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Welcome from Lincoln!

Vol 1 Issue 3

Welcome to this, the third newsletter from the Lincoln Street Pastors!


This has been a very busy 6 months for the Lincoln Street Pastors. We have seen the Street and Prayer Pastors begin to utilise the Lincoln Business Improvement Groups' Headquarters in St Swithin's Square, Lincoln, as our central base, the 5th cohort of new Street Pastors were commissioned in November 2010 and we have secured funding from the Lincolnshire County Council and the Methodist Church. Joy, our co-ordinator has been successfully trained to be an Ascension Trust Representative. This allows her to provide Roles and Responsibilities training to other Street Pastor initiatives in the area. This brings new opportunities as we can act as a focal hub for the great work that is going on across Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties. Look out for the meeting in September 2011 with Les Isaacs as the principal speaker! We have published our policies, in accordance with the parent organisation, the Ascension Trust, and although this is in some respects administrative, our focus still remains on showing the love of Jesus to the revellers of Lincoln. This focus must never change. The teams that every Friday and Saturday night, and occasionally on Sundays prior to Bank Holidays and University Carnage nights, must be able to give their time to listen to the problems that people experience, be able to offer help and practical assistance in the form of water to rehydrate, flipflops to deny injury due to broken glass and space blankets to keep the chill off people as they await friends or a taxi.

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Briefing • Issue 1 March 2010 • Issue 2 September 2010 • Issue 3 March 2011 • Issue 4 September 2011

We are contactable through a myriad of electronic media. You can speak to Joy, our superb Co-ordinator, on 07504 511119, or you can email her on Failing that you can contact us via our Twitter account @LnStreetPastors where you can also find out more about the current Street Pastor movement with the Twitter feed StreetPastorsNews. We also contactable via Facebook: Lincoln Street Pastors. There are over 4000 Street Pastors now in the UK and more groups are starting every month.

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Some Numbers.... We are tasked by the West Lindsay Community Safety Partnership to collect data which provides some evidence on what we do. Over the last 12 months we have been out on 103 occasions for an average time of 4 hours 20 minutes (that's nearly 3200 voluntary hours provided by Street and Prayer Pastors to the revellers in Lincoln). In that time they collected 2403 bottles of various sizes off the streets to prevent them being used as possible weapons or causes of injury, gave away 518 flip-flops to prevent young ladies from walking in something unsavoury or on broken glass when those wonderful shoes with the high heel are not as comfortable as before, handed out 352 bottles of water to rehydrate revellers, provided 120 space blankets to prevent possible hyperthermia and gave away 221 referral cards signposting possible opportunities for a solution. Lincoln Street Pastors interacted with over 2800 revellers in a meaningful way last year - this is the Church in Action on the streets of Lincoln. We work very closely with New Life Church in Lincoln and harmonise the Friday Soup run they provide and advertise the evening meal that the Church provides on a Monday evening. We also are aware and support the great work conducted by St Mary-le-Wigford's Church with the eastern European community in Lincoln.

Our new Street Pastors from Cohort 5! (Back Row) James Jacobs, Colin Evans, Andrew Trethewey, Lisa Gibson, David Fleshbourne (Front Row) Paula Lee, Amanda Bland, Emma Ackland-Snow, Jane Hutchinson, Abbie Swirles (Left) Our teams will not stop to support the local evening economy. Here, one of the 'A Team' Street Pastors rectifies a traffic sign outside one of the popular night clubs. Newsletter

and a word from some of our new Street Pastors: Amanda Bland. Last year I felt prompted that it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone and do something different to serve God. Quite a few people from church are SP’s so it is something I had heard about, but it was talking with Joy and Marvin Liddle on the Street Pastor stand at Grapevine last year that encouraged me to go for it, although I still wasn’t 100% sure. So, armed with my training schedule and information, I relaxed. I had been obedient to God by signing up, but the training lasted for the year so I wasn’t going to be challenged anytime soon... Therefore, the e-mail asking me to select a date to go out observing before we were commissioned in 2 months time came as a bit of a surprise (!) but it was the best thing that could have happened. All the information and the theory came to life when I went out with one of the teams. Before I went out my concerns were: would I be warm enough, how many Snickers bars to take and probably, most importantly, whether I would be of any use or just get in the way?! I was initially slightly puzzled by the 'competition' to see who could collect the most glass bottles as I hadn’t realised that this was another thing that SP’s did to help keep the streets safer! It was good to see how a team works together to deal with situations effectively and safely. Any initial nerves had to take a back seat as situations arose and I realised that I could be of some use! Having the support of the prayer team and regular phone contact is vital, not only to pray for specific incidents but also as a reminder that we are not there under our own strength but with God’s protection and guidance. I have been out 4 times now and although each one has been very different, I have enjoyed each shift with its wide variety of challenges. Being where God is, is a pretty exciting place to be! <<Prayer Pointers>> Please pray for: - The safety and protection of the Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors, particularly on a Friday and Saturday night. - That relationships between the Street Pastors and those that are out in an evening will be positive. - The continued strengthening of the relationships between the Street Pastors and the police, pub managers, staff and door staff and especially with new venues such as Wahoo. - The work that Street Pastors initiative has already done and what has been achieved so far. - Joy as she co-ordinates the work of Lincoln Street Pastors and speaks to various groups, especially with her new role as AT Representative. - The Management Team as it continues to develop the work of Street Pastors and listens to God's calling. Could you join Lincoln Street Pastors? We are recruiting Street Pastors to commence training progressively with a view to Commissioning in November 2011 and we are also eager to bolster the Prayer Pastor team. Please contact Joy Liddle on 07504 511119 with regard to the Street Pastors and Edwin Prockter, our Prayer Coordinator on 07806 783 808. Listen again to the radio interview by going to Lincoln Street Pastors The Church in Action on the Streets Company No: 6366223 Charity No: 1122451 phone: 07504 511119 facebook: Lincoln Street Pastors twitter: @LnStreetPastors email:

Lincoln Street Pastor  

The third newsletter issued by Lincoln Street Pastors

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