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How to Insert Image into PDF on Mac? "Hello, I have a series of PDFs that I'd like to insert an image (EPS) into. Basically, I had a series of ads that have already been created (with crop marks, etc.) and I would like to insert/paste a color bar into each of these PDFs. Is this possible? Thanks." As PDF is an end format, its non-editable feature serves for that. It means you can't easily or directly edit it. Some of you will copy and paste PDF page into Ms Word then add image into word document then save as a PDF file. I don’t recommend this method to add image to a PDF, since you may lose layout and normally graphics, charts, tables, etc can’t be extracted. In that case, you may need a PDF editor to help you insert image into PDF on Mac. PDF Editor Pro for Mac helps you edit images in PDF files on Mac. And this article tells you how to insert, crop, resize, move, or delete images (including graphics and digital signatures) in PDF files on Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion included). Before that, you may free download PDF Editor Pro for Mac and start to learn how to insert image into PDF on Mac.

Quick Start: How to Add Image into PDF on Mac? Step 1: Before editing images in PDF files, you can customize the toolbar in order to find the Insert Image and Crop Image tool quickly. Just click Customize in the toolbar and you'll see the pop-up window as below:

All rights reserved—— Step 2: Click on the Insert Image on the toolbar, and then you can insert local images to the PDF files.

Step 3. Select an image in a PDF file with Touchup Tool and then click Crop Image in the toolbar, and you can select a portion of the image to crop by dragging the mouse.

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This PDF Editor Pro for Mac also has many other editing and converting functions, if you want to learn more about it, you may refer to: How to Edit PDF Files on Mac. If you are satisfied with it, you may free download it right now and eidt your PDF files according to your own needs.

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How to Insert Image into PDF on Mac