayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s do the preparation for your holiday meal. From all of us at TooJayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, we wish you and yours a Good Pesach.

Holiday Specials Brisket Platter or Half Roasted Chicken


Baked Salmon Fillet


Roasted Cornish Game Hen


Braised Lamb Shank


Matzo & Fruit Stuffing and an Apricot Glaze. Roasted and Served in Savory Natural Gravy.

All entrees include: Glass of Kosher Wine Matzo Ball Soup Gefilte Fish or Chopped Liver Potato Pancake and Carrot Tzimmes Macaroons/Coffee or Tea

MoQuila Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar499 S.E. Mizner Blvd. x

Boca Raton x 561.394.9990 x Dinner nightly. 3DVVRYHU[%RFD2EVHUYHULQGG


March 2010




Rocco’s Tacos And Tequila Bar4Boca Center Shopping Plaza x

5250 Town Center Circle x Boca Raton x 561.416.2131 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Señor Burrito4513 N.E. 20th St. x Boca Raton x 561.347.6600 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Uncle Julio’s4Mizner Park x 449 Plaza Real x Boca Raton x 561.300.3530 x Lunch and Dinner daily, Brunch Saturday and Sunday.

Organic The Green Gourmet4The Shoppes

at Addison Place x 16950 Jog Rd. x Delray Beach x 561.455.2466 x Dinner nightly.

sandwiches/DELI Ben’s NY kosher Deli4The Reserve x 9942

Clint Moore Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.470.9963 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Boca Dolce Bakery & Café4Lakeside Centre x 8202 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.479.4011 x Breakfast and Lunch daily. The Gelato Shop Perini (kosher)4

8177 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.716.0389 x Lunch Sunday-Friday, Dinner Saturday and Sunday. Grill Time (kosher)48177 Glades

Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.482.3699 x Lunch and Dinner Sunday-Thursday, Closed Friday-Saturday. Kosher Marketplace422191 Powerline Rd., #5A x Boca Raton x 561.391.3318 x Sunday-Friday, Closed Saturday. Old School Bakery & Cafe4

814 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.276.0013 x Breakfast and Lunch daily.

4Polo Shops x 5030 Champion Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.241.590342200 Glades Rd., #700 x Boca Raton x 561.392.4181 4Regency Court x 3013 Yamato Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.997.9911 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. Toojay’s Gourmet Deli

seafood Atlantic Fish Grill414820 Military Tr. x Delray Beach x 561.638.8338 x Lunch and Dinner daily. Boston’s on the Beach440 S.

Ocean Blvd. x Delray Beach x 561.278.3364 x Breakfast Saturday-Sunday, Lunch and Dinner daily.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r



CITY FISH MARKET47940 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.487.1600 x Lunch and Dinner daily. City Oyster4213 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.272.0220 x Lunch Monday-Saturday, Dinner nightly. Finz Raw Bar & Grill4710 Linton


Blvd. x Delray Beach x 561.272.1960 x Lunch and Dinner daily.

For a Radiant, Confident Smile. Without the Extravagant Price!

Harpoon Louie’s42096 N.W. Second

St. x Deerfield Beach x 954.437.7888 x Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily.

All Phases of General and Esthetic, Cosmetic Dentistry for your Entire Family

JB's On The Beach4300 N. Ocean

Blvd. x Deerfield Beach x 954.571.5220 x Lunch and Dinner daily.


J & J Seafood Bar & Grill4

Receive the Zoom Home Whitening for life with your initial Exam, Cleaning and X-rays completed in our office!

634 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray Beach x 561.272.3390 x Lunch Tuesday-Saturday, Dinner Sunday only. Jake’s Stone Crab4Royal Palm Plaza x 514 Via de Palmas x Boca Raton x 561.347.1055 x Lunch Friday-Sunday, Dinner nightly.


• Botox®, Restylane®, Juvéderm® & Radiesse®

Legal Sea Foods4Town Center x


6000 W. Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x x Lunch and Dinner daily.


Linda Bean's4 200 East Atlantic Ave. x

Delray Beach x 561.276.2502 x Lunch and Dinner daily. McCormick & Schmick’s4

University Commons x 1400 Glades Rd. x Boca Raton x 561.394.2428 x Lunch and Dinner daily, Brunch Sunday. 32 East432 E. Atlantic Ave. x Delray

Beach x 561.276.7868 x Dinner nightly.

Robert Adami, DDS DDS: Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, New York, NY For 21 years, he has earned a reputation for achieving expert results.

Truluck’s4Mizner Park x 351 Plaza Real x

• Same-day, Early Morning and Evening Appointments Available • Immediate 0% Financing • Insurance Welcome


Ask about our Advanced Care Membership. You will no longer need to bare the full burden of Dental expenses again!


Boca Raton x 561.391.0755 x Dinner nightly. The Whale Raw Bar & Fish House47619 State Road 7 x Parkland x 954.345.9190

x Lunch and Dinner daily.

Turkish/Mediterranean Rauf’s Anatolia Mediterranean Nights4Royal Palm Place x 507 S.E.

Mizner Blvd. x Boca Raton x 561.361.5783 Lunch and Dinner, Monday-Sunday. O

For more information on our Dining Guide, please call 561.982.8960 or e-mail




On 441, Just North Of Clint Moore Road

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.

March 2010


HAPPENINGS the essential social digest ; Around town ; flash ; calendar

As part of the luncheon, about 50 leading nonprofit groups in the area are invited to nominate a male volunteer who’s given generously of his time, talent and energy to help fulfill their mission.

Karen Feller, DKJA Head of School Recipient of the 2010 Linda R. Kaminow Visionary Leadership Award

Good Guys 9th Annual Men With Caring Hearts

Luncheon Honors Community Leaders dent judges will review the nominees’ achievements and the winner will be presented with the “Tiffany Outstanding Service Award.” In addition, each year the planning committee selects one special gentleman, whose selfless dedication has impacted individuals and the com-

Tim Snow, 2010 “Tiffany Biggest Heart” winner


he 9th Annual Men with Caring Hearts Luncheon, where notable males in the community are honored for their life-enhancing work with the community and nonprofit groups, is scheduled to take place April 23rd at Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton. This year’s event will be chaired by Peggy Henry, a generous supporter of many charities and vice president of Flor-

ence Fuller Child Development Centers (FFCDC), along with Carrie Rubin, a Boca Raton philanthropist and an FFCDC board member. As part of the luncheon, about 50 leading nonprofit groups in the area are invited to nominate a male volunteer who’s given generously of his time, talent and energy to help fulfill their mission. A panel of indepen-

