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MP4 Video Converter Want to convert video to mp4? With the all-in-one MP4 Video Converter built into Video Converter, it's easy to convert video to mp4, whether it's avi to mp4, wmv to mp4 or 3gp to mp4, etc. After using our mp4 software to convert video to mp4, you'll have all your favorite movies on your mobile device. Video to MP4 Converter is a little program and for free downloading, which would be a good friend for you, especially when you have a portable player!

Here are the MP4 Video Converter easy steps Step 1: Download and Install MP4 Video Converter (For Mac users, please free download Mac Video Converter to convert any video to another video format.) Step 2: Open the MP4 Video Converter and Select Video Click "Browse" to import your videos in, or simply drag them. Whether you wish to convert avi to mp4, 3gp to mp4, WMV to MP4, or some other video to mp4, our MP4 Video Converter is the ideal mp4 software for you. And the powerful function is Video to DVD Converter.

Step 3: Output Settings On the bottom of the main interface, in the "Output File Name" area, click "Browse"

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From the above picture, you can see the basic settings, Video Codec and Audio Codec, but the video effect is decided by all these settings, we recommend the default settings. Step 4: Start converting video to MP4 All settings is Ok, you need to click "Convert Now!" btton on the left bottom to start to convert video to MP4.The conversion window will show if you hit the Advanced>> button. When the conversion is completed, a window will pop up, it's has three options, Open Folder, Upload, Close, just apply on you needs.

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I think Mac users want to Convert Video for Mac too, please enjoy yourself.

MP4 Video Converter  

MP4 Video Converter is an Excellent-Simple MP4 Converter which can Extremely-Fast convert any video to MP4, this guide shows how to convert...

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