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Welcome Back to Camp Wycliffe


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FALL 2018 VOL. 2 • NO. 3


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Welcome back to Camp There’s a lot to look forward to!

I n ev e r y Issue 2 Wycliffe 2.0 Tech Tips 8 Food Chef’s Corner 10 Tennis Ace your game this fall 12 Spa & Fitness Be Mindful: Take time for Wellness 14 Golf Teeing up with your Golf Director

16 Clubs in the Club 21 House Beautiful 22 Upcoming Events 23 Kid’s Corner 24 Local Happenings 26 Where in the World is Wycliffe? 30 New Members

F E A T U R E S 6 Team Member PRO-file: Cheryl Loder 7 Team Member PRO-file: Ethan Means 17 And the Winner of the Photo Contest Is... 18 Honor Flight Recognition Program 20 Renovation Updates


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from the president


Busy times at Wycliffe! As the summer draws to a close, we eagerly anticipate the return of our “Snowbird” friends. Camp Wycliffe will soon, once again, teem with activity. Although quieter here during the summer, it is not inactive. Those of us who stay year-round find plenty to do. As our Club is in the process of undergoing many changes, it will be interesting to see the reactions of our returning members. The Fitness Center and Spa is now in their temporary quarters in the former Golf Locker and Men’s Card Rooms. The transitional Men’s Card Room has been active for some time now, in half of the Grande Lounge. The other half of the Grande Lounge is now home to Physical Therapy, Pilates and Aerobics Studios. The renovations to the main Kitchen and soon-to-be Grande Dining Room are already well underway. Now that the moves to the temporary facilities have been accomplished, the renovation to the Fitness Center & Spa has begun. While all of these changes are in process, the disruption to our day-to-day lives has been and will remain very minimal. Another obvious change our returning friends will see is the start to the Golf Driving Range renovation. The renovation will correct severe drainage problems and replace a non-functioning irrigation system. In addition, its eye-appeal will be significantly improved and is estimated to reopen late this fall. The modifications to West 17 and the creation of a new, larger practice area will be done next year at no additional cost due to the separation of the projects. Lastly, the “One Wycliffe” decision is upon us. The purpose of “One Wycliffe” is to create a more efficient business model, by merging the functions of the WCA and Club. Multiple informational meetings will be held throughout October, with the decision made by members of both Boards and both organizations early in November. All-in-all, these are very exciting times for Wycliffe and the future appears very bright, as we continue to enjoy our wonderful lifestyle.

Doug Lipman President


F A L L 2 0 18


from the general manager

Dear Members, Phase II of the Renovation project has begun! The journey continues as we embark on improving your Club and member experience. Our temporary facilities have been completed and are open for use. I hope you have enjoyed the videos and email communications we have been sending to keep you informed of all the progress. Here are a few other happenings as we gear up for another successful season. We have transitioned to Northstar as our primary club management software platform. This system provides us with an all-in-one suite of services to replace the multiple platforms and deficiencies of the old programs. If you have not already downloaded the member app or checked out the new website, I encourage you to do so. We have provided member training courses and will offer more in the winter to educate you on the new services that Northstar has to offer. Our seasonal staff are beginning to return to Wycliffe, and I am pleased to report that you will recognize quite a few familiar faces. Our team is energized to deliver another year filled with the many activities and amenities you have come to enjoy. As we continue with the construction, please be cautious of the signs and areas with limited access. Our number one goal throughout this project remains the safety and security of our members and staff. I look forward to seeing you all around Camp Wycliffe very soon.

Rob Martin General Manager/COO


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Cheryl Loder, Director of Membership & Activities W: How long have you been working at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club? CL: 20 years W: Explain your role at the club. CL: After 20 years, you could say I’m the jack of all trades, master of none. My real role as Membership Director is to oversee membership functions including everything from orientations and rules and regulations to member relations. As Activities Director, my role is to research, coordinate and execute activities for a wide variety of interests. W: What was your first job? CL: My first job was picking strawberries. W: How would your friends describe you? CL: My friends would describe me as loyal, fun-loving, spiritual and uplifting. W: What was the last movie you went to go see? CL: Jurassic World W: What do you want to be when you grow up? CL: I already feel pretty grown up— What am I going to do when I retire is more like it? I would like to spend more time with my family, volunteer and work part-time (I know, I’m crazy). W: What’s your favorite sport and sports team? CL: College Football – Florida State Seminoles W: If you could interview someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be and why? CL: Abraham Lincoln – Because he had to make very impactful decisions during such a tumultuous time in American history. W: What do you do in your spare time? CL: In my spare time, I spend time with my husband, play with my grandchildren, garden, craft and bake.


F A L L 2 0 18


W: Tell me something interesting about yourself that the members may not already know. CL: I went to beautician school in NYC and was a hairdresser but had to stop because I was allergic to all the chemicals.