Peggy Henry and Carrie Rubin

munity at large, to be recognized as having the “Tiffany Biggest Heart”. This year’s honoree will be Tim Snow, president of the George Snow Scholarship Fund, which was formed 25 years ago to provide four-year educational grants to those strug-

gling financially to complete their education. Proceeds will benefit FFCDC programs, which provide quality childcare and preschool education to 625 children from low-income families at its two locations in east and west Boca Raton. The organization’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of young children from economically challenged families in our community. A variety of sponsorship packages, which include an exclusive preevent reception, range from $1,000 to $15,000; individual tickets are $100 and congratulatory messages can be purchased for the souvenir program. O

i For more information, call FFCDC’s Jenny Mahoney at 561-391-7274, ext. 125 or visit

8 Around Town includes news about community and social events, parties, charities, fund-raisers, special recognitions and more. Have

Alonzo Mourning something you’d like us to include? For consideration, please e-mail no less than 450 words about the event, along with photos that include caption information, a phone number and a Web site address to Please write “Around Town” in the subject line, and note that submissions will be edited for clarity and length. Photos become the property of The Boca Raton Observer.

march 2010


around town ;HAPPENINGS

Charitable Challenge The City Of Boca Raton Donates

$10,000 To Haiti’s Earthquake Survivors


ecognizing the urgency for aid in Haiti and the significant funds required to deliver relief, the City of Boca Raton is donating $10,000 to the American Red Cross and is encouraging other South Florida cities to join its mission. The goal: to raise more than $1 million for the Haiti relief effort. “So many South Florida organizations, individuals, neighborhoods and businesses are hard at work to assist with collecting and donating muchneeded supplies, clothing, food, etc., to aid this beleaguered island,” noted Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel. “As a city that has dealt with the preparation for and ramifications of natural disasters such as hurricanes, we know that it takes significant funds to support the important behindthe-scenes operations to maximize and expedite efforts…and thus our donation and plea to other South Florida cities to do the same.”

“South Florida cities have been fortunate to be hurricane-free for the past two seasons. While we count our blessings, we need to considerably contribute to our neighbors in Haiti who have not been so fortunate.” City of Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel

She noted that all cities in the area have been touched in some way by this tragedy of enormous proportions, from our own city employees to those of other employers and residents, organizations, and churches who have family and friends currently in Haiti. And there are the educational institutions such as Boca Raton-based Lynn University, which sent a group of 12 students and two faculty members on a Journey of Hope who arrived two hours before the earthquake hit. “South Florida cities have been fortunate to be hurricane-free for the past two seasons. While we count our blessings, we need to considerably contribute to our neighbors in Haiti who have not been so fortunate,” Whelchel said. “We hope that the more than 104 cities in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties will step up generously. The need is immediate.” In addition to the financial contribution, the City of Boca Raton Fire Rescue Department is working in cooperation with other fire departments in Palm Beach County to accept donations of nonperishable food, water and medical supplies. O

i For more information or to make a donation, call 561-994-2060 or visit southcounty.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

The Reserve

Shopping S hopping C Center enter



Ben’s N.Y. Kosher Restaurant D’Lites Emporium It’s All Greek Oriental Café Palm Beach Bagel Starbucks Tempura House Villa Rosano

Pilates of Boca Spinning



Antonio’s Custom Tailor Berlue Kids in Bloom The Original i est. 1970 The SHOE BOX of Long Island Spoiled Soles Children’s Shoes

HOME DECOR Boca Theater & Automation, Inc. Cinema Design Group International, LLC

FINANCIAL/REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE PNC Bank SunTrust Bank Lang Realty Brightway Insurance

BEAUTY Clint Moore Barbers Frank Prine Salon Salon Blu Spatique, Everything But Hair Crown Wine & Spirits Multi Kids Toys Palm Beach Puppies

CONVENIENCES AT&T USA Wireless Publix/Pharmacy/Cafe Cache Cleaners The Healthy Way The UPS Store

MEDICAL, DENTAL & OPTICAL Boca Laser & Cosmetic Surgery William M. DeMarchi, M.D. Living Well Solutions Reserve Dental Group Eyes ‘N Optical

Clint Moore Road & US 441 Boca Raton, Florida | Retail/Restaurant Space Available |



The Reserve


Shopping Center



Publix Anchored Shopping Center

All Frames 30%-70% Off $50 OFF 1 COMPLETE PAIR

1125 & 1500-3000 Sq. Ft. Of Prime Retail Spaces Available Immediately


Call 561-998-6055 for more information

• Unique & Designer Eyewear & Sunglasses • Large Kids Selection • Eye Exams & Contact Lenses

SPACES AVAILABLE Clint Moore Road & 441 Boca Raton

Eyemed, United Healthcare, Medicare and other insurance plans accepted.

561-479-0521 THE RESERVE 9858 Clint Moore Road, C-107, Boca Raton




LivingWell Solutions

Comprehensive mpreh Integrated Solutions For Health & Wellness

Weight Loss & Appetite Suppression ❙ Personalized Fitness Training & Nutrition ❙ Licensed Medical Aesthetician Cold Laser Smoking Cessation ❙ Acupuncture Physician Therapeutic Massage

Unsurpassed Medical Care Scheduled To Fit Your Demanding Lifestyle! Sport Injuries ❙ Prehab/Rehab ❙ Custom Orthotics Auto Accidents ❙ Active Release Techniques Extended Weekday Hours until 7 p.m. Saturdays 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Check us out on the web at

LivingWell Solutions

William M. DeMarchi, MD Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

Dr. DeMarchi’s Credo: “Spending more time with my patients, getting to know them personally and to understand and treat all of their health concerns.”

Todd I. Rodman, DC, CSCS Chiropractic Physician

Boca Raton • 561-451-2454 9878 Clint Moore Road, Ste. 206, Boca Raton

William M. DeMarchi, MD PA

Coral Springs • 954-840-1666

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine

8190 Royal Palm Blvd., Ste. 204, Coral Springs


around town ;HAPPENINGS

Good Run 2010 Komen Race For The Cure Draws More Than 22,000 To Annual Event


Olivia Newton John photo by South Moon Photography; other photos by Scott Fisher

ore than 22,000 people gathered recently along the waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach in celebration of local breast cancer survivors and participants of the 2010 Susan G. Komen South Florida Race for the Cure®, including honored guest and Race Grand Marshall Olivia Newton-John and Susan G. Komen for the Cure founder and CEO, Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker. “This was our largest-attended race to date and we are so thrilled to have surpassed our fund-raising goals,” said Patti Abramson, 2010 race chair. “Our sponsors’ and participants’ true dedication to the cause has brought us closer to finding a cure.”

WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATES M E D I CA L A E S T H E T I C S � Laser Hair Removal � Botox® � Non-Surgical Spider/ Varicose Vein Removal � Dermal Fillers For WrinkleReduction � Permanent Makeup: Lips, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Scar Correction, And Nipple Pigmentation � Facials And Skin Care � Massage Therapy by i massage

WE OFFER THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE CARE… IN AN ENVIRONMENT YOU CAN TRUST. Susan G. Komen Founder and CEO Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker and her mother, Ellie Goodman

Race Grand Marshal Olivia Newton-John and Susan G. Komen Founder and CEO Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker

Complimentary consultations. Complimentary post-treatment visits.

GET 1 FREE BOX OF LATISSE WITH A BOTOX TREATMENT* Breast cancer survivor and race participant Liz Yavinsky

After the coed 5k competitive run, co-ed 5k walk, kids’ and tots’ races and the Family Fun Walk, the morning culminated with a moving Survivor Ceremony on stage at the Meyer Amphitheater. There, more than 1,600 breast cancer survivors were led on stage by the Palm Beach County Firefighters Pipe and Drum Corp to be honored by everyone in attendance. “Being a part of the Susan G. Komen South Florida Race for the Cure® was an honor and such a moving and inspiring experience for me,” said Olivia Newton-John, grand marshall of the event. “Speaking to so many breast cancer survivors and hearing their amazing stories gave me more hope that we will find a cure and beat breast cancer for good – early detection is key to survival.” Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists. Komen South Florida Race for the Cure® is the largest fund-raiser for the South Florida affiliate and has the distinction of being the first race of the year among all affiliates. Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures. O

i For more information, call 877-GO- KOMEN or visit

(*Limited quantities/1st time clients only)

NIA SMYRNIOTIS KESSLER,M.D. Dr. Nia is a Medical Doctor specializing in Medical Aesthetics. She is a foremost speaker, educator and consultant in the field of cosmetic enhancement and has combined her artistic ability with continued education to provide individuals with minimally invasive cosmetic techniques leading to improved appearance.

“My goal is to combine minimally invasive techniques with a delicate artistic touch to create a more youthful, well-rested, enhanced beauty.” Dr. Nia treats all patients for all procedures except permanent make up, facials and skin care that are performed by dedicated specialists.

WOMEN’S HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATES, P.A. 6853 SW 18th Street (at Powerline Road) • Suite 230 Boca Raton, Florida 33433

561.620.6262 • Find us in Facebook

march 2010


M. Heller CUST O M FUR NI TU R E Designer & Manufacturers of Fine Custom Furniture Since 1973

You know us for our Extraordinary Workmanship, Quality and Service. Specializing in Libraries, Home Theatres, Entertainment Centers, Bars and more…

around town ;HAPPENINGS

Back To School Spanish River Foundation To Host First Annual Progressive Dinner


ack to School is the theme of Spanish River Community High School Foundation’s first annual Progressive Dinner, scheduled for March 13th at Les Jardins Clubhouse in Boca Raton. The evening, which will benefit the Foundation, begins at 6 p.m. with hors d’oeuvres and a preview performance of Fiddler on the Roof. Honored guests will include Principal Dr. Susan Atherley and educators from the high school. Following the reception, a host of full-course dinners will take place at the homes of Spanish River families. Dinners will include great food, the chance for new friendships and education on the Foundation. Each house will feature a teacher or administrator to inform guests about the latest school happenings. The dinner is the brainchild of parent and Foundation board member Nanette Saraga. “It brings together the Foundation and the parents and lets parents know what the Foundation does,” Saraga said.

M. Heller introduces our newest service, “RETRO-FITTING”. When you want a new large high-def flat screen TV without the expense of purchasing a new wall unit!






1084 South Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487 561.998.0038 F: 561.998.0054 118

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Lynn Lubell, Leslie Steinberg, Dr. Susan Atherley, Elyssa Kupferberg, Nanette Saraga, Randi Winter, Margaret Engelhardt, Mara Shapiro, Lynn Graber and Donna Edwards

The Spanish River Community High School Foundation has one purpose: to raise revenue to supplement public funding of education in order to enhance the climate of excellence for all Spanish River students. The Spanish River Community High School Foundation has one purpose: to raise revenue to supplement public funding of education in order to enhance the climate of excellence for all Spanish River students. Founded in 2003 by a group of concerned parents to overcome severe cuts in funding, the Foundation is committed to fostering a partnership that reaches out to all segments of the community for contributions and input on funding priorities. The Spanish River School Foundation is a 501(c)(3)organization. Foundation President Leslie Steinberg would like to broaden the group’s base of support through better communication regarding why every dollar of support makes a difference. “Together we can ensure the quality of a Spanish River education today and in the future,” she said. O

i For more information, please call 561-241-2201 or visit

“You take care of your family, your business, your life.


Hair Restoration • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Therapy • Laser Hair Therapy Injectables and Fillers (Botox®, Dysport®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Perlane®, Juvederm®) The Charles Medical Group, associated with the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, is a full service premier hair restoration clinic. We restore your hair and self confidence for a lifetime. CMG offers state-of-the-art surgical techniques and laser services, along with personalized attention and unmatched expertise. We also feature the newest hair loss treatment, platelet rich plasma.

Also Offering: Anti-Aging Medicine Propecia® Laser Hair Removal For A Free Consultation Or Brochure Call


200 Glades Road, Suite 2 Boca Raton, FL 33432

DR. GLENN M. CHARLES | World Renowned Surgeon Vice President, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours or responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.

around town ;HAPPENINGS

Cooking Good Delray Beach Public Library Event Honoring Julia Child A Success


tasty and educational time was had by all at the recent “Julia Child & French Cooking” event at the Delray Beach Public Library. More than 125 patrons turned out for the culinary evening, where they watched Julia Child’s first and most famous cooking shows while enjoying French pastries and coffees. The event featured Executive Chef Michel Personnaz of the Jupiter Island Club. Chef Personnaz introduced the first show, which highlighted Beef Bourguignon, and the second show featuring Child’s famous Chocolate Soufflé. The chef also provided a wonderful presentation about the art of French cooking,


the secrets to making authentic French food, what to look for in cookware, how to use the freshest, healthiest ingredients and shared his firsthand knowledge about Child and Jacques Pepin. A stimulating question and answer period rounded out the evening. Chef Personnaz was born in Albertville in the Savoie region of France and after many years as a chef in France, came to America and worked in the most prestigious restaurants in Florida. He was the Executive Chef at the Addison Reserve Country Club in Boca Raton, a Celebrity Chef at Bloomingdale’s and the host of a popular cooking

