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Blackburn & District Camera Club

Syllabus 2012

Blackburn and District Camera Club Outline Syllabus 2012

Please note that while competition times and themes are fixed, the content of Members' Evenings will be arranged closer to the time.

Always check "What's On" on the web site (www.bandd.cc) or your e足mails to see the latest information and a full description of the evening's events.

January 9




A.G.M. All members are requested to attend Entry night足 Quarterly 足 Theme: Open Members' Evening: Ian Sudall 足 Wedding Photography, then Roy Pickering, explaining the categories in the Annual Exhibition with examples of winning entries. Members' Evening: Preparation for Annual Exhibition entries. Steve Cull, of Paul Graham Photographic Processing Ltd will give a talk on printing, followed by workshops. Results of Quarterly 足Judge: Roy Pickering

February 6

Members' Evening: Instruction and practice in setting up our studio lights.




Members' Evening: A presentation by Barry Noon, then Karen Riches on portrait photography (especially children) Entry night­ Windsor and Rosenberg Cup ­ Theme: Street Photography Members' Evening: L and CPU Print Folio (Colour) Lecture ­ Tillman Kleinhans "Postcards from Provence and Other Stories"

March 5

12 19


Judging of Windsor and Rosenberg Cup Competitions ­ External Judge Members' Evening: Steward Elliott Entry right ­ Annual Exhibition ­ all sections Members' Evening: A chance to look at the work of famous photographers. Members' Evening: L and CPU Print Folio (Mono)

April 2

9 16 23 30

Annual Exhibition Judging Digital tnages External Judge Bank Holiday Annual Exhibition Judging Prints External Judge Annual Exhibition Judging Prints External Judge Entry right 足 Radio Lancashire Competition Theme: Open Lecture 足 to be confirmed

May 7 14 21

Bank Holiday Members' Evening: Practical session on planning and production of a particular image using our studio lights. Presentation Night at BBC Radio Lancashire (to be confirmed)

22 28

Exhibition mounting at Radio Blackburn (to be confirmed) Entry Night: Quarterly 足 Theme 足 Fashion Lecture: Dianne Owen

June 4 10 11 18 25 30

Bank Holiday Sunday Outing 足 Salford Quays Results of Quarterly Competition Judge: Lee Johnson Members' Evening: George Sheppard on AV Members' Evening: Saturday Morning 足 Brockhall

July 2 9


Outing Members' Evening: Judith Marr (to be confirmed) Outing

23 30

Members' Evening: Entry Night : Quarterly ­ Theme: Open Members' Evening:

August 6 13 20 27

Members' Evening: Quarterly Competition Results ­ judge: Richard Heyes Entry Night ­ Panel of Three Members' Evening: Bank Holiday

September 3

10 17

Result of Panel of Three Competition ­ judge: Peter Madeley Entry Night : Quarterly ­ Theme: Spat Lecture: Andy Latham ­ local landscape photographer Members' Evening ­ Lee Johnson


Quarterly Competition Results 足 Judge: Ian Sudall

October 1 8 15 22 29

Entry Night 足 Activities Competition Annual "Special Lecture" Results of Activities Competition Judge: Andy Philips Battle with Atherton (to be confirmed) Lecture

November 5 12 19 26

Elimination Competition External judge Entry Fight: President's Prize 足 Theme: By the Sea Lecture Members' Evening Results of President's Prize Competition 足 Judge: Jim Cunningham

December 3 10 17 24

Members' Evening: President's Evening Free and Easy Holiday

We meet each Monday evening at 7.30pm (except Bank Holidays) at Feniscowles Methodists Church on Preston Old Rd, Blackburn . BB2 5EP

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Programme for 2012


Programme for 2012