W: How long have you been working at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club? EM: 2 years W: Explain your role at the club. EM: My role is to support the Director of Golf, Head Golf Professional, and the entire golf staff with all facets of the golf operation. My primary responsibility is to promote the game of golf through facilitation of daily member/guest play, tournament operations, golf shop operations, outside operations and club repair. My other roles include running the MGA, 18 WGA, and 9 WGA weekly tournaments. W: What was your first job? EM: My first job was working at a public golf course in Pennsylvania as a member of the Outside Operations team.

Ethan Means, Assistant Golf Professional

W: How would your friends describe you? EM: I think my friends would describe me as a hardworking, caring and fun person to be around. They would also say I am a person who knows when to be serious but also someone who can joke around.

W: What was the last movie you went to go see? EM: The last movie I went to see was the Marvel movie; Antman and The Wasp. W: What do you want to be when you grow up? EM: In the future, I hope to be a Head Golf Professional and a member of the PGA of America. W: What’s your favorite sport and sports team? EM: My favorite sports are Golf, Football and Basketball. I am a huge Eagles and 76ers fan. W: If you could interview someone famous, dead or alive, who would it be and why? EM: I would interview Tiger Woods to really break down and understand what made him so dominating during his prime. W: What do you do in your spare time? Other than playing golf, I enjoy cooking and playing basketball. W: Tell me something interesting about yourself that the members may not already know. EM: I have surfed most of the East coast and I am an orange belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate. W YC LI F F E M AGA ZI N E

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chef ’s corner

AS A KITCHEN ARTIST AND GARDE MANGER CHEF, it has always been in me to produce food that stands out and is appealing to the eyes. As my old chef at the Ritz Carlton taught me: People eat with their eyes first. So, I wanted to create a “wow factor” with this beet dish. Often times when beets come up, people think of them as a red, messy, hard to handle vegetable. But on the contrary, it is unique and comes in a variety of colors.

Bon Appétit! — Chef O’Brian Mullings

Beet Napoleon 8

F A L L 2 0 18




2 lbs. beets, golden and/or red

1 blood orange, peeled and segmented

11 oz. package goat cheese, softened (at room temperature)

4 tbsp. red onion, finely diced

4 sage leaves, minced

2 tbsp. parsley, chopped

2 tbsp. parsley, chopped

½ green bell pepper, finely diced

¾ tsp. honey

3 tbsp. olive oil

salt and cracked pepper


petite greens

Run a knife through the ingredients. Finely chop the ingredients and toss them in a bowl with olive oil to form the relish.

Directions Preheat the oven to 350° F. Wrap the beets individually in aluminum foil. Bake for 1-hour, until a knife is easily inserted into the beet. Let them cool, and peel the skin off. Use a mandolin to slice the beets about 1/4 inch thick. Use a biscuit cutter so that each beet is cut into a circle. Mix the sage and parsley with the goat cheese. Add the honey and season with freshly cracked pepper and salt to taste. Put dollops of goat cheese in between layers of sliced beet, until you get four slices of beet per napoleon. Serve with the Petit Greens and Blood Orange Relish and garnish with a Grissini Italian bread stick.

BEET REDUCTION 1 cup beet juice 1 cup red port wine ½ cup honey ½ cup dry white wine

Directions Add all ingredients to a small sauce pan; simmer on medium to low heat until reduced to a syrup-like state. W YC LI F F E M AGA ZI N E

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ACE your

tennis game this fall FOCUS FORWARD


F A L L 2 0 18




One of the great temptations in doubles is to watch your partner hit the ball, particularly when at the baseline. Instead, trust that your partner is doing great back there. Focus on moving your feet, looking forward and inching closer to the net into a more aggressive volleying position.

••• What’s being SERVED at Wycliffe Tennis By Kam Kuchta

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It’s that time of year when the kids go back to school and the summer heat gives our tennis players a bit of a break. At Wycliffe Tennis, we are gearing up for another great season and are ready to tackle the year ahead. We are looking to serve a vast variety of racquet players tennis, masters tennis and pickleball are all practiced and played at our facility each week. So wherever your tennis game is make sure you’re ready to have a great


season, and most importantly, lots of fun and exercise on our courts. To thrive, we need your participation, so get your racquet re-gripped, restrung or just back in

Serve it Up!

your hand and see our staff to get you back on the courts!


As I consider potential hires as Racquet Director at Wycliffe, my goal is always to prepare my employees to improve and move forward successfully. I am pleased to say that Brandon Michels will be returning to Wycliffe this Fall. Brandon has been teaching tennis at New Canaan Field Club in New Canaan, Connecticut for the last five months. He is now a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional. Brandon will assist with team tennis, kid’s lessons and events. He came to Wycliffe six years ago with no tennis experience or knowledge, but with a will to learn and love for the game,

Tennis Pro Shop Monday through Friday 7 am - 2:30 pm Saturday and Sunday 7 am - 1 pm

Tennis Courts Daily 7:30 am – 9:00 pm

he has prospered. He will make our team stronger with the ability to deliver great customer service to all of our Wycliffe members and guests.