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Marci Personnaz and Chef Michel Personnaz

class at Arianna’s in Miami, where he was introduced by Jacques Pepin. He recently received outstanding recognition as Maitre Cuisinier De France – Master Chef of France, one of the most envied titles to which French chefs aspire. Julia Child was America’s first celebrity chef who singlehandedly changed the way we think about food in this country. With dozens of cookbooks to her credit and untold hours of de-

lightful TV shows, she demonstrated her mastery of French cooking with unparalleled ease. Her contributions to the culinary world taught an entire generation of Americans to savor life and the movie based on her life, Julie & Julia, (starring Meryl Streep) was a smash hit. O

i For more information about Delray Beach Public Library programs, call 561-266-9490 or visit

A lifetime of learning starts with Discovery. At Discovery preschool we strive to grow young readers, scientists, artists and explorers and encourage them to reach their full potential. We are privileged to accompany children and their families on their journey of lifelong learning. • We’ve expanded services to include Infants and Toddlers ages 6 weeks to 23 months • Our new program features primary care-givers, individual schedules, and daily reports • Come visit us for a private tour of the nursery and toddler room

Discovery Preschool Center 10085 Yamato Road Boca Raton, FL 33498 561-558-8600

Discovery Preschool is a Bright Horizons School MARCH 2010


around town

Have A Sea Cow Adopt-A-Manatee Program Saves Lives


ant to give a unique Easter gift this year? How about a manatee?





d -

Personal Injury Wrongful Death Immigration maritime law family law Real Estate & Business Law Estate Planning Asset Protection

561-995-1966 Fax: 561-241-0812 1-888-EGB-FIRM 7171 North Federal Highway � Boca Raton, Florida Offices in Boca Raton, Sarasota and Clearwater new offices in massachusetts and new jersey The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on an advertisement. Before you decide, ask us for free written information about our qualifications and experience.


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Real Florida manatees are up for adoption in Save the Manatee Club’s popular Adopt-A-Manatee® program (you take your pick at http:// For a $25 tax-deductible donation, the Club will send you a manatee adoption certificate with a fullcolor photo, a biography and a fact-filled handbook. You’ll also get a subscription to the Club’s quarterly newsletter, The Manatee Zone, which features updates on adopted manatees. For a $35 tax-deductible donation, you’ll also get a plush manatee toy. Shipping is free and funds from the adoption program help protect Florida’s endangered, much-loved marine mammals. In 2009, a record number of 429 manatees died, which included record-breaking numbers of watercraft, cold-related, and newborn deaths. In 2010, biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission documented 171 dead manatees in Florida waters through January 30th, with at least 128 of those deaths caused by cold stress resulting from freezing temperatures that gripped the state for nearly two weeks in January. The number of cold-related deaths recorded in 2010 has far exceeded the previous record of 56 deaths set just last year. Patrick Rose, aquatic biologist and executive director of Save the Manatee Club explained the importance of warm-water refuge sites remaining available in Florida for the manatees. “Without them, the population could suffer in catastrophic proportion,” Rose cautioned. “We must also work to keep current manatee protections in place and secure the population’s future survival by continuing to protect both individual manatees and their habitat.” Save the Manatee Club, a national, nonprofit advocacy organization, co-founded by singer-songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, has been working to protect manatees and their habitat for almost 30 years. The Adopt-A-Manatee® program helps to fund education and public awareness endeavors; conduct research, rescue, rehabilitation and release projects; and promote advocacy efforts. O

i For more information, call 800-432-JOIN (5646) or visit

G nths 0%CIN12 mo 10NAeNst for FIInter

Good Deeds Children At Temple


around town

Times are Tough, Why Pay Retail Prices When You Can Buy Direct From The Manufacturer

Beth El Collect Donations For Haiti


hen during a leadership meeting at Temple Beth El of Boca Raton Rabbi Dan Levin and Assistant Director Marcy Schultz encouraged its children to help the residents of Haiti, they rose to the challenge.


Three fifth graders in particular – Sydney Krause, Matt Frazin and Brooke Yudell – took the initiative to plan a bake sale and collection of muchneeded items that could be sent to Haiti.

You Are Welcome to Visit Our Showroom/ Factory Call Today For Your Free In-Home Estimate

Brooke Yudell, Sydney Krause and Matt Frazin

The kids began by creating colorful fliers requesting that Boca Isles North residents leave medical supplies, rice, beans, diapers, clothing and other necessities in front of their homes or at the community’s clubhouse. Residents heeded the call: When the kids went to collect items, they saw myriad boxes on front lawns and bags of supplies at the clubhouse. MIAMI DADE COUNTY


975 S. Congress Ave., Suite 102 Delray Beach, FL 33445 Licensed & Insured Lic. # CBC1251294 Mon-Fri 8:00am-7:00pm Sat 12:00am-4:00pm

The community then congregated at the clubhouse for the bake sale, where the kids sold cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, candy bars and donuts. Several Haitian immigrants stopped by during the event to talk with the children, providing education and expressing gratitude for the kids’ efforts. Overall, the children raised more than $500 and collected truckloads of medical supplies, food and clothing. Money and supplies were sent to the URJ Relief fund, along with other collections that were made at Temple Beth El. O


Single Hung • Rolling Windows • French Doors Ornamental Iron Doors • Fixed & Architectural




For more information, call 561-391-8900 or visit

march 2010



P S w

around town ;HAPPENINGS

Important Meal YMCA Of Broward County Hosts Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast


he YMCA of Broward County hosted its 6th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. inspirational breakfast at the First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale. The exciting and memorable event featured keynote speaker Randy Shannon, head football coach for the University of Miami, and honored Dwight Stephenson, Miami Dolphin Alumnus/NFL Hall-of-Famer. “The YMCA of Broward County believes that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an important time to recognize the values of leadership, caring, honesty, responsibility and respect that we aim to instill every day,” said Sheryl Woods, CEO of the YMCA of Broward County. “Both Randy and Dwight are avid philanthropists and have devoted much of their time to advocating for several charities. We are honored to have them celebrate this inspirational day with us.” The event’s emcee was CBS 4 News Anchor Jim Berry, and the opening act featured Plantation High School’s award-winning Step Team. More than 400 people attended, and enjoyed Shannon’s speech about perseverance, success and achieving his goal to become a head coach.

