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NAME Bob Neville ALIAS “Guroo” DESCRIPTION: Over-worked, underpaid, getting old. MODUS OPERANDI: Inspires selfmotivation/self-confidence in individuals seeking free confidential support to test any idea for a new small business OR able to help existing small businesses facing challenges. WEAPONS: Armed to the teeth - with experience and unique tools of trade to mentor your idea to reality and avoid the traps OR to find a way from between a “rock and a hard-place” in your existing business. APPROACH WITH CONFIDENCE: He will tell you what you “need” to hear, not what you may “want” to hear. LAST SEEN: At various community checkpoints (Not known to frequents Pubs and Bars before 10am.) REWARD: $1,000,000 worth of peace of mind and positive support for anyone wanting help to start, improve, review, diversify or expand a micro/ small business, or consider an idea (no matter how small) RENDEZVOUS: Phone or email Leave coded message - Ask for “Guroo” - leave your number. An “Agent” will contact as soon as possible - Beware - Do not proceed until you have made contact.   

Do you have a business idea but are not sure where to start? Are you struggling in an existing business and not sure what to do? Do you have a disability but have and idea for your own small business? (Disability does not mean “inability” - Let’s hear YOUR ideas too..!) Don’t anguish about these the “Guroo”

He can help you to “test” your idea - or find the best solution for any of the above, with a free and absolutely confidential consultation without any further obligation. No matter how sure or how uncertain you may be about that matter how big or how small or how seemingly “crazy” your matter whether you have had business experience, skills or training matter if you yet have the money to do it or not…if you feel strongly enough about that idea…if you have a niggling belief that it could work...then you can talk to your local Community Gold MicroFacilitator - free - and work through that idea to see if it has genuine potential. After that - affordable, obligation-free help is available. Bob is one of Australia’s longest serving Community Economic Development Practitioners and Micro-Business Mentors with a focus on small communities and micro-economy. A Nationally Accredited Trainer, in 2011 Bob received the “Building Inclusive Communities” Inaugural Individual State Award sponsored by the Ethnic Communities Council of Australia (NSW) and Macquarie University. 30+years experience. Bob is a strong Disability Support and

Inclusion Advocate.

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Serving NSW Sothern Riverina and Vic Border Communities or Online anywhere


ABN 48 210 561 159

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Wanted - Reward Offered - Have you seen this man