RULE REFRESHER DOUBLE TROUBLE TENNIS RULING: THE CODE ITEM 14: If one player calls the ball out and his partner sees the ball good, the ball is good. There is no playing 2 or taking the point over again. Since the receiver and his partner are now considered in disagreement about the call, you win the point under The Code Item 14.

TENNIS UPCOMING EVENTS Saturday, October 6 through Monday, October 8: USTA National Boys & Girls Columbus Day Open Thursday, October 18: Complimentary Clinic Monday, November 5: Ladies’ Member Member

Thursday, November 15: Complimentary Clinic Saturday November, 17: Thanksgiving Day Mixer Thursday, December 13: Jai Alai Saturday, December 15: Holiday Mixer

Thursday, December 20: Complimentary Clinic Thursday, December 20: Palm Beach Open League Playoffs Thursday, January 17: Complimentary Clinic Monday, January 28: Sadie Hawkins Mixed Doubles Tournament W YC LI F F E M AGA ZI N E

• F A L L 2 0 18


sp a & f i t n e ss

BE MINDFUL: Take Time for Wellness


Let’s face it, many of us spend our days running around and thinking about everyone else but ourselves. To help, we’ve pulled together some ways you can add a bit of YOU back into your day and help refresh your mind, body and soul, so you can put your best self forward.


F A L L 2 0 18


1. Spend time outdoors.

treatment that will provide an instant

Do you sit inside all day behind a

glow and long-term rejuvenation.

computer or watch endless hours of

The Revitapen Medi-Infusion will

TV? Get outside and enjoy the fresh

stimulate circulation, promote collagen

air. Take a walk or dip in the pool.

production and visibly soften fine

Research shows sunlight will improve

lines. Make sure to call Stephanie Paul,

Vitamin D levels and nature can

Concierge Coordinator, to book your

help improve your well-being. The

next appointment. The new you will

Fitness Center offers Aquatic classes

not be disappointed!

that can enhance physical and mental

4. Meditate and Breathe. Being in a

fitness while getting out in the sun.

state of meditation means being present

Ask Grace Rodgers, Fitness Aquatics

with what is. Breathing helps focus

Coordinator, which class is the best fit for you – whether it is Aqua Fit, Aqua Power or Aqua Balance, the classes provide an environment for people of all abilities. Remember, it’s just you and the pool!

the mind and brings you back to the present moment. Try it for yourself: Take a deep breath and hold for five seconds. Release and wait five more seconds before taking another breath. As you exhale, imagine you are releasing all the negativity from your mind and body.

2. Relax. Although it can be hard to find the time to relax

As you inhale, imagine you are ingesting vitality and

and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the fast-paced world

positivity. But don’t just take our word for it, visit Gabriela

we live in, you should always find time to treat yourself.

Baker, Studio Coordinator, to help you find the best Yoga

Taking time to take care of yourself will help you do

or Pilates class to focus on breath, alignment, balance,

better and enjoy life more. Book a service like a massage

flexibility and strength.

at The Spa. Massages are far more than indulgence, so this season we are re-launching the Herbal Farmpress Massage treatment. There are three blends available for selection – Rejuvenating, Soreness Relief and Tranquility. Massages have numerous health benefits such as improving blood circulation, helping the body get rid of toxins and calming the central nervous system.

5.Try a new exercise class. By nature, humans are creatures of habit, finding comfort in consistency. Step out of your comfort zone! Trying a new exercise class is one of the best steps you can take towards creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Grab the Group Fitness schedule outside the Fitness Center and try something new like PiYoBa – a combination of Pilates,Yoga and Barre. Unlike standard Yoga and Pilates classes that make you hold long, intense poses, PiYoBa speeds everything up…

3. Rejuvenate. Feeling

including your results! PiYoBa will help improve your

a bit glum? What you

flexibility and sculpt your body while toning and

need is to be rejuvenated

lengthening your muscles. Not only will you have a new

– to feel younger, fresher

class to add to your routine, but you will most likely make

and more lively! The

new friends too!

Spa has just the solution for you as we introduce the Revitapen Medi-Infusion


• F A L L 2 0 18



TIP •••

Drive for show, putt for dough By Paul Rifenberg, PGA

There is a lot of truth to that statement. If you ask any great player if they would rather be a great ball striker or clutch putter, they would all quickly respond clutch putter. Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are probably the greatest clutch putters to ever play the game. From watching them putt to listening to them talk, I picked out a few great tips to help you hole more putts under pressure: Be relentless with your routine. There is no specific routine that each person must follow, but you should have one. Once you develop a routine on the greens, it should be exactly the same for every putt. Whether it is a 40-foot putt that breaks three times or a 2-foot putt that is straight in, it is essential that you follow the same routine. You can put a stopwatch on Jack or Tiger on the first green and the last, and watch them take the same amount of time to do the same steps prior to each putt. Be a confident putter. Great clutch putters have endless confidence. After Jack or Tiger make a putt under pressure that seems nearly impossible, the announcers always comment “he willed that one in” or “he just looked like he knew it was going in.” Any pro will tell you that the last thought you should have before hitting any putt involves seeing the ball go in the hole. Start believing you are a great putter and you will see more putts hit the bottom of the hole. Please feel free to stop by the golf shop if you have any questions or comments. See you on the greens!


