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Why very Small Business and Community survival are absolutely, unquestionably linked? And how does a community-regenerative process called Micro-Facilitation provide the essential understanding for sustaining community liveability? 1. Economic regeneration simply means: “To ensure that more viable, commercial enterprises are starting than are closing” - otherwise your community is shrinking, economically, socially and physically. 2. In every city-based or rural community, Micro-Business (which employs less than 5) comprises 80 percent or more of all private sector businesses. In many rural communities it is as high as 100 percent. 3. Community Micro-Economy (the spending of individuals, families and /micro/small businesses) provides the richness of diversity and jobs that sustains “livability”. It is the absolute “barometer” of current community economic condition. 4. Community Micro-Business is the economic “plankton” of diversity without which every community and progressively larger business could not exist. (This is an international natural economic law.) 5. If we strengthen micro-business we strengthen all levels of economy, as all feed from the micro-economy, directly or indirectly. 6. Every community has a perpetual seed-silo for self-driven regeneration in the ideas of community individuals - the surest natural source of local economic regeneration, but one whose real community-regenerative power is not generally realized. 7. Micro-Facilitation is a process of business seed idea germination and propagation. This process starts way below the level of traditional Business “Incubation” – which, itself, traditionally excludes most business ideas from consideration or support. 8. Micro-Facilitation of business seed ideas at conception needs to be freely supported and sponsored right at the point of conception in just the same way a parent “sponsors” a child until it can stand alone. Every community has the potential to do this within its own grasp. 9. Many new ideas for business never grow, because they are not supported correctly, adequately or at all and don’t get past the crucial “idea” stage. This is where most community economic regeneration opportunities are lost. 10. Micro-Facilitation is part of a highly micro-focused community-regenerative process (called the “Community Gold” Program) which collectively provides a range of community-driven initiatives that can address broad-based community social, economic and environmental needs. 11. Micro-Facilitation bears no similarity to traditional business advising in that it is strictly “mentorial” in nature and practice and social-entrepreneurially-driven by communitypassionate individual, given special training and understanding, to identify and nurture “business seed”. 12. As the community’s level of micro-diversity improves and expands, larger business will then have a foundation upon which to grow in a natural balance.

Your Co-Sponsorship Support of Micro-Facilitation can be a sustainable, measurable investment in your own business and in your own community

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So why is Micro-Facilitation so completely different to any other form of Business Development Support..? Before I give you the answer - consider the direct benefits to the whole community…!    

These Include providing and environment for: Increased business diversity and greater liveability Increased local products and services Increased job variety and opportunity Increased scope and incentive to shop locally.

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Resulting in: Increased community optimism and awareness of its own self-worth Increased scope for investment and population growth Increased scope for youth employment in a growing diversity of business Increased scope for unemployed persons to explore self-employment Opportunity for self-funded retirees to enter business with mentor support Stronger relationships between Community and Program Sponsor/s A positive image for the community in the eyes of potential investors

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Remember – Micro-Facilitation and Community Regeneration is: Community-based Community-focused Community-sponsored Community-beneficial

Now, in answer to our question…! Exactly “why” is Micro-Facilitation so completely different…? It enables the community to be progressively regenerated “naturally” – that is, it ensures that the natural rate of business closure is counterbalanced with a natural flow of new enterprise – thus providing a natural pathway towards sustainability and growth. Furthermore: What also makes Community Micro-Facilitation so different is that it works in a grass roots dimension which consistently falls “under the radar” of traditional business development and support, where most people with ideas are simply spurned. Traditionally, people with ideas and no apparent means or skills to make them happen are quickly fobbed off and discouraged. Their seed is seen as worthless. This is a huge mistake as it ignores huge opportunity and the very source of all business. The natural principle is this: Find and nurture the many, many small “seeds” of opportunity that are always there in the community regenerative garden and the rest of the garden will take care of itself. (By creating greater community micro-economic diversity you create a more “livable” community, upon which progressively larger business can viably establish.)

The only logical conclusion?

Think “BIG” … focus “SMALL”

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Micro-Business and Community Survival are Linked  

Why very Small Business and Community survival are absolutely, unquestionably linked? How does a community-regenerative process called Mi...

Micro-Business and Community Survival are Linked  

Why very Small Business and Community survival are absolutely, unquestionably linked? How does a community-regenerative process called Mi...