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Bob Ziroll


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Objective & My Role Out-of-Home, Alternative, and Mobile Media Media Flowcharts

L’Oréal Brandstorm – DIESEL Objective & My Role SWOT Analysis Insight, For the Enlightened


Objective & My Role Findings, Insights, The Big Idea

A little bit more about me

A little bit about me Education

Brigham Young University Major: Communications: advertising emphasis Minor: Business Management


BYU AdLab Account Planner Helped plan campaign strategy for numerous clients including Tipping Bucket, ORCA and BYU Communications Department


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Full-time proselytizing missionary – Lisbon, Portugal Taught the Portuguese people in Portuguese, routinely prepared and delivered trainings to over 100 other missionaries, and organized and advertised a missionary training for over 130 church members in Lisbon.

MTV Objective

Promote MTV’s first live-action scripted comedy television show.

My Role

Account Planner Understand MTV’s role in the lives of its viewers and make an MTV original scripted comedy relevant to them.

Current Position

Scripted comedy? MTV only does reality shows. “MTV is my reality show headquarters. It provides a place to associate with glamorous, dramatic, and cool people and see how they live solely through reality TV shows.”

Desired Response

It’s on MTV? Hell yeah I’d watch it! “MTV’s making a sitcom? Sweet! They’ve always been the ones to start new trends in TV shows, so this’ll be awesome too!”

Selling Idea

We’ve done it before, we’ll do it again.


MTV viewers are loyal to MTV, not just the shows. If MTV makes a TV show, their viewers will watch it. MTV has a history of starting new trends in television. If anyone could pull off an edgy, line-pushing TV show, it’s MTV.

Creative Approach

Use MTV’s existing personalities to promote and dominate a new genre of scripted humor. (Three TV spots to the right feature Jersey Shore’s Snooki auditioning for a serious movie role.)

Butterfinger Objective

Create a unified media campaign for Butterfinger using half of the budget on alternative media.

My Role

Media Planner Come up with ideas for alternative media tactics that effectively reach and resonate with the target market.


Wrap benches in an oversized Butterfinger wrapper to simulate a large Butterfinger bar.

Alternative Stage the crash of a Butterfinger truck and offer the strewn-about Butterfingers to onlookers


Use Google Goggles app to offer discounts and freebies for Butterfinger candy, as well as direct the consumer to the nearest place to buy Butterfinger.

Media Flowcharts




Outdoor Alternative

L’Oréal Brandstorm 2010 Competition Objective

Create a new, non-fragrance DIESEL beauty product range for men.

My Role

Media Planner Understand the target and brand, create a beauty product range for men, and present all findings and recommendations to L’Oréal.



DIESEL men set the fashion trends. They want to manipulate how sexy they look. They know how to control their hair and what they wear, but they don’t know how to control their face.

For The Enlightened

For The Enlightened is a three-step skincare line including a cleanser, toner, and hydrator that delivers knowledge and power to the man craving total control of his environment. It will be designed as three separate bottles that will ultimately fit together like puzzle pieces, showing consumers that without all three steps the product is incomplete, making their DIESEL lifestyle unfulfilled.

Sierra-West Objective

Create a campaign that re-brands Sierra-West in the competitive jewelry market in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

My Role

Account Planner Gain insight into the target market through qualitative research and present findings and recommendations to the president of Sierra-West jewelers.


“The most important thing to me is that she is happy with her ring; she is the one that has to wear it forever. Although I have a budget, I would be willing to spend more on that one ring even if it meant waiting until I had enough money for it.” – Richard McDougal, In-depth Interview


An engagement ring is more than an accessory; it is an extension of the girl’s personality. Personality fit is more important than price, even to money-strapped college students.

The Big Idea

“At Sierra-West you find the ring that is as much a part of your identity as your finger print.”

A little bit more about me I balance. Not literally. Well, sometimes literally. Everything about me is balanced. I’m neither right- nor left-winged. I’m used to the cold. I’m used to the heat. I was born in the east, now live in the west. My last name starts at the end of the alphabet. My first name starts near the beginning of the alphabet.

Bob Ziroll

I don’t apologize for being neurotic about the details. (After all, the details are what separate good from great.) I get chills when I figure out what makes someone tick. I am moved by good music and great photography. I’m creatively inclined, I’m strategically talented. I actually do care what other people think. I learn new things as often as I can. I stay up late. Too late. I balance.

Bob Ziroll's Portfolio  

A portfolio of a few of the clients I have been able to work with from my time in the Advertising program at Brigham Young University

Bob Ziroll's Portfolio  

A portfolio of a few of the clients I have been able to work with from my time in the Advertising program at Brigham Young University