F A L L 2 0 18


Teeing up with your Golf Director Paul Rifenberg, Director of Golf

On behalf of the Wycliffe Golf team, we hope everyone had a healthy and fun-filled summer and welcome back to those who spent the summer away from Camp Wycliffe. The Golf department is enhancing two of our programs this year to help improve your game, socialize with new friends and most importantly to have fun – Chips-N-Sips and Demo Day Experience. Chips-N-Sips: This year, this program will include a light competition involving all of the short game components for prizes. Your professional staff will be there to provide tips to improve your short game. Participants will also enjoy beer, wine and lite bites. Demo Day Experience: This year, this program will have the latest and greatest products from Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Ping, Srixon, Taylor Made, Wilson and PXG for members and/or their guests to try. Representatives will be present to custom fit anyone interested in updating their equipment. Your professional staff will be highly engaged during these demo days to provide you with helpful hints to hit the ball farther and straighter! Participants will also enjoy complimentary drinks and lite bites. The newly renovated Driving Range will be the perfect venue to host this new Demo Day program. Please feel free to contact the Golf Shop for more information.



TeeTime GOLF HOURS Golf Shop 7 am - 5 pm



Friday, October 19 Chips & Sips

Tuesday, November 13 Ladies’ 9-hole Opening

Sunday, October 28 Superintendents Revenge

Friday, November 30 Chips & Sips

Tuesday, November 6 Ladies’ 18-hole Opening

Friday, December 21 Demo Day Experience

Wednesday, November 7 MGA Opening

Saturday, December 29 Junior/Senior Tournament

Saturday November 10 and Sunday, November 11 SFPGA Junior Event

Friday, January 4 Chips & Sips Sunday, January 27 18/Nine & Dine


• F A L L 2 0 18


cf iltunbesss Clubs in the Club

Getting Involved AARP: Did you know that by taking this course Florida Drivers saved an average of $100 a year on their car insurance? You can too! Refresh your driving skills and knowledge of the rules on the road with this class held at the WCA Community Center from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on specific dates. For more information, please contact Irving Pincus at

Book Review: Never judge a book by its movie! Have an interest in reading? Join the Book Club for a variety of genres and great discussion. The Book Club meets every month. For more information, please contact Roberta Cooper at (561) 434-5507. Craft: Being creative is not a hobby; it’s a way of life! Knitting, scrapbooking and good ol’ crafting fun! Join this group and tap into your inner creativity! For more information, please contact Barbara Diaz at

Arts Council: If you used to take classes in art, have dabbled in painting on canvas, or just enjoyed sketching scenes that inspire you and thought about meeting people with similar interests, then the Arts Council is for you. For more information, please contact Dr. Barry Freedman at (561)791-6441.

Fishing Buddies: Good things come to those who bait! This club is for those who enjoy fellowship and fun activities, while fishing the lakes, canals, rivers, intracoastal and ocean waters. Novice, intermediate or expert anglers, all are welcome to enjoy an annual calendar of fishing events. For more information, please contact Albert Burlando at (973) 723-6397 or

Bocce: A test of skill versus your luck. A traditional Italian street game and now a sport so popular among Wycliffe members that each neighborhood has its own team! Play to win or at your leisure – the courts are fully lit, so you can play morning, noon or night.

Israel Club: Gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding the State of Israel via speakers and film.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Brenner at

Photography Club: Membership is open to all Wycliffe members who love to take pictures and have a serious interest in the art and science of photography.

For more information, please contact Helen and Bob Kaplan at or by calling (561) 439-4208.

For more information, please contact Alan Fabricant at (561) 319-7412 or 16

F A L L 2 0 18


Sherlock Holmes Society: There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact. Fill your inner sleuth and join in on the detective fun! Watch a Sherlock Holmes movie and discuss. For more information, please contact Steve Sawicki at Stickball: A blast from the past! In stickball, a game similar to baseball, a player uses a long, thin stick and soft rubber ball. Players don’t run bases but have the opportunity to score a single double, triple or home run. Everyone is welcome out to Stickball Blvd. – just minutes from our gate. For more information, please contact the Commish, Marty Ross at or the Director of Operations, Harry Klaff at Wycliffe Walkers: Walk at your own pace around our beautiful Club then regroup for coffee, conversation and goodies. Get some healthy exercise, make new friends and socialize. Everyone is welcome! For more information, please contact Gloria Kramer at (561) 249-6010.

Photo Contest THERE IS SUCH AMAZING TALENT AMONG US AT WYCLIFFE! Thank you to all who submitted photos for the Photo Contest. Congratulations to our winner, Mitchell Cohen, who submitted this beautiful photo of a Leopard while visiting South Africa.



