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Our Philosophy...

...combined with a natural formula provides The Cycle of Learning a genuine life-path for individual discovery and community regenerative potential

...What’s it all about..? Answers to vital questions about individual life-journeys and community sustainability

Our Philosophy... combined with a natural formula, provides a genuine life-path for individual discovery and community regenerative potential.

First - please consider: Individuals, families, communities and Regions are all totally unique in many ways. But the lowest common denominator in all of these is the individual, each of whom is uniquely different. Families are “collections” of unique individuals. Communities are collections of unique individuals and families - also unique in terms of location, local climate, local history and culture, natural and built environment. Regions therefore, are collections of unique communities and these regions collectively make up a unique nation. A Nation is like a giant Jigsaw puzzle – with the smallest pieces being individuals, then families and communities.

OK, so what’s the point of this? Today, we live in a world where the pace of change is so rapid and literally so out of control, that its real impact is almost incomprehensible to the human mind. Dr David Suzuki described our unsustainable modern day system of economics as a form of “brain damage,” while we also fail to heed the warning of Gaylord Nelson, who reminded us: “The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment” - not the other way round. Understanding of where out-of-control Corporatisation, Regionalisation, and Government obsession with growth and economic development is actually taking us, can be further understood through links to additional focused articles available at If these smallest pieces of the national jigsaw (which are the foundation of our national strength) are unable to fit in the picture and contribute to it in a meaningful way that strengthens the individual, the family and the community, then our regions are weak and vulnerable where it matters most.

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that to make an Individual, Family, Community, Region and therefore, the Nation “better” we need to empower individuals towards achieving their inherent human potential. We believe that individuals (being uniquely creative beings with enormous potential and capacity to learn, understand, create, build, teach, love and share) were never meant to be debt-slaves of corporate controllers or to work in mindless jobs just to survive.

This is only achievable without slavery to debt or political or religious idealism and through recognition of each person’s unique individuality and encouraging it to blossom to the height of his or her capacity as part of an inclusive community.

Things grow from the ground up - not from top down, otherwise there are no strong roots to sustain them. Therefore: Strong communities (collectively)

can make stronger regions – it definitely does not work the other way round Top down one-size-fits-all solutions do not account for individual uniqueness, nor do they empower individuals to explore, identify and cultivate their uniqueness. We believe that every human being should have equal opportunity to identify and pursue their individual human potential – and while this might seem idealistic in today’s world – it is a philosophy which offers true freedom to every individual and should be pursued relentlessly.

How can we achieve this? Consider:  We all came into this world without choice, without understanding and without personal control over what happens to us for at least twelve to fifteen years.  You could have been born into the most affluent wealth or royalty.  You could have been born into poverty, disease or even into famine in one of the most desolate and most dangerous places on the planet, into any culture or into any religion.  You could have been born into love or into hate, or into indifference or even into abuse.  You could have been born into mental illness or into physical disability. One thing is for sure – you had no choice over these things and for many, their destiny is controlled by others for their entire lifetime or by their own circumstances which never allow them to reach beyond the mere drive for selfpreservation. But what of our future - is our life destined to chance and circumstances? Or can we actually have control of the destiny that awaits us beyond our formative years? Our philosophy is far more than mere idealism. It starts with the above perspective and accepts every individual as a unique bearer of seeds of personal destiny – and our focus is on helping each individual to find the pathway towards that destiny.

I encourage you to explore this pathway and appreciate its common-sense logic and its potential to give hope to every individual who is wanting to find and grow the “seed within.” That’s what our philosophy is all about – so I welcome you to the first stage of the journey and encourage you to become part of the “Re”- Generation.

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Our Philosophy for Smaller Community social and Economic Regeneration  

A new way of addressing and old challenge - based on Community Inclusiveness

Our Philosophy for Smaller Community social and Economic Regeneration  

A new way of addressing and old challenge - based on Community Inclusiveness