Dan Casey, Randy Shannon and Sheryl Woods

Jim Berry, Travis Baten, Sheryl Woods and Dan Casey

In addition, Miami Dolphin alumnus Dwight Stephenson of D. Stephenson Construction, Inc. was presented with the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Spirit Award, which each year is given to a community advocate who exemplifies the social activism, advocacy, nonviolence, civic engagement and diversity ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Scholar Award was presented to Travis Baten, a senior at Fort Lauderdale High School. The award recognizes a student who has distinguished himself through scholarship, community service and leadership. “It is a great privilege to have Randy Shannon with us, to honor Dwight Stephenson and Travis Baten, and to have Jim Berry preside over the event,” Woods said. “These men are true role models and real heroes, embodying the spirit that we embrace in memory of Martin Luther King.” O

i For more information, call 954-334-9622 or visit


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

around town

Head Honcho BRCH Appoints Jerry J. Fedele Permanent President And CEO


oca Raton Community Hospital (BRCH) officials have appointed Jerry J. Fedele as the organization’s permanent president and CEO. Fedele, who had been serving as the hospital’s top executive under a management contract with FTI Healthcare, assumed this role this past February. “We are most pleased to have Jerry with us on a permanent basis,” said Richard L. Schmidt, chairman of BRCH’s board of trustees. “His leadership and management style has, and now will continue to be, a critically important component of the success we are realizing at the institution.” Fedele, who came to BRCH in October 2008, has led an organization that has fashioned a financial turnaround in excess of $100 million and expanded its expertise and reputation in such areas as oncology, heart care, women’s health and imaging. “My decision to remain at Boca Raton Community Hospital was driven by a singular thought,” said Fedele. “It was that I would be able to continue to work with employees, physicians and nurses, volunteers and philanthropists that are second to none.”



ONLY $299

REG. $349






Free X-Rays Free Exams Two Free Cleanings

$595 (2752)

$825 (2962)


*UP TO 50% OFF



Root Canals Dentures Partials Bridges

Oral Sedation Nitrous Oxide Anxiety Free Experience

Headaches Jaw Joint Pain Facial Pain Chewing Difficulties




100% Interest-Free Financing

No Waiting Periods No Plan Maximum No Forms To File No Exclusion For Pre-existing Conditions

Invisalign Consultation Cosmetic Consultation Implant Consultation

*Offers valid with purchase of Gold Dental Plan

As the FTI agreement with BRCH runs its course through this April, one of Fedele’s immediate priorities will be to assemble a permanent management team. “I am committed to a smooth transition to exceptionally talented executives that will lead the hospital in a manner that continues the momentum built by my FTI colleagues.” Born out of community need in 1967, BRCH is an advanced tertiary medical center with 400 beds and more than 700 primary and specialty physicians on staff. The hospital is a recognized leader in oncology, cardiovascular disease and surgery, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics and women’s health, all of which offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging capabilities. O


Please Ask About Our Individual & Family Gold Dental Plan Discounts


561BRUSH50 2787450 1911 S. FEDERAL HWY. • STE. 600 • DELRAY BEACH, FL 33483 Conveniently located in Tropic Square Plaza (Behind Dunkin Donuts)


For more information, call 561-955-7100 or visit

march 2010


Capturing AthelwaysMomentsâ&#x20AC;Ś

Documentary Family Portraiture * Fine Wedding Photography * Bar & Bat Mitzvah * Corporate Photography

Patty Daniels Town & Country Studio Fort Lauderdale 954.680.9994 * Miami 305.444.4910 * Boca - Palm Beach 561.848.4449 *



March 27 You can’t turn on a radio or TV awards show these days without seeing stunning singer/songwriter Alicia Keys. Born Alicia Augello Cook, Keys’ stage name suits her – not only can she belt out tunes with the best of them, but she’s an extraordinary pianist (she started playing classical music when she was just 7). Raised an only child by a single mother in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, she graduated valedictorian from the Professional Performing Arts School of Manhattan at age 16 before pursuing her music career. Her debut album in 2001, Songs in A Minor, sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and her star’s been on the rise ever since: She’s garnered numerous awards and globally has sold more than 30 million albums, deeming her one of the best-selling artists of her generation. Keys is renowned for her powerful live performances – her show at AmericanAirlines Arena starts at 8 p.m.

concerts 8 sporting events 8 lectures 8 art exhibits 8 plays 8 and so much more march 2010

➥ 127


03.10 Looking up: In the Heights runs March 16th through March 28th at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Hard Rock Live

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, 800-937-0010; March 16 Aretha Franklin Doors open at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8 p.m. March 25 Lewis Black Doors open at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8 p.m.

venues Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County

March 31 THROUGH April 4 Disney On Ice Presents Worlds Of Fantasy Show times vary.

March 11 Eric Clapton With Special Guest Roger Daltrey Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Show begins at 7:30 p.m.

Parker Playhouse

AutoNation® IMAX® Theater

March 12 Michael Buble’ Doors open at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8 p.m.

March 11 Gordon Lightfoot Show begins at 8 p.m.

1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, 305-949-6722;

Museum of Discovery & Science, 401 S.W. Second St., Fort Lauderdale, 954-467-6637;

March 5-21 Wicked (Ziff Ballet Opera House) Show times vary.

March 5-31 Alice In Wonderland Show times vary.

March 30 THROUGH April 4 Mamma Mia! (Ziff Ballet Opera House) Show times vary.

BankAtlantic Center

One Panther Parkway, Sunrise, 954-835-7469;

AmericanAirlines Arena

March 6, 16, 18, 20, 21, 29 Florida Panthers Hockey Game times vary.

March 27 Alicia Keys Show begins at 8 p.m.

March 7 Taylor Swift Doors open at 6 p.m. Show begins at 7 p.m.

601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, 786-777-1000;


T he B o c a R aton O bser v er

March 13 Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall & Larry The Cable Guy Doors open at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8 p.m.

The Broward Center for the Performing Arts

201 S.W. Fifth Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 954-462-0222; March 16-28 In The Heights (Au-Rene Theater) Show times vary. March 26 The Second City (Amaturo Theater) Show begins at 8 p.m.

707 N.E. Eighth St., Fort Lauderdale, 954-462-0222;

March 27 Sandra Bernhard Show begins at 8 p.m.

Sun Life Stadium (Formerly Land Shark Stadium) 2267 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami, 305-623-6100;

March 20 Jazz In The Gardens Featuring Mary J. Blige And Robin Thicke Show begins at 4 p.m. March 21 Jazz In The Gardens Featuring John Legend Show begins at 4 p.m.

Are you or someone you know... •WEALTH MANAGEMENT



Divorced or Widowed? Times like these are understandably confusing. Suddenly, you are being forced to make financial decisions that can directly affect your quality of life. The decisions you make today can potentially impact your children and grandchildren for decades to come. Bryan is a personal wealth manager with over 30 years of experience helping women just like you. He is very sensitive to your need to feel comfortable and can help guide you through these difficult times. You do not have to make these decisions alone.




If you or someone you know needs help and guidance, please call Bryan to explore your options. Of course, everything is 100% confidential. You have nothing to lose and only the comfort of financial confidence to gain. “Thank You” in advance for your consideration.