BIRDS Steven Teran


ORCHIDS Linda Schwartz

SANDHILL CRANE Howard Shachter



• F A L L 2 0 18



HONOR FLIGHT Honor Flight recognizes Veterans for their military service and sacrifices to our nation by flying them to Washington, DC to see their memorials at no cost to the Vet. Honor Flight is a non-profit organization that provides veterans a trip of a lifetime. Their #1 objective is to ensure a safe, memorable, and rewarding experience to as many Veterans as possible.

Wycliffe takes the skies on Honor Flight… On April 14, 2018 members Stan Levin, Gerry Post & Jerry Wilks arrived at Palm Beach International Airport just before 5 am where they would be greeted with bands, bunting and onlookers cheering them on. More than 80 vets, along with an Ambassador for each vet, 5 medics and assorted personnel hopped on board a chartered American Airlines flight straight to Washington D.C. through the support of the Honor Flight Program. Upon arrival, the pomp and circumstance was exciting, overwhelming and beyond their every expectation. They began their day in D.C. at Arlington Cemetery where they saw the Changing of the Guards. Next, they went to the World War II Memorial along with 11 other Honor Flights from all over the country. The final stop was the Korean War Memorial. After a long, yet meaningful day, the Vets and their Ambassadors hopped on a plane where they were then presented with a good ol’ fashioned Mail Call with letters from their families, friends, school children and volunteers. After reading these letters of admiration they arrived at PBIA where the greeting was even more amazing then what they had experienced earlier – if that was even possible! Bag pipe bands, families and spectators 3-deep lined the concourse as they made their way through the airport. This was a day that these men will NEVER forget. If you or someone you know is interested in learning about the Honor Flight program, you may visit, email or call 1-855-FLY-A-VET. 18

F A L L 2 0 18


War n o s s peak n o i t uribachi’ S m o r f Reflec w Glory fle er week

d p rines’ Ol hundred n e e t n e The Ma , sev wounded died t u o h t i w , rave who b e h t g The cost orin ho cried orial hon w m e e s o m h a t f n e ars o I have se th the te i w d e x i rm th morta on Built wi ncinerati i f o s e v a c n ped with our natio d e k c a Landsca t t ardly a igh mud h w o fc l a d c a h h roug who logged th Of those s o h w e s ith blood tho w t d s e e r n i o a t w st nch bborn sno A soft be u t s f o s t drif eal through d e w o warriors h l p d e d Or n u o id w pool to a el r e t a w ld not fe u o c o A warm h w o barriers hose n t o w t e n p l k e age ly, no h hose cour w h t But, sad u o rriers y owering rcraft ca l i f a e m h o t r r f o f own A garden bmarines the unkn u o s t g n i n i d h e c ear nch crews of s were lau y d e e t h c t ans a s p A the com avery me r r b o f t a e n h i w h to nt suns presses as m i Permane e c i v r e ur s y-four ho t ve n e w t e s yond bra e Who b d r o w the s to find r a l o h ave c s And lt’s first w u a s s a n rming a eld high o h f s e s n o o p h t a we For ould die? surf with w e h m t o h h g w u and thro ould live Trudging w aybe m o h w of nger a m o l k n o i n h t s a r eve te w mate’s fa Did they e s o h w .” my baby a widow r o m f o r t f i e s d e ne A respon lanket; I b l l a m s s return hi “Please e unted antifiabl o u c q e n b u s n i a ion dc The dea contribut l a t e i c o s for potential t s o l e h 46 T 1942-19 s, LA an SN ew Orle pstein U N E e in ic r m u Lt. Ma Museu e WWII h t t a d e Display


• F A L L 2 0 18


FEATURE Exciting times are ahead for Wycliffe with the Renovation well underway! Here’s a brief snapshot of what has been going on behind the scenes!


How Sweet! Callie was quick to jump Up to Par! The very anticipated Driving Range renovation began in August and if into the bulldozer when it was demo there was ever a space that needed a facelift, it was definitely this area! Better day! We aren’t quite sure if she’s more drainage, irrigation and cosmetics are only a few short weeks away! excited to destroy the existing space or to get a new kitchen!

Show me the money! Accounting has scored a newly renovated office space right across from the Ladies’ Card Room. A more convenient location for our members and staff.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! The temporary Spa & Salon opened in early September. Members and their guests can receive all the same services as before… remember, check-in is just across the hall in the Fitness Center.

Whatcha got cookin’, good lookin’? Our culinary team cannot be more excited to move back into their newly renovated kitchen space. If you thought the food was already delicious… just wait!

The Grande Dining Room is making progress! New windows were installed and the remainder of the work is well underway. We all cannot wait to see this room in action! 20

F A L L 2 0 18


Work it out! The temporary Fitness Center opened in early September – you’ll be able to receive the same training services as before… and remember, the group fitness, Pilates and PT studios are upstairs next to the temporary Men’s Card Room.


House Beautiful

Fall2018 Homeowners Ted & Ellen Sandler 4546 Carlton Golf Drive

After purchasing their Cambridge house to rent out as an investment, Ted and Ellen enjoyed their time at Wycliffe so much that they decided to sell their home in New York to live in Wycliffe permanently. Because of the beautiful view and convenience of their location, they decided to go forward with a complete renovation.