SHEVAK FINANCIAL SERVICES Bryan K. Shevak, CFP®, ChFC, CLU CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Wealth Manager Fee-based Services and Securities Offered Through LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC

6489 Enclave Way, Boca Raton, FL 33496-4076 (561) 995-7873 E-mail:


LPL Financial representatives offer access to trust services through The Private Trust Company, N.A. PTC is an affiliate of LPL Financial

Lyons Technology Center Move In Specials | Immediate Occupancy 5 minutes from Boca! Tour these properties at b u t t e r s . c o m

Office Space 562 TO 5,481 SF, Beautifully Appointed Hurricane Impact Glass

Warehouse Space 1,562 TO 3,630 SF, With 25% Office Hurricane Impact Glass

Lyons Road & Hillsboro Blvd. Tom Viscount 954.312.2414 1/2 Mile North Off Sawgrass Expressway 130



03.10 The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater

1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach; 305-673-7300; March 26 Chelsea Handler: Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang Show begins at 8 p.m.

The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

701 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, 561-832-7469; March 10-28 Jersey Boys Show times vary.

events March 5-13 2010 Festival Of The Arts BOCA This year’s event, themed From Russia With Love, features the Russian National Orchestra alongside soprano Renée Fleming. Takes place at the Schmidt Family Centre for the Arts’ Count de Hoernle Amphitheater at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. For more information, call 866-571ARTS or visit

Stop Running All Over Town 16 YEARS SAME LOCATION

March 6 Florida Panthers’ Hockey ’N Heels Event Learn the game, have fun and spend time with game broadcasters, players’ wives and more. Starts at 3:30 p.m. Tickets are $60. For more information, call 954-835-7258 or visit March 7 Polynesian Cultural Festival Experience the beauty of the Polynesian Islands with live entertainment, food and South Pacific arts and crafts. Takes place at Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton. Noon to 6 p.m. For more information, call 954-938-9010 or visit

Specializing In:



Same Day Appointments Available



march 2010


Unaffiliated, ordained Rabbi with Torah and over 30 years experience. Available for all Jewish Life Cycle Events.



561/496-3965 or 561/392-2313 E-mail: RABBICMA@AOL.COM







Saturday, April 3, 2010 @ 7:00PM




WED MAR 3, 2010 ......................FLYERS


SAT MAR 6, 2010 ........................HURRICANES

* THURS MAR 18, 2010 ..................COYOTES* SAT MAR 20, 2010 ......................SABRES* SUN MAR 21, 2010 ......................LIGHTNING* TUES MAR 16, 2010 ....................CAPITALS

MON MAR 29, 2010 ....................PREDATORS

SAT APR 3, 2010............................RANGERS TUE APR 6, 2010............................SENATORS* THUR APR 8, 2010 ........................DEVILS* SUN APR 11, 2010 ........................LIGHTNING*

Panthers Broadcast Partners





Tito Puente, Jr.

All ticket packages include post-game concert and meet & greet RESERVE YOUR PACKAGE TODAY! Mackie Feierstein >

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4:41 PM

Page 1

03.10 March 7 Evening Of Laughter Featuring David Brenner The Woodfield Cancer Research Unit of the Papanicolaou Corps hosts this dinner and performance to benefit research at the University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Takes place at Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton. Starts at 5:30 p.m. For more information, call 561-995-2511. March 7 Afternoon Delights – The Pajama Program Palm Beach Chapter 2010 Annual Fund-Raiser Enjoy a fashion show, auction, raffle and high tea to benefit the children of Palm Beach County. Takes place at The Clubhouse at Santa Barbara in Boca Raton. Starts at 1 p.m. For more information, visit March 13 Donna Klein Jewish Academy’s 26th Annual Gala & Auction Themed Paint The Town Red A La Cirque, this fun evening features dining, dancing and live and silent auctions. Takes place at the Polo Club of Boca Raton. Starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $250. For more information, call 561-852-3317.

DELRAY BEACH’S NEW RELAXATION DESTINATION. Escape to our 8,000 square-foot haven for a complete range of massage, skin care and body treatments, using botanically derived, powerfully pure products. For the ultimate in comfort and the utmost indulgence, reserve a spa suite at The Seagate Hotel and relax in your very own retreat.

Gift cards to the Seagate Spa make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Receive a special gift valued at $50 with any service or gift card purchase of $250 or more.* Call 561-665-4950. Located at The Seagate Hotel 1000 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach State of Florida, Department of Health, Massage Establishment License # MM 23691 *Offer valid starting February 15, 2010. While supplies last.

March 13 3D Facial Rejuvenation Lunch & Learn Event Dr. Jacob D. Steiger hosts this free afternoon for anyone considering a refreshing renewal procedure in time for spring. Takes place at the offices of Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery in Delray Beach. Starts at noon. For more information, call 561-4999339 or visit March 13 The Art Of Thinking Facilitator and radio host Paul Barber teaches the art of problem solving. Starts at 2 p.m. For more information, call 561266-9490 or visit March 13 Treasures ’N Plants, Plants, Plants Sale Members donated items and propagated plants for this sale to benefit the Boca Raton Garden Club’s scholarship fund for students studying horticulture and botany. Takes place at the Boca Raton Garden Club. Starts at 9 a.m. For more information, call 561-395-9376.


non-traditional bridal

mother of the bride


every garment is made in our showroom studio and can be customized in design, size and color casual separates from $95 evening wear to $1500 | 954.531.6800


4800 W Hillsboro Blvd (west of Lyons Rd) | West Creek Plaza | Coconut Creek, FL march 2010


03.10 March 13 27th Annual Red Cross South County Gala The Great Hall will be transformed into a Polynesian paradise for a Luau at Sunset to benefit programs and services offered by the Red Cross. Takes place at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Starts at 7 p.m. For more information, call 561-718-5602. March 14 Royal Palm Place is Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance to the sizzling sounds of Sabor Latino with dance instruction by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Takes place at Royal Palm Place’s Monument Piazza in Boca Raton. Starts at 4 p.m. For more information, call 561-392-8920 or visit March 14 Today’s Broadway Sing and dance to famous Broadway tunes including Mamma Mia! Jersey Boys, Wicked and more. Takes place at the Carole and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Auditorium at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. For more information, call 800-564-9539 or visit March 17 B’nai Torah Congregation’s Special Concert “Double” Performances by the “Prince of Kosher Gospel Music” Joshua Nelson and The Kosher Gospel Singers, plus The Nigunim Trio featuring Lorin Skamberg and Frank London of the Grammy award-winning Klezmatics. Takes place at B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton. Starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $30. For more information, call 561-3928566 or visit March 17 Palm Beach Dramaworks’ 10th Anniversary Gala Enjoy dinner and entertainment to benefit West Palm Beach’s only professional theater company. Takes place at Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Starts at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call 561514-4042 or visit March 18 The Boca Raton Museum Of Art’s International Film And Lecture Series Film historian Shelly Issacs leads a discussion following a screening of A Touch of Spice. Takes place at the Lynn Financial Center Auditorium in Boca Raton. Starts


T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

BRM 27292 BR Observer_Cassatt_MECH:Layout 3


10:25 AM

Page 1

03.10 at 7 p.m. For more information, call 561392-2500 or visit March 18-21 Fiddler On The Roof This all-student production features a live orchestra. Takes place at the Countess de Hoernle Theatre at Spanish River High School in Boca Raton. Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors and $10 for students. For more information, call 561-241-2020 or visit March 19-21 Boca Raton Historical Society’s 8th Annual Boca Bacchanal Indulge in a weekend of great wine and culinary delights presented by celebrated chefs and prized vintners. For more information, call 561-395-6766 or visit March 22-28 Delray Beach Film Festival’s 5th Anniversary Celebration This fantastic lineup of films and events includes free workshops by industry leaders and the annual Screen to Reel contest. For more information, call 954-336-3275 or visit

MARY CASSATT WO R K S O N PA P E R Now Through April 11

MARY CASSATT (American, 1844-1926), Baby Charles Looking Over His Mother’s Shoulder (No. 2), 1900, pastel counterproof on Japan paper, 30 3⁄4 x 24 3⁄4 inches. Courtesy of Adelson Galleries, New York


The Magical World of M.C. Escher 501 Plaza Real • Boca Raton, FL • 561.392.2500 • designers 1/4p_1/4p 2/9/10 12:12 AM Page 1

March 24 General Federation Of Women’s Clubs’ Honor Your Doctor Annual Awards Scholarship Luncheon Takes place at Boca West Country Club in Boca Raton. Starts at 11:30 a.m. For more information, call 561-367-1019 or visit March 24 Center For Creative Education’s 11th Annual Spring Luncheon This interactive benefit features a Drawn to Learn theme. Takes place at a private residence in Palm Beach. Starts at 11:30 a.m. For more information, call 561-8059927 or visit March 28 Carol Cole And Roberta Rust In Concert Lynn University’s Conservatory of Music presents violinist Carol Cole and pianist Roberta Rust. Takes place at the Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall in the de Hoernle International building on the Lynn campus. Starts at 4 p.m. Tickets are $20. For more information, call 561-237-9000 or visit O

License # IBF000548 IB0001203

Inspired by you. Created by INTERIOR DESIGN SINCE 1975

Providing Full Service Licensed Interior Design in South Florida for Over 30 years.

FURNITURE / BUILT-INS / WINDOW TREATMENTS / LIGHTING /ACCESSORIES Boca Raton: 4501 N. Federal Hwy. Tel: (561) 368-2703 Jupiter: 1628 US Hwy One Tel: (561) 744-1116

march 2010


now&noteworthy The Boca Raton Observer’s

Boca Raton Community Hospital Ranked Among The Top Five Percent In The Nation The study by HealthGrades, the leading independent healthcare ratings organization, analyzed patient outcomes at each of the nation’s 5,000 nonfederal hospitals from 2006 to 2008 and named hospitals in the top five percent as HealthGrades Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence™. Boca Raton Community Hospital, 745 Meadows Rd., Boca Raton, 561-955-4142; Alan J. Bauman, M.D.

New York City Fashion House Sara Mique Hosts Haute Soiree Women looking for fashionable and uniquely elegant evening or casual wear attended the event that included informal modeling, live piano music, wine, Prosecco and hors d’oeuvres. Each garment is custom-made, hand-sewn and individually hand-dyed by a textile artist directly behind the retail showroom. Sara Mique, 4800 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Coconut Creek, 954-5316800; Joan Pulido, Joan Lamonica (Sara Mique, founder/owner) and Cheryl Blair

Investments Limited Announces Partnership With The Florida Panthers And BankAtlantic Center

World Glass Imports Inc. Presents Its Gallery Collection

Investments Limited, one of the country’s premier real estate investment, ownership, development and leasing organizations, has become an official partner of the Florida Panthers and the BankAtlantic Center. They own a geographically diversified portfolio including the fabulous mixed-use development Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton. Royal Palm Place, 302 S. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, 561-392-8920;

This 12-piece limited edition collection inspired by Cuban artist Alfredo Sosabravo was created in Murano, Venice Italy by two famous Glass Maestros in collaboration with Sosabravo. Each piece is numbered, signed by all three and is accompanied by a book depicting the original painting and a complete history of the artist. World Glass Imports Inc., 955 S. Congress Ave., #109, Delray Beach, 561-279-9601;

Dr. George R. Nicolas Is Pleased To Announce The Opening Of His StateOf-The-Art Orthodontic Office In Boca Raton

Royal Palm Place, Boca Raton

A Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists, Dr. Nicolas specializes in braces for adults and children and is a Premier INVISALIGN® provider. He is also a graduate of the world-renowned Roth/ Williams Center for TMJ and Occlusion and is committed to pursuing Excellence in Orthodontics: “If there is Excellence, good is not enough!” Dr. George R. Nicolas, 7000 W. Palmetto Park Rd., Suite 108, Boca Raton, 561-361-5665;


G. Richard Cohen, M.D. Dr. George R. Nicolas

Boca’s Premier Estate Jeweler

Regency Court at Woodfield 561.997.2033 BUY • sell • trade • GOLD AND DIAMONDS Not an authorized agent, representative or affiliate of all watches appearing in this ad. All watch names, dials and designs appearing in this ad are registered trademarks in the USA.


JOHNS HOPKINS WOMEN’S HEALTH CONFERENCE Nearly 400 conference attendees united at the Palm Beach County Convention Center to hear Johns Hopkins doctors and specialists discuss new advances in preventing, detecting and treating women’s diseases during Palm Beach’s third annual “A Woman’s Journey” symposium sponsored by Johns Hopkins Medicine. 1/ Norma Tiefel and Susan Telesco 2/ Edie Schur and Kathy Bleznak 3/ T ricia Keitel and Lee Callahan 4/ Annie Falk and Jan Willinger 5/ S usan Keenan and Judy Grubman 6/ Peggy Henry and Betsy Meany 7/ Trish Donnelley and Linda SalandraDweck





5 138 138 TThhee BBo occaa RRat ato onn Ob Obsseerrvveerr



Luxury Living Has Never Been More Affordable! Suites start at just $179/night* for extended stay guests. *minimum 30 nights

Experience Long Island’s Most Luxurious Extended Stay Boutique Hotel. Discover how rewarding our complimentary guest services, amenities and Above and Beyond® Customer Service can be. See for yourself at or call Nicole Zappulla directly at (516) 224-8183 for reservations. 7755 Jericho Turnpike • Woodbury, NY 11797 • (800) 291-8090 •

flash DONNA KLEIN JEWISH ACADEMY EAGLES BOOSTER CLUB’S 4TH ANNUAL TENNIS EXTRAVAGANZA Special guest and Grand Slam champion Chris Evert joined players and attendees at the Broken Sound Club in Boca Raton for a luncheon following the tennis tournament, which raised nearly $25,000 for the school’s athletic program.