The Sandler’s enlisted the help of resident designer, Linda Schwartz, who assisted in redesigning their living space by removing walls, moving electric and plumbing, adding storage and changing out floors and kitchen cabinets. The home went from a dated living space to a light, bright and modern open-concept.

CALLING ALL HOME RENOVATORS Have you recently completed a major renovation in your home? Submit your before and after (high-resolution) photos to Taylor Griesen at for consideration in an upcoming issue.





• F A L L 2 0 18



Wycliffe UPCOMING EVENTS Wednesday, October 17: Trivia Night Saturday, October 27: Golf Cart Parade and Halloween Dinner Dance Monday, October 29: Jewish Film Festival Monday, November 5: Music in The Grille with Don Fedele Thursday, November 8: Rock of Ages at Kravis Friday, November 9: Fall Celebration Tuesday, November 13 and Wednesday, November 14: Trivia Night Friday, November 16: Miami Gangster Tour Friday, November 16: Chicken & Ribs Dinner Monday, November 19: Bagels over Berlin Lecture Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving Day Dinner


F A L L 2 0 18

Tuesday, December 4: Hamilton: Man, Myth, Musical…Mensch Lecture Wednesday, December 5: Hannukah Dinner Thursday, December 6 and Friday, December 7: Comedy Night with Rob Magnotti Friday, December 7: Nature Walk Saturday, December 8: Chef’s Table Dinner Monday, December 10: Canasta Refresher Monday, December 10: Music in The Grille with Spanky & Dino Tuesday, December 11 and Wednesday, December 12: Trivia Night Thursday, December 13: Hello, Dolly! At Kravis Friday, December 14: Flagler & Guilded Age Lunch Trip Saturday, December 15: Candlelight Dinner


Sunday, December 16: Wycliffe Charities Bike/Walk Event Monday, December 17: Musical Bingo Saturday, December 22: Asian Dinner Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve Brunch Wednesday, December 26: Pasta Dinner Thursday, December 27 and Friday, December 28: Holiday Family Dinner Saturday, December 29: Chicken & Ribs Dinner Monday, December 31: Family NYE Dinner and NYE Dinner Dance Tuesday, January 1: NY Day Brunch Friday, January 4: Book Discussion with Deborah Witham Monday, January 7: The Scorekeeper Lecture Tuesday, January 8 and Wednesday, January 9: Trivia Night

Thursday, January 10: On Your Feet at Kravis Friday, January 11: Schooner Trip To Jupiter Saturday, January 12: Seafood Feast Dinner Monday, January 14: Music in The Grille with Larry Brendler Wednesday, January 16: Epicurean Dinner Friday, January 18: Solomon Jaye Showcase Friday, January 25: Chef’s Table

k i d ’s c o r n e r

KID’S WEEK Thursday, December 20 through Monday, December 31

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20 Bingo FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21 Paint a Pot SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22 Candy Cane Hunt Holiday Craft Jr. Tennis Clinic SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23 Brunch with Santa Claus MONDAY, DECEMBER 24 Wild Animal Show

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26 Storytime Jr. Tennis Clinic Family Fun Afternoon Petting Zoo THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27 Jr. Golf Clinic Candy Sushi Mommy & Me Toddler Time Family Fun Dinner (Lottery Requests)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28 Family Zumba Bubble Show Build-a-Dog or Cat Tennis Generations Tournament Family Fun Dinner (Lottery Requests) SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29 Mommy and Me – Infant Jr. Tennis Clinic Junior/Senior Golf Tournament MONDAY, DECEMBER 31 Arts & Crafts Bingo

Please see the Kid’s Week flyer for exact location and times. If you did not receive a flyer or need an electronic copy, please email Cheryl Loder at


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local happenings

THE WELLINGTON AMPHITHEATER HOSTS MANY EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! Movie Night Dates: Most Friday Nights Concert Series Dates: Most Saturday Nights Food Truck & Live Music Series Dates: Most Thursday Nights OKTOBERFEST Dine on authentic meals of bratwurst and schnitzel; sip imported and domestic beers, schnapps, 30 different types of liquor; and listen to entertainment by two Original Oktoberfest bands direct from Germany. Enjoy family-friendly entertainment with crafts, games, folk-dancing and more! Prost! Dates: October 12 – 14 and 19 – 21 The American German Club of the Palm Beaches LAKESIDE FAMILY FUN DAY A day full of free activities for the entire family to enjoy! Dates: October 13, December 15 Wellington Community Center WELLINGTON GREEN MARKET Enjoy this upscale open market serving Wellington’s visitors and friends. Embrace the season with a wide variety of local produce, artisan shops and everyday favorites like coffee and fresh donuts. Dates: Saturdays, October 20 – April 2 Wellington Amphitheater