Photos by Jane Neubauer



1/ Rebecca Spooner, David Trell, Chris Evert, Steve Lipson and Eric Lipson 2/ Neil Meany and Rebecca Spooner 3/ Karen Feller and Chris Evert 4/ M  itch Ziffer, David Netburn, Chris Evert, Hal Klein and Brian Clouse 5/ David Trell, Ernie the Eagle and Eric Lipson 6/ Dr. Dan Salama, Chris Evert and Leonard Levine 7/ Karen Feller, Chris Evert and Richard & Carole Siemens 2




6 140

7 T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r




JEWISH FEDERATION OF SOUTH PALM BEACH COUNTY’S MAJOR GIFTS EVENING OF VALOR It was an exceptional evening at the Polo Club of Boca Raton, where MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spoke about issues affecting the world. The evening also inaugurated the Ketubah Society’s $1 million cumulative donors. 1/ Jill & Michael Rose 2/ F  reyda Burns, Joe Scarborough

and Ed Burns 3/ F  ront: Dan Levine, Ken Pritzker


and Norman Steinberg Back: Tom Kaplan, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Al Gortz and Richard Steinberg 4/ E  llen R. Sarnoff, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and William S. Bernstein 5/ A  l & Jane Gortz and Beth & Joseph Mishkin 6/ Marleen Forkas, Dorothy Seaman, Florence Brody and Dorothy Wizer 7/ W  endy Pressner, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Robert Pressner




7 rc F e bM ra ua r yh 22001100

141 141

at home

the local real estate report


Subdivision Address





Sale Price

Sale Date




Friedman Benjamin A & Heather A Sussman Barry




Feldman Bertha S Trust



Boca Falls

12330 Cascades Pointe Dr

Boca Falls

12432 Antille Dr


Primiano Lisa M

Boca Golf & Tennis Club - Balboa Point 17210 Ventana Dr

Shaffer Scott P Engle Homes Inc

Boca Pointe CC - Villa Flora

6532 Via Benita

Siegel Robert M Trust

Ettinger Michael W



Boca Pointe CC - Villa Stel

23180 Via Stel

Gelato Samuel J & Carol S

Targove Maurice


01-Dec-91 28-May-04

Broken Sound CC - Banyans

2489 NW 66th Dr

Eisen Ellen B

Wiener Steven & Joyce


Broken Sound CC - Fairway Bend

2101 NW 60th Cir

Klein Barbara J

Klein Barbara J




Broken Sound CC - Oak Run

6317 NW 25th Way

Albano Robert

Kaplan Stanley P




Colonnade at Glen Oaks

2689 NW 48th St

Rubin Daniel M & Alison B

Mabry James C & Judith G







3902 NW 23rd Ct

Folsom Kenneth J & Martha L

Garin Ronni L


Mizner Country Club

15929 Double Eagle Trl

National City Bank

TBI of Palm Beach


Montoya Estates

7886 Chula Vista Cres

Epstein Jerome M & Jane G

Miller Leah




Old Floresta

1061 NW 4th St

Mantey Michael J

Bizas Lola




Palm Beach Farms

1699 Las Casas Rd

Venturino Nestor L

Heinz Diane K



23267 Water Cir 9

Gardener Peter M

Miller Lola L



Polo Club - Huntington

17096 Huntington Park Way

Rosenthal Allan & Phyllis

Denton Estelle



Presidential Place

99 SE Mizner Blvd 737

737 Palmetto Corp

Palmetto Place Dev LLC



19555 Estuary Dr

Indymac Federal Bank FSB

Giner Alan & Kathy





6062 NW 30th Way

Finkle Andrew D & Jill

Stone Gayle Trust



St Andrews Country Club

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T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Broken Sound Club is located in Boca Raton and features 27 Mediterranean styled villages and more than 1,400 members. An Addison Mizner inspired 60,000 square foot clubhouse reflects the clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strong commitment to hospitality. Home to the Allianz Championships, the club boasts two challenging golf courses. In addition, the club has a state-of-the-art Tennis Center complete with 23 Har-Tru courts, Aquatic Center with 25 meter lap pool, 16,500 square foot Spa and Fitness Center and award winning dining and event facilities. To view a wide variety of available homes, please call one of our Broken Sound specialists today at (561) 998-0100.

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Paws And Effect

In Dog We Trust Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves By Marissa Hicken


ast year, 17,000 dogs were needlessly euthanized in Palm Beach County. It’s a sad fact Delray Beach resident Nicole Brown could not ignore. So, last February she took action. The real estate executive began fostering homeless dogs in her 3,500square-foot home and in April founded In Dog We Trust, Inc., a nonprofit canine rescue group that saves shelter dogs, strays and those abandoned by owners. The group then provides medical treatment -- even finding a vet to perform surgeries if necessary – and eventually, new loving homes. “Our goal is take these dogs, bring them to our shelter and turn them around from the inside out,” says Brown, who has dedicated countless hours and dollars to the cause. Such was the case with Muffin, an 8-year-old miniature black poodle Brown rescued from a Miami shelter. The dog had severe dental problems and a hole in her mouth that would ultimately lead to blood disease. Brown took Muffin home and began the steps to save her life: She consulted vets, who explained that she’d need three medical procedures totaling $1,700. A nonprofit startup with very little money, Brown began spreading the request for donations through


e-mail blasts and social networking sites. With just four days until the first scheduled procedure and just $300 raised, Boca residents and animal lovers Adam and Elaina Penix stepped up and volunteered to pay the balance. In another case, a volunteer spotted Harvey, a miniature dachshund, hobbling down a Hollywood road. After being taken in and treated for neglect and malnourishment, his photo was posted on the group’s Web site and he was soon adopted by a dog-loving family. Others have reached out as well: Dr. Scott and Christy Lund at Lund Animal Clinic in Boca Raton have provided discount rates, free advice, adoption referrals and have adopted several rescue pets.

Nicole Brown with one of her dog rescues

“Anyone who does not believe angels exist in our lives needs to take a closer look, because when there’s a time of need and you reach out a hand for help, we see it happening,” says Brown. Want to help? The group always needs volunteers to walk dogs, transport dogs to and from appointments, help with home visits, marketing, monetary donations and more. For more information, call 561-400-7732 or visit O

T h e B o c a R at o n Ob s e r v e r

Muffin after recovering from lifesaving surgery

Begin an enduring love affair.

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