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CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE: LED ZEPPLIN One of the greatest, heaviest and raunchiest albums ever, steeped in both Delta and Chicago blues, sixties psychedelia and gentle to bonecrushing dynamics. Highlights ranged from the chugging, apocalyptic chaos of Whole Lotta Love to the bullet-fast fuzz riffs of Heartbreaker to Bring It on Home, a juke-joint blues gone mad.”– Rolling Stone Classic Albums Live takes classic albums and recreates them live, on stage, note for note, cut for cut. Date: Saturday, November 10 Old School Square Pavilion in Delray Beach

FLOYD, A TRIBUTE CONCERT Floyd, A Tribute provides the ultimate state-of-theart salute to the legendary prog rockers. This 90-minute production features a 10-piece band performing precise musical renditions of some of the group’s signature songs, along with an impressive light show. Specially crafted to engage both younger and older generations of fans, this concert event comes to vibrant life in Boca Raton. Date: Saturday, October 13 Mizner Park Ampitheater HOLIDAY IN PARADISE Celebrate with the world’s only 35 foot tall, 600 ton show-stopper Sandi, the holiday tree made of sand. Strung with over 5,000 sparkling lights, Sandi dazzles with electrifying light shows to the delight of all. Sandi’s supporting cast of holiday characters includes four additional sand sculptures, glowing mini golf, a tropical snowman building area and performances by Sandi’s very own dance troupe, the Sandettes, and more! Dates: November 29 – December 31 West Palm Beach Waterfront

LAGOONFEST This free, family-fun event has live music, wildlife presentations, exhibitions, children’s activities, lagoon tours, water sports and more. And happening right next door is the West Palm Beach Green Market, featuring delicious foods, locallygrown seasonal fruits, and veggies. What a delightful way to spend a Saturday - learning, living, and loving the Lake Worth Lagoon! Date: November 3 West Palm Beach Waterfront

PALM BEACH HOLIDAY BOAT PARADE Sparkle and shimmer! Winter festivities are kicking off in the Palm Beaches with a premier event of the Marine Industries of Palm Beach County and a gift to the community. Date: Saturday, December 1 Visit for viewing locations. BOYNTON BEACH AND DELRAY HOLIDAY BOAT PARADE Music! Boats! Lights! Festivities! Make time for the city’s annual waterway extravaganza. This flotilla of brightly-decorated boats will line up at the Lantana Bridge near Old Key Lime House and motor south lighting up the Intracoastal Waterways throughout Lantana, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach to the C-15 canal. For many, this family-friendly free event has become a yearly tradition. Parade-goers are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy the colorful view. Date: Friday, December 8 Visits for viewing locations

PALM BEACH FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL Where foodies go for the winter! Celebrity chefs and a star-studded event makes this a foodie favorite in an island paradise. Melt away your winter worries with an international menu of gastronomic delights at this masterful culinary event. So, grab a napkin, pull up a front row seat and enjoy! Dates: December 13 – 16 Palm Beach Convention Center

CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE: FOREVER STYX FOREVER STYX leaves no stone unturned in re-creating the music and harmonies STYX was known for. Fronted by the amazing vocal talent John D’Agostino, you will enjoy the smash hits Come Sail Away, Babe, Lady, and many more! Date: Saturday, December 15 Old School Square Pavilion in Delray Beach

PALM BEACH INTERNATIONAL POLO SEASON Ball in! Polo season is off and running! Ponies and players from around the globe display their skill and athleticism. Exhilarating tournaments are played through April culminating in the prestigious U.S. Open Polo Championship. Dates: December 31 – April 22 International Polo Club ART PALM BEACH Contemporary and culturally diverse, Art Palm Beach is perfect for the art show enthusiast. This event combines painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics and more! Dates: January 16 – 20 Palm Beach County Convention Center

BOCA RATON BOWL Big time college football has gone oceanfront! It is a gridiron clash between teams from the Mid-American Conference and American Athletic Conference. Date: December 18 FAU Stadium, Boca Raton, FL

SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR Enjoy 17 fun-filled days at the South Florida Fair, one of Florida’s oldest and largest community events. Fairgoers are entertained by first class stage shows, national concert performances, sensational midway rides, unique shopping and the best of fair food! Dates: January 18 – February 3 South Florida Fairgrounds


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W here in theWorld



Fred & Judy Traub at the Great Wall of China

Rose & Avram Tishman in St. Moritz, Swiss Alps

The Berneys, Bonds, Golds, Lanes, Macklers, Mirendas, Mintzs, Rahns, Sininskys and the Turetskys at Knife and Fork Restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ

Leo & Cynthia Tucker at the Grand Ole Opry

The Brauners and the Eislers at the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC

The Sitrins, Friedmans, Kaplans & Litwins in the Azores on their cruise to Ireland Alan & Naomi Layne and Maurice & Barbara May at the “All White Wedding” of Nathalie & Brice Goguet at The Wanderers Club Steve Roth, George Feinsod, Ira Kanarick, Ed Pachtman, Norm Negrin, Bob Nass, Mel Zupnick, Gene Fleishman & Ralph Davidoff at Royal Palm Weight Watchers 26

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y Bleadon Elliott & Kathy Tuckel and Ronna & And at Between the Bridges Marina on the Connecticut River

Lee Cushner & Iris Singer on an Oceania European Cruise

Murray & Rhoda Kupersmith at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel The Mirenda, Wilans, Berneys and Molacks in Smithville, NJ

Linda Kloner & Larry Rubin on a rickshaw ride through Beijing’s ancient backroads

Judy & Peter Farkas, Michael & Jane Schwartz, Beth & Steve Hollander celebrating a big birthday at Roaring Brook Lake in Putnam Valley, NY

Don & Joan Molin and Eve & Bob Weiss in Gloucester, MA at the site of the Fisherman Memorial

Roger & June Elston doing the Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leslie Weinstein, Fayette Toren, Ronna Levy and Marcy Aarons on a Viking Riverboat Cruise along the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary W YC LI F F E M AGA ZI N E

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W here in theWorld



The Karps and the Rogoves at the Eldridge Street Synagogue

Stu & Ro Gross in Northport, NY

Ellen & Alan Fabricant in the Sahara Desert in Morocco

issa, Lorraine Ullian with her granddaughter, Car nd at Mohrer Cliffs in Irela

Bruce & Marian Rosenberg and Marty & Harriet Ross in Westchester County, NY

Al Diamond & Mara Peck, Leona & Carl Rothbaum, Bev & Bob Kleiner enjoying 4th of July fireworks in New York 28

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The Abramsons, Greenbergs, Monsours, Sart ers, Shifrens and Fleishmans aboard the MSC Seaside on their trip to the Caribbean

Nancy & Bruce Schatz and Beth & Howard Kaplan in Juneau, Alaska Marty & Harriet Ross with their family at The Ice Cream Museum in San Fransisco, California

The Blatteis & Abramowitzs after a fabulous dinner at Artisanal in Banner Elk, NC

Leslie Siegel on her Mother-Daughter Trip to Vancouver, B.C.

Andy & Ronna Bleadon and Michael & Carol Molack are greeted with a bottle of Wycliffe champagne on their getaway Dianne & Steve Hochenberg, Dave to Key West & Toni Archer and Judy Frustaci & Greg Schultz in Canyon Country: Arizona, Utah and Nevada

Thank you for your submissions to

“WHERE IN THE WORLD IS WYCLIFFE?” In this issue we have members who have traveled to all parts of the world. If you would like to submit travel pictures, email a photo as large as possible to W YC LI F F E M AGA ZI N E

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new members


New Wycliffe Equity Members

ANDOVER David & Robin Sacks 10196 Andover Coach Circle #G1

BARCLAY James & Kathleen Guattery 4505 Barclay Fair Way

CAMBRIDGE Stuart & Pamela Kessler 4606 Carlton Golf Drive

Frank & Haika Newman 4729 Carlton Golf Drive

DOVER Joe DiStefano & Nichole Imperatore 10064 Dover Carriage Lane

Dan & Sharon Furia 10060 Dover Carriage Lane

EXETER Ed & Lynne Jaffe 4811 Exeter Estate Lane

FAIRMONT Jim Petiote & Sabine Martelly 10741 Fairmont Village Drive

FAIRMONT Thomas & Patricia Monaco 10747 Fairmont Village Drive

Alan & Madeline Bloom 10759 Fairmont Village Drive


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HUNTINGTON Andrew & Nancy Nesvet 4566 Hazleton Lane

IMPERIAL ISLE David & Arlene Mittelman 4170 Imperial Isle Drive

Steven & Rhonda Girshek 4582 Hazleton Lane

Robert Maiale 4634 Hazleton Lane

LAUREL ESTATES Neil Turner & Mindy Ash Turner 4091 Laurel Estates Way NOT PICTURED LAUREL ESTATES Robert & Susan Rayo 4121 Laurel Estates Way Candyce Goldstein 10517 Laurel Estates Lane

LAUREL ESTATES Joel & Susan Braverman 4133 Laurel Estates Wa

MANCHESTER LAKES Lee & Caren Gaitman 3903 Netherlee Way

Richard & Pamela Merin 10707 Northgreen Drive

MANCHESTER LAKE ESTATES Martin & Linda Brownstein 10628 Northgreen Drive

Harold Rosenblum & Leslie Seiden 10682 Northgreen Drive W YC LI F F E M AGA ZI N E

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4650 Wycliffe Country Club Boulevard Wellington, Florida 33449

S.S. Wycliffe is headed to England!



Have your fancy hats ready to party with royalty on

Friday, November 9 at 6:30 p.m. on the Back Lawn Enter through the Grande Lobby Music by Terry Cooper Band

$55 per person

Includes special drink upon arrival Members only Give us a “cheerio” if you’re joining the party! Lottery requests can be made on the club’s website or by calling 472-6522. Confirmation notifications will be sent Friday, October 12. Casual Dress: Presentable denim attire, golf shirts & shorts are permitted.

Wycliffe Country Club - Fall 2018  
Wycliffe Country Club - Fall 2018